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    1. The president could deport foreigners at will and social reforms were slow to come

    2. To set an example, in September 1918, Lenin order the authorities in Ni-zhni Novgorod to ‘introduce at once mass terror, execute and deport hundreds of prostitutes, drunken soldiers, ex-officers, etc

    3. They were able to deport Jews to their extermination by the help of Jewish leaders

    4. "Let's just wrap this up and got the statements before the deport committee come," CoolWater said

    5. deport myself as a woman

    6. There were considerable spells when he would find some clothing and deport himself fairly well among his fellows

    7. after serving his term, the Montreal Police should deport this

    8. To solve this dilemma, I would deport those who have not carried their weight, unless they make a settlement with our state governments

    9. The British government have been attempting to deport him to stand trial in Jordan, but he claims that his human rights would be breached if he was sent home because some of the evidence against him has been obtained from witnesses who were tortured

    10. The police had more power to keep or deport someone here

    1. It is sad to reflect that Mohammed Atta could have been deported three months prior to 9/11

    2. Khalifa was arrested after the explosion and deported to Jordan where, after a trial, he was acquitted

    3. It was communicated in no uncertain terms that you are the son of an SDPD cop, and if any harm comes to you that every known or suspected Russian Mafioso will be hounded until they are all either in jail or deported, that is, if they survive the arrest

    4. You read him the riot act for getting that actor killed at the cemetery and threaten to have him deported

    5. It’s about deciding whether you should be deported

    6. A Japanese graduate student friend, Hiro, called my mother one morning early and talked for a long time about his papers not being in order and that he was going to be deported

    7. Yes, she was deported

    8. I was in jail about to be deported back to Germany

    9. I could have been summarily dismissed and deported as a paedophile – because, as everyone ‘knows’, all queers are child-molesters

    10. “Let me tell you what will happen,” Malcolm said, “As soon as you walk out of those gates you will be rearrested and banged back up then you will be deported back to Jamaica with nothing

    1. Too often, when times got tough, the people and governments of Europe turned against specific ethnic groups or minorities in their countries, as if murdering, persecuting or deporting someone seen as different could make the true problems disappear

    2. Confronted with the martyr missiles being thrown at them by Arafat’s desperados, the Jews responded by decimating their dwellings and deporting their families

    3. The Brown shirts led by Ernst Roehm were furious at Hitler because after he gained power, he abandoned his entire plan of getting the Jews out of Germany and did an about-face and began protecting them instead of deporting them

    4. If Hitler had succeeded in deporting all Jews out of Europe into the island state of Madagascar they would have killed each other off and gone extinct

    5. The creation of concentration camps was a systematic way of deporting all undesirables out of Germanic societies as humanely as possible

    6. Instead of deporting the Jews out of Europe: he put off the whole problem and shelved it

    7. Instead, he set about turning Ghana into a one-party socialist dictatorship and locking up or deporting anyone who dared criticise him

    8. ‘Ethnic cleansing’ or even just ‘cleansing’ became the standard term for deporting or slaughtering the population of a town or village simply on grounds of their race

    9. His attitude toward Mexican nationals—if not exactly fully realistic or authentic—is nonetheless generally positive and respectful, especially when it is noted that Sweet Thursday appeared during the same year the United States government’s Immigration and Naturalization Ser vice launched Operation Wetback (1954), which targeted illegal Mexican nationals in the southwestern United States and eventually succeeded in deporting eighty thousand of them

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