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    1. And the reason I brought her along with me,” Johnny pointed at Nancy, who was currently enthralled with wondering what manner of creature or machine was hiding under the desk

    2. ‘Yes?’ said Pippa, leaning forward apparently enthralled by this saga

    3. She could see why the children were so enthralled by their dreams

    4. The people were enthralled with the Blue Dragons, and they accepted them with great respect, especially after Surfman opened his mouth and began to speak

    5. Given what he had just seen Tevid was now even more enthralled with Rayne

    6. Rayne looked out over the forest as they rose higher and higher and was enthralled with the view

    7. Her resonance and command of the piece truly enthralled the audience

    8. Harold sat enthralled as Harry told of his family and his childhood, including his personal stories and responses to the training disciplines

    9. In the beginning, he allowed himself to be deluded by her youthful beauty, convincing himself they were a pair of young lovers, not some ignorant boy enthralled by an immortal

    10. He would trust to his century of experience with investigations and with women to allow him to remain in control of the situation that was developing, even though he already knew he was far too enthralled

    1. This is Satan and his hosts; he wishes to deceive you as he deceived you at first; For the first time he was hidden in the Serpent but this time he is come to you in the similitude of an angel of light in order that when you worshipped him he might enthrall you in the very presence of God

    2. 'He it was who shook down the cliffs at Valkia, by his spells that enthrall the elementals of the earth—he it was who sent the creature of darkness into your tent before dawn

    3. Our cherished isolated Elysium abode resurrected from deep within the vile enthrall,

    4. ‘Oh, to the tune of our love,’ he pressed his self closer to her, ‘to enthrall our life

    5. That is why the Almighty Al’lah warned the ones who enthrall the believers then they do not desist or repent from their action, lest they will undergo the distress of Hell and then the torment of conflagration

    6. by their hissing enthrall

    7. should begin to be enthrall

    1. Still, I have to say it was an enthralling

    2. 1 To the onlooking celestial intelligences of the local universe, this Mediterranean trip was the most enthralling of all Jesus' earth experiences, at least of all his career right up to the event of his crucifixion and mortal death

    3. There is no adventure in the course of mortal existence more enthralling than to enjoy the exhilaration of becoming the material life partner with spiritual energy and divine truth in one of their triumphant struggles with error and evil

    4. Enthralling, As Time Moved To

    5. full lips against his own, their tenderness enthralling him

    6. The last thing he saw before he slept was the dark green of the forbidden woods and the enthralling power of her gaze

    7. But for Saarang, it was the most enthralling season

    8. Thank you for putting up with late dinners and even later conversations as I’ve emerged day after day from the sometimes scary but always enthralling world I’ve created on my computer

    9. It was so absolutely enthralling I could not put it down

    10. was taken care of except that little something that would make their life enthralling

    1. Length of a speech doesn’t matter as long as it enthralls the audience; as speeches become lengthy so as to persuade the audience

    2. An audience does not merely listen to a speaker; it looks into the way he delivers, he enthralls and entertains

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