bump sätze

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Bump sätze (in englisch)

With a bump on the.
He gave me a fist bump.
He didn't want to bump.
That's a pretty big bump.
Clive sat down with a bump.
You could bet two, bump two.
To the earth with violet bump.

Did you bump your head or.
Bang, bump, thump, and tumble.
Youse wouldn't want me to bump.
She has a bump on her head?
You’re little bump on the head.
Emma you have a bump on your head.
He leapt, with a bump, in the mash.
A bump rose in the sand by her heel.
She has a bump on top of her head.
They suddenly bump into one another.
I step sideways and bump her shoulder.
No you don't, you barely have a bump.
Petr roll and bump into the side wall.
Denny gave him a fist bump on that one.
I told it to bump the pressure up to 1.
It is a hardened cal oused horny bump.
You learned to ski on the speed bump.
This effect has been called razor bump.
That had to be down to the bump on the.
There was a bump on my head the size of.
Maybe we’ll bump into each other again.
When he reaches back he finds a huge bump.
Sammy sat on the bump where his feet were.
Got a bump on the head, but I’m fine now.
Her jaw felt fine, except for a small bump.
I see the bump on his forehead, undulating.
Really what it does is give a bump in sales.
She kept rubbing subconsciously at her bump.
Their heads bump and their lips bump softly.
How’s Elly and the bump? They’d ask.
This explained why he had a bump on his head.
I kept bumping into things.
Without bumping a wall, the door.
And then a great thudding and bumping.
She skidded slightly, bumping into Rani.
More than once he narrowly avoided bumping.
The car rolled swiftly, bumping and rattling.
There was a metallic bumping as they rummaged.
He seemed to revive with the jostling and bumping.
He walked out, bumping into Caan, who was coming in.
The other two Zombies were busy bumping into each other.
The car throttled past and angled in, bumping the curb.
We hopped aboard, bumping two of his guys in the process.
By the way, the barge isn’t making that bumping sound.
Somewhere a horse and wagon trotted and rolled by, bumping.
I watched as it slid around, bumping up against his knuckle.
I don’t see life as bumping into familiar souls every day.
Hello stranger! Fancy bumping into you here, said Gary.
In short, you're bumping along just above the absolute bottom.
Christina walks out, bumping me with her shoulder as she leaves.
I had an idea of who it was in front of me just by bumping his.
That was to allow the seeming accident of your bumping into him.
He was bumping into every tree and kept apologising to each tree.
Caths fell on the floor, bumping her head on the edge of a table.
We hopped aboard, bumping two of his guys in the process.
Edward staggered backward, his heel bumping against the bottom step.
It assaulted her eyes, and she stepped back, bumping into the wall.
We rode in silence for a few miles, bumping around on the feed sacks.
Shaking her head and gently bumping her by the shoulder, Amelia smiled.
Bumping into the side, his shoulder scraped against a cold but dry wall.
She walked to the door almost bumping her mother, hoping she would pass.
And you learned all of this by just bumping into him at the store?
Evil is ignorance bumping its head in the dark to rob people mercilessly.
At least, you don’t have to worry about bumping into the dragon lady.
He was always bumping the bass and Bboy jams from his car; loud and proud.
Surprised, he stepped back, bumping into Donald, causing the man to grunt.
Even times when he would miss bumping into old friends of his that were so.
She backed up, bumping into the wall as she took in the massive shoulders.
Falling for that whore-business, you think that was bumping your head?
I can't even stretch out my legs, I'm always bumping into some sloping cupboard.
Soon we were swaying and bumping over the grass, and then we settled into flight.
A woman bumped into Troy.
He said he bumped into you.
I guess I bumped the switch.
He bumped right into the cop.
She turned and bumped into Lang.
Its hump bumped as he took it up.
I bumped into ‘him a few times.
Lucy bumped her shoulder into mine.
She bumped her head when she fell.
Luckily, I bumped into a large tree.
We were bumped continuously and 139.
Patch bumped his fist against Louie's.
On the way back we bumped into Eugene.
Laura bumped into him, and he held her.
Then I bumped into him at the library.
In fact, we’re often bumped out of.
I just bumped into Dad, in the park.
I playfully bumped Abby’s shoulder.
I mean, oh gee heck, I bumped my head.
She’d bumped into him with her tray.
Clastaan bumped his toe and nearly fell.
He came in quickly and bumped against.
Someone sprinted past Thomas, bumped him.
Will as he bumped his way into the cabin.
As soon as I did, I bumped into someone.
The raft bumped against the opposite bank.
A blue air-ball gently bumped the surface.
The van bumped as they crossed the bridge.
Nobody gave me a dirty look, bumped into.
Frank felt of the thing he had bumped into.
Janelle stepped back and bumped into Gary.
The door shuddered as something bumped it.
I pretended I stumbled and bumped into her.
The ferry bumped into Mount Edcumbe harbour.
We bumped into each other a few weeks later.
As I was walking, I bumped into my neighbor.
My hand bumped against the stone outcropping.
She skittered back and bumped into the wall.
A branch bumped her head and she jerked back.
He thrust back and bumped me back a few feet.
It gave me goose bumps.
With only a few bumps they.
She bumps right into Vivian.
Prescient goose bumps ran up.
Just a few bumps and bruises.
She felt a rush of goose bumps.
Alice shivered with goose bumps.
Yet she’d seen no bumps or cuts.
He used to ski the bumps of the.
Mostly bumps and bruises really.
I felt goose bumps run up my arms.
There are a few bumps on the road.
Goose bumps ran down Jillian's arms.
That revelation gave me goose bumps.
Hayden bumps Vince’s fist with his.
Goose bumps began to rise on my legs.
Goose bumps return to his human body.
The bracelets or the wrist’s bumps.
The way he said it gave me goose bumps.
There will always be bumps in the road.
Sure there are some bumps on the road.
He felt goose bumps raising on his arms.
Thus there are bumps on the road to love.
The scene still gave them all goose bumps.
Goose bumps began to spring up on her arms.
All of the hurts, bumps and bruises, both.
There were two bumps on her shoulder blades.
He could feel goose bumps all over his body.
Bumps usually sent the entire unit hopping.
Or take the bumps of Bridger with Ideal Grace.
The goose bumps are just starting to go away.
The performance was not without bumps, however.
The plane hits some more intense bumps in rapid.
I was scared; the ghost bumps rose from my body.
Ripples went up his arm and have him goose bumps.
The soft evening breeze is giving me goose bumps.
Her skin broke out into goose bumps as the wind.
Amy stops so quickly she bumps the steering wheel.
It also goes over all ditches and bumps smoothly.
He takes a step and bumps his head into his shield.

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