feast sätze

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Feast sätze (in englisch)

  1. A feast for the eyes.
  2. It was a princely feast.
  3. After a feast, some of.
  4. Be a feast for the gods.
  5. Feast Sabbath in the tomb.

  6. This feast of pure reason.
  7. Oh yes, we will feast soon.
  9. The poor had no damn feast.
  10. Jesus Teaches at the Feast.
  11. A feast! He had to have it.
  13. She goes there on feast days.
  14. Share the feast of yourself!.
  15. Make sure we have a feast.

  16. When had he left the feast?
  17. Parable of the marriage feast.
  19. On the Feast of Stephen…’.
  21. Thinking about the hotel feast.
  22. You, too! Come to feast!.
  23. Regarding The Feast of Trumpets.
  24. It has arrived to join my feast.
  25. This must have been a feast day.

  26. It was a feast! Instead of the.
  27. Meaning… the Evil of the Feast.
  28. They’d feast with mead and beer.
  29. I have prepared the wedding feast.
  30. Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.
  31. There was a big feast in Jerusalem.
  32. The second feast is that of Esther.
  33. A Wedding Feast, just like Philip.
  34. It seemed a feast was coming soon.
  35. Shri Maharaj went around feast in.
  36. Tonight there will be a great feast.
  37. Feast your eyes upon this my friend.
  38. The feast was followed by sleepiness.
  39. A Gujarati feast consisted of every.
  40. Feast, Morta shouted over the din.
  41. We'll hold a feast in great solemnity.
  42. His feast, Michaelmas, is September.
  43. The Feast of Tabernacles celebrates.
  44. The guests are met, the feast is set:.
  45. Blessing of Herbs on the Feast of the.
  47. Feast of the Passover is again at hand.
  48. The rest of her, a feast for his eyes.
  49. This was the feast she had sat down at.
  50. I think we should start with a feast.
  51. He made them a feast, and they ate and.
  52. We have prepared a feast in your honor.
  53. You again? Ser Uthor is at the feast.
  54. Here's a little blurb about feast days.
  55. I’m glad she arranged for the feast.
  56. On the feast of Saint John, Apostle and.
  57. If they had, I would’ve been a feast.
  58. Suddenly John got up and left the feast.
  59. Come and feast and have your needs cease.
  60. That was its feast – utter destruction.
  61. The time for My wedding feast is at hand.
  62. We’ll feast on whatever you guys want;.
  63. It could have been Enkele's wedding feast.
  64. This was going to be a feast for his soul.
  65. With each feast, new memories, new powers.
  66. At no point in time, during the feast did.
  67. To be whole once more, Whimly had to feast.
  68. The end is here, feast, cheat, and be lazy.
  69. Nowhere, not in the feast, not in the cup.
  70. Next came Sukkoth, the Feast of Tabernacles.
  71. Passover: An annual feast of the Israelites.
  72. There was a day between the Feast Sabbath.
  73. August 2 BC, during the Feast of Tabernacle.
  74. I bring an offering – we’ll have a feast.
  75. Levi made a great feast for Him in his house.
  76. Only after that did he start with his feast.
  77. The lions were finished with their red feast.
  78. Mustn't rob the master to feast the cousin.
  79. This was a classic case of feast or famine.
  80. Maybe it is part of the Feast of Trumpets?'.
  81. It was a feast for the spies of the Dark One.
  82. He was part of a ritual The Feast of the.
  83. THERE was a feast that night, a farewell feast.
  84. Today’s feast was just a matter of quantity.
  85. Then a feast of the most delicate dishes was.
  86. At the feast He had introduced them to The.
  87. We have our feast ready, one of them cried.
  88. I rose from this feast starving with heartbreak.
  89. The feast in my honor passed quickly after that.
  90. They would come by the score for such a feast.
  91. Shadows mingled with those present at the feast.
  92. Poopsie and Lardyme had indeed provided a feast.
  93. He was buried the DAY before the Feast Sabbath.
  94. It is the premium and the feast which tempt him.
  95. In my dream, the wedding feast was on the street.
  96. The traditional Blackwell Ball feast was spread.
  97. I have brought you a feast! Cyprian yelled.
  98. At the feast of St Adolphus, when Carlus fell.
  99. Feast Sabbath, and the second day, that same day.
  100. Please come and attend a feast later! As he.
  1. As if they have been feasting.
  2. Now is the feasting of swords.
  3. Flies were feasting on his blood.
  4. The feasting began and the pipers.
  5. Signifying; the Evil of ALL feasting.
  6. Men from their feasting in the White Tower.
  7. He also cannibalised her, feasting on her.
  8. Fasting is feasting upon the things of God.
  9. Well, well! So all this feasting is in your.
  10. The signs of undead feasting were everywhere.
  11. But, henceforth, since through our feasting.
