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    1. Thou hast made known to me the ways of life; thou shalt make me full of joy with thy countenance

    2. Her stoic countenance betraying little of the

    3. Allcock's grinning countenance

    4. As he spoke the promises of God into the man's life you could see his countenance change to joy and hope

    5. She was very beautiful; a more clever, or a more lovely countenance he could not fancy to himself; and she no longer appeared of ice as before, when she sat outside the window, and beckoned to him; in his eyes she was perfect, he did not fear her at all, and told her that he could calculate in his head and with fractions, even; that he knew the number of square miles there were in the different countries, and how many inhabitants they contained; and she smiled while he spoke

    6. countenance of the common people in the one country and in the other, sufficiently indicates

    7. She was very beautiful; a more clever, or a more lovely countenance he could not fancy to himself; and she no longer appeared of ice as before, when she sat outside the window, and beckoned to him; in his eyes she was perfect, he did not fear her at all… (they flew away) and higher up appeared the moon, quite large and bright; and it was on it that Kay gazed during the long long winter's night; while by day he slept at the feet of the Snow Queen

    8. And behold, Lord Saint Bodhisattva Lucifer strode With conviction through the amazed crowd of angels, His eye chilling bright power… solid in countenance, With bold body language he would dare to chisel sharp Precise words into perfection—captivating the hearers Into profound insight

    9. She smiled warmly and then softly gasped as one hand finally pulled down his hood, revealing the entirety of his rugged countenance

    10. They knew that a fierce countenance kept most people at bay

    11. And as Brynjolf turned to face the one who joined him in drink, his own countenance washed with new pallor

    12. The new and very familiar face gazed back, countenance devoid of life

    13. His last words made the blood drain from Zarko’s face and his countenance became as white as a sheet

    14. It was the same pale countenance of the strange man from the Talos shrine

    15. There was almost a deadness to his countenance that had shaken the Nord slightly

    16. They were recollections complete with the clearest echoes of a certain booming voice and clearest images of a certain countenance

    17. Even the more pleasant vision of the wily red-head’s grinning countenance was not enough to assuage the shame stabbing his gut and chest

    18. And so, with a fair length of rope and a countenance that would have made any safari leader proud, I headed out

    19. a smiling countenance that I hoped would be pleasing to the little girl

    20. Death had become the enemy to be defeated without countenance

    21. Dan 5:6 Then the king‘s countenance was changed, and his thoughts troubled him, so that the joints of his loins were loosed, and his knees smote one against another

    22. And when the Philistine looked about, and saw David, he disdained him: for he was but a youth, and ruddy, and of a fair countenance

    23. Their black hearts, imputing their own methods to others, suspected a ruse; they thought they had been betrayed, and the men were going to fall upon them; but their apprehensions were soon quieted when the troops stopped on the edge of the crowd, where they could feast their eyes on that flabby, yellow, but royal countenance

    24. Consternation was depicted on every countenance, and all sat transfixed for a moment, then leaping to their feet, the chiefs begged that Prempeh should not be taken from them

    25. his countenance full of astonishment

    26. Addressing his well wishers, his boyish countenance revealing signs of age however retaining its youthful glimmer, his delivery, once flawless, however a tad slower and unsteady, I was suddenly overcome by fits of tears

    27. As Grindel backed out of the chamber, Skelda's features relaxed into something that might have been a smile; it was hard to tell on such a deformed countenance

    28. She was studying the moon, seeking reassurance from its pockmarked surface and eventually the bright countenance calmed her

    29. And the heat of My countenance shall melt the hills!

    30. The countenance of a particularly attractive badger was looking out from the orb at him

    31. “My name, asshole,” he said, his eyes flashing between Patty’s countenance and the road ahead

    32. Johnson wasn’t even home at that point, but his wife described Mia’s countenance perfectly

    33. He was very angry and his countenance fell

    34. “It might not hurt,” he continued, as his countenance lightened somewhat, “if we were to offer a little extra in way of propitiation, just in case of something that we are not aware of,” he added as a smile of seeming beneficent self-satisfaction spread across his face at such a wise suggestion

    35. 7 But the Lord said to Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him, for the Lord

    36. Now he was ruddy, and besides of a beautiful countenance, and goodly to look to; And the Lord

    37. beautiful countenance, but the man was churlish and evil in his doings; and he was of the house of Caleb

    38. 11 And he settled his countenance steadfastly, until he was ashamed, and the man of God wept

    39. Their collective countenance was clearly detached and a bit cool

    40. It forced her eyes to look down at the grinning countenance of Ardara

    41. 5 And she was ruddy through the perfection of her beauty, and her countenance was cheerful and very amiable, but her heart was in

    42. 7 Then lifting up his countenance that shone with majesty, he looked very fiercely on her, and the queen fell down, and was pale, and

