sot sätze

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Sot sätze (in englisch)

  1. Absent-minded old sot.
  2. Shaky on his pins, poor old sot.
  3. Old Sot! says John Littlehat.
  4. Even a sot like I could realize that.
  5. Since we entered 3 and 3 is not equal to 1 sot it moved.

  6. You don't already think I'm a cold sot with an empty head.
  7. Just because you are on leave doesn’t mean you can act like a sot and go showing decent people up.
  8. The old sot had gone spluttering on, noticing nothing, till the moment when something very strange happened to Alyosha.
  9. He spent his entire life doing nothing but enjoying effete music and drinking wine, and living his entire life as an inebriated drunken sot.
  10. That boat, she’s the Twin Sisters, and she belongs to my brother-in-law, Jabez Hooper, and he’s sot in his ways, like the old monument over there.
  11. A drink was proffered seemingly without payment, and this black fisherman (for what other occupation could such a man have?) gulped it down with the unquenchable thirst of a seasoned sot.
  12. And while all this was going on, that drunken sot whom Amin had just disciplined, arrived on the scene… where he flared up and shouted at the gang in the loudest voice possible (keep in mind, reader, that he was quite drunk!): You dogs…! What are you doing? You fools…! And he heaped abuse upon them – because of his drunken state – so the band of criminals thought that the drunkard was, in fact, their opponent, the noble officer, so they left the door and jumped upon him.

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