bump sätze

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Bump sätze (in englisch)

  1. With a bump on the.
  2. He gave me a fist bump.
  3. He didn't want to bump.
  4. That's a pretty big bump.
  5. Clive sat down with a bump.

  6. You could bet two, bump two.
  7. To the earth with violet bump.
  8. Did you bump your head or.
  9. Bang, bump, thump, and tumble.
  10. Youse wouldn't want me to bump.
  11. Emma you have a bump on your head.
  12. She has a bump on her head?
  13. You’re little bump on the head.
  14. A bump rose in the sand by her heel.
  15. He leapt, with a bump, in the mash.

  16. She has a bump on top of her head.
  17. They suddenly bump into one another.
  18. Petr roll and bump into the side wall.
  19. No you don't, you barely have a bump.
  20. I step sideways and bump her shoulder.
  21. Denny gave him a fist bump on that one.
  22. I told it to bump the pressure up to 1.
  23. It is a hardened cal oused horny bump.
  24. You learned to ski on the speed bump.
  25. That had to be down to the bump on the.

  26. This effect has been called razor bump.
  28. There was a bump on my head the size of.
  29. Maybe we’ll bump into each other again.
  30. Sammy sat on the bump where his feet were.
  31. When he reaches back he finds a huge bump.
  32. I see the bump on his forehead, undulating.
  33. Got a bump on the head, but I’m fine now.
  34. Her jaw felt fine, except for a small bump.
  35. Really what it does is give a bump in sales.
  36. Their heads bump and their lips bump softly.
  38. She kept rubbing subconsciously at her bump.
  39. This explained why he had a bump on his head.
  40. How’s Elly and the bump? They’d ask.
  41. But, as I lean forward, the bump on my head.
  42. His fingers moved more firmly against the bump.
  43. There aren't so many silly things to bump into.
  44. We learned to bump up and watch the side streets.
  45. She felt something bump her elbow and the same.
  46. I managed to bump into him at the grocery store.
  47. His fingertips skimmed over the bump Greta had.
  48. I'm afraid every moment we'll bump into them!.
  49. The photo from the scrapbook, with the baby bump.
  50. The new bump on his head still nagged at him all.
  51. There will be a time that we will bump into each.
  52. She is? She still has the bump on her head?
  53. You’ll get a promotion, a medal, and a pay bump.
  54. She has a bump on her head? Uncle Willie asks.
  55. Well you'll have a hell of a bump there tomorrow.
  56. I mean a bump on the head can mess up the brain.
  57. It looked like a bump on a log, Clarene retorted.
  58. BOOM! The plane hits another seemingly intense bump.
  59. Alice sat down with a bump to return to her stitching.
  60. It’s only a matter of time before we bump into them.
  61. He felt a bump when they landed, which made him jump.
  62. They stopped with a bump and a like cage door swung.
  63. He didn’t want to bump into Helez and her family yet.
  64. Billowing pillows of pure white would bump against the.
  65. That bump on your head, did more than I thought it had.
  66. Her heart gave one great bump and seemed to stop beating.
  67. Although actually I did have a bump in the car yesterday.
  68. She placed her hand over the bump feeling her palm grow.
  69. We learned to bump up and watch the side streets.
  70. And with that comes real trust and a bump in productivity.
  71. You move without shock or bump, as if you’re in a dream.
  72. But at least now we could walk without having to bump into.
  73. The same bump is done throughout the market in the example.
  74. Fred took a step backwards and felt his heel bump into the.
  75. I bump her shoulder, but that turns out to be a big mistake.
  76. Michael broke his mood and came back to reality with a bump.
  77. He feels for the bump and says, I can feel the bump too.
  78. Hoffman’s head, she remarked, Lucky again, just a bump.
  79. What is it, then? You just bump uglies once in a while?’.
  80. Emily reached down and touched the small bump on her abdomen.
  81. Oh! She squeaks as the bus goes over a bump in the road.
  82. Doctors bump and bend around the vigilant, black hooded woman.
  83. They were soft, and they bulged and floundered on every bump.
  84. Blood oozes out from the tiny split in the bump on my forehead.
  85. Evie’s bump had grown immensely in the last couple of weeks.
  86. A few times I had seen or felt fish bump into this layer of air.
  87. I had to be careful not to bump into anything and make a racket.
