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    1. "There were seven female

    2. "There are twenty of you remaining, only seven were female, you still number less than a thousand even part Brazilian, there is no chance you won't disappear into the general population in another century

    3. Thousands of generations ago, fleeing or fighting in stressful situations was not a good option for a female who was pregnant or taking care of offspring, and women who developed and maintained social alliances were better able to care for offspring in stressful times

    4. “What do you think you’re doing?” a female voice came from the computer as Ackers was typing

    5. A male brain weighs about 12% more than female brain

    6. Male brain has more gray matter while the female brain has more white matter

    7. · The weaker sex (female) is the stronger because of the weakness of the stronger sex (male) for the weaker sex

    8. This allowed the fishing humans to mate with female humans more effectively

    9. ‘I’m sorry to bother you, but is Stephen there?’ a female voice asked

    10. Through the glass of the door, I can see a shape … looks vaguely female, I think

    11. The voice had a soft south Dublin accent, female

    12. rest of the clan, both male and female stared out of their frames with an impenetrable,

    13. There were old and young, male and female

    14. ‘No, he doesn’t have a clue what to do with a crying female, does he?’ I said smiling despite myself

    15. He had one male and three female embryo's frozen aboard

    16. Male and female technicians face each other, making sure that none of either side gets to see the other

    17. Only the male technicians get to know about anything of 3D reality outside the ship, the female technicians are protected and do not, they provide essential services to the female Paradis

    18. Every female body on the male side was a perfect houri, designed to taste, with a personality designed to be pleasant and encourage the man to talk about himself

    19. He wished he could hack thru to the female world and rejoin his partners

    20. He had to go down into the most detailed layer before he found labels that told him this was power to the female section of Paradis, or at least, that section of it that was on the Al-Harron

    21. So OK, we're trying to keep it secret, so there wouldn't be a lot of advertisement about where the female universes were getting their flow of electrons to run their logic with

    22. But Bahkmar did understand that the only power input to the female side of Paradis on Al-Harron would carry, with a drop of thirty percent, eighty three milliamps at best

    23. Male and female universes sharing the veron cores with a slice doubler

    24. There is neither Jew nor Greek; there is neither slave nor free; there is neither male nor female (bold print mine - RR), for you are all one in Christ Jesus

    25. The female tech currently on duty was a blond named Linshere Paundrocop who was probably quite attractive if he could ever see more of her than her eyes and forehead

    26. Generations of the abaya had selected for pretty eyes among the female population

    27. They had often conversed during the fifty year journey, to the point where she was the closest female friend he had ever had except his wives, and maybe a closer friend than Ajeel, his fourth and most distant in age

    28. He began to get concerned as he followed it farther into the female side of the ship

    29. With the codes he was able to retrieve under the guise of a security survey for the real world, he was able to access more and more of the code and schematics of the female side

    30. He couldn't find even a block diagram with the female veron store in it

    31. He knew the four female techs who had to interface with the system for the operation of the ship

    32. He had burst in on someone, someone who was controlling a houri simulating one of the female techs from the female side of the ship

    33. Someone was running the female techs and he didn't know who it was

    34. But instead, he went down the power bus into the female side and followed every single pin

    35. It went only to enough circuitry to provide the instruments on the male side with the inputs they would generate if there really was a female side to the ship

    36. By the time the duty clock said the sabbath was over, Bahkmar had proven to himself beyond all reasonable doubt that there were no real female souls on the ship

    37. He knew it was possible for a technician as astute as the one who ran the simulated female side to ID him from his access to that area

    38. "He wasn't female," Enrico said

    39. Once it seemed like there was nothing to do but watch gauges for awhile, Bahkmar asked, "How do we really know there is a female section to Al-Harron at all

    40. One thing about the identity of this tech that he was sure of at this point, he was the same one who ran the female side

    41. Someone has been attempting to contact the female side

    42. He was stupid to have left it at that level after surprising the one who ran the fake female side

    43. He was long dead by these troubled times, having succumbed to the extremes of AIDS in the mid-eighties, to outraged popular disgust, especially amongst his former female admirers

    44. She was proud of her rich female aroma and raunchy, active libido

    45. Everyone has sexual relationship with the closest neighbor – male or female didn’t matter

    46. When the men wanted to worship this female goddess, they would castrate themselves and then throw their former manliness upon the altar as an offering

    47. She saw there not the girl, but the she-wolf, the alpha female, in her prime, maned and dripping blood from the kill, suckling at pups, standing at the edge of the world baying for the return of her great lunar matriarch

    48. As they emerged the large female dragon looked them over

    49. I started to move and stopped in my tracks, there was another female lying on the ground right in front of me! I hadn’t even seen her

    50. That was a joke! He was an idiot who screwed anything female; for him it was all about the chase

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    female female person distaff feminine delicate womanly effeminate womanlike ladylike gentle soft woman lady girl dame matron hussy broad