grim sätze

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Grim sätze (in englisch)

In a grim voice he.
In the grim aura that.
News from home was grim.
She had a grim look on.
He nodded, his face grim.
His face was grim and set.
Most of it was pretty grim.

He hung on for grim death.
His grim expression lit up.
A frightened boy, and grim.
His face was grim with fury.
The maid appeared a bit grim.
He sounded grim, and scared.
Then his grim humor returned.
And very grim it was to hear.
Put like that, life was grim.
His face looked grim and sad.
His face was grim, determined.
But however grim they, might.
Displeased with his own grim.
Sebastian nodded, his face grim.
He fixed her with a grim stare.
His mouth was set in a grim line.
Things were looking pretty grim.
He felt a certain grim amusement.
Her mouth was set in a grim line.
Grim memories pushed their way.
It was a grim and shaken assembly.
For once his expression was grim.
The Levis came to him, faces grim.
The doctors paint a grim outlook.
Now a kind of grim fury held sway.
He looked grim and shook his head.
I don’t know, Grim answered.
The future was grim, and he knew it.
The last stop on the line is Grim.
Grim faced, he moved down the aisle.
A grim look tightened Rave’s face.
When he entered, his face was grim.
But to his grim fate, no emotional.

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