  88. I don't think they can just bump us off without anyone noticing.
  89. Mistral stretched out to bump the Princess’s nose with her own.
  90. A lot of times, and their long white bodies bump and bump gently.
  91. It took about a half second for Jill’s glance to bump into mine.
  92. Is that all? Just bump him off? Who does he think we are?
  93. A few weeks, that would mean I might just bump into him somewhere.
  94. The bump was not serious but they both jumped out to have a look.
  95. The bump on his head from the flying chair was testament to that.
  96. He reversed back into the driveway automatically and felt a bump.
  97. I brush my fingers over the bump, and pain prickles over my scalp.
  98. APB of having a bump on their head and are capable of hurling cars.
  99. Please sit here in case you accidentally bump a control switch.
  100. There was a bump in the middle of his bed; someone was in his bed!.
  1. I kept bumping into things.
  2. Without bumping a wall, the door.
  3. And then a great thudding and bumping.
  4. She skidded slightly, bumping into Rani.
  5. More than once he narrowly avoided bumping.
  6. The car rolled swiftly, bumping and rattling.
  7. There was a metallic bumping as they rummaged.
  8. He seemed to revive with the jostling and bumping.
  9. He walked out, bumping into Caan, who was coming in.
  10. The car throttled past and angled in, bumping the curb.
  11. The other two Zombies were busy bumping into each other.
  12. We hopped aboard, bumping two of his guys in the process.
  13. By the way, the barge isn’t making that bumping sound.
  14. Somewhere a horse and wagon trotted and rolled by, bumping.
  15. I don’t see life as bumping into familiar souls every day.
  16. I watched as it slid around, bumping up against his knuckle.
  17. In short, you're bumping along just above the absolute bottom.
  18. Hello stranger! Fancy bumping into you here, said Gary.
  19. Christina walks out, bumping me with her shoulder as she leaves.
  20. That was to allow the seeming accident of your bumping into him.
  21. I had an idea of who it was in front of me just by bumping his.
  22. He was bumping into every tree and kept apologising to each tree.
  23. Caths fell on the floor, bumping her head on the edge of a table.
  24. We hopped aboard, bumping two of his guys in the process.
  25. Edward staggered backward, his heel bumping against the bottom step.
  26. It assaulted her eyes, and she stepped back, bumping into the wall.
  27. We rode in silence for a few miles, bumping around on the feed sacks.
  28. Shaking her head and gently bumping her by the shoulder, Amelia smiled.
  29. Bumping into the side, his shoulder scraped against a cold but dry wall.
  30. She walked to the door almost bumping her mother, hoping she would pass.
  31. At least, you don’t have to worry about bumping into the dragon lady.
  32. And you learned all of this by just bumping into him at the store?
  33. Evil is ignorance bumping its head in the dark to rob people mercilessly.
  34. He was always bumping the bass and Bboy jams from his car; loud and proud.
  35. Surprised, he stepped back, bumping into Donald, causing the man to grunt.
  36. Even times when he would miss bumping into old friends of his that were so.
  37. She backed up, bumping into the wall as she took in the massive shoulders.
  38. Falling for that whore-business, you think that was bumping your head?
  39. I can't even stretch out my legs, I'm always bumping into some sloping cupboard.
  40. Soon we were swaying and bumping over the grass, and then we settled into flight.
  41. Some debris were bumping into each other as they went up and down with the waves.
  42. Thoughts, memories, and feelings were bumping around in my head like dodgem cars.
  43. At the junction the train slowed slightly and they could feel the bumping of the.
  44. After much bumping and thumping, a small flight helmet rolled out on to the floor.
  45. The boys scrambled onto the jetty, bumping heads in their hurry to get off the raft.
  46. She was bumping the trident with her crotch now, oozing sex, eyes glowing bright red.
  47. When the bumping and thumping finally stopped, a disheveled Wendy emerged victorious.
  48. The developer makes money by bumping the cost of both goods and labor in his business.
  49. The walk last night was good for me … it was nice bumping into Anna up there as well.
  50. And now here we were, bumping and rolling our way out to Abraham’s house in the Quarters.
