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    1. I take a slow step back, my hands in the air

    2. Eating breakfast also stimulates the metabolism, which may slow down overnight

    3. Its slow, graceful movements have proven to have a profound effect in improving balance and preventing falls

    4. Take it slow

    5. But that doesn't mean they don't try to slow it down

    6. · The retirement period could be further subdivided into phases such as (i) when you are still as active as earlier say till 65-68, (ii) you need to slow down and take-up less strenuous activities say till around 70-72 and (iii) the traditional retirement when your health concerns take over fully

    7. The slow one thought until the haze passed over his eyes

    8. “Yeah…” the slow one paused for the haze to clear again

    9. “No…” the slow one began, eyes wide with revelation

    10. For most of them, a slow,

    11. She was slow and intimate with her love, but strong enough to enjoy without worry of hurting her

    12. Trees love slow, deep watering

    13. He had to have the kedas slow way down till he was sure they were going to get under one stone arch where they went under a canal

    14. The footsteps were slow and measured

    15. Slow close up on the elderly woman having an animated

    16. Their every move was slow and sensuous, from the unbuttoning of a shirt, to the

    17. "Or maybe Europol has just been too slow, as usual

    18. Most people wanted photographs of beaded sweat on brown skin and slow turning ceiling fans in Bangkok, Phnom Penh or Vientiane

    19. They fell in slow motion

    20. He was slow on his feet

    21. There's some parts they can't fabricate yet, they're condensing metals from the plasma stream but it's slow

    22. It wouldn't be the first time he had made a law enforcer disappear and he would enjoy the slow task of peeling him down, literally, to the essential weakness underlying all human bravado

    23. Hamo’s driver David brings the car to a slow stop near the Departure Terminal

    24. public drama out of the long drawing down of a cancer, or the slow meander of a mild

    25. was slow, but because despite being considered an intelligent man, he simply could no

    26. She took the scope and was able to pan it at a slow enough speed to look in the area around the landing site

    27. The traffic was slow and the next stop wasn’t that far away

    28. "Squidyman is gonna use the small-bore particle streams maybe… cut up this junk slow

    29. As the panic subsided I smelt the sulphurous odour of a slow fuse being lit

    30. This shared mingling of human substance gave me strength and, like a small bellows, fanned the flame of glowing anger that accompanied my slow investigation of the crime scene

    31. Later, she'd probably say some crap about how he was slow on purpose because he wanted her to see it

    32. Those particles were slow and carried almost no energy at all, but they were far from harmless

    33. In the thinking time afforded me by slow recovery it became clear that while the casual maltreatment of heathen prisoners might be acceptable as part of the day-to-day routine of hostage supervision, the loss of one of their precious bargaining chips before the cards have been dealt, was unthinkable

    34. The tempo of the journey changed, becoming one of short, slow crawls rather than the monotone long-haul of the open road

    35. “Amateurs,” he continued in a slow monotone

    36. In spite of my slow recovery from the beating, with the aches and bruises still smarting but fading, I was now eager to be up and off every morning and every evening

    37. There was a lot to like about the place, but it was slow and lazy and remarkably easy to get stuck in

    38. One would then run some thongga to clean up what the karga wouldn't eat, or, if you had a fence, lentosaur, a better tasting animal but slow and soft and vulnerable to predators on the open prairie

    39. Traffic, weather, stops for fuel and food, and a slow passage thru the tunnel because it was choked with a sunken ship made it take a day longer than two weeks, but that was still a third of the time it took for the fastest native airships

    40. She talked with slow, fluid gestures and had blue, blue dreamy eyes that sometimes focused on the phonecam, making Alfred afraid that she had spotted the lens

    41. It is for this reason that Jesus rebuked those on the road to Emmaus, “Foolish you are, and how slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken! Did not the Christ have to suffer these things and then enter His glory?” Is it not the pattern of God to bring darkness and suffering before there is a glory?

