diversion sätze

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Diversion sätze (in englisch)

  1. It was clearly a diversion.
  2. It could also be a diversion.
  3. What we need is a diversion.
  4. It could be just a diversion.
  5. We could create a diversion.

  6. This whole thing is a diversion.
  7. He could think of no diversion.
  8. I had hoped for the diversion.
  9. A third peal created a diversion.
  10. She provided a wonderful diversion.
  11. Criminal diversion? I think that yes.
  12. A diversion had been calculated into.
  13. The dufus made a spectacular diversion.
  14. What she had just seen was a diversion.
  15. I repeated this diversion for eight days.

  16. Anyway, Ah Chel was a cheerful diversion.
  17. Positive diversion can be truly relaxing.
  18. Prior to diversion, the waves would have.
  19. Diversion and distraction characterize fads.
  20. Jean Valjean's wound had created a diversion.
  21. It was just a diversion from the real stuff.
  22. Only this was no diversion but a grim business.
  23. It was brief and definitely a diversion for her.
  24. He didn’t want to use her as a damn diversion.
  25. He'd got Uncle Philip's men to create a diversion.

  26. Network cartoon news is simply an absurd diversion.
  27. They had actually succeeded in creating a diversion.
  28. If he meant to create a diversion, it hadn’t worked.
  29. I suspected it was a diversion to occupy the soldiers.
  30. I went out in search of diversion, I hit upon a funeral.
  31. Hard work would provide me with a diversion from self-.
  32. They said the explosion was a diversion to cover a theft.
  33. In the morning, the doctor's visit was the first diversion.
  34. There’s enough to provide quite the diversion if needed.
  35. We need the diversion and our androids will need direction.
  36. She was sure she’d been a nice diversion, but he’d only.
  37. We need a diversion so that we can get back through the portal.
  38. Joseph entered with two cards, and thereby effected a diversion.
  39. A bomb went off, a diversion, and the madman made it to his car.
  40. I was sent to Earlham to attack the bank there as a diversion.
  41. That would be more of a diversion than I’d need, too hazardous.
  42. He turned on the car radio, looking for a diversion from his mood.
  43. He had been played! Flint had been nothing more than a diversion.
  44. I was caught, went through diversion and paid back everything that.
  45. Sunday's diversion was all the satisfaction he could expect, however.
  46. Diversion from illness save man from the negative energy of disease.
  47. Meanwhile, as the diversion was happening, Sergeant Frank Brody had.
  48. Diversion project to divert water from British Columbia to California.
  49. The food around me would certainly be a good diversion from my scent.
  50. My walk home was lengthened by a diversion in the direction of the kirk.
  51. Grigory caught him once at this diversion and gave him a sound beating.
  52. They've planned a diversion: they pet the baby, laugh to make it laugh.
  53. After all, I could have tossed the diversion pinecone earlier than I had.
  54. Gervais swallows audibly, clearly ignoring the little diversion behind him.
  55. At the moment, a mere hurricane would have been a welcome diversion, however.
  56. As a diversion, try this thought experiment out for the other dimensions too.
  57. Each Temple tells you he’s at another Temple, but it’s just a diversion.
  58. What kind of diversion would successfully lead the Committee off our trail?
  59. That was clever using a rescue mission as a diversion to cover your return.
  60. Our means of creating a diversion were severely limited anyway I looked at it.
  61. Saul heard the sound of helicopters approaching from the diversion at the school.
  62. THE COMET DIVERSION MISSION continued unabated until the comet was too close to.
  63. Panin said almost in a panicky voice, What kind of a diversion can you create.
  64. A slate is given them, also a slate-pencil, so that they may write for diversion.
  65. Robi makes a diversion; he knows the area very well, and will try to intercept it.
  66. They became friends immediately and shared many moments of free time and diversion.
  67. This diversion would get the adrenalin flowing again and put criminals behind bars.
  68. Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy—A projection and diversion used by the Vast Left-Wing.
  69. That was a nice diversion, Rip, she said as she quickly slipped out of his arms.
  70. Getting out to see stand-up comics could be a good diversion and give you a few laughs.
  71. Certainly, his leaving provided a much-needed distraction for them if not a diversion.
  72. You have that weather machine, your people can use this as a diversion and off you go.
  73. No, Charles said, anything besides the pounding in my head is a welcome diversion.
  74. Next, as a diversion, we set off two car alarms on the other side of the attendants’.
  75. Those Jesuit confessionals are really my most delightful diversion at melancholy moments.
  76. The diversion of fresh water was not the only crisis straining relations between the two.
  77. The devotion of Mair, which had been a pleasant romantic diversion, now became irritating.
  78. And, withal, a life of privation, isolation, abnegation, chastity, with never a diversion.
  79. Hal Schaeffer was a kind and understanding man, but he’d just been a temporary diversion.
  80. It was best that we waited for the diversion to begin and I said as much to those around me.
  81. It was a diversion for them that distracted them all from the problems of their new beginning.
  82. And in a way, they’re a welcome diversion; this room is in most other aspects an anxious void.
  83. It could have been an elaborate, and rather clever, diversion, getting the birth certificate.
  84. It was his private place of calm and tranquillity and a diversion in an otherwise busy schedule.
  85. Thane, who took advantage of the diversion to seize Harold’s sword from its resting place near.
  86. It is an intellectual diversion which has certain artistic qualities and many scientific elements.
  87. A sign, in short, of some outbreak which is prodigious and near unless some diversion shall arise.
  88. But what of her sister's question? I think it's a bit of diversion while we were working together.
  89. Their diversion to the Kuiper Belt was barely detectable with astronomical instruments at this point.
  90. If this diversion is on mission then I need to know your latest Intel, and you need to make a report.
  91. Mac said he had been able to create a diversion that allowed Jessica and Caleb to escape on horseback.
  92. Bael interrupted, "The plan is to create a diversion for the Jedi, but the mission is in jeopardy now!".
  93. She might almost favour capture driving the Melbourne route than sit through this long diversion to come.
  94. Greg and Avi’s public appearances were seen as a diversion to obscure the rest of the family’s flight.
  95. The entire diversion, save the brief conversations with the locals, took as little time as window shopping.
  96. A great loss will face that who spends his life for fun and diversion or for possessing its vanities things.
  97. I asked Magnus to take this short diversion, but we have to head north to meet our master craft, so hang on.
  98. The Hillsams and Stucks looked surprised, and I realized—of course—this was only a macho diversion for them.
  99. She was looking forward to that as she enjoyed the Kentucky trips as pleasant diversion from her usual mad pace.
  100. I ID’d myself to the young officer at the door, who was probably happy for the diversion at this time of night.

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