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Estimation sätze (in englisch)

  1. All technical analysis is estimation.
  2. The estimation of the value of art (i.
  3. Estimation and the Normal Distribution.
  4. Jones went up strangely in its estimation.
  5. Choose methods for testing and estimation.

  6. All of eighteen years old, by my estimation.
  8. Seven had been right in his estimation of wind speed.
  9. What point would that be, in your estimation?
  10. That made them worse than useless, in her estimation.
  11. Has the painting, in your estimation, been normal?
  12. This method is one of the most used methods in estimation.
  13. Let us start with the HV estimation period parameter.
  14. Differences in the estimation of beauty proceed from taste.
  15. The dried substance is blood – his own, by my estimation.

  16. Harry’s paintings, in my humble estimation, were brilliant.
  17. I say in popular estimation these subjects seem so connected.
  18. To his relief, his estimation of the woods-runner proved out.
  19. Flats would've been just as good, in my estimation, but nooo.
  20. No one, in his estimation, was more capable than Ray Phillips.
  21. Only very slowly and by a complex estimation or judgment based.
  22. There is some art and estimation involved in this process, of course.
  23. Other methods of threshold estimation involve the extrapolation of.
  24. Amit Goswami, in my estimation one of the great thinkers of our time.
  25. In Haig’s estimation, Brezhnev’s letter is typical Soviet rhetoric.

