expel sätze

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Expel sätze (in englisch)

  1. With variable objects shall expel.
  2. To pass the Bland bill, expel the Chinese.
  3. Should patch a wall to expel the winter flaw!.
  4. When they expel you from this city flee to another.
  5. This serves to expel me from every place where I go.

  6. They almost provoked you, to expel you from the land.
  7. Go! I sobbed, able to expel air but not bring it in.
  8. Chipping clams gets them to expel sand that is in their shell.
  9. As assistant suffragan, it was Richard's job to expel sleepers.
  10. I liked the way you could create a charge to expel all it’s.
  11. She’d breathed the water in and now she would have to expel it.
  12. One of his dictatorial actions has been to expel Tibetan Shugden.
  13. Plato does not seriously intend to expel poets from life and society.
  14. All they did with the guys that were in the room with him was expel them.
  15. He’d say the headmaster was going to expel the prissy black queer today.

  16. Poisons excrete into your stomach, which you then expel via liquidous vomit.
  17. The dog walked in circles as it furiously tried to expel the lodged piece of Mrs.
  18. With many new homes, the bathroom fan comes on periodically to expel the old air.
  19. You must be able to expel 120 times at a stretch by cautious and gradual practice.
  20. But wild flamingos here have glands to expel the salty water, so live on the few lakes.
  21. This is a general cleanser of the body and helps to expel waste matter and purify the blood.
  22. This is because it contains soluble fiber that will stimulate your body to expel a bulky stool.
  23. The lady interrupts the huddle by pushing herself away far enough to expel phlegm coughing out of her.
  24. It will always expel the things it no longer requires and you do not need to worry about it doing that.
  25. To expel the words from his thoughts he spoke aloud as he picked up the knife and pressed it to his arm.

  26. Afterwards, she may need assistance to expel the liquid from her lungs and to start breathing normally.
  27. In the meantime, me, Robeson and Watts have decided on a mission to go try to expel the Terrans from Mars.
  28. Chamomile serves to ease any nervous spasms in the digestive tract and helps to expel gas and improve digestion.
  29. It was a collective request of tenants to the Greek Community to expel Am Mohammad from his rooftop terrace rooms.
  30. When you expel me, I will be free to make my Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, where the Virgin Mary has said I must go.
  31. Well then, come! She shook her head as if to expel useless thoughts, and, faster than usual, went on in front of him.
  32. Would you propose to expel him? That would result inevitably in tit-for-tat expulsions, and who knows where that might end.
  33. Larkey delivered a ferocious punch to his midriff, causing him to expel all the air in his lungs and bend over like a paper doll.
  34. Diethylene triamine pentaacetic acid or DTPA was used on him for many years in order to expel 41 MBq of americium from his system.
  35. Sometimes the eastern warriors expel the barbarians from the kingdom entirely; again the plains and cities are in the hands of the western invaders.
  36. I was scared half to death that they were going to expel me or something, when Simon came striding through the double doors at the top of the stairs.
  37. He felt the air expel under his hands, felt the bristled skin beneath his fingers as the sharp shards of unshaven hair sank into his hands and fingers.
  38. These days, most people have their organs functioning at half-capacity or are simply overwhelmed by the amount of wastes and toxins they have to expel.
  39. Instead of possessing the principal ports of the United States, we expect to expel them from the whole of their continental possessions in our neighborhood.
  40. For a few moments he stood manically smearing his palms against the denim of his jeans and shaking his head to expel the clammy, disinfectant scented images.
  41. Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behaviour, and, with the Concurrence of two thirds, expel a Member.
  42. If she was only being nosey while in Israel, then the Jews would have needed only to expel her, something they don’t shy from doing with unwanted foreigners.
  43. When it was impossible to effect a forcible entry the assailants would fire the building from outside in order to expel those who were warming themselves within.
  44. The army could go no further: it could do nothing to expel Cervera's fleet or capture the city; heavy rains and increasing sickness made the prospect dark indeed.
  45. Pharaoh said, Did you believe in Him before I have given you permission? This is surely a conspiracy you schemed in the city, in order to expel its people from it.
  46. Moreover, in order to come back up, it would be necessary to expel the excess water, and our pumps might not have been strong enough to overcome the outside pressure.
  47. You are both sinners in the eyes of God and must marry as soon as it can be arranged, or I will be forced to expel you from this sanctuary under the protection of God.