  12. You live in an overpopulated world, feasting.
  13. Humans were like cattle, hers for the feasting.
  14. The feasting people were Wood-elves, of course.
  15. This is its mastery: feasting all without waste.
  16. Well, are they feasting? Have they money?
  17. It almost sounded as if they were feasting on flesh.
  18. Archelaus feasting his friends, so he told him what.
  19. When he finished, Bjorgolf sat down and the feasting.
  20. He was feasting his heart out on Vlad’s cone while.
  21. Only in Tarantia was feasting and wealth and pageantry.
  22. Sadly, he was still alive while they were feasting on.
  23. It may be that my sons have sinned in their feasting.
  24. The first involves hours of speechmaking and feasting.
  25. He began feasting on her nipples and squeezing her behind.
  26. Chin looked up from his feasting bowl with bits of white meat.
  27. Abraham invited the leaders and princes for a week of feasting.
  28. But this wasn’t the time for mating; it was a time for feasting.
  29. The table was set for feasting; it was dressed and made for royalty.
  30. The last we ever hear of about him is that he is feasting with the Son.
  31. Suddenly the music stopped as Damaris announced that the feasting could.
  32. She often checked under the cloth and described to Siv the feasting maggots.
  33. Under the moonlight, besides a huge tree was two horses that were feasting.
  34. Therefore he instantly discovered that among the feasting, there was indeed.
  35. The feasting and storytelling was over, and the crew turned in for the night.
  36. Already, sir, tigers and sharks are feasting, in anticipation, on their prey.
  37. The speeches were followed by more cheers and applause, more music and feasting.
  38. Partying with Duncan could be fun, but a hefty bill usually followed the feasting.
  39. He kept his eyes closed tight and wished for his mother to have a table of feasting.
  40. Don't try to sell me that Valhalla nonsense, about feasting in the sky with the gods.
  41. From under the cape, in darkness, I heard a rumble that sounded like a monster feasting.
  42. He chose to save them for future feasting and ran off to bury them in his peanut graveyard.
  43. Look what happened to the Pilgrims who landed in America: they believed in fasting not feasting.
  44. When people saw our sign, they declared a time of great feasting and celebrated for a fortnight.
  45. They kept this day as a holiday, then and ever after, and spent the time in feasting and dancing.
  46. In true Wescarpian feasting tradition the fangs and claws were still on, but blackened by the fire.
  47. It is a patriarchal society based exclusively upon killing, hunting, feasting and wallowing in ease.
  48. Candy went on, the producer’s eyes feasting on the young girls before him, the pitch was secondary.
  49. After stopping a while, the group was refreshed, feasting on apples, berries, and the clear fresh water.
  50. I ate supper, feasting with appetite on an excellent piece of seal liver whose flavor reminded me of pork.
  51. So, during a night of feasting and boozing, she came into the hall and asked to speak privately to Halfdan.
  52. We spent the day taking part in the dancing, watching the various entertainments, and feasting excessively.
  53. It showed a scene of Dionysus feasting at the right hand of Zeus, the most honored position in His pantheon.
  54. The feasting hall was lively as a skimmer rookery with conversation and the companionable clatter of tableware.
  55. I explained this and Corina agreed that the feasting of the eyes had a priority over the feasting of the palate.
  56. Perhaps the Purple Emperor is feasting, as Morris says, upon a mass of putrid carrion at the base of an oak tree.
  57. This adjutant was also there and sat dozing on the rolled-up bedding, evidently exhausted by work or by feasting.
  58. The insects were feasting on his personification, some eggs must have hatched because things wriggled in his skin.
  59. No wonder, then, that the multitude, when it had finished feasting, rose as one man and shouted, "Make him king!".
  60. Catching their breath they looked about the new room that they had burst into, which appeared to be a feasting hall.
  61. He dreamt of indians, out in the wild, hunting, feasting around a large bonfire, singing, and dancing the night away.
  62. Wars, hunting, feasting, and wallowing in ease, neglecting their own children, being absent from their own families.
  63. And by the time the show of feasting was almost over, Atticos stood up again and moved to the gate in the villa wall.
  64. That day King Xerxes went to the banquet after feasting he again asked her what is your petition queen Esther.
  65. After the beanstalk ride, the children were taken to a feasting table prepared by the giants for the park’s visitors.
