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    1. But he would probably do so, even without her endorsement, for he sensed a kindred spirit in the man

    2. has the endorsement, even the active support of Martin

    3. There are two types of testimonials: One is an endorsement from a

    4. But I know that even though he won't admit it, he seeks approval from the most powerful, in this case a Elusiver who is against his own kind; just some sign of endorsement

    5. But since you were helped by that very Elusiver, it is you who has that endorsement

    6. There are also a couple of other endorsement deals that were already completed that total over $7 million

    7. We were all somewhat worried about the chap until he confessed to the chess club during a moment of madness that he had found one of the nurses (even thought she was as old as his mother) attractive, and a natural endorsement so to speak of his feelings had shown itself

    8. It was not exactly an endorsement, but it was as much as Sespian had dared hope for

    9. A listing here does not constitute an endorsement

    10. The potential risk associated with legalizing drugs is understood as a possible endorsement (perhaps) of other forms of aberrant or anti-social behavior under the specious argument of an individual‘s right to choose; however detrimental to the moral and spiritual well-being of that individual or society, for that matter

    11. This probable event should not be interpreted as a resounding endorsement of the Democratic Party that, apart from its constant harangues and vituperative criticisms of the present Administration, has provided the electorate little by way of (practical) assurances to hang their hats on

    12. Once that is approved we will look at ways in which we can promote the good work the Association is doing and hopefully we will get some form of endorsement from them

    13. Every deposited amount in Bank3Sector will be transformed in public certificate or certificate of bank deposit without nominal endorsement, in other words, in guaranteed certificates for the Central Bank of the country in that the Project is implanted

    14. “I’m up for captain and the colonel on the base is giving me his full endorsement,” she said with a smile

    15. I was more concerned with bugs than bombs, considering Koflanovich’s propensity for paranoia and sudden need for my endorsement

    16. I told him about Wodziwob’s prediction for John and Carlotta’s endorsement of it

    17. Hands moving to either side of the lectern, the President said, “Given Arakiel’s endorsement of peace, the United States welcomes our visitor with an offer of friendship

    18. ” The court claims this is an endorsement of religion and violates the so-called separation of church and state

    19. It gave its first presidential endorsement only in 1976, to Jimmy Carter, in return for his creating the federal Department of Education, a longstanding union goal

    20. NINDS health-related material is provided for information purposes only and does not necessarily represent endorsement by or an official position of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke or any other Federal agency

    21. Manufacturers wanted his endorsement for their products and Hollywood was calling

    22. the others were hoping for his endorsement

    23. We can, of course go ahead without you, but your endorsement would make the transition go more smoothly

    24. If she is one of the two people authorized to sign the checks, they would have to be mailed to someone for endorsement which would be another unnecessary delay

    25. Viral marketing is more powerful than third-party advertising because it conveys an implied endorsement from a friend

    26. endorsement to the products that you are ofering to your list

    27. endorsement, the trust that your list has with you wil automatcal y transfer to the

    28. Simon Jensen saw the use of the old name as an endorsement of his prede-

    29. endorsement of this is that when defining morality (in

    30. encourages dieters to eliminate saturated fat, winning it the endorsement of a number of

    31. Interestingly enough, Weight Watchers has won an endorsement from an unexpected

    32. • Can celebrity endorsement increase the value of the product?

    33. The campaign was much too organized for it not to have at least some level of endorsement from the leadership

    34. While the false proposition might help massage the long nursed Hindu hurt by rationalizing their defeatist past, the minorities grab it as a tactical stick to beat Hindutva with that is regardless of its endorsement by the highest judiciary of the land

    35. The consequence of having God endorsement will repress any impulse by a woman to have a revolt, and men enjoys the advantage of having a higher rank

    36. Degree in Education and Coaching Endorsement

    37. the endorsement had appeared) and Germany (19th century, formalization

    38. Blank endorsement : An endorsement consisting only of a signature on the back

    39. These types of referrals could be called “cold” referrals, because they don’t always come with the referee’s personal endorsement, but they are nevertheless an important source of new prospects

    40. Effectively this is an endorsement from another

    41. She said that her husband, who was abroad, had a plan that needed our endorsement so that he could proceed with negotiations with the Greek Community, which was the major shareholder of our building

    42. Estimate what their endorsement of you would do for you financially

    43. Remember the exercise you did at the beginning of the book (Exercise 3) where you estimated the value of an endorsement? My students often tell me when they do the work and do the work right, they’ve grossly underestimated the value of these relationships with influencers

    44. Any time you’re endorsing someone, the more results-oriented you can make the endorsement, the better

    45. The bank will explain to you how an Endorsement stamp works

    46. Though Nixon termed some of this work “trivia,” Butterfield took the move as an endorsement of his efficiency and a sign of trust

    47. In a formal endorsement of an officer efficiency report in 1970 Nixon said that Haig should “be rapidly moved to the highest ranks of the Armed Forces

    48. ” The next year Henry Kissinger said in his endorsement that Haig “is the most outstanding flag officer in the Armed Forces

    49. It was an unqualified endorsement of the bombing as a successful strategy and its positive military impact

    50. After her op-ed in the Times and his announcement, the three of us appeared with Senator Obama at a rally at American University to drive home the strong Kennedy family endorsement

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    endorsement indorsement countenance imprimatur sanction warrant second secondment blurb acceptance affirmation warranty corroboration