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    1. But what of her sister's question? "I think it's a bit of diversion while we were working together

    2. Their diversion to the Kuiper Belt was barely detectable with astronomical instruments at this point

    3. He had left his space as is, the snowflakes were coming up from below at one percent gravity, Sol was a bright white point at their feet, their diversion just starting to be visible

    4. That had only been a diversion, but it had been a fun time in her life and the Herndon personification and the culture of Kassidor Yakhan had gotten Thom out of his stuffiness for a good many years

    5. we just were hoping for an evening's diversion, so to speak

    6. He also wondered if Kulai did? If they found no friend of Kemberra who knew Tdeshi, Kemberra is initiating a diversion from personal guilt associated with knowing Tdeshi

    7. Since the public believed more than half the helmets were secret, this invited every crack pot in the Highlands to create a diversion for her, a diversion they nurtured with their ‘testing’ program

    8. The entire diversion, save the brief conversations with the locals, took as little time as window shopping

    9. It is the call of nature, which requires to be relieved by some indulgence, sometimes of ease only, but sometimes too of dissipation and diversion

    10. ” he didn't get to finish the explanation as his superior changed targets and smacked him for interrupting his diversion

    11. At first these evenings had proved a pleasant diversion, then a routine, and finally an ordeal that he nevertheless attempted to endure in the best humour

    12. at the same time to cause a diversion; he

    13. Each Temple tells you he’s at another Temple, but it’s just a diversion

    14. “I asked Magnus to take this short diversion, but we have to head north to meet our master craft, so hang on

    15. I want you to, as I said before, create a diversion at the Bat Mitzvah, then I want you to rip open the lining of the scroll covers and take out the papers that have been secreted in them

    16. He didn’t know what was going to happen, he couldn’t predict the actions of anyone once the diversion started as part one of the plan, so like the rest of the congregation, he listened, he watched and he waited until something, instinct, whatever told him the time was right

    17. Plan A had concerned a diversion and the theft of the Scrolls as there was no doubt in Ray’s mind that the Scrolls contained Bonds, but everything seemed to have worked out anyhow

    18. Certainly, his leaving provided a much-needed distraction for them if not a diversion

    19. “So we’re talking about three squads here—one to create the diversion, another to rescue the young ones, and a final one to board the ship and find the last two hostages

    20. As a diversion the demonstration was a success; but the attack was a failure as a flank movement against Santiago

    21. It‘s a necessary diversion that draws our attention away from the stressful anxieties associated with our everyday lives

    22. She was looking forward to that as she enjoyed the Kentucky trips as pleasant diversion from her usual mad pace

    23. Access to the area was limited to four-wheel drive vehicles: only they were able to navigate the diversion down the banks, crossing rivers axle-deep in water

    24. That would be more of a diversion than I’d need, too hazardous

    25. Indeed, what you and your master held in such high esteem as artifacts of a long lost civilization are nothing more than the detritus of a certain kind of people in the developed universe that are filled with ennui, and find such games on shellworlds a welcome diversion

    26. Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy—A projection and diversion used by the Vast Left-Wing

    27. Anyway, Ah Chel was a cheerful diversion

    28. They said the explosion was a diversion to cover a theft

    29. over the beasts that are on the Earth? That take their diversion with the birds of the air; That hoard up silver and gold, in which men

    30. Who has found out her place? And who has gone in to her treasures? Where are the princes of the nations and they who rule over the beasts that are on the Earth that take their diversion with the birds of the air? That hoard up silver and gold in which men trust and there is no end of their getting? who work in silver and are solicitous and their works are unsearchable

    31. can begin a diversion by lobbing some grenades into the

    32. I figure we have four things to do; set up a secure point they can head for, create a diversion when the time is right, lay down covering fire as necessary, and lead them back here to the LZ which is faster than they can find this place by themselves

    33. And, of course, diversion of tactical aircraft enroute to lesser targets in the immediate target area would provide air support even faster

    34. A diversion had been calculated into

    35. After all, I could have tossed the diversion pinecone earlier than I had

    36. `Gianni chose to create a diversion, so the bus would stop and they could confront Nathani

    37. His diversion would keep the Tanarian garrisons busy and distracted until Army Group East could establish command of the region, whilst they had a different mission

    38. We need to test in order to have any hope of success, but a conservative philosophy demands we transmit only enough for our purposes, and never for sport or diversion

    39. If this diversion is on mission then I need to know your latest Intel, and you need to make a report

    40. As a diversion, try this thought experiment out for the other dimensions too

    41. She provided a wonderful diversion

    42. stick-in-the-mud life that Rochelle was the best diversion since he

    43. nearly any diversion that presented itself

    44. They became friends immediately and shared many moments of free time and diversion

    45. will give enough diversion at the gate to keep the guards

    46. electricity at the same time that Curly implements his diversion?”

    47. it is the cops, I will ask for the nearest motel as a diversion and

    48. After my evening porridge, for lack of other diversion, I surveyed with sinking heart the castle’s kitsch decorative excesses

    49. She was sure she’d been a nice diversion, but he’d only

    50. It was a diversion for them that distracted them all from the problems of their new beginning

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