  66. Let Justinian be the male, and Feasting, the female! Joy in the depths! Live, O creation! The world is a great diamond.
  67. We passed a field of feasting cows near a small, broken-down house, and then everything grew into dense forest and rock.
  68. Lazing upon divans amidst wealth and feasting, gorging themselves… idly wondering what would happen to them when they died.
  69. The soft-spoken Ben has now changed to a confident matured personality, a loose demon, feasting on the ignorance of the world.
  70. There had been a squirrel – I cannot imagine how that makes me sound…a vampire feasting on the blood of squirrels!.
  71. Above all rose an intolerable stench which seemed heightened by the vultures and wild curs we disturbed from gruesome feasting.
  72. Rounding a corner, a group of lion men raised their bloody heads from feasting only to then growl and launch at her protectors.
  73. I’d buy a roast beef and salad roll and a bottle of ginger beer from the deli in Rose Bay and relax here feasting on my lunch.
  74. Obviously by the clay flagons and tin cutlery this was not the masters’ feasting hall, but perhaps that of the acolytes or guards.
  75. There, one can enjoy the pleasure of feasting on salmon freshly caught from the cold and sometimes frozen waters of Lynn Canal and.
  76. In the small suburban town, the Harvest Festival is a town-wide party, with feasting and music and dancing and pure, unadulterated joy.
  77. Her arm was tired by the time that the procession came back to the broad way that led to the feasting place, but she still smiled sweetly.
  78. The Christian holiday of celebrating the birth of Jesus BACK into a pagan holiday celebrating gluttony and feasting one thousand years ago.
  79. The night before the dawn of the longest day, everyone was feasting and singing and dancing, anxious to greet Ra when the sun rose at dawn.
  80. Soon there will be feasting and merrymaking to celebrate the victory at the Ford of Bruinen, and you will all be there in places of honour.
  81. My feelings infused Nancy’s mind; she became flustered and blushed profusely as Marcus relieved her of the towel and began feasting on her.
  82. But she vowed to get out, and day and night they spent chipping away at the boulders, feasting on the flesh of the vradruuks for nourishment.
  83. Two easy chairs stood side by side at the head of the table, in which sat Beth and her father, feasting modestly on chicken and a little fruit.
  84. Even the thought of the lion feasting on three, small mutilated bodies couldn’t change his feelings when he considered the alternative outcome.
  85. The boy struggled against himself to understand why the blunted bullets rebounded back at him like feasting ants as they peppered his leg and thigh.
  86. There’s something seriously wrong with this world when we can drive by a zombie feasting on a deer on the side of the road and accept it as normal.
  87. The religion of Jesus! A man who lived by the religious principle of poverty and preached poverty: is reversed into glorifying gluttony and feasting.
  88. Much later in the evening, after the feasting is mostly done and the festivities are turning to dancing, Loki eyes are still wandering to the giantess.
  89. It was eight years ago that he sat with his first established girlfriend at one of the tables away from the strawberry crush of young hormonal feasting.
  90. Mrs Gold, myself and four other naked ladies stood around the apartment, sipping from champagne glasses and feasting from platters of delicious finger food.
  91. Slipping past the last few women at the edge of the feasting area, I headed towards where John’s horse was located, figuring that I would find John there.
  92. The holiday gift, the cornucopious table of feasting, invites the thankful to the Table of Thanksgiving: gifting abundantly so that another can gift abundantly.
  93. The plans they drew up were to re-build the battlements, build the feasting hall and construct a tall watchtower over the gate entrance that now stood undefended.
  94. He was once the most worldly of priests, notorious for his gaudy clothes and feasting, but he seems to have interpreted the disaster as a personal message from God.
  95. Able to survive the rupture, momentarily anyways, the child had lived while her newborn creation emerged -- a disease that quickly began feasting on its mother's flesh.
  96. All of the religious groups that fled England and Europe to America did not believe in feasting: they believed in holding the holy days of the Church by not eating anything.
  97. What affect did the Plague have on their life-force? He knew it really didn't matter though, for when the time for answers arrived his only concern would be feasting on flesh.
  98. What says the wisest of men? �It is better to go to the house of mourning than to go to the house of feasting: for that is the end of all men; and the living will lay it to heart.
  99. By now, the villagers were all very familiar with the Settlement, so when they weren’t dancing or feasting they would usually wander over to those places that interested them the most.
  100. There were five virgins on each side of the door, the wise ones feasting at the wedding, and the foolish ones outside, holding their lamps upside down to show that they were empty of oil.
