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Einstein sätze (in englisch)

  1. Einstein is supposed to have.
  2. This is what made Einstein say:.
  3. Albert Einstein had in their time.
  4. Einstein was fascinated by this.
  5. Thay said that Einstein was crazy.

  6. Einstein came up with some bad news.
  7. Einstein theorized that matter or.
  8. Einstein did what he was told but.
  9. That is why Einstein concluded his.
  10. A big hand, please, for Mr Einstein.
  11. Einstein realised that had Einstein.
  12. Harpo Einstein says nothing about you.
  13. Einstein scoffed at the idea at first.
  14. Your scientist Einstein said that all.
  15. He went by the name of Albert Einstein.

  16. Everything, as Einstein said, is relative.
  17. The Universe Einstein referred to is the.
  18. Maybe he just wanted to look like Einstein.
  19. Einstein, all looking for the progress fix.
  20. What a load of rubbish did Einstein dump.
  21. At that time Einstein was still in Germany.
  22. Einstein would have scratched his head about.
  24. Albert Einstein followed the first approach.
  25. Einstein once noticed: That means nothing.

  26. As in the case of Newton, Einstein as an ego.
  27. Let’s say that Einstein stood on Newton’s.
  28. He sent his paper to none other than Einstein.
  29. Einstein scoffed at the idea at first but later.
  30. You may not be another Einstein, there is only so.
  31. Einstein was looking for the moment the mass will.
  32. Many said Einstein was a fool when he invented the.
  33. So, Einstein, is this thing prehistoric too?
  34. When Hubble related his theory to Einstein, Einstein.
  35. Interestingly, Einstein came up with mathematics that.
  36. If Einstein was unable to recognise the most basic of.
  37. Maybe there’s still something to our beloved Einstein?
  38. Einstein felt when he was first shown a magnet as a child.
  39. No, Einstein, she said That’s an actual cuckoo.
  40. I mean even Einstein had a soft spot for the opposite sex.
  41. Einstein developed the idea that all matter is the sum of.
  42. Einstein proved everything is relative to everything else.
  43. Einstein in turn asked her as to how much she would pay him.
  44. But on the death of Einstein, things drastically changed for.
  45. Einstein officer said, interrupting their private little chat.
  46. There is little point in allowing Einstein his life and his.
  47. He showed that not only were waves particles as Einstein had.
  48. Einstein did, in fact, originally favour the term "invariance".
  49. I discovered much later that this also bothered Einstein, who.
  50. Einstein, and now me, the Lamb and Lion of the Tribe of Juda, a.
  51. Albert Einstein was told that he would never amount to anything.
  52. As Einstein said, ‘You can’t solve a problem with the same.
  53. Why? Because Einstein mistakenly used them almost a century ago.
  54. Einstein had an idea and worked to find the evidence to prove it.
  55. The thing is, Einstein was born whilst Van Gogh was still living.
  56. Hey, Einstein, welcome back to Earth! she said, with a laugh.
  57. If Albert Einstein thought himself capable of measuring only the.
  58. This chapter proves that Lao Tse, Newton and Einstein were correct.
  59. As Einstein discovered; everything is relative to everything else.
  60. According to the ideas of Einstein, space and time are not absolute.
  61. The part of "gravity", which Newton related too, Einstein did not.
  62. One of the Einstein original crew members, a Bajoran, raised a hand.
  63. Einstein remarked in one of his letters that ‘time is an illusion.
  64. Take good care of Einstein, he needs a new partner to play with now.
  65. The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion-Albert Einstein.
  66. I’m pretty sure Einstein references this in his theory of relativity.
  67. We all knew of him for his hospitality to the young struggling Einstein.
  68. That’s why I asked you to shut up Einstein, I murmured in mouth.
  69. Einstein wrote: Our epoch is proud of the progress that humanity’s.
  70. How can a thing like this happen? I wish we’d brought Einstein with us.
  71. Antonio: Since Einstein spoke of general relativity things have begun to.
  72. Einstein discovered that time and space are (or is) not linear but curved.
  73. It was Albert Einstein that was supposedly the chosen one to correct the.
  74. The only thing that doesn’t change, Einstein said, is the speed of light.
  75. Einstein and is continued today by string theory as well as other theories).
  76. Still, they say Einstein determined the average mass of the entire Universe.
  77. We have seen how mathematical equations developed by Einstein in 1917 say a.
  78. They now longer could relay on Einstein because Einstein was cashing in on.
  79. I used the Einstein as a projectile, destroying it and one of the Gorn ships.
  80. It also directly refers to my previous lifetime as Albert Einstein, who died.
  81. I stole them off the USS Einstein during a rescue operation, Garcia said.
  82. In something relatively the basic structure of the Universe, Einstein was right.
  83. As Albert Einstein said, Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.
  84. It was Einstein who first postulated the theory, with his famous E=MC2 equation.
  85. This amazing find was already apparent to Einstein when he theorized it in 1905.
  86. Shall we consider perception, or the concept of a God within, or even Einstein?
  87. Einstein theorised, and real time experiments later proved, that time is relative.
  88. Thirty light years away, the USS Einstein dropped out of warp with intentions of.
  89. According to her biography she met acknowledged genius the famous Albert Einstein.
  90. Einstein would not imagine the weightless ness because Einstein was truly falling.
  91. Einstein was then tasked to supposedly measure all the mass in the entire.
  92. We have over eleven hours before we rendezvous with the Einstein, Jurak said.
  93. For the mathematical genius Einstein said he was this shows he is pretty stupid in.
  94. It is a divining process, similar to the one I used to locate McCoy on the Einstein.
  95. Albert Einstein revolutionized physics in 1905 with his Special Theory of Relativity.
  96. Einstein failed to realise that if there was insufficient mass at the beginning of.
  97. If those of you from the Einstein need more time to respond, we can convene this.
  98. Einstein was referring to light's constant velocity in a vacuum), and the quality of.
  99. The door whispered open for her, just as it would for any crewmember of the Einstein.
  100. Let’s cut the Einstein and increase speed to warp seven, in the direction of the.

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