fence sätze

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Fence sätze (in englisch)

  1. Brie was on the fence.
  2. There was a huge fence.
  3. A barbed wire fence loomed.
  4. I told you to fence it in.
  5. Steve scaled a fence, and.

  6. Pirate pointed at the fence.
  7. The lynx leapt at the fence.
  8. They cleared the fence in.
  9. The more he put the fence.
  10. Behind the fence was a road.
  11. And then the fence was clear.
  12. Fence in all wild rangeland.
  13. With the roses by the fence.
  14. There was a fence for you!.
  15. It moved nearer to the fence.

  16. Don’t climb the fence when.
  17. He looks at the fence corner.
  18. Even the old fence was there.
  19. Her bra remained on the fence.
  20. She jumped over the low fence.
  21. Smith walked over to the fence.
  22. Eight is Cheth which is a Fence.
  23. She landed on the spiked fence.
  24. That was the end of that fence.
  25. Then he climbed over the fence.

  26. And what’s outside the fence.
  27. Well other than the fence and.
  28. Yeah, we came over the fence.
  29. Tom Sawyer whitewashing a fence.
  30. She followed Gary to the fence.
  31. Lean it up agin this 'ere fence.
  32. That was such a pretty fence.
  33. Dunk rode slowly along the fence.
  34. Panin then refastened the fence.
  35. This one was hung up in a fence.
  36. Uncle Hobart lent over the fence.
  37. He put his head through the fence.
  38. That’s where the fence came in.
  39. They had come to the garden fence.
  40. Sandra kicked the fence in temper.
  41. He hung onto the fence as he went.
  42. He came sniffing up to the fence.
  43. Frank sat on the split-rail fence.
  44. He had a high fence dividing our.
  45. It had a seven foot wooden fence.
  46. Only a couple made it to the fence.
  47. They climb one fence, then another.
  48. Ramona sat on the fence behind her.
  49. I carried her back behind the fence.
  50. Forget what the fence is telling you.
  51. They clambered a fence with a sign.
  52. The fence shivered along its length.
  53. The first obstacle was the main fence.
  54. She started to walk towards the fence.
  55. The cat stood up, moving to the fence.
  56. The fence helps keep them out, Lt.
  57. He left out the part about the fence.
  58. My fingers tangle in the plastic fence.
  59. Fred put the shotgun against the fence.
  60. Separate fence around it with a guard.
  61. There must be a bad spot in the fence.
  62. On the graveyard side of the fence I.
  63. He can’t straddle the fence forever.
  64. It had a ten foot fence surrounding it.
  65. A single ewe approached the fence and.
  66. A fence that’s needed but different.
  67. Jo was leaning against her yard's fence.
  68. It backed on to the CN perimeter fence.
  69. Throw the camera over the fence Trevor.
  70. Matt complied, and approached the fence.
  71. The ladders thudded up against the fence.
  72. I was hitting a thousand over the fence.
  73. He was standing on the ruins of a fence.
  74. I need to see what’s outside the fence.
  75. Warily they then walked back to the fence.
  76. There was no metal fence on the property.
  77. She walked all the way to the back fence.
  78. Wildest Africa; Off the Fence Bristol Ltd.
  79. He explored every inch of the fence line.
  80. That he would fence the road off at times.
  81. Then I looked up at the top of the fence.
  82. It is far better sense to rely on a fence.
  83. Trustees outside the fence race for cover.
  84. The gate in the fence stood open, so she.
  85. You run your fingers along a picket fence.
  86. Love is a union without fence or monopoly.
  87. After that, the fence closed everything in.
  88. I stood before the battered blockade fence.
  89. He slammed Locke into the chain link fence.
  90. There was no sign on this stretch of fence.
  91. It had a garden and a fence with shrubbery.
  92. He ran across the road and jumped the fence.
  93. I stopped and grasped the fence and stared.
  94. We leaned nonchalantly on the picket fence.
  95. I jumped up and caught the top of the fence.
  97. Behind the fence there was the open horizon.
  98. Nothing but a fence and a bunch of concrete.
  99. Emily nodded and tied the reins to the fence.
  100. A site surrounded by a fence near Cornville.
  1. The fencing should be of such.
