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    1. One could make the case that America at least in some sense invited the Pearl Harbor attack by imposing the trade embargo on Japan and freezing their financial assets

    2. it was an oil embargo (sanctions) which led to Japan attacking Pearl Harbour

    3. Whether the United States should suspend its forty-three (43) year embargo against Cuba and resume normal trade relations with that country‘s communistic regime is one of the overriding questions presently being debated by our nation‘s political leaders

    4. Jefferson's highly unpopular efforts to avoid wars by passing the Embargo Act and Non Intercourse Act

    5. Jefferson's compromise was to pass first the Embargo Act and then the Non-Intercourse Act, banning trade between the US and both Britain and France

    6. His embargo did fail in that it did not harm either Britain or France

    7. Jefferson and his embargo became enormously unpopular

    8. Carter and Castro did temporarily end the travel embargo on Cuba, letting 110,000 Cuban-Americans visit relatives in Cuba in 1979

    9. Diplomatic intervention, arms embargo, and offering refuge could have saved at least one tenth

    10. The partial embargo was imposed in September of 1960

    11. That was a sign of how bad the 1974 recession triggered by the second Arab oil embargo within three years was going to be both on jobs and mortgage interest rates

    12. In addition, due to the second Arab oil embargo, we could no longer buy the 100+ octane gas it required

    13. retaliated by putting an export embargo on Cuba

    14. Among the singular events: the deployment of the CGC Chase to the Persian Gulf to support the United Nations oil embargo against Iraq; Operation New Frontier which initiated the use of special pursuit boats and armed helicopters; training teams sent to the former Soviet Republics of Azerbaijan and Georgia to develop and train national coast guards; the development of coordinated pollution control and response plans with Russia and Mexico; a National Strike Force response to an oil spill in the Galapagos Islands; the combining of BM/QM and ET/FT ratings, and the creation of OS and IT rates; the global circumnavigation of the CGC Sherman; the largest Coast Guard port security operation since World War Two in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States; and the drafting of a terrorist resolution which was passed by the International Maritime Organization (Coast Guard, “Adm

    15. Coast Guard cutter (USCGC) Chase was ordered to the Persian Gulf to enforce the United Nations Iraqi oil embargo

    16. The Embargo Act of 1807 involved an embargo against France and Great Britain during the Napoleonic Wars

    17. embargo and in Afghanistan after the war in 2001

    18. � The recent decision to send Japanese troops to Indochina, to help the Vichy French there to resist the British based in Malaya, had resulted in an American steel embargo, an embargo that already had painful effects in Japan

    19. This was due to the formers aggressive and expansionist policies, resulting in American economic sanctions against Japan that included an oil embargo

    20. Laos in 1940, along with Japan’s alliance with Germany and Italy and the overtly offensive nature of its military actions caused the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and the Netherlands to place a trade embargo on Japan and freeze its assets

    21. That gave Japanese confidence that combined with the influence of the trade embargo, hard-line insistence backed by religious conviction, and previous success against China and Russia with their comparable material resources, to lead to the bombing of the U

    22. Rudolph had placed an indefinite embargo on the release of news of the surgeon’s death

    23. But, even since the 1973 Arab oil embargo that closed gas stations and caused people to

    24. If product supply disruptions, such as a drought, oil embargo or licensing restriction, limited product availability, prices of affected products would escalate

    25. If you don’t, then the Spacers League will have no choice but to declare a space embargo on all space goods and resources normally sent to Earth

    26. ‘’We could suggest to the Arabs to threaten the United States with an oil embargo if it doesn’t withdraw that interposition force

    27. Sir Anthony, arrange with the Arabs a threat of an oil embargo against the United States

    28. ‘’The British! Those hypocritical bastards! It isn’t enough for them to push the Arabs in putting in place an embargo on oil exports to the United States?’’