  51. It was bumpy and a sheer agony to my shoulder, especially as Desirée kept bumping into it.
  52. They could feel the bumping and thumping of the loading process through the ship’s frame.
  53. But first, the much more interesting question is, why am I bumping into you out here?
  54. Frustrated, and without success, he made for the door, bumping into his father in the hallway.
  55. With the fired brandy splashing this way and that, and bumping, and lighting each other on fire.
  56. Surprised by his sudden approach, Aspen took a hasty step back, bumping into the wall behind her.
  57. Turning for the door, he clears his throat and walks out, bumping into Sean just outside the door.
  58. You can’t hold me too close while we’re dancing though, or my toes will be bumping you!.
  59. He hit the floor with a loud thud, bumping a stool and forcing it into another desk as he went down.
  60. They resented bumping their heads when they stood up and they definitely felt the need for a toilet.
  61. Thomas recoiled dropping the plate, and bumping the table with his back turned over the cage with rats.
  62. I’ll get it for you, he said and he raced out, bumping into the coat rack and excusing himself.
  63. Only the hose bumping him in the shoulder when he turned still reminded him of the extraneous equipment.
  64. In the silence that descended, Amaranthe heard the breeze bumping the buoys hanging on the outside walls.
  65. I couldn’t tell if it was the aftereffects of the chemical that zonked me, or the bumping my head had.
  66. Everyone stays on the main sledding hill and there is no racing, no bumping of sleds, and no risk taking.
  67. And there was next to no chance of just casually bumping into her again, and if I did, what would I say?
  68. The engine was gunned expertly forward and reverse to keep the craft hard in, but not bumping the staging.
  69. Maybe the blue color was to prevent endangered birds from bumping into it when it's used in the rainforest.
  70. Finally it gave a howl, turned, and stumbled away, crashing through bushes and bumping into trees as it went.
  71. He reeled along the pavement like a tipsy man, taking no notice of those who passed, but bumping against them.
  72. Who the hell invited Gareth Halbrook? James demanded, holding on tight against the bumping, speeding car.
  73. Further on, my older self, nineteen, wandered home, bumping into poles, lipstick on his cheek, drunk with love.
  74. There were walls bricked with encyclopedias, and a fireplace in which you could stand without bumping your head.
  75. Afterward, he walked back to his apartment, his tired muscles feeling good, the endorphins bumping up his spirits.
  76. What is it, Helen? Kate was behind her sister and, as Helen turned, she had to stop to avoid bumping into her.
  77. Darkburst swam with strong strokes, his back bumping along the roof of the tunnel, guiding him through the darkness.
  78. Chuck had scooted away from the Grievers, bumping into Teresa—she held him tightly, squeezing him in a fierce hug.
  79. The plane was standing on its nose, in shallow water, bumping and dragging the seabed, as it bobbed with the waves.
  80. We dropped to the floor and clung to the sides of the truck for dear life, equipment bumping and bouncing around us.
  81. He was constantly bumping into the same faces, particularly female ones that he had either danced with before or dated.
  82. With that, the angry and intoxicated Nord left the counter, hiccupping and bumping into things as he exited the tavern.
  83. I do remember bumping it once or twice when I was in Alaska, but I never thought it would have any serious consequences.
  84. Mercer watched the singer get right up in the face of an officer, like a baseball manager bumping chests with the umpire.
  85. A boy came running down the midway bumping into the ticket booths, falling over tent ropes, looking back over his shoulder.
  86. Deville squeezed in between her and Gary again, bumping him out of the way with his larger mass and seizing her other arm.
  87. He heard one of the dogs, out in the doghouse, scratching a flea and bumping his elbow against the floor with every stroke.
  88. I bounced down the stairs and moved quickly through the apartment foyer, hoping to avoid bumping into Mrs Gold on my way out.
  89. YUKI HAD BEEN lying awake in bed since Brady got up at four and started bumping into things as he tried to dress in the dark.
  90. He nodded at Kerim, grabbed a bottle of beer from the counter, bumping into her slightly as he walked by her out of the room.