  2. Barbed wire fencing ran along the road.
  3. Three years of fencing club in college.
  4. This is a bit different than fencing.
  5. Is she still fencing? She was really good.
  6. Firstly, we'd need six foot high fencing.
  7. Connect the ends of the fencing wire to Band D.
  8. Other areas were cordoned off with neat fencing.
  9. There’s wood fencing and cars parked against it.
  10. We need to move the fencing and try another way.
  11. That blue Victorian with a lot of chain-link fencing.
  12. Folks, My fencing skills or knowledge weren’t much.
  13. However, at fencing, he had become almost unbeatable.
  14. Yet, still the fencing in, always the farming of women.
  15. Fencing, securing the livestock, guard dog/s, and motion.
  16. The fencing of private lands and faster travel removed the.
  17. This choice has maximized the area for the fencing I bought.
  18. It's my own fencing sword, and I paid a lot of money for it.
  19. But she’s already put on the leather gloves and fencing mask.
  20. He moved in closer and looked over the wire fencing to the wall.
  21. It was worse than I'd imagined - tourism as a front for fencing loot.
  22. As he neared the perimeter fencing next to the highway a convoy of.
  23. I bought sixty feet of fencing and then had to decide on a configuration.
  24. As I mentioned earlier, I had taken up fencing at Cornell my freshman year.
  25. The walkway ended abruptly at a gray brick wall topped by severe iron fencing.
  26. He stayed back as he wasn’t strong enough to move the heavy rolls of fencing.
  27. There wasn’t any use in fencing, so I answered: You mean the ‘Jo-Jo’ song.
  28. Our more affluent houses look like Fort Knox with high walls and electric fencing.
  29. Now Jason was fencing with him, thrust, a question, parry with an unhelpful answer.
  30. Three runs of fencing would enclose it, a cave with an open-air run, right next to.
  31. Would you be so kind as to help me practice my fencing with you in the meantime?
  32. Musab mostly enjoyed fencing and playing chess for recreation, but Siri was no player.
  33. I had stood next to the corral fencing that evening when Eliak had appeared at my side.
  34. Michael thrust the sword with expert precision; as if it were a foil and he were fencing.
  35. Louis stared for a moment at Anne Marie Louise before turning to face his fencing teacher.
  36. At this late date they required his fencing talents in the Dramatic Club’s production of.
  37. I only took the basic fencing lessons that were a standard part of our curriculum at school.
  38. When there is no neighbor, no fencing, how can you feel 'I'? You will be there, but without any ego.
  39. Barbed wire was developed in the 1860s as a cheap way of fencing off large areas of land for farming.
  40. The horses reared and bolted, taking their helpless driver and passengers careening into the fencing.
  41. Their progress down the road to town was naturally retarded considerably for the length of the fencing.
  42. Back behind several rolls of wire fencing was a single door with the word No exit painted in red.
  43. To the right of the driveway were acres of meadows secured by ranch fencing infilled with fine wire mesh.
  44. But would her neighbor even consider fencing his yard? Or keeping the dog inside? Or setting up a dog run? No.
  45. Suzy soon returns with an armload of moss covered branches and drops them down besides the barbed wire fencing.
  46. With a flick of his wrist, Nem could easily spin the blade in his palm from a fencing grip to a stabbing grip.
  47. Situated just a street away, Marraud was crouching behind some heavy fencing as he saw the men enter the bungalow.
  48. He grabbed a broom for a stave and we began fencing, and then Andrei swung himself into my stall and shut the gate.
  49. He also knew that there was an entrance to the grounds where the wood fencing had been pushed in and there was a gap.
  50. Let us imagine two men who have come out to fight a duel with rapiers according to all the rules of the art of fencing.
  51. Maldynado was supposedly leading a fencing practice, though copious amounts of chatter punctuated the clanks of metal.
  52. Again, this is an illustration of flow and security — especially when fencing would look detracting or inappropriate.
