drunkard sätze

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Drunkard sätze (in englisch)

  1. HEY! the drunkard screamed at me.
  2. The drunkard had been helped to his feet.
  3. And that awful drunkard of a wife of his.
  4. They all drink, but they taboo a drunkard.
  5. The well begs for the lips of the drunkard.
  6. He was like a drunkard after chunking out time.
  7. The drunkard shall have plenty of his cups when.
  8. The gravedigger is a drunkard, and a friend of mine.
  9. My mother believes Sebastian is a confirmed drunkard.
  10. A jovial drunkard met him with a smile on his red lips.
  11. The only thing in his favor was that he was a drunkard.
  12. As soon as I finished my statement the homeless drunkard.
  13. Well, well, the drunkard said, Look what the cat.
  14. The homeless drunkard suddenly dropped onto his knees and.
  15. Instinctively, Greg’s posture took on that of a drunkard.
  16. Corey was a drunkard cat who was trying to protect his best.
  17. And the old drunkard staggering home from the outhouse of the.
  18. The drunkard shall have plenty of his cups when scalding lead.
  19. And the third one’s father was a drunkard, which is even worse.
  20. When Karl was young, his drunkard father beat him and his mother.
  21. The drunkard shal have plenty of his cups when scalding lead shal.
  22. I started visiting in towns and cities along with my drunkard friends.
  23. Did you see him?—He’s a drunkard, but still he is to be pitied.
  24. Yes; but you see that was a drunkard, and you are a man, and so am I.
  25. Then he wandered out into the street like some poor drunkard on a binge.
  26. The husband goes to war, and the wife has this brother that's a drunkard.
  27. He had just remained there – the good for nothing drunkard that he was.
  28. When a drunkard approaches the branch of a bank for opening an account, the.
  29. But the drunkard looked into the eyes of Lazarus—and his joy ended forever.
  30. What had Brendan said? The man was a drunkard, but out of the mouths of babes.
  31. What drunkard? Anybody woulda needed a drink after everything he had gone through.
  32. A drunkard had stabbed another man violently with a dagger, killing him instantly.
  33. There is a world of difference, you know, between a man who drinks and a drunkard.
  34. Morel's emotion turned into sudden hate of the drunkard who had come in thus upon her.
  35. Madame Button extended both of her hands for the drunkard to kiss, her face clothed in.
  36. I rejoined with my old drunkard friends in the same place in wine shops and their houses.
  37. He left us alone so he could find this drunkard, the freckled boy said, sneering at Alec.
  38. I may be a drunkard, an evil-doer, a thief, but at least I can say one thing for myself.
  39. The man was an intermittent drunkard, and when he had the fit on him he was a perfect fiend.
  40. Only, she's not doing so hot, because her brother's a drunkard and he spends all their dough.
  41. They—that is, Vronsky— had a trainer, an Englishman, first-rate in his own line, but a drunkard.
  42. This man was not a drunkard, neither was he one of those semi-mythical persons who are too lazy to work.
  43. The room was full of tobacco smoke, and the bottle was empty; he looked savagely at the sleeping drunkard.
  44. Yes, he’s boasting like a drunkard, added Nastasia, as though with the sole intention of goading him.
  45. Coming from a broken home where his father who was a drunkard and a racist and a bigot and beat him every night.
  46. A drunkard, his bedraggled beard revealed his bedraggled physical deformity and physical venality and weaknesses.
  47. And with his tall, skeletal frame, Rufus staggered around like a drunkard, though Forgo was sure he in fact was not.
  48. Father is a drunkard and a thief; I am a beggar, and the husband of my sister is a usurer, continued Gania, bitterly.
  49. He just stormed out, smashing the door and kicking over the water bottles, equivalent to what a drunkard would do in a rage.
  50. But the main reason lies in the one fact which is notorious to everyone, and that is that Sir Eustace was a confirmed drunkard.
  51. But the main reason lies in the one fact, which is notorious to everyone, and that is that Sir Eustace was a confirmed drunkard.
  52. Besides I don't understand about that drunkard who died and that daughter, and how he could have given the daughter all the money.
  53. Her boots did not kick at the sand the way Ingrid's had on the day previous: They trudged through it, like the footsteps of a drunkard.
  54. I was drinking wine with my drunkard friends in one of the wine shops; one of my drunkard friends informed us about the Board exam result.
  55. Since in what way is a solitary eater, and a glutton, and a drunkard reclaimed, unless it be clear that reasoning is Lord of the passions?
  56. He had reached that state of drunkenness when the drunkard who has till then been inoffensive tries to pick a quarrel and to assert himself.
