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Appraisal sätze (in englisch)

  1. The appraisal (see Table 13.
  2. The appraisal in 1986 was $1.
  3. The analysis is called an appraisal.
  4. Finding own mistakes is self appraisal.
  5. Her quick appraisal was that they were.

  6. The first is by the method of appraisal.
  7. And so, a voice greeted him with appraisal.
  8. The appraisal of managements is, indeed, difficult.
  9. You need to have a proper appraisal performed on.
  10. A Suggested Basis of Maximum Appraisal for Investment.
  11. Frank gave Leesa the same appraisal he had given Cali.
  12. After making a careful appraisal of his inborn capa-.
  13. They can be stepping stones to an honest appraisal of.
  14. His eyes lingered on her, but it was an honest appraisal.
  15. This way, performing an appraisal will feel more like a.

  16. Appraisal of Earnings Where Capital Structure Is Top-heavy.
  17. They're always so narrow in their appraisal of everything.
  18. Generally paid for by the buyer, the appraisal provides an.
  19. Current Earnings Should Not Be the Primary Basis of Appraisal.
  20. Qualitative Factors Resist Even Reasonably Accurate Appraisal.
  21. More importantly you want the appraisal to reveal the actual.
  22. This necessitates an appraisal of what all these types are:.
  23. Primacy of the Income Account and the Appraisal of Managements.
  25. Don't forget to send me a copy of the ms for your free appraisal.