  53. The only point that detracted from that was when she told him that she liked to practice combat sports, including fencing.
  54. Clearly, the failure of Stalin’s oppressive policies was made plainly obvious by the act of fencing in the population and.
  55. As far as safety is concerned, pool fencing can be kept discreet by way of trees, foliage and blossoming exotic-style flowers.
  56. I remember we used all the wire fencing at the local hardware store, and a few of the men had to run to town to get some more.
  57. They’d pulled alongside a section of plywood fencing that seemed to run on for miles, blocking whatever was behind it from view.
  58. Later, as a student in Leipzig, I let myself be carried away sufficiently to wound seriously my adversary in one of our fencing bouts.
  59. Michael was conscious that his only experience of combat was fencing, and without his foil he was hopeless, at least he thought he was.
  60. This is US two-sided, poly-headed pedophilia – making youth the ideal, then sexualizing the youth, and then finally fencing them off.
  61. When she met up with Bohdan, she saw Arthur lying on the floor in a pool of blood and an open door surrounded by spools of wire fencing.
  62. Your sword work definitely qualifies as fencing, which is the best method for dealing with foes who aren’t wearing armor, or who are very quick.
  63. They noted the rows of freshly-painted barracks buildings, the mess hall, and the collection of buildings surrounded by their own barbed wire fencing.
  64. So, what did that have to do with a sport? It wasn't until he was translating an Encyclopedia that he discovered fencing meant the same as swording.
  65. A fencing expert? Amaranthe knew little about the sport dueling the warrior caste practiced, except that enlisted soldiers had little respect for it.
  66. Would that I had studied Fencing as I had Horsemanship and Dancing! The Crowd was closing in, shouting Encouragement and already laying Wagers for the Fight.
  67. The person who became my supervisor that summer was none other than my fencing coach, since he had worked in Europe as an inspector for the Michelin Guide Books.
  68. She found him after fifteen minutes of walking through the palace, practicing his sword fencing with his personal weapons trainer, Monsieur Vincent de Saint Ange.
  69. Male: The most successive gold medal wins in Olympic history is six by Aladár Gerevich (Hungary), who was a member of the winning sabre fencing team in 1932–60.
  70. They took their lath swords, dumped their other traps on the ground, struck a fencing attitude, foot to foot, and began a grave, careful combat, two up and two down.
  71. At sixty-one, his physique remained powerful, kept that way by rigorous exercise that included regular fencing bouts with several current members of the Temple Guard.
  72. Far up along the river, the valley broadened, and I could see in the distance fencing and a small herd of cattle huddled up near the only tree standing alone in the valley.
  73. There was so much of it up there, and so little of him down here, where everything was gray: gray paving stones, gray treetrunks, black wrought-iron fencing sooted down to gray.
  74. Lunging fencing style under the raised katana of one of the samurai, she jabbed him under the jaw, making her blade penetrate all the way to the brain and killing the man instantly.
  75. It seemed then to Gandalf, intent, watching him as a man engaged in fencing with a deadly foe, that for the taking of a breath the Messenger was at a loss; yet swiftly he laughed again.
  76. His other friend was Mike Osman, an ex-public school pupil who had become quite a master at fencing and would prance around offering up a challenge to anyone when he wasn’t medicated.
  77. There, not only had someone spent a small fortune fencing in a huge multi-acre pasture area, but to his surprise, they also set up a corral similar to the one at the Sawgrass Horse Ranch.
  78. Money is not required, except where The Law limits access to actual necessities by fencing them off with ownership and enforcing those boundaries with contracts, guns, and those so enslaved.
  79. It was bordered by an old, six foot, redwood fence, and had a chainlink gate that gave me an excellent view of the rear of the house and a detached garage that sat within the perimeter fencing.
  80. A diesel engine roared to life – the boat! They were leaving? And Raul? He looped his fingers in the fencing and pulled himself up, hand over hand, his feet scrambling for a non-existent toehold.
  81. Around the mouths of the old shafts, the earth had been cleared and fencing erected with warning notices but I knew for a fact that there were many such death-traps still to be identified and marked.
