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    1. Tempus Fugit [as featured on the cover of this section] works as a metaphor in that the mol usc - not known for its speed - has fossilised with the inexorable passage of time

    2. That traffic moved at the speed people paddled and the speed big teams of kedas moved the heavy barges around

    3. The ninja vault the counter and I back into a corner, slicing at them with the force and speed of a man not ready to die

    4. Dad drove ten miles over the speed limit the whole way

    5. "The disadvantage of traveling at this speed is you never have a chance to get local detail maps

    6. He would talk no more after that, but took the wheel and concentrated on the race to the tunnel, five hours away at the speed he was driving

    7. In spite of her fear of this speed in the dark, she went inside and tried to get some sleep

    8. Of course, even that paled in comparison to the speed of the Super Chip

    9. It has been launched out of Cynd's influence entirely, and ejected in this direction at high speed

    10. He urged his mount to speed

    1. When he was out of sight of the Guard post, he speeded up and

    2. Alan’s heart immediately speeded up and his insides began to vibrate

    3. How the CO2 was released in areas where housing growth was to be speeded up, how the condensing and drawing off of byproducts at their temperatures was used to keep the draft going

    4. “The war has changed everything love and speeded things up you must take chances now because death and destruction is all round us

    5. When the dog spotted the kittens, it speeded up on its short legs

    6. Yes, time travel! The Earth passed by in front of his view at an extraordinary rate, like a speeded up film

    7. But this speeded up the process

    8. It would be speeded up by the deleting of Cinderella from our consciousness

    9. speeded up to the wild gallop of a runaway horse

    10. The pressure and added heat of bodily contact had speeded the spasm on through, but no sooner had she seemed to relax than another was upon her, and then another

    1. He began speeding along the hard shoulder to the left of the tailed back traffic, oblivious to the angry stares of other motorists

    2. The young Arabs toss Bolt unceremoniously from the back of the speeding Nissan truck without slowing down

    3. John clambers up onto a boulder, looks around, spots a pair of military jeeps and an old truck speeding their way

    4. with the apparent speeding up of time,

    5. The large animals had started off at a slow gallop, but their speed increased until the coach was speeding along at a fast clip

    6. But let me say this, if you play this stupid game any longer, well they can't be held responsible if another crazy old lady wanders out in front of a speeding car, now can they? Think about it

    7. He tries to remember; speeding tickets, unpaid fines, tax fraud, anything that might shut out the possibility of a name other than his daughter’s being mentioned

    8. Buttworst’s, speeding though the students’ problems with the same velocity as

    9. She’d never been partial to speeding cars – or trucks in this case

    10. For two days he traveled the cosmic infinite, encompassing his spirit in a protective ball of Life-Light, speeding through time and space like a comet

    1. The next thing Nancy knew she was in a super sonic elevator traveling at high speeds

    2. Unperturbed, Ricci cuts across the highway median and peels out, slinging sand and gravel, speeds back in the other direction

    3. Ricci comes in and Ahmed jumps up, speeds to his embrace

    4. John sits on his knees in the dark van, lurches forward as the driver speeds away

    5. The newer ships with their near relativistic speeds and more delicate construction must dodge the interstellar bodies like the veils of snowflakes that nearly disabled the Heavenly Mother

    6. If you could travel at speeds

    7. Flooring the car to speeds

    8. change speeds and throw an occasional off-speed pitch, but there was no need to

    9. Understanding the process speeds it up

    10. the players, there are several different rhythms that cal for different speeds

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    hurrying speed speeding amphetamine pep pill upper fastness swiftness f number focal ratio stop number velocity accelerate quicken speed up hurry travel rapidly zip belt along bucket along cannonball along hasten hie hotfoot pelt along race rush rush along step on it expedite precipitate anticipate quickness rapidity acceleration alacrity celerity dispatch