  26. Dominique could not hold a candle to Genevieve, in Dafne’s estimation.
  27. It agrees nearly with the estimation of the Northumberland book in 1512.
  28. As for our maps and our estimation of the size and shape of the caverns.
  29. With enough detail, in Fred’s estimation, any story would be believable.
  30. My estimation of his age should be in the neighbourhood of fifty-five years.
  31. Nor did the Estimation of the Town fail to change—much to my Astonishment.
  32. It was close, and if he was right by his estimation, it was coming from the.
  33. What about the money? I asked hoping that my estimation would have been.
  34. It is also usually the best estimation of the actual market value of an asset.
  35. Jaylene didn’t look at Chiquita before she spoke and my estimation of her rose.
  36. Figures based on Interbrand’s estimation of the value of each brand.
  37. The sum of these values represents an estimation of the portfolio profit or loss.
  38. This accurate estimation & calculation about himself can save man from humiliation.
  39. Felix went up a few notches in my estimation, as I would have figured Thomas to be.
  40. Estimation with proven techniques helps in managing the project with realistic goals.
  41. Do they hold the same estimation they did when I was in the city? are they so followed?
  42. My estimation was precisely the opposite: arrogant, antipathetic, biting and bad-tempered.
  43. Sequentially, estimation and analysis of delivery times, manufacturing and assembly of raw.
  44. Jimmy soon recognized the big hog‘s sign and his estimation of its size seemed incredulous.
  45. This was, in his own estimation, the only way he could live on without causing mass hysteria.
  46. And the fact that she could awaken love in a man of that kind raised her in her own estimation.
  47. The third issue corresponds to the estimation of risks of an option portfolio as a whole entity.
  48. NEVER purchase a security that is trading above its conservative estimation of intrinsic value!.
  49. Experience of the members estimating, plays key role in the success of estimation in this method.
  50. Whatever it was that had sent me up in his mother's estimation had apparently sent me down in his.
  51. In their estimation, they had tricked the townspeople out of the biggest above-ground cave in town.
  52. Howling Cat was tall, relatively speaking, but not particularly light, in White Fox’s estimation.
  53. Where the number of observations used in the estimation is 5,753 and the regression R-squared is 55.
  54. In my estimation, that scheme had very little going for itself except that I would not be in Russia.
  55. Everything in the annual report is the result of approximation, estimation, interpretation or guess.
  56. Chauvinist pig that he was, he took out the man first, the more dangerous opponent in his estimation.
  57. And in my opinion, which is as qualified as any, they are correct in their estimation of the outcome.
  58. He had lost weight, at least ten pounds by her quick estimation, and his breathing was indeed, labored.
  59. In her estimation, Truman’s ruined face had more than sufficient masculine charm without any changes.
  60. I do not think that, in the estimation of wise and reflecting men, they are necessarily thus connected.
  61. This method is used in some organizations where the estimation has lesser role (smaller projects/tasks).
  62. Always be conservative in your estimation of the time required to renovate a property before flipping it.
  63. These odd trees made darned fine clubs, in his estimation, and he had uprooted the next one he had found.
  64. Or more importantly, one might lose the will to go back - a not insignificant risk in Danny's estimation.
  65. What more research was needed to conclude that this was a superior product? None, in Lynch’s estimation.
  66. Unfortunately, by Xin’s estimation, the fleet would arrive after the Taelroks had already secured Earth.
  67. The Greek phrase diakriseis pneumaton means “judicial estimation,” “through judgment or separation”.
  68. Every city high in estimation as a commercial city is opposed to the renewal of the charter, except Boston.
  69. Before I could absorb what I was experiencing, Si tiptoed out onto, in my estimation, the edge of the earth.
  70. Shots 6 and 8 were old ammunition in my estimation, because of their lack of ability to punch through Kennedy.
  71. Measuring natural gas in the ground is no easy job, and it involves a great deal of inference and estimation.
  72. The real problem in my estimation stems from the rise of relativist attitudes dominating our school environments.
  73. Already the old States sink in the estimation of members, when brought into comparison with these new countries.
  74. It looked to Justine as though he was both nervous and detached, and in her estimation, that was a bad combination.
  75. It was the most astonishing speech I ever heard—and I'm bound to say Tom Sawyer fell considerable in my estimation.
  76. The HV estimation period is fixed at 105 and the objective function is calculated for all days to options expiration.
  77. The HV estimation period is fixed at 170 and the objective function for all days to options expiration is calculated.
  78. Stoughton Page’s reputation as an automobile driver would not be undamaged in the estimation of at least one person.
  79. Amy rose daily in the estimation of her friend, but he sank in hers, and each felt the truth before a word was spoken.
  80. My estimation of Cooper as a police detective, which was already in the excellent range, had just gone up another notch.
  81. The number of days to expiration is fixed at 30 and the objective function is calculated for all HV estimation periods.
  82. The judge continued, However, to tell you the truth, it is a mere estimation and may not even hold a candle to reality.
  83. It does him the highest honour; it shews his proper estimation of the blessing of domestic happiness and pure attachment.
  84. The HV estimation period is fixed at 140 and the objective function is calculated for all days to options expiration.
  85. The HV estimation period is fixed at 105, and the objective function is calculated for all days to options expiration.
  86. Moreo’er, the very Coffeehouse Wits, and e’en the Criticks themselves changed their previous Estimation of The Pyratiad.
  87. What his dazzled state neglected in this, his first far too synthetic estimation, we do not think it necessary to point out here.
  88. Without this anchor, the values can be quite silly—reflecting model specification or estimation errors—as well as hindsighted.
  89. The high estimation then placed upon the military character might be seen in the lofty port of each individual member of the company.
  90. It seems to be more appropriate to base the estimation of the profit/loss factor on profits and losses of separate option combinations.
  91. Therefore, these portfolios allowed for the most accurate estimation of the risk with relatively high dispersion of individual outcomes.
  92. For plain assets with linear payoff functions (stocks, index, or commodity futures), the estimation of return and risk is straightforward.
  93. Both matter and manner were, to be sure, objectionable, but the former, in his estimation, formed much the most solid ground of dismissal.
  94. The number of days to options expiration is fixed at 40 and the objective function for all values of the HV estimation period is calculated.
  95. According to the doomsters at Zerohedge this performance outstrips the best US Hedgefunds (bar 4 by the lowest estimation of our performance.
  96. Three methods of estimation are in common use: ordinary least squares, error-in-variable or Deming regression, and least absolute deviation.
  97. Jennings still lower in her estimation; because, through her own weakness, it chanced to prove a source of fresh pain to herself, though Mrs.
  98. There is no placing a price tag on such exemplary qualities that, in my estimation, are the hallmarks of a truly ―successful‖ individual.
  99. In his estimation, it had been a stroke of luck that he had been assigned to transportation corps soon after being joining the Kaiser’s army.
  100. Furthermore, the evaluation results depend on the averaging procedure necessary to increase the reliability of criteria effectiveness estimation.

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