  82. Nancy, dressed in a court gown and wearing a set of jewels, didn’t look much like the swordsman type at this time, which was bound to make her real fencing abilities hit the general psyche even more.
  83. Enrolling in the alterate standard physical education class required, I met with another champion in one-on-one sports when I took fencing during what proved to be the short time I survived at Cornell.
  84. It made no difference that Montana had been a cum laude graduate of Yale, a decorated Army Ranger, a municipal police captain cited multiple times for valor during duty, or a former Olympic fencing champion.
  85. Another, even more intricate exchange of passes and parries followed for a good minute, an eternity in professional fencing, with the movement of their blades so quick that one could barely follow them visually.
  86. Then to top it off, I just found out you bought a bunch of farm equipment that I’m expected to use to install a fence – just so you can buy a cow, instead of fencing off a pasture area for Half Pint like you promised we would.
  87. Ben wondered what it would be like to be transported back to Ancient Earth and to competed in one of their fencing tournaments; probably something like a jet versus a biplane, or like Ben squashing a bug under the heel of his boot.
  88. The machines coughed and spluttered, then surged into life, roaring and screeching they ambled forward taking the Clothiers fencing down in one concerted hit, then thudded on through the grass paddocks towards Dort Valley crossroads.
  89. I want the main entrance to be guarded twenty four hours a day, the perimeter will be fortified with barbed wire, there will be secondary fencing within a meter of the first fence and the gap in between will be covered with landmines.
  90. The hallway leading to the secure police-only back parking lot that was surrounded by barbed wire fencing and accessible only through an electronic gate that required a passkey was fairly deserted as the clock approached nine o’clock.
  91. The glass is far too large to fit the window and Stef peers the other side of the piece of glass hoping to see more, he is disappointed as there are only a few weeds searching for sunlight in the gloom cast by the shed and the new fencing.
  92. This helped a lot to gain access to crime scenes, since all South African properties have fencing as high as eight feet, and we frequently needed to either climb over or go through it in order to find out what is happening on the other side.
  93. This same spirit carried him on to join the fencing team which at that time also bore a stigma which he felt was invalid, and he strived to prove that it was a sport that required skill and concentration rivaling any other athletic competition.
  94. Don Quixote begged the fencing licentiate to find him a guide to show him the way to the cave of Montesinos, as he had a great desire to enter it and see with his own eyes if the wonderful tales that were told of it all over the country were true.
  95. He told her that he felt land was a trust, something a man held for a lifetime then passed to his heirs, and that when he improved his land – by weeding fields, fencing sheepfolds or clearing stones from pasture – he was fulfilling his destiny.
  96. The fencing has gone on for some time; suddenly one of the combatants, feeling himself wounded and understanding that the matter is no joke but concerns his life, throws down his rapier, and seizing the first cudgel that comes to hand begins to brandish it.
  97. But realistically, those methods aren’t pertinent to these weapons, Talia noted, Since GrimFang can cut through any enemy’s weapons and armor with the slightest pressure, and is more than light enough to use with the fencing methods, despite its great size.
  98. She told of a Fencing Master who’d taught her how to fence by flicking off her Clothes at Rapier-Point whilst she flickt his as well! Whereupon she announced, in no uncertain Terms, that she’d lost her Virginity at the Age of Nine and ne’er regretted its Loss an Instant.
  99. But this skill and dexterity in the use of their arms could be acquired only, in the same manner as fencing is at present, by practising, not in great bodies, but each man separately, in a particular school, under a particular master, or with his own particular equals and companions.
  100. The fencer who demanded a contest according to the rules of fencing was the French army; his opponent who threw away the rapier and snatched up the cudgel was the Russian people; those who try to explain the matter according to the rules of fencing are the historians who have described the event.