  1. They feasted upon her leaves.
  2. I have feasted when millions starve.
  3. They feasted off his hate of gentiles.
  4. For a long time, but I had feasted well.
  5. Carnage was his forte, and upon it he feasted.
  6. I say, you must have feasted your eyes on them!.
  7. Even those who feasted most preserved a serious air.
  8. He claimed to have feasted on the flesh for several.
  9. They feasted on your heart and sent your soul to hell.
  10. He had feasted on her nipples, and had filled her slowly.
  11. As they feasted one evening, Brandela wondered aloud why.
  12. They feasted on huge chunks of crabmeat and chugged down.
  13. Cynthia and I feasted on a dozen different kinds of fruits.
  14. For an hour Tarzan feasted his eyes upon her while she wrote.
  15. Donovan and Brandela feasted on thick, hot, hearty stew and.
  16. Sam absorbed her beauty as his eyes feasted on every crevice.
  17. When he had feasted his eyes with their nipples, that crowned.
  18. His ego grew into a personal demon that feasted, on attention and.
  19. The undead have feasted off living life-energy for untold millennia.
  20. The three of us feasted on delightful conversation for another two hours.
  21. But we are the ones feasted upon; our minds pickled and hearts exsanguinated.
  22. Every pair of male eyes in the room feasted upon her flexing, gyrating figure.
  23. It was a moment that feasted the eyes of the ashramites and the visitors alike.
  24. The food selection available here was limited but our eyes feasted on the pyramids.
  25. A third type of animal analogous to an earthly raccoon feasted on the human trash heaps.
  26. Moments ago the Plague had feasted upon the last of the elven army but still it craved more.
  27. The basurel’s innards were being feasted upon by the leaf looking bugs and the red worms.
  28. They feasted on mysterious meat that they tore at as it turned on a spit over a roaring fire.
  29. Within a few hours, Akenji and Kerala had been feasted and toasted and presented with well-.
  30. Alone, sitting with his back to the wall as the horde of undead feasted in the streets below.
  31. Imitating the rich aristocrats who had feasted on holy days for thousands of years before them.
  32. For a while it was quiet as we feasted on the food the Black Adders had been stealing from the Magi.
  33. He feasted his eyes on the unsuspecting women of his village, and strained to hear what they were saying.
  34. Yeah, I agree to that, they said as we feasted on Chinese, waiting for what the next day might bring.
  35. The blindfolds had enhanced everything else yesterday but today her eyes feasted on the perfection of his form.
  36. So, all night long, Bella told stories around the gallery kitchen as the crew ate and feasted on the finest meals.
  37. It was a little room with one window, next beyond the large room in which they had danced and feasted so lavishly.
  38. Noah was a people-lover, the sort of bloke who feasted happily on the scraps and detritus of other people’s lives.
  39. They feasted on chicken and lamb biryani served with fresh yoghurt, it was delicious, hot and spicy and very filling.
  40. The weary travellers feasted on stale bread, dried meat strips, last year’s soft crinkly apples, and mugs of foaming ale.
  41. Whenever they had turned up in sufficient numbers, Grunt-mate and her friends had slaughtered them, and feasted on their carcasses.
  42. And she had heard that many other birds who feasted in the fields were also upset, the blackbirds and wild ducks and many migrants.
  43. Elizabeth feasted her eyes on her daughter, and couldn’t wait for Grandma Lucy to finally release her, so she could embrace her, too.
  44. Let us leave them to reign, eat, drink, and be feasted, as priests and sophists of old have before them, so long as they do not deprave men!.
  45. The East was already full of crows, who feasted on crops so voraciously that the settlers had created man-sized flapping dolls called scarecrows.
  46. He feasted on her, taking in the rise of her breasts and measuring the beauty of her long and supple limbs as if he were admiring a fabulous Pieta.
  47. The dead are honoured and feasted, not as the dead, but as the living spirits of loved ones and of guardians who hold the root-wisdom of the tribe.
  48. Mingling their mumblings with his own mastications, thousands on thousands of sharks, swarming round the dead leviathan, smackingly feasted on its fatness.
  49. He’d given her this other for deipnon! But why would he do that? Was he fattening her before he feasted on her flesh, as they’d feared with Polyphemus?
  50. Without him, I probably would have ended up tripping and becoming a snake snack—a rare treat for a creature that typically feasted on rats and creepy-crawlies.
  51. People used to tell, laughing at Mitya, how he had given champagne to grimy-handed peasants, and feasted the village women and girls on sweets and Strasburg pies.
