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    1. baleful yellow eyes of a thousand feline predators all lined up just beyond the bars,

    2. under the baleful eye of my mother

    3. Archibald edged closer to the cage bars, shrinking back from the papery skin and pallid, baleful glare

    4. papery skin and pallid, baleful glare

    5. back, before turning a baleful glare on the Cardinal

    6. He rose once again and turned to find a huge baleful face snorting in front of him, well some few metres above him

    7. He curses beneath his breath, straightens his underwear and one of his eyes manages to fix us with a baleful stare

    8. As the probe moved away, Torbin was wrenched back from his focus on it by Zardino who, with a baleful look, shook his head

    9. as I left, giving me his most baleful look

    10. Its head was turned to regard him with a single, huge, spherical, and baleful eye

    11. The ‘liberals’ baleful but repetitive denunciatory charge against tax reductions, regardless of how many people benefit, is that they are “tax cuts for the rich

    12. His old friend Nelson regarded him with a baleful look

    13. Smythe regarded Frank with a baleful eye

    14. Bud regarded Frank with a baleful stare

    15. His eyes were baleful and cold

    16. Unfortunately, some of the additions were excavated with less care than others,’ she sent a baleful stare to Ishbel before continuing, ‘and we are now reaping the problems

    17. The headmaster’s baleful glare conveyed his disbelief better than words

    18. A more baleful fire glittered bluely in his eyes

    19. She crouched, watching her captor with eyes baleful as those of a basilisk

    20. How long he crouched over the baleful thing, motionless as a statue, drinking the evil aura of it into his dark soul, not even the Stygian knew

    21. The firelight gleamed redly on his steel mail, on his baleful eyes

    22. A baleful face dropped to the bowl of oats, jelly-trembling in her lap

    23. Finally, he turned and gave Jacob, the servant who was supposed to be in charge of the other servants, a baleful glare

    24. Joe gave Monty baleful glances but left him and the group alone

    25. She scanned the rockscape below and bared her teeth in baleful exaltation---there she found it, her prey

    26. My rebirth requires a death from the ranks of the Light, and as the Augury has foretold, you have come to be offered to the Dark Lord as my sacrifice, that I might again willfully herald his baleful prophesy!”

    27. That was when he noticed something he would never forget: the monstrous white head of the sea serpent bearing down on him, its baleful yellow eyes unblinking

    28. Samantha eyed Ellie for a moment with baleful eyes

    29. Yes, she was a poisonous weed; a baleful, fatal thing, not fit for great undertakings, not fit for a noble life, too foolish to depart successfully from the lines laid down for her by other people; wickedly careless; shamefully shortsighted; spoiling, ruining, everything she touched

    30. What else would they have done?” Mary gave the tub of water a baleful glance

    31. Bhuloka’s stars and planets yielded baleful amplitudes, which fattened that globe

    32. The poorest undead ghoul in Bosnia hiding inside Gabriel Princep’s body, merging with the most spoiled rotten the most powerful ghoul hiding inside in Kaiser Wilhelm’s body: creating an intense persona or overlaid charisma which everyone who comes in close contact with Hitler feels, resulting in the personality cult of Hitler as a demi-god, a superhuman personality… when it is the hidden poison of two opposite undead turds which makes his eyes shine with a baleful glare of intense power and evil

    33. reclining with Shap’s baleful glare on her

    34. He came towards me then with baleful death in his eyes

    35. One pirate screamed in an inhuman wail of anger and Captain Sally lifted her head with a baleful glare, “What is it?” She demanded

    36. Watching it disappear around the corner, he felt himself smile with relief; for the dark danger of the hill was outside and inside the phone box he realised that he was far beyond its baleful reach

    37. She indulged herself with a long, hard glare and Loofah trembled under the baleful force of her righteous indignation

    38. He shrank down even lower on the wall, looking up in near supplication at the specteress’ baleful red eyes--red eyes that were looming closer and closer

    39. This is the 'great mystery of godliness,’ and when this chief truth of living union to the Redeemer by the indwelling Spirit is obscured, the New Testament revelation is shorn of its beams, and casts over the creation but the baleful twilight of a solar eclipse

    40. More than twelve hundred years have now passed since the days of Boniface, and 'the horns,’ or civil Powers, have at length begun, according to the prediction, to 'hate the Whore’; but those baleful eyes of the Man of Sin still fascinate the nations with their soulconsuming beams

    41. hovering mists of endless forests, whose baleful damps agued their limbs, was

    42. On the contrary, the stop light shone like a baleful glowering eye, and maybe – what did Balder know? – August had felt threatened by the man on that pedestrian crossing

    43. But at least I was able to think clearly now that the baleful eyes were off me

    44. Once a dark, clumsy tapir stared at us from a gap in the bushes, and then lumbered away through the forest; once, too, the yellow, sinuous form of a great puma whisked amid the brushwood, and its green, baleful eyes glared hatred at us over its tawny shoulder

    45. Nevertheless, the effect on Mercer was baleful

    46. Her temper was too sweet for her to show any anger, but she felt that her happiness had received a bruise, and for several days merely to look at Fred made her cry a little as if he were the subject of some baleful prophecy

    47. He stared at me with a baleful look

    48. But when the occasion presented itself, there was suddenly seen to emerge from all this shadow, as from an ambuscade, a narrow and angular forehead, a baleful glance, a threatening chin, enormous hands, and a monstrous cudgel

    49. There are sudden revelations which one cannot bear, and which intoxicate like baleful wine

    50. Subsequent European history witnesses the fragmentation of that whole attitude, indeed its suppression and dispersal, under the baleful influences of rationalism and modernity from the seventeenth century onwards

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    baleful forbidding menacing minacious minatory ominous sinister threatening baneful evil destructive cancerous noisome deadly shattering