  1. It was fenced with barbwires.
  2. It was a large fenced in house.
  3. The road is fenced on either side.
  4. Fenced from the neighbors I feel 'I'.
  5. Thank God our place was fully fenced.
  6. The castle stood above, fenced all around.
  7. The graveyard was fenced in by a stone wall.
  8. The wood, fenced and dark, lay on their left.
  9. The one with the big lot and the fenced in yard.
  10. The property was only fenced on its eastern side.
  11. There was a large area outside that was fenced off.
  12. One night I accompanied Meonly into her fenced yard.
  13. The walk-in entrance, a simple chicken wire fenced door.
  14. It was smaller than she expected but was neat and fenced.
  15. Rows of white boats bobbed up and down along a fenced dock.
  16. Fenced: Being protected; enclosed with a fence; guarded; fortified.
  17. Outside of the abbey, in a pantechnicon in a fenced off area, the.
  18. Instead was a barren construction site fenced in by high hoardings.
  19. She fenced at his embarrassment and touched him at her convenience.
  20. I've got about three square miles fenced off like this around the house.
  21. I find it more reassuring to have the yak fenced in than the grizzly bear.
  22. The pent waters spread out into a long oval lake, pale Nen Hithoel, fenced.
  23. It was just a corrugated-iron fenced area with a 60 watt light hung over it.
  24. Only being let out for a shower, and an hour in a fenced cage out on the yard.
  25. Our keeps are strong and fenced, and stand on rocks not easy for men to climb.
  26. The sun picked out with faint glistening the neatly fenced with split-oak rails.
  27. Where there is danger of sliding of fire material, the place shall be fenced by.
  28. Kwonowski donned his overcoat and led Colling out into a fenced yard behind the shop.
  29. The boundary is heavily fenced and has barbed wire defenses right along its length.
  30. The house was fenced in high with stained flat pickets, and its gate securely padlocked.
  31. No longer was he in the fenced in area and nothing prevented him from leaving the prison.
  32. Poetry is a wild horse, one that doesn’t want be fenced in by overly-conscious schemes.
  33. They live in caged, barred exclusive compounds: much like animals in a barred fenced zoo.
  34. Drapes of goats' hair hung down outside, and the whole stood in a fenced enclosure 150 ft.
  35. A scaffolding of heavy pine logs surrounded the structure, which was fenced in by deal boards.
  36. They were tired, so they locked me into a fenced paddock with tall wooden walls taller than I.
  37. Running left to right the entire area was fenced in with steel reinforced concrete blast panels.
  38. The whole ranch is fenced and secure plus there are ten thousand head of cattle within the price.
  39. When the self is relinquished, the mind is not fenced in by the self, but is open to the universe.
  40. To this mental estate mapped out a quarter of a century before, to sensibilities thus fenced in, Mr.
  41. Dan’s yard wasn’t fenced, but it didn’t really need to be, not with the way his house was built.
  42. I fenced in about two and a half acres, built her a dog run, shelter for the horses, and a riding arena.
  43. They were set up in the middle of Colorado Boulevard by the community college grounds, which was now fenced in.
  44. There was no answer, so I went around back to her yard that is fenced in for Rocky and curtained with shrubbery.
  45. Fenced crops extended about five hundred yards from the village and quite a few kedas lounged about in the shade.
  46. So far, there was no engagement—she had fenced and played with him beautifully all through the last three months.
  47. She hit the ground disgusted and went to share her story with the rest of the gossiping hens in the fenced in yard.
  48. As soon as they left his high hedges at the east of his fenced lands they turned north and then bore to the north-west.
  49. From tent two, the couple hundred hands multiplied and the barbed wire, fenced in area was like a corral of wild animals.
  50. The yard was fenced, with some kind of superior hurricane wire, interwoven with pink screens, so it wasn’t see-through.
  51. At the end of the fenced corridor, the two pass the tiny crush cage the keepers shove them into when they need medical attention.
  52. The last time I fenced was with my fath- she cut herself off, as though embarrassed that she had said too much, a friend.
  53. We are trading endless dolls for empty boxes, exchanging the Open Table for the fenced yard, when we choose ownership over sharing.
  54. For the puppy's destiny lies at the end of the street, where a massive scar-pitted pitbull is pacing up and down a fenced enclosure.
  55. It had a large shelter, probably made of wood, and a fenced area in front about six times as big, all churned up and pockmarked by heavy feet.