    43. 4 The wicked, through the pride of his countenance, will not seek after God: God is not in all his thoughts

    44. 6 For you have made him most blessed forever: you have made him exceeding glad with your countenance

    45. the health of my countenance, and my God

    46. health of my countenance, and my God

    47. and the light of your countenance, because you had a favour to them

    48. 16 It is burned with fire, it is cut down: they perish at the rebuke of your countenance

    49. 3 Sorrow is better than laughter, for by the sadness of the countenance the heart is made better

    50. 14 O my dove, that are in the clefts of the rock, in the secret places of the stairs, let me see your countenance, let me hear your voice;

    1. The reason was not that most of the framers approved of slavery, but that the Constitution was a deal among states -some of which countenanced slavery, some

    2. It would at least be understandable, if not countenanced, were it harassment by sporadic enemy fire or fear of combat; but it was worse than that

    3. retarded, and the world countenanced in its

    4. countenanced by him is the worship of the one God

    5. In several press accounts, it was initially reported that a decoration interpreted as being against the war could not be countenanced since it might foments DIVISIVENESS, one of the few remaining offenses worse than INDIVIDUALISM with the only greater wrongs perhaps being “racism” or “homophobia”

    6. once countenanced and endeared her fall to her

    7. This idea was countenanced by the strong interest which the physician ever manifested in the young clergyman; he attached himself to him as a parishioner, and sought to win a friendly regard and confidence from his naturally reserved sensibility

    8. Then, too, the people were countenanced, if not encouraged, in relaxing the severe and close application to their various modes of rugged industry, which, at all other times, seemed of the same piece and material with their religion

    9. Her lover, for such he was, sat her down at the foot of the couch, and passing his arm round her neck, preluded with a kiss fervently applied to her lips, that visibly gave her life and spirit to go through with the scene; and as he kissed, he gently inclined her head, till it fell back on a pillow disposed to receive it, and leaning himself down all the way with her, at once countenanced and endeared her fall to her

    10. That is why Charles Gould in his deep, dumb way has countenanced the Ribierist Mandate, the first public act that promised him safety on other than venal grounds

    11. The fitful evasiveness of her manner when the subject was under discussion countenanced the idea

    12. Thesiger has always countenanced him," said Mrs

    13. A Crewman who would kill a First Mate might as readily kill a Captain, and such a severe Break with Discipline could ne’er be countenanced at Sea, where, e’en more than upon Land, each Man’s Fate depends upon his Brothers

    14. Norris, whose attachment seemed to augment with the demerits of her niece, would have had her received at home and countenanced by them all

    15. "I have never made an effort," he says, "and never propose to make an effort; I have never countenanced an effort, and never mean to countenance an effort, to disturb the arrangement as originally made, by which the various States came into the Union

    16. Violence can never suppress that which is countenanced by general custom

    17. And countenanced by boys and beggary;

    18. I feel, sensibly feel, the situation in which I place myself by opposing a measure countenanced by the vote in the other House, of almost all those with whom I have been accustomed to act, and by many in the Senate, for whose superior judgment and correct opinions I have ever had the highest respect

    19. Resolved, That the Secretary of State be directed to lay before the Senate the names of any and all persons in the United States, and especially in the State of Massachusetts, who have in any way or manner whatever entered into, or most remotely countenanced, the project or the views, for the execution or attainment of which John Henry was, in the year 1809, employed by Sir James Craig, then Governor General of the British provinces in North America, and which have this day been communicated to the Senate of the United States

    20. The Secretary of State, to whom was referred the resolution of the Senate of the 10th instant, has the honor to report, that this department is not in possession of any names of persons in the United States, who have, in any way or manner whatever, entered into or countenanced the project or the views, for the execution or attainment of which, John Henry was, in the year 1809, employed by Sir James Craig; the said John Henry having named no persons or person as being concerned in the said project or views referred to in the documents laid before Congress on the 9th instant

    21. The Secretary of State, to whom was referred the resolution of the Senate of the 10th instant, has the honor to report: That this department is not in possession of any names of persons in the United States who have, in any way or manner whatever, entered into, or countenanced the project or the views for the execution or attainment of which John Henry was, in the year 1809, employed by Sir James Craig; the said John Henry having named no person or persons as being concerned in the said project or views referred to in the documents laid before Congress on the 9th instant

    22. They declared they should be ruined if the British doctrine should be countenanced

    1. His gaze, over the half-glasses perched on the end of his nose, gave the impression he was looking at something besides their countenances, that he was in some way 'reading' them

    2. Their countenances are always downcast, for there is no hope in man

    3. Multitudes of dead and dying peoples, with countenances set hard against The Lord and His anointed! Thus I shall not send just one, nor am I sending thirty or sixty, or even one hundred men, but 144,000 shall I send to this obstinate people!