  91. Patience! We're sure to end up bumping into some animal with either feathers or fur, if not in this locality, then in another.
  92. Though he went scot-free after bumping several heads in Bombay, the assignment that brought him to Delhi led him to the Tihar.
  93. From the fourth-floor window of the hotel suite, Carroll saw an antiquated bicycle bumping over the cobblestoned street outside.
  94. She wanted to cut the gum out of the zebra’s mane, too, but we decided that would be too risky with the truck bumping around.
  95. They rolled quietly into the filling station at the bottom of the hill, bumping softly on the cobbles, and stopped by the tanks.
  96. They roiled quietly into the filling station at the bottom of the hill, bumping softly on the cobbles, and stopped by the tanks.
  97. Better yet, folks jostled for the chance to order her kittens, booking litters for the next year and bumping up her asking price.
  98. It was lit by a single big candle under the teapot in the main room giving just enough light to keep her from bumping into things.
  99. I will Marshal Clay and thank you for your help, Martin said as he turned clumsily, bumping into the oak table in her office.
  100. At last, however, the bumping of the road was exchanged for the crisp smoothness of a gravel-drive, and the carriage came to a stand.
  1. A woman bumped into Troy.
  2. He said he bumped into you.
  3. I guess I bumped the switch.
  4. He bumped right into the cop.
  5. She turned and bumped into Lang.
  6. I bumped into ‘him a few times.
  7. Its hump bumped as he took it up.
  8. She bumped her head when she fell.
  9. Lucy bumped her shoulder into mine.
  10. Luckily, I bumped into a large tree.
  11. We were bumped continuously and 139.
  12. Patch bumped his fist against Louie's.
  13. On the way back we bumped into Eugene.
  14. She’d bumped into him with her tray.
  15. Laura bumped into him, and he held her.
  16. Then I bumped into him at the library.
  17. I mean, oh gee heck, I bumped my head.
  18. I just bumped into Dad, in the park.
  19. I playfully bumped Abby’s shoulder.
  20. In fact, we’re often bumped out of.
  21. Clastaan bumped his toe and nearly fell.
  22. He came in quickly and bumped against.
  23. As soon as I did, I bumped into someone.
  24. Someone sprinted past Thomas, bumped him.
  25. Will as he bumped his way into the cabin.
  26. The raft bumped against the opposite bank.
  27. The van bumped as they crossed the bridge.
  28. A blue air-ball gently bumped the surface.
  29. Nobody gave me a dirty look, bumped into.
  30. Frank felt of the thing he had bumped into.
  31. Janelle stepped back and bumped into Gary.
  32. The door shuddered as something bumped it.
  33. We bumped into each other a few weeks later.
  34. The ferry bumped into Mount Edcumbe harbour.
  35. I pretended I stumbled and bumped into her.
  36. My hand bumped against the stone outcropping.
  37. She skittered back and bumped into the wall.
  38. As I was walking, I bumped into my neighbor.
  39. A branch bumped her head and she jerked back.
  40. He thrust back and bumped me back a few feet.
  41. Megg’s coffer, the raft bumped the river bed.
  42. They bumped into each other on the mountain.
  43. They were bumped and jolted for over an hour.
  44. I just came in and I bumped into something.
  45. Danny bumped into Theo in the corridor outside.
  46. As I made my way through, someone bumped into.
  47. I heard about one of the guys gettin’ bumped.
  48. Colt giggled as the car bumped over the pavement.
  49. One of the sorcerer's apprentices had bumped in.
  50. I stopped abruptly and the child behind bumped me.
  51. I had scrubbed the wax pot too hard and bumped it.
  52. I walked a bit more then bumped into another tree.
  53. The corner of the suitcase bumped against her leg.
  54. I felt blessed to have bumped into her when I did.
  55. Being bumped off the first line was gnawing at him.
  56. He backed away from the old man and bumped into me.
  57. He turned and bumped into a very attractive woman.
  58. It was exciting to know that I’d been bumped up.
  59. Roidon stopped so abruptly that she bumped into him.
  60. The car braked abruptly, and Judas bumped into the.
  61. Fiona raised her hand and knuckle bumped with Sylvia.