  52. Red Fox’s body had now succumbed to the toxins of the water, and was being feasted on by the mermaid; all that was left on the rocks were traces of blood and bones.
  53. She explained to the rest of the crew that she did not want any more heroes; the sea consisted of tiny creatures that feasted on the bodies of mammals, the human variety.
  54. With considerable foresight she had brought a change of dry clothes and set about changing it, naked as she was, while Robbie feasted his eyes on that wonderful female figure.
  55. The Massagetae were claimed to have sacrificed horses, on which they were heavily dependent, to their sun god; and even to have sacrificed old men and feasted on their grisly flesh.
  56. In the land of Uz, there lived a man, righteous and God-fearing, and he had great wealth, so many camels, so many sheep and asses, and his children feasted, and he loved them very much and prayed for them.
  57. It is fitting that we have feasted before commencing with the more official portion of today’s activities, for this is a time of great contentment, and one is seldom more content than after feasting!.
  58. The remains of the predator now severely lacerated by many smaller teeth, was covered and hovered over by myriad insects as they feasted on and disposed of the larger animal life that had been deprived of its essence.
  59. That night, on going to bed, I forgot to prepare in imagination the Barmecide supper of hot roast potatoes, or white bread and new milk, with which I was wont to amuse my inward cravings: I feasted instead on the spectacle of.
  60. When he had feasted his eyes with the their nipples, that crowned them, the sweetest buds touch and perusal, feasted his lips with kisses of the highest relish, imprinted on those all delicious twin-orbs, he proceeded downwards.
  61. I felt the consecration of its loneliness: my eye feasted on the outline of swell and sweep—on the wild colouring communicated to ridge and dell by moss, by heath-bell, by flower-sprinkled turf, by brilliant bracken, and mellow granite crag.
  62. And sir Leopold sat with them for he bore fast friendship to sir Simon and to this his son young Stephen and for that his languor becalmed him there after longest wanderings insomuch as they feasted him for that time in the honourablest manner.
  63. The giants of Sapan had often feasted on the flesh of the people of my birth and although there were many wars between the two kingdoms, never had the Kingdom of Smirnaz claimed a victory before this last war that had gone on for two years now.
  64. We feasted that evening as on nectar and ambrosia; and not the least delight of the entertainment was the smile of gratification with which our hostess regarded us, as we satisfied our famished appetites on the delicate fare she liberally supplied.
  65. For ten days the hordes of Thark and their wild allies were feasted and entertained, and, then, loaded with costly presents and escorted by ten thousand soldiers of Helium commanded by Mors Kajak, they started on the return journey to their own lands.
  66. So they chose the latter, and while they held them in the detention cell, they thought it good to give them a taste of glory and of misery—and which felicities were showered upon the righteous, the scenes of Dante’s Inferno were the real experiences of the wicked, and the flames feasted upon their miseries with ceaseless thirst.
  67. After taking this oath and supplying the information about the number of people in his family, the buyer’s astonishment would grow increasingly when his eyes feasted on the incredible sight of sacks of Egyptian rice of the best, unspoilt quality; he would not be able to contain his unutterable joy, and at that moment Mohammad Amin and his partners would remind him again of the oath he had taken after they had recognised his honesty.
  68. He was, howe’er, too clever a Fellow to be gull’d by my ravish’d maiden Pantomime; for, unlike so many of the others, he was no foolish Aristocrat, no Strutting Player, no Poet besotted with his own Verses, but a plain young Fellow from Smithfield who had grown to Manhood in the Precincts near Bartholomew Fair, and had feasted his Childhood Eyes upon all Manner of Mountebanks, Merry Andrews, Strolling Players, Acrobats, Rope Dancers, Quacks, Jugglers, Puppets, Huxters, Giants, Dwarfs, Drolls, Jilts, Harlots, and Sharpers.
  69. How Jo did enjoy her `wilderness of boys', and how poor, dear Aunt March would have lamented had she been there to see the sacred precincts of prim, well-ordered Plumfield overrun with Toms, Dicks, and Harrys! There was a sort of poetic justice about it, after all, for the old lady had been the terror of the boys for miles around, and now the exiles feasted freely on forbidden plums, kicked up the gravel with profane boots unreproved, and played cricket in the big field where the irritablècow with a crumpled horn' used to invite rash youths to come and be tossed.