    4. COME TO ME! Do you thirst? Are you in need? What is it you wait for? Why are your countenances downcast?

    5. 15 And at the end of ten days their countenances appeared fairer and fatter in flesh

    6. visions appeared to them with heavy countenances

    7. As they grasp the levers of power, wearing the benign countenances of a Dr

    8. 6 And at the end of the year, they both dreamed dreams in one night, in the place of confinement where they were, and in the morning Joseph came to them to attend on them as usual, and he saw them, and note their countenances were dejected and sad

    9. 6 And at the end of the year they both dreamed dreams in one night in the place of confinement where they were and in the morning Joseph came to them to attend on them as usual and he saw them and note their countenances were dejected and sad

    10. Behind the torch she could make out figures now, the glint of steel, then five countenances bent toward her, not swarthy and hook-nosed, but lean, aquiline faces, browned by the sun

    11. 1 As Jesus drew near, the nine apostles were more than relieved to welcome him, and they were greatly encouraged to behold the good cheer and unusual enthusiasm which marked the countenances of Peter, James, and John

    12. When the fierce countenances looked over the ledge of the aperture, it was to see the Cimmerian and the girl disappearing into the forest that surrounded the cliffs

    13. And a tall gaunt man with a scar on his temple sat with his elbows on a wine-stained table in a squalid cellar with a brass lantern hanging from a smoke-blackened beam overhead, and held converse with ten desperate rogues whose sinister countenances and ragged garments proclaimed their profession

    14. They harkened with keen dark eyes and inscrutable countenances, and they went their ways without comment, and heeded with flattering intentness his instructions as to the working of iron, and kindred arts

    15. had suddenly replaced her smiling countenances

    16. Nangong Ping saw that their countenances were twisted

    17. all shows in their faces, just like a mirror reflects their physical countenances

    18. Immediately I noticed the two toughs by the entrance straighten and glance at each other in as much alarm as their stoic countenances would allow

    19. There is nothing which will more surprise good men, separated on earth by sect or tradition, when they reach the realms of heaven, than to contemplate in each other's countenances the identity of the image of the Most High

    20. That, Virtue, as had been observed by the poets (in many passages which he well knew the jury would have, word for word, at the tips of their tongues; whereat the jury's countenances displayed a guilty consciousness that they knew nothing about the passages), was in a manner contagious; more especially the bright virtue known as patriotism, or love of country

    21. So capriciously were the people moved, that tears immediately rolled down several ferocious countenances which had been glaring at the prisoner a moment before, as if with impatience to pluck him out into the streets and kill him

    22. In this other squadron there come those that drink of the crystal streams of the olive-bearing Betis, those that make smooth their countenances with the water of the ever rich and golden Tagus, those that rejoice in the fertilising flow of the divine Genil, those that roam the Tartesian plains abounding in pasture, those that take their pleasure in the Elysian meadows of Jerez, the rich Manchegans crowned with ruddy ears of corn, the wearers of iron, old relics of the Gothic race, those that bathe in the Pisuerga renowned for its gentle current, those that feed their herds along the spreading pastures of the winding Guadiana famed for its hidden course, those that tremble with the cold of the pineclad Pyrenees or the dazzling snows of the lofty Apennine; in a word, as many as all Europe includes and contains

    23. You human forms with the fathomless ever-impressive countenances of brutes!

    24. Looking from no countenances of their own, but from the countenances of those who are with them,

    25. From the countenances of children or women or the manly countenance, From the open countenances of animals or from inanimate things,

    26. Some with oval countenances learn'd and calm,

    27. Zoraida, though she did not fully comprehend all she saw, was grave or gay without knowing why, as she watched and studied the various countenances, but particularly her Spaniard's, whom she followed with her eyes and clung to with her soul

    28. The notes of a Zamora bagpipe accompanied them, and with modesty in their countenances and in their eyes, and lightness in their feet, they looked the best dancers in the world

    29. "Did I not tell thee, Sancho," said Don Quixote at this, "that we had reached the place where I am to show what the might of my arm can do? See what ruffians and villains come out against me; see what monsters oppose me; see what hideous countenances come to frighten us! You shall soon see, scoundrels!" And then standing up in the boat he began in a loud voice to hurl threats at the millers, exclaiming, "Ill-conditioned and worse-counselled rabble, restore to liberty and freedom the person ye hold in durance in this your fortress or prison, high or low or of whatever rank or quality he be, for I am Don Quixote of La Mancha, otherwise called the Knight of the Lions, for whom, by the disposition of heaven above, it is reserved to give a happy issue to this adventure;"

    30. Leading it were two hideous demons, also clad in buckram, with countenances so frightful that Sancho, having once seen them, shut his eyes so as not to see them again