  48. The prejudices which they shared in common with the latter were fortified in themselves by an iron framework of reasoning, that made it a far tougher labor to expel them.
  49. If you can expel 10 times like this, the tenth expulsion is followed by a deepest inhalation, retained as long as it can be done with comfort, and another deepest exhalation.
  50. The Hyksos came to dominate Egypt with their superior technology, but after the Egyptians absorbed that technology they used their superior numbers to defeat and expel the Hyksos.
  51. The only thing that Fernanda noted in the man whom a few months later she was to expel from the house without remembering where she had seen him was the bilious texture of his skin.
  52. You can be sure that, at the coming conference in Quebec, Prime Minister Churchill will gripe about that and will try to convince us to spare forces to expel the Germans out of Italy.
  53. The Man, however, stopped laughing the moment Longleaf’s right fist connected with the scallywag’s midriff, prompting him to expel all the air in his lungs and collapse to the ground.
  54. He chose what might be called the essence of his worldly efforts, that which his bodily functions had worked for all it was worth, and which the artist was now willing to expel unto eternity.
  55. She also taught her how to avoid an un-wanted conception by means of the evaporation of mustard plasters and gave her recipes for potions that in cases of trouble could expel even the remorse of con-science.
  56. Silicea 30 Contraction of anal sphincter not strong enough to expel stool, so stool slides back in again, Anus feels sore, stools scanty, hard and covered with mucous, person chilly and prone to sweating of head.
  57. I look to the aggressions of England, and I find we have been driven to the necessity of creating a great and expensive military force to avenge our wrongs and to expel the enemy from her North American colonies.
  58. A fragment of the Unseelie King himself, a sentient, psychopathic book of enormous, dark magic created when the king tried to expel the corrupt arts with which he’d tampered, trying to re-create the Song of Making.
  59. To expel the Chinese from our shores is a duty we owe to ourselves and to posterity, and we will not relent one particle until that end is attained; and, in our struggle to attain that end, we have a right to expect the sympathy of all.
  60. Paul had previously been expelled from this town and now, again the unbelievers were stirring up the prominent devout women and the chief men of the city; raising up a persecution against us also to expel our group from the town and region.
  61. It is to expel those foreign capitals from a trade which their own grows every day more and more insufficient for carrying on, that the Spaniards and Portuguese endeavour every day to straiten more and more the galling bands of their absurd monopoly.
  62. Another objection was, that the bill proposed to incorporate within a State the town and citadel of Mobile, now in possession of a foreign power; and thus make it the duty of a State to expel from its territory a force which the President had not thought fit to remove.
  63. Do not go into the pathways of the Gentiles and none of you enter into any city of the Samaritans but go rather to the lost sheep of the House of Israel; and as you all go preach saying: The Kingdom of Heaven near; Heal the sick clean the lepers raise the dead expel the demons.
  64. If Satan also is divided against himself how shall his kingdom stand? because you say that I throw out demons through Beelzebub; and if I by Beelzebub expel demons by whom do your sons throw them out? therefore they shall be your judges; but if I with the finger of God throw out demons no doubt the Kingdom of God has come upon you.
  65. Mark 3:23-29 How can Satan expel Satan? and if a kingdom is divided against itself that kingdom cannot stand; And if a house be divided against itself that house cannot stand and if Satan rise up against himself and is divided he cannot stand but has an end; No man can enter into a strong man’s house and spoil his goods unless he will first binds the strong man and then he will spoil his house.
  66. It was, indeed, said that these intruders had agreed to remain as tenants at will; but, let them remain till they are sufficiently strong, and they will give you another chapter in the history of Wyoming; for, after they are sufficiently strong to hold territory, although the arm of Government has been applied successfully to oust a single individual put in possession by a decree of a court, you will find it nerveless to expel these men.
  67. Nice is added to France, Lorraine to Germany, Bohemia to Austria; Poland is divided; Ireland and India are subjected to English rule; war is waged against China and the Africans; the Americans expel the Chinese, and the Russians oppress the Jews; the landowners use the land which they do not work, and the capitalists make use of the labours of others, not because this is good, useful, and needful to men and because the contrary is evil, but because those who are in power want it to be so.
  68. If no man would similarly submit to such a violation of his sacred "manhood", why on this should-be-sacred earth should any woman submit to the violation of her equally sacred "womanhood"? Men: unless you're invited in—get out of our bodies! Women: stop inviting your body's and your soul's rape, by allowing anyone to think for even a minute, that what you do with that body is anyone's business but your own! Nature (God, if you like) gave you the ability to nurture or to expel a new life within you.