  62. But she bumped into something anyway, startling her.
  63. She bumped it up and down, and chanted nonsense words.
  64. In his anger, rushing downstairs, he bumped into Laura.
  65. I turned and bumped into a big table full of souvenirs.
  66. Ashi was bumped by a group of men running down the hall.
  67. When? After I’d bumped into him on the street?
  68. As I gave him oats, Jasper bumped me with his nose and.
  69. Brookes was in a foul mood when Nathan bumped into him.
  70. He bumped into them, knocking Sonja down on the ground.
  71. The convoy bumped and jolted along the dusty track, it.
  72. As I was leaving I bumped into a couple leaving the bar.
  73. The breath caught in her throat as she bumped into Gary.
  74. When he did, the skids bumped and slid over the surface.
  75. I realized that its spur had just bumped a block of ice.
  76. She twisted, and her knuckle bumped against a knife hilt.
  77. She then bumped her hip into his with a sideways shove as.
  78. She bumped into someone, she could feel her temper rising.
  79. Sav kneeled on the seat and leaned over, and they bumped.
  80. Jesus, if I get bumped off it will probably make your day.
  81. They must have just bumped a dock, she heard rope pulling.
  82. Rooten bumped into Thesa when the boar unexpectedly stopped.
  83. Forty minutes later, and starting to chill, he bumped into.
  84. I bumped my head really hard before I got out of the car.
  85. They seemed to have bumped into each other on the street.
  86. The ram bumped Nerissa a few more times, then groaned again.
  87. Traders are quickly bumped to trading 1,000 share positions.
  88. The Son of Elvis; I bumped into him yesterday on the beach.
  89. Keeping on Doyle’s exact course, the small hire car bumped.
  90. She said that she bumped it and that Joe was a witness.
  91. He bumped into a dracoid woman and was subsequently hit down.
  92. Once he walked in front of the donkey and purposely bumped it.
  93. In a fit of fury, I bumped back against the bulkhead, beating.
  94. Megan took a step backwards and bumped into the kitchen table.
  95. Bex is bumped by a rangy youth on his way back from the toilets.
  96. Remember that night at school when we bumped into Dominic?
  97. Usually, you are unfrocked, ex-communicated or bumped off!.
  98. I couldnt take my eyes off her and bumped on people and chairs.
  99. S’us stuck out her fist, and Joey hesitantly bumped it with his.
  100. I tried to move away but my legs bumped into the edge of the bed.
  1. It gave me goose bumps.
  2. With only a few bumps they.
  3. She bumps right into Vivian.
  4. Prescient goose bumps ran up.
  5. Just a few bumps and bruises.
  6. She felt a rush of goose bumps.
  7. Alice shivered with goose bumps.
  8. Yet she’d seen no bumps or cuts.
  9. Mostly bumps and bruises really.
  10. He used to ski the bumps of the.
  11. I felt goose bumps run up my arms.
  12. There are a few bumps on the road.
  13. That revelation gave me goose bumps.
  14. Goose bumps ran down Jillian's arms.
  15. Hayden bumps Vince’s fist with his.
  16. Goose bumps return to his human body.
  17. The bracelets or the wrist’s bumps.
  18. Goose bumps began to rise on my legs.
  19. Sure there are some bumps on the road.
  20. The way he said it gave me goose bumps.
  21. There will always be bumps in the road.
  22. He felt goose bumps raising on his arms.
  23. Thus there are bumps on the road to love.
  24. The scene still gave them all goose bumps.
  25. All of the hurts, bumps and bruises, both.
  26. Goose bumps began to spring up on her arms.
  27. He could feel goose bumps all over his body.
  28. Bumps usually sent the entire unit hopping.
  29. There were two bumps on her shoulder blades.
  30. Or take the bumps of Bridger with Ideal Grace.
  31. The goose bumps are just starting to go away.
  32. The performance was not without bumps, however.
  33. I was scared; the ghost bumps rose from my body.
  34. The plane hits some more intense bumps in rapid.
  35. The soft evening breeze is giving me goose bumps.
  36. Her skin broke out into goose bumps as the wind.
  37. Amy stops so quickly she bumps the steering wheel.
  38. Ripples went up his arm and have him goose bumps.
  39. It also goes over all ditches and bumps smoothly.
