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    1. She drove on through the downpour in the direction of her son's house, Travis McGinty

    2. It was a relief from the large slashing pellets of the earlier downpour

    3. “It seems on their way home, they were caught in a heavy downpour

    4. Later that week there was a heavy downpour

    5. “What, Helen? Maybe he can tell me that it is impossible for a grown man to vanish leaving behind a downpour of water?! Helen I know what I saw, and I know it sounds crazy, but one minute I was staring at William only six feet away from me…”

    6. He was less than five feet from William, debating whether to shoot or offer assistance, when a downpour of water met his feet and splashed up onto his legs

    7. It was early evening just prior to opening time and the streets were wet from an afternoon downpour

    8. Yet, through broiling sunshine and a thunderous downpour, Beth had sat perched uncomfortably and growing continually more dejected

    9. Rammes Cain stood staring through the window pane at the downpour

    10. I suspect if there had been a torrential downpour, I still would have thought it was bright and beautiful

    11. At first it was a drizzle, then a steady rain, then a downpour, then back gradually to a drizzle where it remained for most of the day with only an occasional break

    12. and to his alarm he could see the tiny patters of water outside turn into a torrential downpour

    13. I was defeated, and as Levi and I looked at one another, meters apart physically, but so distant to one another emotionally, it seemed poignant, but perfect that the clouds parted at a roar of thunder, and a downpour washed out everything in sight

    14. downpour abated, the air was almost as clean as it had been three

    15. Within minutes, they were driving through a downpour with windshield wipers swishing at their highest speed

    16. blended with the noise of the downpour outside

    17. A cool and gusty breeze smelling of wet dust hinted at the downpour to come

    18. scouring erosion gullies in the ashes as the downpour increased

    19. gurglingly through a more welcome sound, the splattering hiss of the heavy downpour

    20. But the tempo quickly picked up to a downpour that

    21. since her kisses were mixed with the downpour that blinded me if I

    22. fanning out in strange patterns that the downpour was grating

    23. Shaking her head, she bolted up the stairs and out of the church into a downpour

    24. The torrential downpour glanced off the sphere of Syn’s carmine fire like brittle teeth off a turtle shell

    25. her eyes against the downpour and shivered, her teeth clattering

    26. It could be expected that the downpour of the monsoons would have embedded some of the male and female plunams of all dispensations in the soil

    27. Pink opened the car door, got out and covered her brown wavy hair with her coat to protect herself from the downpour

    28. Sam‘s senses went on autopilot as the downpour softened the ground enough for him to burrow close to his head—what he thought should be his head

    29. Sitting next to the deadfall, his screams silenced by the downpour, Sam pulled at the deadly instrument

    30. Sheila arrived at Hartsfield Airport in a thunderous downpour

    31. We enjoyed the spicy odors of the forest, could also smell the imminent downpour

    32. But on waking on the Saturday morning, the weather had changed dramatically, bringing with it dark heavy clouds which threatened a downpour of rain at any moment

    33. Under the cover of a torrential downpour the following afternoon, the massed force of the

    34. column of humans and machines advanced across the still smoldering remains of the forest which was being doused by the downpour

    35. ‘Though it was a quite sunny afternoon, when Third was killed, at around dinner time, just a few hours before he was murdered, we had a sudden and quite violent downpour

    36. ‘Though we had a strong downpour earlier that day, it all cleared up in the early afternoon, as I recall,’ said Lady Anne

    37. Brown announced his decision a torrential downpour spread over the whole banana region

    38. Martial law continued with an eye to the necessity of taking emergency measures for the public disaster of the endless downpour, but the troops were confined to quarters

    39. there was a downpour

    40. Rain then started to fall, a few drops at first but quickly turning into a downpour

    41. He hung up then watched as the detective together with a colleague left the car and scampered through a downpour to the house where they were greeted by Yvonne Barns who ushered them inside and closed the door

    42. The pressure in the air feels like it could downpour at any second

    43. The last thing they cared about was some fool leaning against a tree in a downpour

    44. This kind of mechanism could be implemented considering the levels of downpour at different times of the year so that the balance is maintained

    45. Kevin stepped out of his car and into the cold downpour

    46. There was the time I was going 65 on a highway in a torrential downpour when my truck spun out of control

    47. It never really occurred to me until later to question why there was static electricity in the middle of a downpour

    48. And new leaks are springing up with each downpour

    49. The downpour had moderately slowed, enabling her to see to the other side of the

    50. had turned into an intense, blustery downpour, and they came upon a section of

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    cloudburst deluge downpour pelter soaker torrent waterspout drencher cataclysm catastrophe inundation overflow