  69. Bloom's bodyguard distribute Maundy money, commemoration medals, loaves and fishes, temperance badges, expensive Henry Clay cigars, free cowbones for soup, rubber preservatives in sealed envelopes tied with gold thread, butter scotch, pineapple rock, billets doux in the form of cocked hats, readymade suits, porringers of toad in the hole, bottles of Jeyes' Fluid, purchase stamps, 40 days' indulgences, spurious coins, dairyfed pork sausages, theatre passes, season tickets available for all tramlines, coupons of the royal and privileged Hungarian lottery, penny dinner counters, cheap reprints of the World's Twelve Worst Books: Froggy And Fritz (politic), Care of the Baby (infantilic), 50 Meals for 7/6 (culinic), Was Jesus a Sun Myth? (historic), Expel that Pain (medic), Infant's Compendium of the Universe (cosmic), Let's All Chortle (hilaric), Canvasser's Vade Mecum (journalic), Loveletters of Mother Assistant (erotic), Who's Who in Space (astric), Songs that Reached Our Heart (melodic), Pennywise's Way to Wealth (parsimonic).
  1. The Nose whispered, expelling the tested air.
  2. Arresting the Templars and expelling the Jews.
  3. Since it helps to increase the immune function as resulting of expelling the.
  4. Cleaning the nose with thread and taking water through the nose and expelling it through the mouth.
  5. Tears streamed down his face, down to his contorted mouth which was fixed open, rhythmically expelling loud throaty noises.
  6. These are our grounds for expelling poetry; but lest she should charge us with discourtesy, let us also make an apology to her.
  7. We had many uses for it, such as thick-neck, aching of the joints, sick stomach, aches of the head, and the expelling of afterbirth.
  8. These graceful mollusks were swimming backward by means of their locomotive tubes, sucking water into these tubes and then expelling it.
  9. I had a wife and two children waiting for me in Israel and I was in Poland in a country that was expelling me from within and did not want me.
  10. As we become more numerous, yet more ill, consuming more energy and expelling more waste, we have become a parasite that threatens the entire host.
  11. Going to the nearby room and expelling a maid that was dusting off the furniture there, the King closed the doors carefully before facing his wife and daughter.
  12. An electrical circuit touched off an explosive charge under a plunger at the bottom of the drum instantly expelling the phougas which was then ignited by a phosphorous grenade.
  13. You will recall that Her Majesty’s Government only pulled back from expelling the man on the strength of your assurances that he would leave this country the day after our meeting.
  14. Expelling a short breath of frustration, Bonnie said, Experience generates knowledge, which generates a new synthesis of thought that becomes the basis for the next level of exploration.
  15. In July 1995 the Bosnian Serb army, dominated by the Christian Orthodox Bosnian Serb leader, Radovan Karadzic, and General Ratko Mladić overcame the Srebrenica safe area guarded by the united Nations peace keeping forces, expelling over 40,000 Muslims, whilst at the same time cold bloodedly murdering 8 thousand Muslim men of military age.
  16. Empty shells littered the floor around her, each expelling smoke and adding a stinking ambiance to her defining scene, an advertising shot for hopeless rebellion, a panorama that generations would ponder over and learn about in text and picture, the content of a million T-shirts and countless discussions by eager students, all wishing to be part of something bigger than themselves, pretending to understand.
  17. If a son shall ask bread of any of you who is a father will he give him a stone? or if he asks for a fish will he instead of a fish give him a serpent? Or if he shall ask for an egg will he offer him a scorpion? If you then being evil know how to give good gifts to your children how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him? and he was expelling a demon and it was dumb and it came to pass when the demon had gone out the dumb one spoke and the people marvelled.
  18. The control of our commerce by Great Britain, in regulating, at pleasure, and expelling it almost from the ocean; the oppressive manner in which these regulations have been carried into effect, by seizing and confiscating such of our vessels, with their cargoes, as were said to have violated her edicts, often without previous warning of their danger; the impressment of our citizens from on board our own vessels on the high seas, and elsewhere, and holding them in bondage till it suited the convenience of their oppressors to deliver them up; are encroachments of that high and dangerous tendency, which could not fail to produce that pernicious effect; nor would these be the only consequences that would result from it.