  40. The goose bumps were prickling Hal’s arms again.
  41. He takes a step and bumps his head into his shield.
  42. Change begets change and, along the way, bumps in.
  43. Nope, except for the usual scrapes and bumps and.
  44. Instead, they became nothing more than speed bumps.
  45. The bumps, noise and frigid temperatures severely.
  46. Suddenly the rows and rows of goose bumps stood up.
  47. I clung to my seat as we raced over a million bumps.
  48. Upon hearing that statement I got instant goose bumps.
  49. It usually gave me goose bumps when I listened to it.
  51. The plane landed smoothly without any major bumps and.
  52. Success is happening but there are bumps on the road.
  53. As I was enjoying my sleep, three bumps on the highway.
  54. He occasionally bumps into Dave who is doing his A-levels.
  55. You sure? The truck hit the bumps a little too hard.
  56. My hand bumps the cell still stuffed in my hoodie pocket.
  57. Flies struck the screen with little bumps and droned away.
  58. A whole population of frosted bumps had come up on my neck.
  59. As I said above, try to go around the bumps with your stem.
  60. It’s ok, it not everyday a gorgeous woman bumps into me.
  61. Arms, legs, and whole bodies lit up with goose bumps as the.
  62. Words devolve into letters, letters into unintelligible bumps.
  63. But until the 22nd there are some temporary bumps on the road.
  64. Tim drove me to the inn, trying to avoid the bumps in the road.
  65. Michael looks at it for a moment, then bumps it against his own.
  66. I walked away with some bumps and bruises and a few broken ribs.
  67. I mean the bumps, she went on, the thuds, the footsteps.
  68. I notice the twin’s bumps becoming more prominent, as if their.
  69. However, with two eclipses this month there are bumps on the road.
  70. Yes, there were some bumps and bruises and broken motorcycle parts.
  71. There were bumps, and cracks, and he was lost to the depths below.
  72. Stone drove straight on over the pits and bumps, smiling steadily.
  73. Cautiously, he scooches back on his ass until he bumps a brick wall.
  74. Jaden freaks out as he can feel goose bumps jumping around his skin.
  75. There are always going to be bumps in the road, but sustained growth.
  76. This is worse than calluses: such works will leave bumps on the head.
  77. The air was almost frigid, and goose bumps rose on his arms and legs.
  78. You have to reduce the risk of fracture by preventing bumps and falls.
  79. I walked away with some bumps and bruises and a few broken ribs.
  80. The flesh on Raven’s arm prickled as goose bumps ran across his skin.
  81. No bumps, Hiss responded, stopping the truck up against the gate.
  82. Without the trailer, it was easier moving over the bumps, ruts and sand.
  83. There were a lot of bumps and bruises along the way, which resulted in.
  84. Between the bumps and the eyes were two cat's whisker type structures;.
  85. Goose bumps are actually forming on the skin of Jaden’s cocooned body.
  86. He focused his eyes on the wallpaper with its textured bumps and swirls.
  87. One high-level manager told Joseph the presentation gave him goose bumps.
  88. They could see the two bumps that were Ma and Granma against the outside.
  89. It was me, with all my bumps and wrinkles, and even a hint of my wonky ear.
  90. But his fright and terror were still more terrible than his bumps and blows.
  91. The truck bumps over the tracks and comes to a stop twenty feet away from us.
  92. SOB clearly stated in his website that bumps and clumps were a thing of the.
  93. He removed his helmet and checked his head for cuts or bumps and found none.
  94. Luckily, most patients were just bumps and scratches and a few broken bones.
  95. There are some bumps on the road ahead, but nothing that you can’t handle.
  96. But then he clasps my hand and bumps my chest and says, Good to see you, Tom.
  97. The hairs on the backs of their necks rose and goose bumps covered their skins.
  98. A chilly breeze whipped across the hill and his arms prickled with goose bumps.
  99. I was afraid that the bumps and twists in the road might make her go into labor.
  100. For all the bumps of the last few days, this chart makes the picture look serene.

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