    29. Just two days ago my new secretary of state, Christian Herter, got a visit from the Canadian ambassador, who told him in confidence that the Canadian government of Prime Minister Saint-Laurent is disassociating itself from British Middle East policies and will not support the oil embargo against the United States

    30. embargo on press being allowed into the tented city

    31. He forgets that the States is largely anti-Castro, and that there’s a trade embargo in force between the two countries

    32. It is a self-love of plastic surgery to pretend perpetual youth, not seeing in one's conspicuous cosmetic consumption, a lost donation to surgeons repairing the malformations of disease and birth defects due to malnutrition, embargo and war

    33. To appease our own hostage taking, terror-promising children, we Treat the world to our Tricks of cheap production by threatening them with embargo, divestment, and starvation

    34. sin without; ~ embargo however, nevertheless; ~ que without, except that

    35. There was some strange cultural embargo on bringing horses or anything shaped like a horse into the city

    36. The indemnities they were forced to pay, the world, the trade embargo strangling them to death was not a figment of their imagination; it was real, the slow starvation of the entire nation, the Great Depression was not a figment of their imagination; it was real

    37. Faced with the threat of another oil embargo by the Arabs and with rioting in the streets by every minority whose members had been deported from this country, who collectively made up the majority of Americans, President Quaid finally acted

    38. Zhaspahr Clyntahn’s embargo had put a major crimp into the profitable nitrates trade with the mainland, but those same nitrates were just as important for the burgeoning munitions industry

    39. Perhaps even especially these days, since his cellars were deep and he’d laid in an extensive collection of the harder-to-get brands—especially from Chisholm—before the embargo had shut down legal commerce with the heretical Out Islands

    40. There were some, mostly competitors, who suggested—quietly—that at least a few of those bottles and casks had found their way to Zion after the embargo was declared, but no one paid much heed to such libelous accusations

    41. The extraordinarily obese and self-indulgent sailor owned and commanded the twin-masted schooner Mairee Zhain, which had been caught running contraband—better than seventy thousand marks’ worth of Chisholmian whiskeys and Charisian luxury goods—into Gorath in defiance of Zhaspahr Clyntahn’s embargo and King Rhanyld’s own decrees

    42. Carter and the Russian grain embargo (fight the Commies, forget the farmers), interest rates to 18 percent, price of fuel creeping up and then leaping up, banks going bust, countries she barely heard of—Argentina—suddenly competing in the market

    43. In October 1973 the first Arab oil embargo occurred, and by 1974 the price of crude oil had increased fourfold to $13 per barrel

    44. The Arab Oil Embargo of 1973 underscored the importance of crude oil to the global economy

    45. During that year, the Arab members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) placed an embargo on crude oil shipments to Western countries

    46. Although OPEC’s influence on the markets has diminished since the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo, it still wields considerable influence over the oil markets

    47. embargo on trade with Cuba

    48. One year after the oil embargo began, it was over and so was the pullback in the stock market

    49. His rather dashing successor, Helmut Schmidt, steered the country through the effects of the Arab oil embargo (see Chapter 17 for the lowdown on this) but he lost support when he allowed the Americans to station long-range missiles on West German territory and was forced out of office

    50. Remember I shared with you that my first mortgage coming out of the inflation of the 1970s was a whopping 18% interest! There was also an “oil shock” in 1973, as an embargo caught the United States off guard, causing oil prices to rise from $2

    1. We quietly bought airtime on local stations in Rhode Island for an ad, which David Axelrod helped us with, and on a Friday in mid-February, word began to leak that I had taped an ad and given an embargoed interview to Rhode Island Monthly

    1. Fidel Castro‘s supporters on the American Left have historically argued that 1) most embargoes are ineffective in subverting autocratic governments (note these are the same people who summarily called for embargoes against Iraq as a viable alternative to war), and 2) that such restrictions promote unnecessary hardship to its citizens and should therefore be lifted if not for humanitarian reasons, alone

    2. Whence was derived a power to pass a law laying an embargo without limitation? There is nothing in the constitution about embargoes

    3. We lay an embargo—is there any clause in the constitution authorizing us to lay embargoes? No, sir; we have a right to regulate trade, and we have a right to lay embargoes to protect it

    4. I had a seat in Congress when each of the former embargoes under this constitution were laid

    5. Calhoun observed, that he could offer nothing more acceptable, he presumed, to the House, than a promise not to discuss the Orders in Council, French decrees, blockades, or embargoes

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