  1. He had been expelled from.
  2. You guys could have been expelled.
  3. You will be expelled, said Mr.
  4. The problem is I expelled another.
  5. The boys expelled their held breath softly.
  6. Whew! Moshe expelled a sigh of relief.
  7. In 1492, Expelled the Moors (Read: Muslims.
  8. As a result, he was expelled from all the.
  9. He expelled hot breath and turned on the man.
  10. A disappointed sigh was expelled from my chest.
  11. Stein's Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed movie.
  12. The heavens expelled them, not to be less fair;.
  13. David had been expelled from his homeland by Saul.
  14. The girl expelled her breath and caught it again.
  15. I see his breath expelled as a halo over his head.
  16. She rolled her eyes and expelled a breath on a huff.
  17. Those expelled from heaven are the demons we read.
  18. Becky dumped Toto, who has since been expelled and is.
  19. I thought he was expelled from the organization?
  20. Later that day, Avery Brundage expelled Holm from the U.
  21. Once the semen is expelled, it is collected at the base.
  22. It put a stop to torture, promulgated the truth, expelled.
  23. It was as I had often imagined being expelled from school.
  24. Should the Iraqis invade and be expelled, their principal.
  25. They said, Unless you refrain, O Lot, you will be expelled.
  26. But a vernal storm descended: Robespierre was expelled from.
  27. He was nearly expelled over a card scandal in his first year.
  28. Laughter expelled from us as we tried to relate what had happened.
  29. My poor, gentle friend was expelled as well, a victim of my passion.
  30. The ANC arrogantly expelled the previous incumbents only to hire them.
  31. So have ya talked to Roman since he was expelled? I asked Heather.
  32. Exile: Banishment; the state of being expelled from one's native country.
  33. All the Sudeten Germans, for example, were expelled from Czechoslovakia.
  34. They arrested six missionaries and wanted them all expelled from Jamaica.
  35. Might this be the reason he expelled all of them from his Land in disgust.
  36. Despite this by 1976 South Africa would have been expelled from FIFA, the.
  37. She exhaled again through her nose and expelled most of the last of her air.
  38. Al’lah says: In fact, they are expelled from hearing it (The Qur’an).
  39. The president of the university warned him that he would be expelled, but he.
  40. Probably the most obvious occurs when a stock is expelled from a major index.
  41. He broke the surface and started coughing and spluttering as water was expelled.
  42. A monstrous rush of air was expelled from the man’s lungs as he hit the ground.
  43. Conversely, if the thief was detected, he was ignominiously expelled the building.
  44. Hagar and Ishmael were later expelled into the palastinan desert after Isaac’s birth.
  45. Between 1770 and 1786 Jews were expelled from Jedda, most of them fleeing to the Yemen.
  46. Anyone caught off campus without a specifically signed pass will be expelled on the spot.
  47. After he was expelled, his family had to pay back all of that tuition to the local church.
  48. Since the last king was expelled in 509 BC Rome had been governed by groups of politicians.
  49. There is a loud BANG and much dirt expelled as an enormous 600 foot high tin coyote robot.
  50. Imbrahim drew a shuddering breath and then expelled it slowly in a manner that suggested a.
  51. The heat the engine generated was expelled into space by a complicated pattern of pipe work.
  52. Whew! The sound of held breath, suddenly expelled, whistled past his pursed lips as he.
  53. It's far from new, in fact, Mainwaring told me about it when I was expelled from Czechoslovakia.
  54. Have this negativity float upward and cleanse the person as it is expelled through the nostrils.
  55. I lay on my back, turning my face toward him, drew a deep breath in and expelled it without a sound.
  56. He therefore moved an amendment to include slaves owned by persons who were expelled from the island.
  57. She just shook her head and sobbed out loud, her body jolting as it expelled the air from within her.
  58. This happened as a rule when a building was tenanted by generals who had expelled its first occupants.
  59. It was dark and only the dimmest of light was being expelled from the large bay window, to their left.
  60. Instead she got distracted into looking up old cases of people who had been expelled from the Kassikan.
  61. He charged me on no account to touch the treasure, if by any chance they expelled us before his return.
  62. He was hard alike on the lazy, the depraved, and the weak, and tried to get them expelled from the commune.
  63. During the course of the trial, he had expelled four colored women from the gallery for reacting too loudly.
  64. It must have been hidden deep within the recesses of his gut not to have been expelled during the challenge.
  65. The assassin expelled a plume of smoke into the arid desert heat, and climbed up into the cabin of his truck.
  66. The sessellic that coated your lungs collected it until it could hold no more and expelled it from your lungs.