    42. After a short hesitation, I opened the main portal of the Zephyrus, stepped out with slow, cautious steps and looked around carefully

    43. Above Lastriss there was a gentle current that drifted at the speed of a slow walk

    44. She has long, thick, straight hair, shining like chrome in slow waves to the center of her back

    45. None of it’s dramatic, not in your way…I mean, how do you make a public drama out of the long drawing down of a cancer, or the slow meander of a mild epidemic, or that fatal nudge into oncoming traffic? Oh, I do things with a flourish sometimes, I suppose, the knife and the psychosis, but no, my book is made up of dark matter, whereas yours lists the stars that shine for bright, sparkling mortality

    46. It was all in such slow motion

    47. He found it hard to string a sentence together, not because he was slow, but because despite being considered an intelligent man, he simply could no longer be bothered

    48. Beyond the confines of earth-time, way out beyond the fringes of the universe where dark matter falls forever, Smith thought about nothing, taking slow but gigantic steps towards origin, and in thinking, even on a universal scale, Smith began to acquire the very first trappings of personality

    49. things will appear to slow down to a screeching halt, and

    50. She'd slow down by the time they reached Shempala

    1. Even when they were on their way again they were slowed down by the traffic that had backed up while they were making the turn

    2. slowed his pace, drew close, pressing his body into hers and as the music faded he

    3. Blaine was out first, stepping down as the carriage slowed and running to present his hand Earth style

    4. The rotation of the ship slowed, and almost started turning the other way

    5. Gradually he slowed and took a long breath

    6. He closed his eyes and slowed his breathing

    7. Slowly Collin’s breathing returned to normal; it slowed and became even, and he started to come around

    8. As they approached Andrew could see several dragons coming in for a landing, and he slowed

    9. The craft came down and bounced once at the outer edge of the runway and then all of a sudden they were thrown forward as the tail hook was grabbed and the craft slowed

    10. slowed me down at first

    11. They were not in danger of running out of elements, it was just that the fabricators were slowed going thru extra steps

    12. The Phoenix slowed and began to creep closer to the area

    13. The Phoenix came bursting out of warp and just as quickly slowed as it approached Aura

    14. She wasn’t the mind that Ava was, she was the mind Tdeshi would have become if she had slowed down and matured

    15. When she got back to the site of the two graves she slowed, puzzled that she couldn’t hear him behind her

    16. Petr slowed his horse and waited for Matt to catch

    17. I slowed the car down, contemplating stopping it all together

    18. They had just gotten to the next car when the crowded passageway slowed their progress

    19. The train rattled through the city and slowed as they reached the station at 5:06 P

    20. They slowed, but did come near enough that Harry noticed their gaze

    21. slowed his pace at the cheering and looked to see what the applause was for

    22. He didn't say anything more, just looked at her awhile till his breathing slowed and then went back to the book trying to puzzle out the sentence under the next picture

    23. Unfortunately the ball rolled past the pitcher’s mound and slowed so much

    24. Bruce slowed for a semi ahead of them

    25. With each beer the conversation slowed and by

    26. It slowed down

    27. slowed and they found themselves travelling alone in a

    28. bitter westerly wind slowed their pace and made the

    29. The marines slowed down and stopped in front of the barricade

    30. ‘He must have been slowed down by the snow as

    31. Eventually Hogan slowed down, knowing that he was simply being childish

    32. "I'm not real familiar with the keda he was using, but he's not so high strung that I couldn't get him pointed in the right direction and slowed down enough

    33. The marine slowed to a walk, dropped the machine gun and pulled out his Colt, firing as he walked

    34. Heat boiled off him and time slowed down

    35. wedges of cheese to bring back to the others, I could hear the hail had slowed to a light patter

    36. The world felt like it had slowed to a snail's pace

    37. Maro’s words continued to repeat themselves in her mind, time passing with each sentence slowed 79

    38. had suddenly slowed - like she was watching it all unfold underwater

    39. Whoever it was slowed down and eventually stopped as she did

    40. The beast roared in response, but it was not yet visibly slowed

    41. vibrations had slowed to a small shiver

    42. Time slowed down for her as she aimed her best at the man approaching, her hand shaking in stress

    43. She slowed and came to a crouch at a juncture leading straight up and down from the lateral shaft they'd come up

    44. The orb slowed her pulsing and contracted into a small ball, barely visible amongst the pine needles

    45. As the echo slowed the diamond's rotations gradually decreased

    46. Danny slowed the diamond some more

    47. But it slowed its trek, to the point that the Breton seemed quite able to scoop it up into her arms with a well-timed lunge

    48. As the rainbow of light slowed the form of a slender woman, looking about 16 years-old, could be seen within

    49. As the blur slowed down Danny noticed that he was now still but the Earth itself was spinning backwards at an incredible speed

    50. Djgarr closed his eyes and slowed his breathing

    1. That representation is then stored in our computers and cross referenced whenever we need to find out where you are in the world,” Ackers said as he walked, never slowing his pace