  70. And throne of Moscow, he has feasted here,.
  1. Days before the holiday feasts.
  2. I hate your new moons and feasts.
  3. He even feasts with publicans and sinners.
  4. Know that the Plague feasts upon this world.
  5. One: to save up for their feasts and festivals.
  6. Bard of the "Feasts," and mournful breast,(43).
  7. Bo knew his father hated feasts as much as he did.
  8. His life was a series of feasts and wild debauches.
  9. When the first rich Burghers began holding feasts.
  10. Besides the unfathomable, we will enjoy many Feasts.
  11. I remember feasts, and after, the heads on our gate.
  12. At Christmas there are great feasts in England, too.
  13. Inside that grand, tall house, Saturday feasts happen.
  14. No Mondays for me, no weekends, no feasts, no holidays.
  15. Marriage feasts and other great feasts of the Jews were.
  16. Grow into potatoes and hearty feasts for all the workers.
  17. They love the best places at feasts, the best seats in the.
  18. There are three feasts mentioned in the book of Esther, and the.
  19. Their ghastly feasts were considered a sacrifice to the scaly god.
  20. They loved knowing reasons for the celebrations of different feasts.
  21. The sumptuous feasts he would have; all the Lords forced to attend.
  22. As the feasts were going on, Moses gathered all the Hebrew warriors.
  23. Paul’s converts did not have to travel to Jerusalem for the feasts.
  24. Once a few lowlander became affluent enough to have feasts: they had them.
  25. Marriage feasts and other great feasts of the Jews were usual y held in the.
  26. Feasts of Adonai, we have, for the most part, ignored these holidays in favor.
  27. The old man really knew how to reward his chosen warriors with his fine feasts.
  28. Blind beggars given a special place at banquets and feasts, on behest of the host.
  29. We notice this when we count each day assigned within the seven Feasts to total 20.
  30. Marriage feasts and other great feasts of the Jews were usually held in the evening.
  31. It was the Feast of the New Year, the oldest and most splendid of all the feasts in.
  32. For apparently money does buy happiness, because poverty certainly feasts upon misery.
  33. Taste is the trigger of feasts past, keeper of the narrative story of table remembered.
  34. Leviticus 23:4-8 Then, consider the fifth and sixth steps similar to the next two Feasts.
  35. It was designed for feasts and banquets, but it was rarely used for this type of function.
  36. Tonmar’s honest and healthy, and Chiggeed's a culinary wonder, but he mostly does feasts.
  37. Your new moons and your appointed feasts my soul hates; they have become a burden to me, I.
  38. She used to keep the feasts of Our Lady particularly and used to turn me out of her room then.
  39. He represents a sexual psychopath and a decaying pervert that feasts on women’s gullibility.
  40. White Feathers turned his hand to cooking, encouraged by Mandy to turn simple dishes into feasts.
  41. His practice of holy feasts with his disciples continued but became a somber, more discreet affair.
  42. The fulfillment of these events can be explained once the seven Feasts of God are finally understood.
  43. Once inside she didn't feel like food would be entertaining, though she still enjoyed delicious feasts.
  44. She determined to make this an old-fashioned holiday season, full of fun and feasts and surprise presents.
  45. Princesses," she explained rapidly to Ermengarde and Becky, "always had minstrels to play at their feasts.
  46. Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me! Once this thing feasts on you, you won’t need them, shouted Casey.
  47. It had been a court of justice, a place of wedding feasts, the hall where ambassadors were toasted or murdered.
  48. Sabbaths, and the eves of the new moons, and the new moons and the feasts and solemn days of the house of Israel.
  49. When she comes into the attic I can't spread feasts, but I can tell stories, and not let her know disagreeable things.
  50. During certain feasts that would require offerings and sacrifices, the whole land of Israel would gather toward Jerusalem.
  51. She had seen countless Wedding Feasts go into it when the Family had started tucking into them at her cousins’ weddings.
  52. Look at some video games – you need not check out that many – and you will see more of the feasts I described on daily TV.
  53. Jesus fulfilled the feasts of springtime by becoming the Passover Lamb and then sending the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost.
  54. He used those travels to preach to Judeans living in small villages, practicing his custom of holy feasts and healing the sick.
  55. The God-King was so overjoyed at having human company again after the millennia of solitude, that he held a series of great feasts.
  56. We know the war machine feasts upon money in its quest for more power, and with that power wrests wealth away from the rest of the world.
  57. At one time or another systems of exorbitant overcharge were practiced upon the common people, especially during the great national feasts.
  58. After paying for the Bar Mitzvah for James, Joses, and Judas, the betrothals and wedding feasts for James and Hannah, the money was almost gone.
