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    1. Ravishing, wasn’t she

    2. she is absolutely ravishing

    3. I walked in the lounge to find her on the balcony staring at the city skyline; she herself was a sight to see…she looked ravishing

    4. ” He said after giving me a brief peck on both cheeks “You look ravishing as always

    5. The words that launched themselves from his heart to the heart of the being ravishing him were these: Show me then, show me what is my life, and then I can live it

    6. the ravishing French weather and go for a walk in the woods near the chateau

    7. She looked ravishing in a classical way, the

    8. They protected me when I was young, when the ravishing came

    9. She states, “I don’t feel right doing this, but you know in my heart of hearts, she will hate that child because of the ravishing that happened to make her

    10. “It may surprise you to know,” added Freddie, “that there are chaps wandering about in this great city who would stop at nothing to get acquainted with a ravishing blonde like you

    1. ransacked, and the women ravished

    2. Zeus did to Europa, in the guise of a white bull? Or when He’d ravished the Spartan Queen Leda after turning into a swan

    3. 9 You have ravished my heart, my sister, my spouse; you have ravished my heart with one of your eyes, with one chain of your neck

    4. Similarly, the Iyehyeh, after Grandfather had defeated them and the plagues had ravished them, had coalesced to a small area along the middle Sewee River

    5. came in and sat down, Holofernes his heart was ravished with her, and his mind was moved, and he desired greatly her company; for

    6. 3 And when he played on them, Satan came into them, so that from among them were heard beautiful and sweet sounds, that ravished the heart

    7. 3 And when he played on them Satan came into them so that from among them were heard beautiful and sweet sounds that ravished the heart

    8. 21 For you see that our sanctuary is laid waste our altar broken down our temple destroyed; 22 Our psaltery is laid on the ground our song is put to silence our rejoicing is at an end the light of our candlestick is put out the Ark of our covenant is spoiled our holy things are defiled and the name that is called on us is almost profaned: our children are put to shame our priests are burnt our Levites are gone into captivity our virgins are defiled and our wives ravished; our righteous men carried away our little ones destroyed our young men are brought in bondage and our strong men are become weak; 23 And which is the greatest of all the seal of Sion has now lost her honour; for she is delivered into the hands of them that hate us

    9. 16 Now when Judith came in and sat down Holofernes his heart was ravished with her and his mind was moved and he desired greatly her company; for he waited a time to deceive her from the day that he had seen her

    10. 9 Her sandals ravished his eyes her beauty took his mind prisoner and the fauchion passed through his neck

    1. But when he would inexplicably ravish me, that sentiment was proven wrong

    2. "You do realize that I am naked here and was about to ravish you while you're thinking about morning breath?”

    3. them and ravish them and change them forever with nothing but story

    4. mortal realm to ravish all the fine wines, isn’t it a joyous thing instead?”

    5. on the way that leads to good and liberation from action; they ravish the

    6. But with Hanna, Fred had been much closer, and his desire to throw her off had grown, or rather to ravish her instead

    7. Then he would come around and ravish you before jumping out the window and fleeing home before I came in and discovered what was going on

    8. Could ghosts ravish? Did his … masculine parts work the same as when he was alive? Now there was a question that had my curiosity piqued

    9. These emasculated Roman communities became sitting ducks for invaders to ravish and loot, simply because they had lived under a military dictatorship called a ‘Republic’ for so long; that they had no idea of how to defend themselves at all… They were so used to being law-abiding imbecile-citizens, who were not allowed to bear arms; that they still believed they were living inside an actual democratic Republic

    10. an upfront way that made me want to throw her on the ground and ravish her

    1. Isabella loves this power; it ravishes her

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    ravish in English

    violate deflower abuse defile seduce assault transport delight enrapture captivate enthral enchant

    Synonyme für "ravish"

    delight enchant enrapture enthral enthrall ravish transport assault dishonor dishonour outrage rape violate deflower abuse defile seduce captivate