    2. The young Arabs toss Bolt unceremoniously from the back of the speeding Nissan truck without slowing down

    3. " He strode without slowing thru the door and Bahkmar shut it and armed it

    4. And the thing was approaching rapidly, but slowing down

    5. with the slowing of blood and the ebb of his temper,

    6. The slowing of the physical is at odds

    7. a day when the slowing of the crowd

    8. Though a certain degree of slowing down of activity on the first two days of a period is advisable, there need not be any undue resting

    9. My weight was coming back to normal, the meds slowing down my manic metabolism

    10. Our memories came and went, ebbing and slowing with thoughts of our man

    11. “Welcome to Warrior’s Hold!” shouted Tarak above the clatter of the slowing carriage

    12. "A torch would be slowing at one half gee," Ava and Heymon said at about the same time

    13. as if some invisible fluid was slowing their movements, without

    14. read as he walked, not slowing for the cracks and craters in the sidewalk

    15. She lies still in the bed, her breathing gradually slowing

    16. had mustered but was slowing rapidly

    17. “She never wanted anything that could slow you down or help you enjoy slowing down in any way

    18. slowing just before a complete stop

    19. but his actions were slowing

    20. rode the bumper of the car in front of her, but instead of slowing swerved to the

    21. And it showed no sign of slowing as it came for the defenders

    22. The pair of huge axes were the only thing keeping him from being overcome, and they were slowing

    23. It's been slowing

    24. Once he had become one with the vibration he started slowing the sound's echo within himself

    25. Finally he turned west towards Ohiopyle, following the trail exactly and slowing the speed

    26. “Don’t worry, she’s just slowing ready to dock with the station

    27. ‘There’s a theory that time in the universe has been slowing down ever since the Big Bang

    28. Already the stream of blood was slowing as Hans’s body started to heal

    29. From obtaining these measurements, we would know that the galaxy is probably not moving away from Earth, but that the speed of light is more likely to be slowing down

    30. When the Universe was very young, it was likely infused with dark energy, but with less space and everything closer together, gravity had the upper hand, and it was slowing the expansion

    31. In their studies they were able to identify seismic waves slowing down slightly and being dampened in specific areas of the mantle which would indicate the presence of a large body of water

    32. and it's slowing things down slightly, taking the edge off the input

    33. She shifted round into a squat, her other hand on her sex still moving too hungrily, too urgently, but eventually slowing down

    34. He could only gamble on them slowing at the last few seconds

    35. But then something utterly strange was slowing him down

    36. Was this like dying? Just fading, slowing, without fear

    37. When he moved it was in staggered slow-mo, leaving behind an after-image trail, just as though his own time was slowing

    38. Slowing down is of course a relative term

    39. The resulting tyre squeal made everyone look in their mirrors and wisely realising we had no intention of slowing down move out of the way quite rapidly

    40. A large helicopter had just landed on the helipad, its rotors slowing to an idle

    41. Without slowing, he took in the scenario, sprinted through the basement, and leapt for the rope dangling over the pit

    42. Slowing his pace to a crawl, Brokin proceeded with more caution, his excitement building

    43. The kid was not slowing down

    44. I took the stairs without slowing, my feet clattering down them as fast as I could force my sluggish, wasted muscles to respond

    45. “Look, he’s slowing down,” Mai Bell said, easing the car to a stop

    46. The lead SUV hit the puncture strip across the road without slowing, the tires seemingly unaffected by the sharp spikes

    47. and forensic boys didn't find anything when they first checked these autos out?� Steve remarked as he moved his vehicle ahead of some buses who were slowing down the traffic on that street

    48. He mentioned also a buildup of barnacles that was affecting her maneuverability and slowing her considerably

    49. “Hey, there’s a ‘copter,” Troy called above the noise of the engine, slowing the boat down

    50. Slowing down, he kept the nose high, in high-alpha flight, with the canard fore-planes grappling and wrestling with the air

    1. This Yoga Pose straightens the spine, slows the metabolism, relaxes your body and still the mind and prepares your body for the different asana

    2. He slows, cranes his neck as another SUV zips past in the lane in which he was just traveling

    3. One of the benefits of Dragon & Rider is that the aging process slows

    4. My breathing slows, gradually the pills take the edge off the pain and I drop off to sleep

    5. Except that the third car to approach Billy’s hedgerow head butt slows as it passes, flashing brake lights in the late afternoon gloom

