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    1. After all, giants did not have the delicate touch of humans when it came to mining and extracting ore

    2. The information which is available to you in this book, is passed along with the understanding that we are always responsible for our actions, we must not upset the balance of our delicate ecosystem, nor endanger ourselves

    3. The farmer of today is beginning to understand the delicate balance of nature for which he is directly responsible

    4. Theo held up his two small, delicate hands to show he was unarmed before reaching into his inside pocket with fingertips to take out his ID

    5. We don't have time for delicate maneuvers, that asteroid might be guided

    6. The newer ships with their near relativistic speeds and more delicate construction must dodge the interstellar bodies like the veils of snowflakes that nearly disabled the Heavenly Mother

    7. breasts with long, delicate fingers

    8. With her thin, delicate fingers

    9. And from inside I caught the smell of cleaning fluids, lunch and the sound of gentle, delicate music

    10. Figurines of geisha girls in delicate kimonos stood with soldiers and angels waiting for the carriage-and-four to take them to heaven

    11. In my arms I'm holding his favourite bouzouki, not the one with the inlaid mother-of-pearl flowers he holds in all his stage photographs, but his most treasured possession, the one he'd had since Piraeus, the delicate one; the undecorated one

    12. And what music! He swaggered through the tunes, stamping his boots on the ground to keep time; from the simple, delicate knees-up beginnings through mad gushing flashes of brilliance before returning to the nursery-rhyme tempo of the start

    13. The feathers round its eyes are beautifully marked with delicate black stripes

    14. And as I moved through the deepening shadows, delicate frescos emerged depicting the life of Christ and covering every centimetre of ceiling and walls

    15. See, there is a delicate

    16. Every Saturday morning he brought fresh flowers up to the manor house and created the most delicate or the most vibrant arrangements, depending on the patterns of the weather and the moods of his employers

    17. Fragrance is what the heart needs to remain young and the sundry, intermittent associations that Tom engaged in were based on the satisfying of dull need rather than on the delicate perfume of hope and future expectations

    18. Its three black masts dominated the bay of Dorini like primed Harpoon missiles locked onto a delicate conservation sanctuary

    19. Little Red Gangsta shouted at the top of her delicate young voice,

    20. The woman in the photo has what I can only describe as a delicate skull cap made up of tiny flowers and leaves which she wears over her perfectly straight hair

    21. It is all very delicate and very pretty

    22. In a delicate movement, Ish shut the bank gate again and locked it

    23. and created the most delicate or the most vibrant arrangements,

    24. Her nails were perfect and the skin of her palms were as soft and delicate as ever they had been

    25. The stained glass fan, cast a delicate pattern on the wooden floor, as the first rays of the lavender sky emerged over the blanketed hills

    26. ‘This is still a delicate matter and requires careful

    27. She was delicate, reserved and mild, not the athletic beauty favored by most of the native girls, though she was a smidgeon taller than Desa

    28. employer took the hint and moved away from the delicate

    29. "Oh my dear," she responded with a chuckle so delicate "You look delightful

    30. She forgot all about the care of delicate fabric, and even the white heels she’d chosen to wear

    31. She was the most delicate little thing

    32. of the former to be of a more nice and delicate nature than that of the latter

    33. The skill of an apothecary is a much nicer and more delicate matter than that of any

    34. Her delicate hands massaged the energy into her skin, making her flesh whole, leaving only a tear and crimson stain on her jacket from where the wounds had once been

    35. A delicate and delicious meal of assorted mini morsels in crisp pastry and sweet nutbreads of various kinds was brought in, with a large pitcher of a sparkling yellow to wash it down with

    36. But though the face was very delicate, on closer inspection she saw a prominent Pear of Hermes in his throat

    37. I guided Izzy to sing her energy into a spun web, which expanded into delicate strands she could pluck and project towards the objects in front of her

    38. I brushed my hood back from my face to reveal the delicate scrollwork and symbol for wisdom that Willow had painted

    39. Harry a delicate girl Unchivalrous, to put the poor girl at her wit’s

    40. She kissed him back when his mouth eventually found its way back to hers, touching, probing with her delicate tongue

    41. But can you imagine if we humans started doing some plastic surgery stuff so we could mimic Bob the Buho’s great abilities for audible fixating! From what I’ve gathered, those delicate medical operations are done for just the opposite reason—to make us more symmetrical and to correct those unsightly, off-balance, or inappropriately shaped features that we were blessed with but are not appreciative of

    42. It’s a delicate issue and we need to approach it with care

    43. He felt it was his duty to have an audience with Helez’s family regarding this delicate matter

    44. And acknowledging the newly strained non-relationship he bore with the Guild, it would have to be a delicate process of extraction

    45. Sarah sauntered in cradling a mug of tea in her delicate hands

    46. She was cradling a hot chocolate in her delicate small hands, ‘What’s up guys? Hey Danny, is he okay?’

    47. What about Rachel? The heart is such a delicate thing

    48. The sky blue of the flax plant looked delicate against the harshness of the hills

    49. “A rather delicate matter has raised its head

    50. He wore the delicate

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    delicate fragile frail ticklish touchy finespun soft mellow fine flimsy slight female tender choice luxurious smooth precious elegant squeamish fault dainty feeble unhealthy critical accurate careful exacting painstaking precise scrupulous demanding fastidious