  57. Her father, a homeless, sickly drunkard, called Ilya, had lost everything and lived many years as a workman with some well-to-do tradespeople.
  58. Besides I don’t understand about that drunkard who died and that daughter, and how he could have given the daughter all the money … which.
  59. The drunkard shall have plenty of his cups when scalding lead shall be poured down his throat, and his breath draw flames of fire instead of air.
  60. In a traktir [cheap restaurant] he met another like himself, who had lost his place before the prisoner had, a locksmith by trade and a drunkard.
  61. Besides Calvinism's corrosive influence, there were men like William Graham Sumner, who proclaimed, A drunkard in the gutter is where he ought to be.
  62. And though Nikolay is not a drunkard, he drinks, and I knew he had a job in that house, painting work with Dmitri, who comes from the same village, too.
  63. He looked quite at peace with his head propped slightly against the side of the tub almost as if he were a drunkard passed out after a long bout with the bottle.
  64. The higher authorities knew he was a drunkard, but he was more educated than the rest, though his education had stopped at the spot where drunkenness had got hold of him.
  65. Only a fool or drunkard would fail to make such a distinction, and judging by the amount of transactions occurring, Brice realized there was no shortage of them in this town.
  66. In other words, with probability p the drunkard makes his next step in the same direction as the last one, and with probability 1 − p he makes a move in the opposite direction.
  67. Even that drunkard, Lebyadkin, was probably bound to keep an eye on you, and you on him, too, I dare say? You'd better tell me, has Verhovensky accepted your arguments now, or not?
  68. You had better dismiss your man: he is a drunkard and probably gives you a great deal of trouble; you had better engage Yevstafy, who used to be in service here, and is not out of a place.
  69. Her boots, Scott noticed from where he lay catching his breath, did not kick at the sand the way Ingrid's had on the day previous: They trudged through it, like the footsteps of a drunkard.
  70. By the light of the corridor-lamp I saw my sister appear at the opening, her face blanched with terror, her hands groping for help, her whole figure swaying to and fro like that of a drunkard.
  71. Maybe, you just can’t stop thinking of Jericho, Bea, in full swing, teased her, not having in mind that it was better to throw a joke on a drunkard person than on someone who had just woken up.
  72. Though he had the highly dazed look of a stupefied drunkard, he maintained his balance perfectly and smelled perfectly normal with no indication of any inebriating beverages on his clothes or elsewhere.
  73. Velchaninoff was not sure whether his face was simply twitching, or whether he was trying to grin in his usual disagreeable way; but the next moment the drunkard raised his shaking hand to cross himself.
  74. The Guardians sipped their pints much more slowly and this was only their second, despite the fact that the average full-grown immortal male could drink the most experienced mortal drunkard under the table.
  75. All suddenly presents itself to the memory; and the drunkard who has known nothing of what has been taking place during the last twenty-four hours, has no sooner opened his eyes than he is perfectly informed.
  76. He felt that though he had but applied to this miserable old drunkard because he saw no other way of getting to Nastasia Philipovna’s, yet he had been very wrong to put the slightest confidence in such a man.
  77. A drug-intoxicated mind still exerts a gravitational pull on the drunkard but in God-intoxicated state mind becomes the wings of the aspirant and it helps and guides him into the ever widening spiritual horizons.
  78. These four legends express the four stages descended by the drunkard; the first, intoxication, which enlivens; the second, that which irritates; the third, that which dulls; and the fourth, that which brutalizes.
  79. Scott looked down at Ingrid, whose face was registering a high amount of amusement, not at the antics of the drunkard, but at his own foolishness for swimming into waters far too deep for his verbal skills to tread.
  80. Thus a gambler or a drunkard, who has not withstood temptation and has succumbed to his passion, remains none the less free to recognize his gambling or his intoxication either as an evil or as an indifferent amusement.
  81. Again she left the bakery with tears in her eyes and made her way home with uneven steps, swaying like a drunkard because she had been overcome by the terrible hunger that had overwhelmed her and made her seem powerless.
  82. Every worthless drunkard and fool in the 13 colonies at that time was convinced by greedy racists and hate-mongers such as Samuel Adams that these Indians had no right to the land they had lived on for thousands of years.
  83. Anyway, it ends up with Alec and the homey babe getting married, and the brother that's a drunkard gets his nerves back and operates on Alec's mother so she can see again, and then the drunken brother and old Marcia go for each other.
  84. He established and created an alguacil of the poor, not to harass them, but to examine them and see whether they really were so; for many a sturdy thief or drunkard goes about under cover of a make-believe crippled limb or a sham sore.
  85. It can humble you a little, or at least make you realize that in your own heart there is a killer, a drunkard, or a psychopath, no matter how pious and privileged you think you are; and they’re not that far beneath the surface, either.
