fastness sätze

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Fastness sätze (in englisch)

  1. From that leafy fastness anything might emerge.
  2. Yeah, they live on the south end of the Fastness.
  3. In here it was like the Central Fastness of Zhlindu but with canals.
  4. Conan paused an instant and glanced back at the ebon fastness behind them.
  5. She would go back across the top of the Fastness from here, another hour on streetcars.

  6. So he turned his back upon the village of Mbonga and melted away into the leafy fastness of the forest.
  7. This is the main footpath from Rankor Hill to the north end of the Fastness and it was crowded and busy.
  8. They took a quick streetcar to a delicious repast in a tower overlooking East Harbor from the northern rim of the Fastness.
  9. Men said that in the far-off days of the glory of Gondor the sea-kings had built here this fastness with the hands of giants.
  10. Then they went down to an awesome concert in one of the great halls of the Central Fastness and got so wasted they went on adventures of which a series of novels could be written.
  11. He was no coward; but if ever man felt the icy fingers of fear upon his heart, William Cecil Clayton, eldest son of Lord Greystoke of England, did that day in the fastness of the African jungle.
  12. Peter told her, rather late, that the material would soak up dye more completely if she worked with the yarn before it was woven, or even with raw fleeces; and that improved the shade, but not the fastness.
  13. His followers, mounted on stolen horses, laughed at the pursuit of the regular cavalry sent to hunt them down, and whom they took pleasure to ambush most scientifically in the broken ground of their own fastness.
  14. By the time Klowa hiked up and down all the stairs between the three streetcar rides it took to get back all the way across downtown to the office on the edge of the South Fastness, it was late in the after lunch.
  15. Then, a little over a year after she started playing with them, they put together a tour of fifteen halls in seven weeks in the Central Fastness and out to a few halls and courts in the spines to the east and south.

  16. Along Betakka, one of the hundreds of smaller, quieter business services khumes twenty stories below outdoors in the western part of the South Fastness neighborhood of downtown Zhlindu, Klowa was in his reading compartment in the loft over the reception room of the Nidon-Mlarkile Finders Union where he had a career as a full case agent.
  17. Presently Tarzan took to the trees, and Jane, wondering that she felt no fear, began to realize that in many respects she had never felt more secure in her whole life than now as she lay in the arms of this strong, wild creature, being borne, God alone knew where or to what fate, deeper and deeper into the savage fastness of the untamed forest.
  18. Neither man nor orc now moved along its flat grey stretches; for the Dark Lord had almost completed the movement of his forces, and even in the fastness of his own realm he sought the secrecy of night, fearing the winds of the world that had turned against him, tearing aside his veils, and troubled with tidings of bold spies that had passed through his fences.
  19. And so the young man returns into the country of the lotus-eaters, and takes up his dwelling there in the face of all men; and if any help be sent by his friends to the oligarchical part of him, the aforesaid vain conceits shut the gate of the king's fastness; and they will neither allow the embassy itself to enter, nor if private advisers offer the fatherly counsel of the aged will they listen to them or receive them.
  20. For the next nuclear war is distinguished, like other wars, by quickness and surprise, but this war differs from those preceded it concerning the aim, as in the previous wars, the aim beyond fastness and surprising was to achieve victory, but in this war, that is, the nuclear and hydrogen-war, the aim is to avoid the danger of total ruin and to wipe up the opponent completely before he has the opportunity to retort his enemy.

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