  59. Yeshua had stopped with a few of his disciples at the house of a man he had earlier cured from leprosies and was conducting one of his ritual feasts.
  60. He was welcomed; and when they sat all at table in Merethrond, the Great Hall of Feasts, he beheld the beauty of the ladies that he saw and was filled with.
  61. Moreover, she is one of those delightful, old-fashioned cooks who don't care a bit if they ruin your digestion as long as they can give you feasts of fat things.
  62. They had race horses, and Russian pancakes and bear hunts and three-horse sledges, and gypsies and drinking feasts, with the Russian accompaniment of broken crockery.
  63. The harp, and the lute, the tabret, the pipe, and wine are in their feasts: but they regard not the work of the Lord, neither have they considered the operation of his hands.
  64. If you all bring the fine flour it is vain; incense is an abomination to me; your new moons and Sabbaths I cannot endure; your fastings and holidays and feasts my soul hates.
  65. Wars between neighboring tribes took place, and to drive the point home, the conquerors held feasts to their dearly departed by roasting and eating the flesh of their enemies.
  66. Adem had been disgusted at the extravagance of the feasts provided to them in their first weeks at Nordhel, and he had insisted that the cooks cater for a much smaller stomach.
  67. Halfdan would sleep in the hall with the fighters, sharing their feasts and endless booze-fests, collecting and saving the scraps of silver that were tossed at him after a good poem.
  68. They saved up their food to celebrate the coming of Jesus and had their own meager, private, selfish feasts of gluttony… This ancient song shows how and why Christmas is what it is today.
  69. He was arrayed in a long garment of costly black cloth, a sort of frock coat, and by the rotundity of his figure he seemed to be one of those accustomed to sit in the chief places at feasts.
  70. Consider the first four steps similar to the first two Feasts that fulfill the phase of Righteousness; these are the Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread that we are now quite familiar-with.
  71. Only in this way can we refrain from being satisfied with the leftovers of somebody else (who feeds us and gives us a minimum security, an alibi) and live not from the feasts of others, but building our own.
  72. Welcome to the world of modern convenience, my previously-rural love! Without such spells, I doubt even the nations of the elves could lay out such feasts as they presented yesterday on such short notice!.
  73. He replied: They are like the punning riddles which are asked at feasts or the children's puzzle about the eunuch aiming at the bat, with what he hit him, as they say in the puzzle, and upon what the bat was sitting.
  74. Therefore, when you entertain at dinner or give a supper, invite not always your friends, your brethren, your kinsmen, or your rich neighbors that they in return may bid you to their feasts, and thus will you be recompensed.
  75. So abundantly had they been favored by heaven they had, instead of being humbled, exalted themselves above measure, until their ambition had grown into habitual rivalry for distinction in high places, and at the feasts and banquets.
  76. I imagine, I said, at the next step in his progress, that there will be feasts and carousals and revellings and courtezans, and all that sort of thing; Love is the lord of the house within him, and orders all the concerns of his soul.
  77. In Athenæus we find 171 the Samian Lynceus sojourning in Athens and commiserated as passing his time listening to the lectures of Theophrastus and seeing the Lenaea and Chytri, in contrast to the lavish Macedonian feasts of his correspondent.
  78. The name of that ancient, evil, beautiful princess still lived the world over in song and legend, though ten thousand years had rolled their cycles since the daughter of Tuthamon had reveled in purple feasts amid the black halls of ancient Luxur.
  79. Hundreds contributed effort to that presentation! In fact, there is a separate listing for them, as well as a listing of those who helped with the decorations and the feasts, and one for those who volunteered with each of the pavilions outside the chapel!.
  80. The people of his island of Rokovoko, it seems, at their wedding feasts express the fragrant water of young cocoanuts into a large stained calabash like a punchbowl; and this punchbowl always forms the great central ornament on the braided mat where the feast is held.
  81. It must be potent wine to make a wood-elf drowsy; but this wine, it would seem, was the heady vintage of the great gardens of Dorwinion, not meant for his soldiers or his servants, but for the king's feasts only, and for smaller bowls, not for the butler's great flagons.
  82. But every lunch and dinner, when everybody else was eating incredible feasts served up on huge buffet tables—shrimp, lobster, prime rib, mountains of desserts, and fine wines from around the world—the two of them went back to their room and ate the cheese and crackers.
  83. With regard to the fourth commandment, concerning the observance of the Sabbath, the catechism inculcates the observance of Sunday, of the thirteen principal feasts, of a number of feasts of less importance, the observance of Lent, and of fasts on Wednesdays and Fridays (pp.
