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    1. Learn what insects spread what disease

    2. Periodical programmes can be taken up to spread the awareness to the dangers of environment by misuse and wastage

    3. The insects spread tiny wings and began to bite Haques on the arms

    4. One second it was thundering along chasing the sunset in the deepening darkness, the next it was accelerating at thirty-six feet per second per second from under her, its legs spread in all directions and at angles that looked pretty painful

    5. Your lawn will benefit by having a thin layer of aged (at least 6 months old) horse manure spread over it (using a manure spreader), and then watered well

    6. If there is a drought, it is better, rather than sprinkling lightly, to water twice a week, soaking the soil to a minimum of 4 inches, or not at all, for shallow watering causes roots to spread out near the top where they will be baked by the sun, becoming unable to withstand drought

    7. “Your lawn will benefit by having a thin layer of aged horse manure spread over it

    8. His wings spread out so that he glided down toward the water

    9. These folks also learned fast from other cultures, as they were able seaman and traveled around the world, and would see many wonderful things and this knowledge would return to their own lands, where it quickly would spread like fire upon the land

    10. He spread the overcoat out onto the

    1. " She turned and bent over to pick up the quilt, making sure the guy in the boat could see her spreading

    2. Medfly spraying of Malathion or any other chemical is wasted effort and will not affect the real cause of the Medfly spreading in southern Calif

    3. Medfly infestations are spreading throughout the world! Even this is not the real cause of the Medfly problem

    4. With the popularity of Yoga spreading throughout the world, there is also the innate danger of people attempting to teach Yoga without actually being fully trained to use it as a therapeutic tool

    5. It is also spreading among mainstream

    6. It takes some doing to keep them apart, but John manages by hanging onto their collars and spreading his arms wide

    7. satisfied with the territory of just your body, it will go on spreading onto

    8. elders, the church can serve God scripturally by spreading the gospel, by teaching and

    9. Son felt the poison spreading through

    10. I have to say that it is invaluable being able to use this as a base when we are in London – something that is becoming more and more necessary now that the Guild is spreading its influence across Errd

    1. Such a close connection among words spreads through the whole language

    2. A silly grin spreads across his bloodied face and he begins to mumble

    3. Shipping cut comes up the side of the city, and right at the turn the buildings along the canal are small so the view of the whole city from the land side spreads before you

    4. that spreads the world out flat beyond these Luton skies

    5. and reveals the dry rot that spreads within”

    6. She spreads herself

    7. Here the river spreads for miles across the flat land and all but the channel was choked with enthora and lon

    8. The bird gathers itself, spreads its wings and takes off

    9. As word spreads, they will

    10. ‘I’ll try, but if the infection spreads to the blood

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    spread spreading bed cover bed covering bedcover bedspread counterpane cattle farm cattle ranch ranch gap scatter facing pages spread head spreadhead banquet feast paste broadcast circularise circularize circulate diffuse disperse disseminate distribute pass around propagate go around open spread out unfold fan out overspread dispersed outspread stretch scope reach extent expanse measure compass diffusion expansion extension radiation cover cloth preserve jam jelly conserve extend expand widen enlarge stretch out lengthen draw out cast dispose coat smear overlay varnish veneer gild pave emit radiate strew proclaim declare divulge publish disburse