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Demote sätze (in englisch)

1. Goddamn assholes treat you like a fucking guinea pig and then demote you to this new job.

1. But you were quite right in demoting him.
2. And she was so incensed at your demoting Hugh from the management of the mill.
3. Royal Brougham fired the first and potentially most lethal: Had he made a critical mistake by demoting his sophomores? No siree! Ulbrickson boomed out.
4. They could not believe that Ulbrickson would even consider demoting the boys whom they had seen with their own eyes sweeping to victory so easily a year ago, boys who had gone on to defeat the California varsity just two months ago.
5. When they’d heard the door shut upstairs—it was Charlie’s room Grandpa stayed in when he came to visit, demoting Charlie to an air mattress down here—Dad said, What your grandpa was trying to say, Charlie, is it’s not another adoption.
1. I was demoted to eating.
2. Won't they feel… demoted?
3. Not only was I demoted, I was put in a.
4. Those who did badly we demoted and sent.
5. I wasn’t going to help until I got demoted.
6. He was demoted and served with a final warning.
7. Ulbrickson promptly demoted them to third boat.
8. Now you see why I demoted you, Kathy said.
9. What we really got was a washed-up, demoted manager.
10. I too would weep if demoted back to human from a god.
11. It was the day she was demoted from her management position at Newberg Mental Health.
12. The four of them piled into the Land Rover, James now demoted to the back seat with Sophie.
13. The sophomores were officially demoted to junior varsity status; the older boys would row as varsity.
14. Suddenly he realized what a relief it was to be demoted, to be irrelevant, to be out of the spotlight.
15. He fully expected to be demoted to worker status at any time, or perhaps worse, to be sent to a labor camp.
16. The junior varsity race was, for the suddenly demoted older boys from Washington, all about making a point.
17. She will be punished, demoted and returned to her Border duties at the Southern Wall, he said carelessly.
18. Stalin had in fact demoted Zhukov because he was looked on as a war hero by the people and was becoming too popular to his taste.
19. Sokolovsky glanced at Marshal Zhukov, recently recalled from his semi-exile in the Ural Military District, where Stalin had demoted him to a secondary command.
20. Chelsea’s attorney, David Stein, had apparently been demoted to the second string once the superstar was brought on board and walked three steps behind Rutherford.
21. For instance, I have a long list of personnel who will be immediately promoted, and a few who will be demoted, and many who will be re-assigned to duties that they are better suited to.
22. Demoted and promoted and demoted again, he’d started to think of himself as a kind of yo-yo in the hands of the coaches, or the Fates, he wasn’t sure which—up one minute, down the next.
23. Now that we’re running hot, how about a spot of transmigration to stir the waters? You know, being demoted (or promoted) to a dolphin, because in your previous life you were so into surfing.
24. Barring some kind of miracle, the older boys would race as the varsity crew at Poughkeepsie; the sophomores would almost certainly be demoted to junior varsity status, despite winning in California.
25. True, Rychtyr’s Cheryk garrison had been surprised by the heretics’ sudden attack, but Cheryk had been demoted to little more than a forward screening post for Thesmar when General Ahlverez turned the St.
26. Improbably, as he had moved toward the Pacific Coast Regatta, Ebright had demoted the varsity boys who had won the national title in Poughkeepsie the year before, in favor of a mixed boat of sophomores and juniors.
27. We were such cordial enemies for my entire four years that when Macmillan demoted me, Howell made a phone call on my behalf to Bill Gorvine, whom he knew and liked very much from Shipbuilders’ Council of America activities.
28. Captain Bugloss, the officer succeeded in playing a very simple trick, bamboozling the Mark commander, responsible, had, of course, been demoted and expelled from the Owsla, but his disgrace, though very proper, only added to the General's difficulties.
29. And they just roared enthusiastically, breaking any and all formations; they’d forgotten about rules, they had violated their orders, and they seemed like they couldn’t care less about being demoted to less-than-imp status, or perhaps turned into horned ants.
1. Outburst Demotes Cooper to Second Line.

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