    31. Here the Distressed One and the other duennas raised the veils with which they were covered, and disclosed countenances all bristling with beards, some red, some black, some white, and some grizzled, at which spectacle the duke and duchess made a show of being filled with wonder

    32. Don Quixote and Sancho were overwhelmed with amazement, and the bystanders lost in astonishment, while the Trifaldi went on to say: "Thus did that malevolent villain Malambruno punish us, covering the tenderness and softness of our faces with these rough bristles! Would to heaven that he had swept off our heads with his enormous scimitar instead of obscuring the light of our countenances with these wool-combings that cover us! For if we look into the matter, sirs (and what I am now going to say I would say with eyes flowing like fountains, only that the thought of our misfortune and the oceans they have already wept, keep them as dry as barley spears, and so I say it without tears), where, I ask, can a duenna with a beard to to? What father or mother will feel pity for her? Who will help her? For, if even when she has a smooth skin, and a face tortured by a thousand kinds of washes and cosmetics, she can hardly get anybody to love her, what will she do when she shows a countenace turned into a thicket? Oh duennas, companions mine! it was an unlucky moment when we were born and an ill-starred hour when our fathers begot us!" And as she said this she showed signs of being about to faint

    33. The Trifaldi said this in such a pathetic way that she drew tears from the eyes of all and even Sancho's filled up; and he resolved in his heart to accompany his master to the uttermost ends of the earth, if so be the removal of the wool from those venerable countenances depended upon it

    34. As soon as Don Quixote had read the inscription on the parchment he perceived clearly that it referred to the disenchantment of Dulcinea, and returning hearty thanks to heaven that he had with so little danger achieved so grand an exploit as to restore to their former complexion the countenances of those venerable duennas, he advanced towards the duke and duchess, who had not yet come to themselves, and taking the duke by the hand he said, "Be of good cheer, worthy sir, be of good cheer; it's nothing at all; the adventure is now over and without any harm done, as the inscription fixed on this post shows plainly

    35. As he performed this office, he whispered his reviving hopes in the ears of the trembling females, who, through dread of encountering the savage countenances of their captors, seldom raised their eyes from the ground

    36. During the foregoing address the progress of the speaker was too plainly read by those most interested in his success through the medium of the countenances of the men he addressed

    37. Women and children ran from place to place, some bearing the scanty remnants of their baggage, and others searching in the ranks for those countenances they looked up to for protection

    38. The Mohicans listened gravely, and with countenances that reflected the sentiments of the speaker

    39. He had read in the countenances of Luigi and Teresa their steadfast resolution not to surrender him, and he drew from his pocket a purse full of gold, which he offered to them

    40. Duncan profited by its light to read the probable character of his reception, in the countenances of his hosts

    41. "You might not startle a wolf, or turn the Royal Americans from a discharge; but I have seen the time when you had a better favored look; your streaked countenances are not ill-judged of by the squaws, but young women of white blood give the preference to their own color

    42. The Delawares themselves listened like charmed men; and it was very apparent, by the variations of their speaking countenances, how deep and true was their sympathy

    43. I never saw such an expression of cupidity as the flickering lamp revealed in those two countenances

    44. The Parade was crowded with richly dressed and bejewelled loafers, whose countenances in many instances bore unmistakable signs of drunkenness and gluttony

    45. Leisurely turning round, they calmly scrutinized the various countenances around them, as though demanding some one person who would take upon himself the responsibility of what they deemed excessive impertinence; but as no one responded to the challenge, the friends turned again to the front of the theatre, and affected to busy themselves with the stage

    46. Profound dejection was depicted on the countenances of those assembled slave-drivers as they listened to the delegates' report

    47. Sometimes, but very rarely, my father summoned me and my mother to the terrace of the palace; these were hours of recreation for me, as I never saw anything in the dismal cavern but the gloomy countenances of the slaves and Selim's fiery lance

    48. Haidee saw at a glance the same expression pervading the countenances of her two auditors; she exclaimed, 'When my mother recovered her senses we were before the serasker

    49. and armed with the bow and arrow and stone-headed spear—stood apart, with countenances of inflexible gravity, beyond what even the Puritan aspect could attain

    50. on the countenances of his silent friends, and his invitation remained unfinished

    1. Those Churchmen who carelessly call the Lord's Table an "altar," and talk of "altar services," and brides being "led to the altar" at weddings, are doing immense harm, ignorantly borrowing the language of the corrupt Church of Rome, and countenancing a mischievous error

    2. Farebrother, innocent of the meaning that whist had for her son, and speaking rather sharply, as at some dangerous countenancing of new doctrine

    3. The statesman, to compensate for the undoubted and obvious evil which he does to man by freeing himself from the struggle with nature and by appropriating the labour of others, does men another obvious and undoubted harm by countenancing all sorts of violence

    4. And as all this is rendered possible only by division of labour, how can we avoid countenancing it?

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