  84. Is there nothing good in the scribes, the Pharisees, or the lawyers?" And Jesus, standing, replied to the lawyer: "You, like the Pharisees, delight in the first places at the feasts and in wearing long robes while you put heavy burdens, grievous to be borne, on men's shoulders.
  85. They then congratulate these dead spirits on the occasion of feasts, such as Al-Khedher (pth), Al-Jaylany, and Ar-Rifa’i (may God have mercy upon them), claiming also that they attend their sessions, and that they take pledges, covenants, secrets, and Godly sciences from them.
  86. Power brokers bankrupting themselves to provide games for the masses, the killing fields of the roman stadia, buying up entire grain harvests to stage wasteful feasts for the entire city… in the hope of getting some popular support from the masses in their bids for Imperial power.
  87. SIN ter CLASS… was the sin of corrupting their once less corrupt class of formerly poor… with the sin of holding extravagant feasts, inside their own lower class… Inside… meaning: ‘to Intern’; meaning to hold inside… SINTER; holding a sin inside… INTER… your own KLAAS… your own class, get it?
  88. It is still the same rulers, the same meetings, and chases, and feasts, and balls, and uniforms, and the same diplomats, and talks about alliances and wars; the same parliaments, in which they still discuss Eastern and African questions, and alliances, and breaches of relations, and Home Rule, and an eight-hour day.
  89. So you might think that the wealthy individuals who paid for the displays and feasts out there are the ones who truly deserve your gratitude, yet they have more than profited from their venture by having the chance to display their wares before such a great crowd, insuring many sales, and by the chance to enter new markets in the future!.
  90. The OAAU was an organization rivaled Thanksgiving feasts, or how we held our elders in focused on the fight for human rights of Afro-Americans and such high regard—the highest in fact, or how arriving on promoting cooperation among Africans and people of African time to an event was never as important as showing up in descent in the Americas.
  91. He points out that while the Pharisees are just and righteous men, honorable judges, true lawgivers and upright in their dealings with men, they love the uppermost seats at feasts and greetings in the market place, and to be called Master, Master; and in comparison with this principle, he says: He that will be great among you let him serve.
  92. And mendicant prophets go to rich men's doors and persuade them that they have a power committed to them by the gods of making an atonement for a man's own or his ancestor's sins by sacrifices or charms, with rejoicings and feasts; and they promise to harm an enemy, whether just or unjust, at a small cost; with magic arts and incantations binding heaven, as they say, to execute their will.
  93. My meaning may be learned from Homer; he, you know, feeds his heroes at their feasts, when they are campaigning, on soldiers' fare; they have no fish, although they are on the shores of the Hellespont, and they are not allowed boiled meats but only roast, which is the food most convenient for soldiers, requiring only that they should light a fire, and not involving the trouble of carrying about pots and pans.
  94. In the part of the country in which I live, dinners have been given, feasts have been held, and the song and toast have passed round in commemoration of the event: and is this House to be insensible, and to leave the President of the United States in ignorance or doubt whether his conduct has or has not received the sanction of their approbation? Or is he to get that information from inofficial sources? I hope not.
  95. And they made a collection of money according to every man's power; And they sent it to Jerusalem to Joakim the priest the son of Helcias the son of Salom and to the priests and to all the people that were found with him in Jerusalem: At the time when he received the vessels of the temple of the Lord which had been taken away out of the temple to return them into the land of Judah the tenth day of the month Sivan the silver vessels which Sedecias the son of Josias King of Judah had made After that Nabuchodonosor the King of Babylon had carried away Jechonias and the princes and all the powerful men and the people of the land from Jerusalem and brought them bound to Babylon; And they said: see we have sent you money buy with it holocausts and frankincense and make meat offerings and offerings for sin at the altar of the Lord our God: And pray you for the life of Nabuchodonosor the King of Babylon and for the life of Balthasar his son that their days may be on earth as the days of Heaven and so that the Lord may give us strength and enlighten our eyes that we may live under the shadow of Nabuchodonosor the King of Babylon and under the shadow of Balthasar his son and may serve them many days and may find favour in their sight; And pray you for us to the Lord our God for we have sinned against the Lord our God and his anger is not turned away from us even to this day; And read you this book which we have sent to you to be read in the temple of the Lord on feasts and proper days; And you shall say: To the Lord our God belongs justice but to us confusion of our face: as it is come to pass at this day to all Judah and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem.
  96. Three of these feasts occur in the springtime,.
  97. We can continue celebrating the Christian feasts and festivals,.

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