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Drear in einem Satz (in englisch)

stood seemed empty and drear, as if a dream had passed.
Now his mouth moved, aged and drear, but sharp, under the held binoculars.
Gleams of sun were striking through the hurrying clouds, and the forest now looked less grey and drear.
So we snapped ourselves in weather-proofs, lugged a hamper of sandwiches and red wine, and plunged into the forest on a drear Sunday.
A wind that had sprung up in the night was blowing now keenly from the North, and it was rising; but the lands about looked grey and drear.
Dorothea sat down on the seat nearest to her, a long low ottoman in the middle of the room, and with her hands folded over each other on her lap, looked at the drear outer world.
The aircar rocketed them at speeds in excess of R17 through the steel tunnels that lead out onto the appalling surface of theplanet which was now in the grip of yet another drear morning twilight.

drear light of Mordor faded slowly into a deep and starless night; and Sam spoke into Frodo's ear all that he could find words for of Gollum's treacherous attack, the horror of Shelob, and his own adventures with the orcs.
He who is taken out to pass through a fair scene to the scaffold, thinks not of the flowers that smile on his road, but of the block and axe-edge; of the disseverment of bone and vein; of the grave gaping at the end: and I thought of drear flight and homeless wandering—and oh! with agony I thought of what I left.
It was Sunday noon and the fog touching at the hotel windows when the mist did not and rain rinsing the fog and then leaving off to let the mist return and coffee after lunch was prolonging itself into tea with the promise of high tea ahead and beyond that the Buttery pub opening belowstairs, or the Second Coming and the only sound was porcelain cups against porcelain teeth and the whisper of silk or the creak of shoes until at last a swinging door leading from the small library-writing room squealed softly open and an old man, holding on to the air should he fall, shuffled out, stopped, looked around at everyone, slowly, and said in a calm drear voice:.

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blue dark dingy disconsolate dismal drab drear dreary gloomy grim sorry