  26. A redhead’s piercing green eyes sent him a wary look of appraisal.
  27. Self appraisal is necessary to point out the weaknesses & strengths.
  28. Still, Darcy didn’t look entirely convinced by his breezy appraisal.
  29. Whereas one devotes himself to the deed after a thorough appraisal of.
  30. Limited Functions of the Analyst in Field of Appraisal of Stock Prices.
  31. I’m sorry, sir, but Father would have disagreed with your appraisal.
  32. Tim decided to have a couple with Real Estate appraisal experience start.
  33. This initial appraisal will determine the emotion that we choose to feel.
  34. The Koran itself is contradictory in its appraisal of the status of women.
  35. I’m 60, she said bluntly, responding to Beth’s scrutinizing appraisal.
  36. On balance, our appraisal is that most of the time the paper trail is excellent.
  37. His first error had been one of appraisal: Sharks were stronger than they looked.
  38. I once paid a manuscript appraisal agency a lot of money to have a novel critiqued.
  39. Do not conduct a process appraisal in the midst of functional operations, and do.
  40. She contacted me after I did the appraisal and asked me to give her the information.
  41. Their appraisal for just the land came back at 26 mil ion dol ars and Hour Glass, Inc.
  42. It may appear obvious that the way to render an appraisal is to find something or.
  43. Gone was the giddiness of murder and love, replaced by professional, clinical appraisal.
  44. She was an artist with a very definite appraisal of beauty and she could not abide fat people.
  45. Thus, fight/flight can be modified by inhibiting the instinctual response with an appraisal pause.
  46. It is very important that, first of all, that you get proper appraisal on your current skin condition.
  47. It’s possible he’s being overly optimistic, but I’m inclined to believe his appraisal is realistic.
  48. I made you head of that project, and this disappointment will be reflected in your Annual Appraisal score.
  49. She was on her way out but from the appraisal in her eyes, she was thinking about following me back inside.
  50. The minority investor can hope to exercise certain rights, such as rights of appraisal under state law; and/or.
  51. His fundamental basis of appraisal must be an intelligent and conservative estimate of the future earning power.
  52. First, those who overreach at the expense of stockholders have the independent appraisal weapon in their arsenal.
  53. Before selling shares to the public, the thrift was required to get an independent appraisal of the bank's worth.
  54. Let us apply at this point to ALCOA the suggestion we made in the previous chapter for a two-part appraisal process.
  55. As he leafed through the folders, getting a quick appraisal of the breadth of the art, he stopped at a little painting.
  56. The range of such an appraisal may be very wide, as illustrated by our former suggestion that the intrinsic value of J.
  57. It didn’t help that during her very frank appraisal of him that her tongue snaked out repeatedly to moisten her lips.
  58. Let us return for a moment to the idea of valuation or appraisal of a common stock, which we began to discuss above on p.
  59. The announcement had gone out the week before; each Commander was to submit his troops for appraisal and re-determination.
  60. There was never that cool look of appraisal, never mockery in his eyes, when he looked at Melanie; and there was an service.
  61. Steinbeck’s appraisal of Ed Ricketts in “About Ed Ricketts” (1951): “He loved true things and believed in them” (p.
  62. In this uncritical appraisal by the stock market, the idle asset was considered equivalent to a serious and permanent liability.
  63. I stared up into his eyes and, though I felt embarrassed at the appraisal by the crowd, when our eyes met, all I could see was him.
  64. I shared my grandmother’s platitude about what’s inside counting more than what’s outside and Maile raised her eyebrows in appraisal.
  65. I would argue that if macro factors are too big a determinant in your appraisal of a company's intrinsic value, you should just sit that out.
  66. The appraisal was significantly below what they had originally wanted for the land, but they accepted a price just above the appraised value.
  67. I had an independent appraisal done on the repossessed cars and had proof that the cars were being disposed of at phenomenally discounted rates.
  68. Such assets under IFRS are carried at appraisal value unlike GAAP where income-producing real estate is carried at depreciated cost less impairments.
  69. Examples: Hall Printing Company wrote up its property account by $6,222,000 in 1926 and 1931, crediting this appraisal increment to capital surplus.
  70. Claudette Colbert and Macdonald Carey star in this romantic comedy that feels overstretched even at an hour and a quarter, in one critic’s appraisal.
  71. Asylum should not be done in order to facilitate management itself will all closed management, now some of the mental hospital in psychiatric appraisal is very.
  72. I believe that telling our employees about their performance or conducting regular performance appraisal is crucial for progress and productivity at any work place.
  73. The present estimated value of such leaseholds, using the same basis of appraisal as in 1924, is more than twice the present value shown on the books of the Company.
  74. However, after being with him for less than an hour he revised his appraisal and substituted the adjectives strong, sympathetic, intelligent and a good people manager.
  75. The appraisal of an account, such as deferred income taxes payable, is in the province of the users of financial statements, not the preparers of financial statements.
  76. Incidentally, appraisal rights under state law, can be pretty meaningless in the scheme of things in merger and acquisitions, and can hardly be thought of as voluntary.
  77. When we see anger, we have a reflective pause: why are they angry? Who are they angry at? Is it justified? This reflexive response gives us time for a neutral appraisal.
  78. In other words, an appraisal showing a value of one-half to two-thirds in excess of the bond issue was considered almost enough to establish the safety of the loan.
  79. This one-dimensional view of management appraisal excludes other areas that are the purview of management including their abilities as investors (deal makers) and financiers.
  80. In the 1980"s, Haynes Johnson of the Washington Post put pen to paper and came up with a book he titled „Sleepwalking Through History," an appraisal of the Reagan presidency.
  81. The essential ingredient that created the environment that permitted the institutional investors to come close to getting a free lunch was the stock market appraisal of Leasco.
  82. Before the war, the life of Reinhold von Rumpel was pleasant enough: he was a gemologist who ran an appraisal business out of a second-story shop behind Stuttgart’s old chancellery.
  83. This would ring true with Tamar’s last dream report and appraisal of the situation that the army group had deployed its cavalry to the mine, which was one less factor to worry about.
  84. In April 1938 the balance of the appraisal increment was eliminated by writing down both property account and capital surplus; and the special depreciation charge was then discontinued.
  85. Yet this instance supports to some degree, the doubts we expressed in the last chapter as to the dependability of the appraisal procedure when applied to the typical industrial company.
  86. If we followed a customary method of appraisal, we might take the average earnings per share of common for ten years, multiply this average by ten, and arrive at an intrinsic value of $95.
  87. The following table shows how absurd this situation was, the more so since it existed in a time of deflated stock prices, when relative values are presumably subjected to more critical appraisal.
  88. Then there are others where fable, myth, preconception, love, longing, or prejudice step in and so distort a cool, clear appraisal that a kind of high-colored magical confusion takes permanent hold.
  89. As he tried to focus, though, part of his attention was still back on the Enterprise, randomly selecting females for appraisal, starting with Kellogg since she had been right there in his line of sight.
  90. Under risk toughness the team were introduced to seeking out the challenge and aiming to win as opposed to avoiding and trying not to lose along with reframing their appraisal about their ability to cope.
  91. It tends to be utterly impractical for OPMIs to dissent from transactions and then perfect their rights of appraisal, in the event that relevant state statutes even give OPMIs rights to seek an appraisal.
  92. Local gossip can be particularly useful because in-town develop ers usually know who is the aggressive lender in the area, whether balloon payments are common, and who has got the least conservative appraisal practices.
  93. My superiors were all delighted with my Task Force’s research program and once again I had an ‘outstanding’ performance appraisal on file so I had a lot of latitude regarding when (or even whether) I turned up for work.
  94. That thick shock of brown hair which had been the start of his falling in love two years ago now extended all the way down to her waist, which despite his discreet appraisal showed no indications of the pregnancy it nurtured.
  95. Second, whether or not they have opportunities for profitable investment of the funds is not something that is going to be told to companies or their managements by the stock market appraisal of how their earnings are capitalized.
  96. The remaining $13 per share will represent the stock market’s average appraisal of the company’s excellent long-term prospects, including therein, perhaps, a rather strong psychological bias in favor of this outstanding enterprise.
  97. And though there was something in the cool appraisal of his manner, in the implied familiar compliment and criticism of his words, which made me flush with displeasure, yet when I met his mirthful, amused regard, I could not but smile in answer.
  98. Whether compensation to the minority in the force-out has to be adequate depends in part on state law, including the adequacy of appraisal rights for dissenting stockholders, and on compliance with appropriate disclosure requirements under federal securities laws.
  99. However, there is no direct control of the property, and actual return correlations between the two types of real estate investing are very low, partly due to the staleness of appraisal values and the perhaps excessive impact of equity market developments on REITs.
  100. The 12 Biggest Business Problems You Cannot Solve: Are All Really Mental Some of the factors identified in the theory are that we react according to our appraisal of the situation, whether it is important to us and our goals and our perception of our ability to cope.

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