  86. The tender mother cannot _lawfully_ snatch from the gripe of the gambling spendthrift, or beastly drunkard, unmindful of his offspring, the fortune which falls to her by chance; or (so flagrant is the injustice) what she earns by her own.
  87. It was during this term that I began to realize that Sebastian was a drunkard in quite a different sense to myself I got drunk often, but through an excess of high spirits, in the love of the moment, and the wish to prolong and enhance it; Sebastian drank to escape.
  88. They tend to just follow the orders of whatever seemingly intelligent being is at the helm of the main ship and not ask too many questions, no matter how ridiculous or perilous they may be, or how clearly they are being influenced by his gambling drunkard of a co-pilot.
  89. They took part in processions, defied the law, and bore the lathi (police sticks & batons) without raising a little finger, without swearing at the police, and used their power of persuasion to win the drunkard from drink and the sellers and purchasers of foreign cloth from it.
  90. He had two daughters, and as he was an awful bully, a drunkard, a domestic tyrant, and in addition to that an invalid, he took it into his head one day to marry one of his daughters to Pseldonimov: "I knew his father," he would say, "he was a good fellow and his son will be a good fellow.
  91. Your present servant is not only a drunkard, but, what’s more, he’s a thief, for only last week he sold a pound of sugar to Karolina Ivanovna at less than cost price, which, in my opinion, he could not have done otherwise than by robing you in a very sly way, little by little, at different times.
  92. Chariots whirled by; the crowd of strong, beautiful, haughty men passed on, builders of the Eternal City and proud partakers of its life; songs rang out; fountains laughed; pearly laughter of women filled the air, while the drunkard philosophised and the sober ones smilingly listened; horseshoes rattled on the pavement.
  93. I do not suppose that, when a drunkard reasons with himself upon his vice, he is once out of five hundred times affected by the dangers that he runs through his brutish, physical insensibility; neither had I, long as I had considered my position, made enough allowance for the complete moral insensibility and insensate readiness to evil, which were the leading characters of Edward Hyde.
  94. But when are you free? Only think what you are giving up here? What is it you are making a slave of? It is your soul, together with your body; you are selling your soul which you have no right to dispose of! You give your love to be outraged by every drunkard! Love! But that's everything, you know, it's a priceless diamond, it's a maiden's treasure, love--why, a man would be ready to give his soul, to face death to gain that love.
  95. But when are you free? Only think what you are giving up here? What is it you are making a slave of? It is your soul, together with your body; you are selling your soul which you have no right to dispose of! You give your love to be outraged by every drunkard! Love! But that's everything, you know, it's a priceless diamond, it's a maiden's treasure, love—why, a man would be ready to give his soul, to face death to gain that love.
  96. They came from dead filthy evil stinking sinking dying undead shit rotten turds that need to be exterminated and killed dead so they will never ever again poison a living boy and man to betray the most powerful forces for good in the world and become the traitorous lecher and drunkard that he Winston Churchill actually became; an incompetent, bumbling, sodden alcoholic bum completely controlled and manipulated by his own undead ancestors.
  97. What could I experience in my intercourse with these people but shame? The weakest of them, a drunkard, an inhabitant of Rzhanoff's house, he whom they call the sluggard, is a hundred times more laborious than I; his balance, so to say,—in other words the relation between what he takes from men and what he gives to them,—is a thousand times more to his credit than mine when I count what I receive from others and what I give them in return.
  98. You may have known your neighbor yesterday for a thief, a drunkard, or a sensualist, and merely pitied or despised him, and despaired of the world; but the sun shines bright and warm this first spring morning, recreating the world, and you meet him at some serene work, and see how it is exhausted and debauched veins expand with still joy and bless the new day, feel the spring influence with the innocence of infancy, and all his faults are forgotten.
  99. And while all this was going on, that drunken sot whom Amin had just disciplined, arrived on the scene… where he flared up and shouted at the gang in the loudest voice possible (keep in mind, reader, that he was quite drunk!): You dogs…! What are you doing? You fools…! And he heaped abuse upon them – because of his drunken state – so the band of criminals thought that the drunkard was, in fact, their opponent, the noble officer, so they left the door and jumped upon him.
  100. Tolstoy will certainly treat that side of his reputation with the severity it deserves; and you will find that the English press will instantly announce that Tolstoy considers his own works greater than Shakespeare's (which in some respects they most certainly are, by the way), and that he has attempted to stigmatize our greatest poet as a liar, a thief, a forger, a murderer, an incendiary, a drunkard, a libertine, a fool, a madman, a coward, a vagabond, and even a man of questionable gentility.

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