genius sätze

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Genius sätze (in englisch)

  1. The girl was a genius.
  2. I was a genius to them.
  3. Only my genius kept us.
  4. He was probably a genius.
  5. He was a business genius.

  6. No, this song is genius.
  7. Hey genius! Come over here.
  8. She was a bona fi de genius.
  9. You are a genius Henry!.
  10. I told you he was a genius.
  11. The woman is a genius, Sam.
  12. You know, Jericho is a genius.
  13. The genius gives her lessons!.
  14. She’s either a genius or.
  15. Napoleon is a universal genius.

  16. Jarek was a genius, a true hero.
  17. Then He’s a genius, though.
  18. The genius within me is released.
  19. Rules and offence destroy genius.
  20. Needs was nothing short of genius.
  21. And Big Ramona was a genius chef.
  22. Okay, genius, time to turn around.
  23. This man, by his talk, is a genius.
  24. As genius seeks its soaring themes.
  25. Boy Genius: Karl Rove, The Brains.

  26. That's where Tesla's genius came in.
  27. Comes with being a genius, I guess.
  28. Genius is said to be self-conscious.
  29. The owner responds, Genius, my ass.
  30. He is supposedly some sort of genius.
  31. She was without a question a genius.
  32. Sheer force of natural genius, that.
  33. The boy ’s a genius, he said.
  34. Young Macleary’s stroke of genius.
  35. With a genius which overwhelmed his.
  36. Your plan, Richard, was pure genius.
  37. She'd told him I was a budding genius.
  38. I’m a genius don’t you think?
  39. Genius was not always in confronting.
  40. A genius course is inspired from above.
  41. The glaze is easy and a tiny bit genius.
  42. Sheer liberal genius (read: imbecility.
  43. His genius must not be hidden from her.
  44. What? You said she was a genius!.
  45. And he turns up? Ana, that’s genius.
  46. A great programmer is a genius at coding.
  47. And Genius, led by Study, wears the crown.
  48. You and your genius boss made a mistake.
  49. A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.
  50. So much for the military genius of Hitler.
  51. But the genius noticed nothing of all this.
  52. Such a waste of genius! But the balance is.
  53. Anyway, he’s proven to be quite a genius.
  54. Listen to the detective advising the genius.
  55. He then had stared at it into seeing genius.
  56. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.
  57. My Dad says he’s a musical genius!.
  58. A historic innovation, and genius mechanics.
  59. This was achieved by the creative genius of.
  60. And what a flipping genius I turned out to be.
  61. Heather tells us that you’re a genius, Roman.
  62. I am not an Angel, nor a genius, nor a ghost.
  63. That was a stroke of genius, catching one of.
  64. The trailer was another of Pa’s genius ideas.
  65. Genius is more than that — much more; but no.
  66. That was a stroke of genius; upchucking my past.
  67. It appears that the most famous genius to have.
  68. The man is a genius when it comes to carpentry.
  69. He prided himself on what a stroke of genius it.
  70. What a mathematical genius that turns out to be.
  71. Wright, a fellow Welshman, was no doubt a genius.
  72. I found that no genius in another could please me.
  73. I think he even called him a genius once or twice.
  74. Genius, Integration and Peace and the Creation of.
  75. Who is the genius who designed this XC-10?’’.
  76. War is against the genius of harmonious community.
  77. He is a genius, a philosopher, an abstract thinker.
  78. Stroke of genius! I still haven’t cast Judith yet.
  79. No man ever followed his genius till it misled him.
  80. On mused on the simplicity and genius of temptation.
  81. A score of one fifty or higher is considered genius.
  82. This database is the realm of genius; because to be.
  83. His descriptions of the genius of Nidan, also left.
  84. He was going on again about his young hacker genius.
  85. When genius follows the money, people rarely benefit.
  86. One genius told me, I can feel the power within me.
  87. The genius promised, and the fisherman lifted the lid.
  88. There was something of the sharpshooter in his genius.
  89. He was hopeless at schoolwork, but a genius at insult.
  90. It doesn’t take a genius to work out what went wrong.
  91. And Marie Ivanovna talked of him in Moscow as a genius.
  92. In the last few weeks we have gone from Dunce to Genius.
  93. The genius of this is that e-mail has a lower open rate.
  94. Leakey was a very hard worker, and a genius in his own.
  95. He was a certifiable genius and as strong as a wrestler.
  96. I considered her ugly, unworthy of a programming genius.
  97. And here I was thinking that I was some kind of a genius.
  98. Our resident genius and crackpate—Professor Koskinen.
  99. He was half crank, half genius, but he was wholly honest.
  100. She was a comedic genius who loved people and performing.

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