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    1. There was a timid side of her that wished the planet was an interesting find of exobiological life and they could get the Heavenly Mother in here safely and rebuild Angel society while studying the microbial life on this planet

    2. these fragile colours, as timid and as bold as you were

    3. They, the timid, barking simpletons pick and snatch at blades of grass

    4. He had been too timid when they were taken in by Alan’s fantasy, he had been too timid to turn around when they learned the truth and had come crawling back home, only to become embroiled in this war in Heaven

    5. She had met him when she first investigated the person who’s body she was in, but was too timid of native customs to bed him at that time

    6. Jameson felt the first few timid drops of rain, “Well it's here now

    7. Bessamer was just laying out more swatches, when tinkling through the door came a tall grinning man followed by a timid lad, almost to the point of shyness

    8. “Into which house will you be installed, Roger?” She turned and asked of the timid lad, who was merely looking about the room with an uncertain gaze

    9. She was timid to even speak of it at first, so strong an injunction against the discussion of her personal experiences she had set for herself, but here again the twins were a balm of relief to her

    10. Again like every Arab student who had come to my house, he was terrified of my two little timid friendly dashhounds and was scared of them

    11. As a timid young man this was a hard time for me, and I

    12. forgotten in the meantime, comes again, timid at the

    13. Her typically timid features twisted in rage

    14. The merchant is commonly a bold, a country gentleman a timid undertaker

    15. She’d miss the hermit and his timid strangeness

    16. When the sands are all dry, he is gay as a lark, And will talk in contemptuous tones of the Shark, But, when the tide rises and sharks are around, His voice has a timid and tremulous sound

    17. There is no reason for us to be hesitant or timid in

    18. She was shy and timid as she took those first tentative steps toward me

    19. Finally he kissed her softly on the lips - a questioning kiss, brief and timid

    20. This time there was nothing timid about his kiss

    21. ‘Daddy,’ came her voice, timid and tentative

    22. This is what I needed, this foul smelling house of fowls, loud and frantic, scared and timid, wild beasts in a cage (if beasts were corner dwellers and chicken shits), they were family; as domesticated (or undomesticated) as my own — they were family

    23. " So with timid steps he

    24. All at once they heard a timid knock at the door and one ran to open it

    25. timid king feel secure on his throne; the translation of the Bible, on

    26. Timid and/or expedient politicians pandering to off the wall, lunatic fringe groups, whose members should have their collective heads examined, have lent legitimacy to peevish, ill-tempered designs in exchange for political party loyalty

    27. Most were too timid to bark out orders which come naturally to the handlers (and Flying Squad members)

    28. In this manner, a timid or shy individual who performs some courageous act for the right reason(s) should be commended above another individual whose similar acts of courage come naturally

    29. The more timid ones bolted for their holes, or quickly crawled beneath the litter on the forest floor, where they waited in silent anticipation

    30. For this reason, a timid individual, for example, may be more unlikely than another individual, who is more daring, to confront pressing challenges unless the underlying motives are superseded by other, more compelling reasons or competing factors connected in some manner with the

    31. 'It's--it's a very fine day!' said a timid voice at her side

    32. Timid (and successful) marijuana law reform efforts in Alaska and Oregon ended

    33. [later editions continued as follows When the sands are all dry, he is gay as a lark, And will talk in contemptuous tones of the Shark, But, when the tide rises and sharks are around, His voice has a timid and tremulous sound

    34. He was a very timid and uncharismatic man, unable to rally half the nation behind him

    35. Guatemala, trying its first timid reforms, was smeared as Communist and then its government overthrown in 1954 simply for no longer outlawing Communists

    36. The best McClellan could hope for is winning the Civil War, the Union reunited, but a longer war than under Lincoln since McClellan was more timid

    37. Both are or were nominally liberal, but the most timid, middling, and cautious form of liberalism possible

    38. And then rolling hills of auburn slowly lifting off the ground as if the very hand of God had touched and pinched the lands, his hand print faintly echoed in the timid, graceful slopes

    39. “You can’t understand anything I’m saying, can you?”, said the man constantly smiling, bowing lightly before accepting the berries in a seemingly timid way

    40. A timid driver in a fast car could almost always be beaten by an experienced driver in a slower car

    41. that hooked Junya up with Khevasiah, because Junya was too fucking timid to go

    42. was timid and an expression that was vacant

    43. The timid woman had stepped out onto the porch, revealing the long dagger

    44. his body seemed to grow in stature, his timid depression now replaced by

    45. The lines behind slowed to a stop, timid

    46. She was roused from her unpleasant reverie by a timid little touch on her shoulder

    47. Life is precious, and the courage to die, still timid around

    48. She always appeared timid, yet when it came down to fight or flight she stood with the best of them

    49. Neither a roaring lion, nor a timid lamb

    50. Verse 31, this is the verse for the timid Christian!

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    cautious timid faint faint-hearted fainthearted diffident shy unsure irresolute indecisive vacillating capricious unstable irresponsible cowardly bashful coy blushing retiring shrinking dastardly withdrawn modest humble reticent