  56. Slung over Op14's shoulder Gerrid was carried unimpeded through walls of the compound towards the fenced perimeter, without any sign of detection.
  57. He was the elected Xerxes of vast herds of wild horses, whose pastures in those days were only fenced by the Rocky Mountains and the Alleghanies.
  58. He walked outside, squinting in the sunlight, searching the fenced playground area, which held two boys on the monkey bars, swinging and howling.
  59. A scenic view is in the distance, a tourist spot where people used to go to see the panorama of the city before they came and fenced part of it in.
  60. Privileges are fenced by license, rights are walled by allegiance to the law, and equality achieved only as mutual combatants in the War against Sharing.
  61. The couple followed her through the house, emerging in a large fenced yard where a handful of guests were already present, along with two Filipino servants.
  62. It had a great hole in the middle of the floor, fenced as with a wall of counters, and down this wide shaft the lifts went, and the light for the bottom storey.
  63. He turned the horse loose in a small fenced pasture behind the house, after unhitching her from the wagon in a shed that seemed to have been made to hold a carriage.
  64. But the Professor was fenced round with safeguards so cunningly devised that, do what I would, it seemed impossible to get evidence which would convict in a court of law.
  65. Each corner was fenced off as a separate inclosure to the extent of several feet, and the one nearest to the door (the smallest of all) was known as Polikey’s corner.
  66. On the other side of the farmhouses were stonewalled fences that held thousands of sheep and goats, a herd of cows, and three large chicken coops fenced off with meshed wire.
  67. The little ones, Janice and Sandy, were placed in a small fenced area with a sand box and large rubber toys while the older boys climbed into the tree house and played on the swing.
  68. A dining area between the kitchen and back patio held an undersized table and chairs for the space, and the back wall was almost all windows, bringing the fenced yard into the house.
  69. This halting station, like all such stations along the Siberian road, was surrounded by a courtyard, fenced in with a palisade of sharp-pointed stakes, and consisted of three one-storied houses.
  70. There were the houses standing each in a small garden fenced around or bordered by a hedge for privacy; the streets were laid out in the way of English streets with shade trees planted along the kerbs.
  71. The warehouse was surrounded by a large fenced lot where maritime containers and old truck trailers gathered dust, while the warehouse itself was a three storey-high building that had seen better days.
  72. We have learned now that we cannot regard this planet as being fenced in and a secure abiding place for Man; we can never anticipate the unseen good or evil that may come upon us suddenly out of space.
  73. Until the aisle cat walk turns into the cattle kill floor – a processed product parading to the fenced in death of being ringed and hung from the blood-splattered rafters of the Master's Mansion Barn.
  74. Its rear courtyard was fenced in by a white wooden palisade surrounding a ground lot of very respectable size that also included two grown trees, while a public playground sat in nearby Fort Scott Park.
  75. Through the glass she could see the little fenced off back garden with what looked like neat rows of low bushes and beyond that, the backs of a row of council houses which hadn't been there on her last visit.
  76. Nor are we to conclude that the heavenly city is literally paved with gold and fenced in with jasper walls and pearly gates, but that it is a splendid and glorious home beyond anything that mortal eye has ever seen.
  77. These, fenced in by hedges, are in the middle of courtyards full of straggling buildings, wine-presses, cart-sheds and distilleries scattered under thick trees, with ladders, poles, or scythes hung on to the branches.
  78. What was so wonderful was that I could come again to a quiet country road, tree-bordered, with fenced fields and cows, could pull up Rocinante beside a lake of clear, clean water and see high overhead the arrows of southing ducks and geese.
  79. Herndon had used a little technology and a bit of money to establish this ranch farther into the chaparral than any other fenced operation, but tried hard not to upset the social or economic fabric of the area by encroaching too much on the open prairie.
  80. Now therefore give me this mountain, whereof the LORD spake in that day; for thou heardest in that day how the Anakims were there, and that the cities were great and fenced: if so be the LORD will be with me, then I shall be able to drive them out, as the LORD said.