  67. We will never be able to secure correctly the territory of Israel if all those Arabs are not expelled from it.
  68. Everyone knew in detail how he had been expelled from West Point for drunkenness and something about women.
  69. As he wished for lusts and vices, God gave them to him and expelled him from this world insulted and defeated.
  70. Carla was breathing in when she lost her footing and had expelled most of the air in her lungs when she screamed.
  71. They stayed locked this way for several seconds, then she expelled her lungs into his, sharing her air with him.
  72. The sad thing about Richard Rowinski being expelled from high school was this; he was in his junior or senior year.
  73. When I broke the last one (over another student’s head), I was expelled, and that did it for musical initiatives.
  74. I opened up the House of Horrors and expelled another blinding flash, this time in the direction of the voodoo lady.
  75. All thoughts about the grinning man were quickly expelled as they rounded a sharp corner and the house came into view.
  76. The original sins of humankind were the result of Adam arrogancy to God and like Satan expelled, thus all humankinds.
  77. The body erupted in a loud gurgling noise as stomach and bowel fluids were expelled by shoulder pressure on the belly.
  78. My throat gurgled and expelled a hint of pork chops as I lay in bed in nothing but a pair of white boxers and my glasses.
  79. In time, all the expelled nebulous heat would have galvanized itself as the moon to turn into the satellite of the earth.
  80. Only, now and then, Michael popped in his thoughts spoiling things and was instantly expelled with well-chosen expletives.
  81. Rudras rallied around him after they were expelled through his mouth and everyone knelt while reverently bowing their heads.
  82. Then at school Jeremy had been caught in flagrante delicto with another young lad in a broom cupboard, and summarily expelled.
  83. This Ingrid managed to do, mostly by treating her coffee mug like a stress ball, squeezing it as her lips expelled the narrative.
  84. Whew! The sound of held breath, suddenly expelled, whistled past his pursed lips as he thought, That could have been bad!.
  85. It is reptile and sensual, and perhaps cannot be wholly expelled; like the worms which, even in life and health, occupy our bodies.
  86. They become less cruel and so cannot maintain their position, and are expelled from power by others less Christian and more wicked.
  87. If you do not help him, God has already helped him, when those who disbelieved expelled him, and he was the second of two in the cave.
  88. I have held myself out to be a medical doctor, when in fact I was expelled from medical school and have no medical training whatsoever.
  89. She stood at her side of the bed, her hand over her disbelieving mouth, tears in her eyes, the worry expelled from her stomach and mind.
  90. Rumor had it that in the town of Wroclaw two Jews were beaten to death in the street and that in Poznan all the Jews had been expelled.
  91. She pulled back on the syringe, filling it with sterile saline water until thirty milliliters were expelled and removed it from the port.
  92. The English staff was expelled and when it reopened under the Egyptian Ministry of Education, most of the foreign students did not return.
  93. I was expelled! I was studying to be a lawyer for God’s sake! No, I couldn’t just let it go and let him get away with ruining my life.
  94. Brian expelled air, then sucked it in and screamed before he took a chop to the back of his neck and dropped to the ground, squirming in agony.
  95. His junior year at MHS, Mike was expelled for throwing a paper cup of hot cheese into the face of a girl who was annoying him in the cafeteria.
  96. He explained away his origins near the Baltic by saying that they had been expelled by the Germans even before 1939 and remained here in the south.
  97. Last year, while she’d spent a semester in Italy, William had managed to get himself expelled from three consecutive prep schools, a personal best.
  98. He was sent to Westminster School but was expelled after a year for fighting a master, he was then sent to Harrow school but that only lasted 3 days.
  99. At the 1927 General Congress of the Soviet Communist Party his enemies had him expelled from the Party and two years later he was exiled from Russia.
  100. The difference in mass is expelled as energy, carried to the surface of the Sun through a process known as convection, and released as light and heat.
  1. Expels the dark data.
  2. Stimulates digestion, heals wounds, and expels worms.
  3. When a man ejaculates, the semen he expels is not made up of just.
  4. This can be traced if one exactly measures the weight of an infant starting from the seventh day, taking into account the nutrients he ingests and expels.
  5. This reality is so chilling that when she does take into her body a deep breath and expels from it a long exhale it feels almost wrong—that this creation, her person, has progressed to operate on a mechanical level, one of which needs no human interaction whatsoever.

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