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    1. even while he tried to maintain a diffident attitude

    2. ‘What it boils down to,’ Ishbel said in an uncharacteristically diffident tone, ‘is that we’re suddenly in deep shit and have to shift everyone within the next couple of days; tomorrow if possible

    3. diffident the pupil may feel as to his own powers, he has yet within

    4. supported her, the diffident girl with low self esteem

    5. I wonder why I feel so diffident to find words to express that by which I breathe my life, is it not our love that helps me live

    6. At that time, they will live in a heavy prison, viz their spirits will be confined to a hard state of smart and moral suffering and will draw away diffident before this Generous Provider, and hence they will find no resort for themselves better than fire

    7. You will see that such a spirit becomes diffident towards its Provider, and is unable to draw near to Him

    8. He decided to make our Master Adam (cpth) His successor on earth before He got him out to this world, and before He brought his offspring out from his back, where he was in a spiritual state, then He made his getting out of that spiritual state to this bodily one be in a way by which He showed the Honour of this messenger and his great love to his Creator, besides, the Almighty gave, by the tale of this first man, lasting examples and lessons to his sons when He made him stand before his offspring as the first tutor, and He fulfilled His will in such way so as to acquaint people with the spirit's rules upon which entering into God's Presence is based and to let them know the way through which the spirit can return to the field of sacredness so that if their spirits become shy and draw off diffident, they shall be able to return if they revives their confidence and dispels shame off them

    9. 'But isn't that filial piety rather than--' I began again, still diffident but also obstinate

    10. Shiva was delighted to see that the diffident

    11. He was diffident

    12. They just looked at each other and smiled and now, on the street, with shackled hearts, a thousand memories retrieved, a reinstated love weighing on their souls they felt diffident and unsure of their path; of each other

    13. I suppose she was intrigued by my diffident indifference and nonchalantly agreed to do this favor for our Don Juan

    14. Had Avdotya Romanovna been dressed like a queen, he felt that he would not be afraid of her, but perhaps just because she was poorly dressed and that he noticed all the misery of her surroundings, his heart was filled with dread and he began to be afraid of every word he uttered, every gesture he made, which was very trying for a man who already felt diffident

    15. She liked him, however, upon the whole, much better than she had expected, and in her heart was not sorry that she could like him no more;-- not sorry to be driven by the observation of his Epicurism, his selfishness, and his conceit, to rest with complacency on the remembrance of Edward's generous temper, simple taste, and diffident feelings

    16. When she left off—and she had not laughed languidly, but with real enjoyment—I said, in my diffident way with her,—

    17. But in this general survey, you may be sure, the most material spot of me was not excused the strictest visitation; nor was it but agreed, that I had not the least reason to be diffident of passing even for a maid, on occasion; so inconsiderable a flaw had my preceding adventures created there, and so soon had the blemish of an over-stretch been repaired and worn out at any age, and in my naturally small make in that part

    18. Once again she had that diffident, shy look on her face, and once again her hand happened to brush against his fingers – this time he wasn’t so sure it was accidental

    19. Even with Honey, with whom he had an unspoken understanding of marriage when he came into his property next fall, he was diffident and silent

    20. She smoked cigarettes all afternoon on the veranda of a hotel that would still tolerate it, and we even managed to quarrel when I implied that something she had said had been “diffident,” and she took violent exception to my use of the word, until I had to remind her that I was not a record company stooge or one of her enemies in the press but just another songwriter

    21. He was a diffident though distinguished nurseryman, and feared that the audience might regard his bid as a foolish one

    22. But Sir James Chettam was no longer the diffident and acquiescent suitor: he was the anxious brother-in-law, with a devout admiration for his sister, but with a constant alarm lest she should fall under some new illusion almost as bad as marrying Casaubon

    23. "Speak out, my boy—don't be diffident

    24. Your garb and manner were restricted by rule; your air was often diffident, and altogether that of one refined by nature, but absolutely unused to society, and a good deal afraid of making herself disadvantageously conspicuous by some solecism or blunder; yet when addressed, you lifted a keen, a daring, and a glowing eye to your interlocutor’s face: there was penetration and power in each glance you gave; when plied by close questions, you found ready and round answers

    25. They might have presented it to the hangman, but one would feel a trifle diffident about giving pearls to the man who put a rope about one’s neck

    26. He was too diffident to do justice to himself; but when his natural shyness was overcome, his behaviour gave every indication of an open, affectionate heart

    27. She liked him, however, upon the whole, much better than she had expected, and in her heart was not sorry that she could like him no more;—not sorry to be driven by the observation of his Epicurism, his selfishness, and his conceit, to rest with complacency on the remembrance of Edward’s generous temper, simple taste, and diffident feelings

    28. The pale, thin face, in which, through the irreproachable beauty of the pure, regular lines and the mournful severity of some mute hidden grief, there often flitted the clear looks of early childhood, telling of trustful years and perhaps simple-hearted happiness in the recent past, the gentle but diffident, hesitating smile, all aroused such unaccountable sympathy for her that every heart was unconsciously stirred with a sweet and warm anxiety that powerfully interceded on her behalf even at a distance, and made even strangers feel akin to her

    29. However, I put it on—not without some diffident contemplation of the blank left by the middle finger and of the ink-stained edges round the vacant space

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    diffident shy timid unsure bashful backward hesitant wavering loath