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    1. They destroy many other destructive insects,as well the eggs of many caterpillars, mites, scales, aphids and mealybugs

    2. Failure to perceive the spiritual principles of the leadership involved in the eldership has led to many destructive, devastating, and disastrous results in too many churches

    3. You see, self-love is ever so destructive

    4. and by how destructive they were to my patients’

    5. She knew that sensation was caused by the small fraction of the sensors that were still destructive and let the measured quantum state revert to unknown

    6. Perhaps because of this, or any other contributions made from an unending range of factors, the incidence of petty crimes and destructive pranks rose to an all time high that season

    7. if the destructive power wasn’t proof enough, Brodin actually saw one, hovering in the air at his side

    8. "Though gifted at turning the Oneness into a weapon, the Age of War had hardened the races, birthing new and more destructive weapons by the day," Brice continued

    9. And one wasn’t limited to their own inner strength, but could draw from the endless destructive power of the Void

    10. , would, in the then circumstances of the country, have been the most destructive regulation which could well have been thought of

    11. You have the intolerable and stubborn spirit of your mother Hera: it is all I can do to manage her, and it is her doing that you are now in this plight: still, I cannot let you remain longer in such great pain; you are my own offspring, and it was by me that your mother conceived you; if, however, you had been the son of any other god, you are so destructive that by this time you should have been lying lower than the Titans

    12. She moved with impossible speed, her glowing blue fists striking out with incredible destructive power

    13. me and to do so in his most destructive fashion

    14. however, their actions are only destructive,

    15. the strikes and protests are destructive and

    16. However, the few who managed to refrain from destructive actions were spared

    17. They were the commissaries, if one may say so, of those armies ; and the most destructive frenzy that ever befel the European nations, was a source of opulence to those republics

    18. In the midst of the most destructive foreign war, therefore, the greater part of manufactures may frequently flourish greatly; and, on the contrary, they may decline on the return of peace

    19. The savage injustice of the Europeans rendered an event, which ought to have been beneficial to all, ruinous and destructive to several of those unfortunate countries

    20. Taxes imposed with a view to prevent, or even to diminish importation, are evidently as destructive of the revenue of the customs as of the freedom of trade

    21. Higher knowledge is destructive for the craved spirit

    22. Ego is the self destructive illusive mind illusion that you create to hide from the world

    23. The English company have not yet had time to establish in Bengal so perfectly destructive a system

    24. In the course of a century or two, the policy of the English company would, in this manner, have probably proved as completely destructive as that of the Dutch

    25. Nothing, however, can be more directly contrary to the real interest of those companies, considered as the sovereigns of the countries which they have conquered, than this destructive plan

    26. But if, by an order from Europe, they are prohibited from doing this, they will, notwithstanding, endeavour to establish a monopoly of the same kind secretly and indirectly, in a way that is much more destructive to the country

    27. Such exclusive companies, therefore, are nuisances in every respect; always more or less inconvenient to the countries in which they are established, and destructive to those which have the misfortune to fall under their government

    28. It was not noticeably moving, he could see the stars within its watery presence, as if a tide were cleansing away some impurities; nothing with any consciousness to appreciate its immense destructive power

    29. It seemed Torbin had really got to work on his destructive spree

    30. The cultivation of madder was, for a long time, confined by the tythe to the United Provinces, which, being presbyterian countries, and upon that account exempted from this destructive tax, enjoyed a sort of monopoly of that useful dyeing drug against the rest of Europe

    31. Absurd and destructive as such taxes are, however, they take place in many countries

    32. The bounties which are sometimes given upon the exportation of home produce and manufactures, and the drawbacks which are paid upon the re-exportation of the greater part of foreign goods, have given occasion to many frauds, and to a species of smuggling, more destructive of the public revenue than any other

    33. He was in one of his destructive phases, and everything I bought he either broke, gave away or was lost

    34. looting, fires started or anything destructive

    35. At that time, the Shenandoah was a very real threat and the most destructive Confederate naval threat to Yankee shipping on the high seas

    36. vessels from destructive raids by the CSS Shenandoah in the Pacific and Arctic Ocean regions

    37. destructive voyage of the Shenandoah was ended, and her crew was scattered to the four winds, so to speak

    38. One of Western history"s most famous and most destructive philosophers

    39. Worse than any previous world war in its destructive effect

    40. For the past six months all contact with others had been destructive

    41. He’d never been in command of a ship and had never ordered the unleashing of destructive forces

    42. He thought of his life: his carefree childhood, awkward adolescence, detached university years, his destructive relationships, which had ended one by one because of his inability to relax and enjoy himself, his devastating love of Seraphia and his arrival at Salverford

    43. though its destructive force may already be spreading

    44. Needless to say, the ants also were everywhere apparent, both the cannibal black, who takes a fiendish delight in burrowing his head into your flesh and feasting to his heart's content, and also his vegetarian but more destructive white brother, who chews up every article of clothing or equipment he can lay his jaws on

    45. By then, there was a glorious sunshine reflecting off the water—it was hard to believe that just twelve hours earlier, a roiling hurricane spewed its destructive might in this very same spot

    46. physical body by destructive consumption of booze, drugs or crummy food

    47. Destructive or undesirable habits, on the other hand, are conditioned by questionable examples that are often difficult to break because many do not conform to ―normal‖ behavioral patterns

    48. Intuitive Facet O Reflective Facet OO Destructive Facet OO Knacks for this story: Brain

    49. Aggressive behavior, contrary to violent or destructive behavior, is a natural (masculine) expression that should be encouraged, within proper limits, lest our society give way to effete young men

    50. This alone makes them more than willing to use the bomb for it suits their needs admirably being relatively small in size with abnormally large destructive powers

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    destructive evil baleful cancerous noisome deadly shattering injurious hurtful troublesome