    6. Alex slows down as they reach Horns Cross and the village's flashing neon speed warnings

    7. However at not enough quantity of mixing water in concrete mixture influence of the raised temperatures slows down process of hydration and reduces strength of concrete

    8. and it slows down the search

    9. The only thing that slows him down is to threaten to not allow him to be in the office or around me

    10. otherwise it would have been the double tap method which slows you down deliberately, to aim and thus kill what you aim at

    11. All this unused software does is wastes disk space and slows you down

    12. I kick the glass as hard as I can, but the water slows down my foot

    13. I hear the screech of the rails as the train slows, which means we must be nearing the middle of the city

    14. It charges toward us on the polished rails, then squeals as it slows to a stop in front of the platform

    15. The moment you work on your own unresolved karma, you change your vibration at a cellular level, emptying your energy field of some of the toxic residue that slows it down

    16. The 18-wheeler makes it across the bridge and slows down at the tollbooth

    17. The SR-71 slows down and gets away from the UFO

    18. Time also slows down around you when you are traveling at light speeds as your brilliant scientist Albert Einstein figured out in his relativity theories

    19. She slows down and stares at something

    20. Duplicating your brain and putting it on a carbon-sincoid as a backup is possible,’ Bellona says while she slows down

    21. Everything slows down around the ship and gets dim

    22. The ship slows down

    23. Jaden slows down and uses the nanoscanners to follow Marco’s semi-invisible ship as it passes through the layers of web

    24. Counterclockwise – reverse – 3 Layers – First layer slows projectile and absorbs blast

    25. very observation slows down the mind till it stops altogether

    26. Turning into a quiet country lane, the taxi driver slows down, driving with caution through the stony road

    27. As the amount flowing through the pipeline slows down there is much concern that the slower flow will result in the oil freezing or forming into a waxy mass and thus raise the risk of interruptions and spills

    28. Letting go, he slows down and turns on to a country lane

    29. rules, saying the current system slows recruitment of talented em-

    30. She slows to a stop and turns, waiting for Hartstongue and the boy to catch up with her

    31. It is only as he approaches the woods that his pace slows

    32. theory that time slows as you approach the speed of light, which

    33. The sloping underwater part of the beach—the submerged area that slows down and diminishes the effects of waves and currents—was dredged and used for fill elsewhere

    34. As the event horizon is approached, time slows down relative to that of a distant observer, stopping completely on the horizon

    35. morphogenesis is accelerated in these higher frequency spheres and slows

    36. Eventually, therefore, the collapse slows

    37. If your car speeds up then slows down, then speeds up then slows down, similar to the way you feel when the caffeine wears off until the next batch kicks in then you have what we call a Surge

    38. ” His father never slows down his cadence

    39. You absorb the thrashing until it slows to twitches

    40. Finally, in the distribution phase, the keenest traders take their profits and close their positions while the general trading interest slows down in an overshooting market

    41. Age: In youth, the BMR is higher; age brings less lean body mass and slows the BMR

    42. This will not stop your earnings, it will not stop the prosperity, but it slows it down a bit

    43. This doesn’t stop love, but it slows things down a bit

    44. Stef slows the car and turns into the drive of Nicola's sisters, putting on the handbrake he turns the engine off; �It looks like she is in bed

    45. Soon after Steve slows the engine and pulls to a stop; �Here will be good

    46. The navigation is impressive as the starship is still travelling at light speed as it circles the planet several times as it eventually slows down

    47. Grailem feels the spacecraft come to a soft landing and taxi along the runway, as it slows down the engine noise echoes off surrounding walls and Grailem knows they have entered a large building

    48. But he also slows down and in such a way another car comes to drive in-between us

    49. Breathing a sigh of relief Lewis slows down until he reaches a small lay-by about two kilometres further on

    50. Approaching the lock-up garages Suzy slows down as all the garage doors are shut

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    decelerate retard slow slow down slow up slack slacken dull sluggish dense dim dumb obtuse boring deadening ho-hum irksome tedious tiresome wearisome easy slowly tardily behind lazy inactive slothful idle negligent remiss gradual deliberate leisurely unhurried moderate laggard leaden apathetic torpid phlegmatic stupid late tardy dragging behindhand humdrum uninteresting tame stolid drowsy sleepy listless lethargic inert dormant supine belated delayed impeded detained overdue backward retarded hinder impede obstruct decrease reduce diminish postpone delay detain regulate