  81. It seemed that as soon as they fell asleep they woke up again in exactly the same positions, but now they were on the grass of a fenced pasture, within view of a huge city that was under attack by dragons, and likely by Sylvan as well, though that was impossible to see for certain at this distance.
  82. A man need only make this life-concept his own, in order that the chains which seemed to have fettered him so indissolubly may fall off of themselves, and that he may feel himself quite free, something the way a bird would feel free when it expanded its wings in a place which is fenced in all around.
  83. Somehow or other he pulls on his shirt, fumbling for the sleeves, hastily gets on his trousers, wraps his feet in the rags he uses for stockings, pulls on his boots, hunts for his muffler and cap, tucks his sheepskin coat under his arm, and is escorted to that part of the hall which is fenced off by a bench, where the recruits who have been admitted are placed.
  84. When she arrived at the park gates they were closed and locked for the night but she remembered that there was another means of entering - the place at the far end of the valley where the park was not fenced in, so she had gone there - nearly three miles - only to find that railings had recently been erected and therefore it was no longer possible to get into the park by that way.
  85. On this course nine obstacles had been arranged: the stream, a big and solid barrier five feet high, just before the pavilion, a dry ditch, a ditch full of water, a precipitous slope, an Irish barricade (one of the most difficult obstacles, consisting of a mound fenced with brushwood, beyond which was a ditch out of sight for the horses, so that the horse had to clear both obstacles or might be killed); then two more ditches filled with water, and one dry one; and the end of the race was just facing the pavilion.
  1. Beyond the two fences is.
  2. It had some fences and tents.
  3. Walls and Fences to Frame it all.
  4. Fields with fences and fields without.
  5. The fences we use to contain them have.
  6. Government houses seldom came with fences.
  7. Are there any walls and fences in my life?
  8. Were there fences or was it flat racing?
  9. And but for the sky there are no fences facin'.
  10. Therefore, gates and fences should be escape.
  11. Sanctimonious solemnity fences the table with.
  12. The camp is surrounded by electrified fences.
  13. More permanent wire fences with concrete posts.
  14. Wolves were howling round the fences last winter.
  15. Love does not construct fences, but opens borders.
  16. You can build fences or make new immigration laws.
  17. The place had quickly set up fences surrounding it.
  18. Build fences by the precipice, post signs everywhere.
  19. As a boy in Leningrad I had scaled many such fences.
  20. The fences looked hastily erected, but impenetrable.
  21. After all, these fences were his arteries and veins.
  22. They're just fences, and fences can suddenly be moved.
  23. Note: The Pharaoh hound can jump over fences; hence, a.
  24. Rows of barbed wire and other wooden-lattice type fences.
  25. I climb fences when I got fences to climb, said Tom.
  26. When they were clear of the fences, Emily turned to Exavior.
  27. They’ve got men building fences to keep other men out.
  28. The wild doves flew up from the fences as the truck passed.
  29. Fences, beaten earth, hogs, chickens, and vegetable gardens.
  30. Living in fields wild without fences, I run there with you now.
  31. She said some of the heads of our clansmen hung on other fences.
  32. The fences and gates were new and solid; two fire pumps and a.
  33. The base itself was surrounded by high wire fences, topped with.
  34. There were two barbed wire fences, one on my left, and the other.
  35. There'd be fences and stockyards and all sorts of things to make.
  36. Their tired manifesto of, 'We are against owners, walls and fences.
  37. He was told kranjans will flatten fences the way a landslide will.
  38. Stacey and Sig scrambled over fences and skulked through back yards.
  39. That night we started prowling over the back fences down the street.
  40. When it comes to fences or trees your cat may be the expert at this.
  41. After what happened with Mom, we started putting up perimeter fences.
  42. They erect fences, they cut down trees, they plant domesticated grass.
  43. It could be that fences had decayed along here, that was very possible.
  44. They cruised into the South and saw cowboys leading animals into fences.
  45. I was checking the fences in the bottom field when the commotion started.
  46. He decided to mend fences as best he could given the dire circumstances.
  47. Fields with fences owned and purchased; fields without are life abundant.
  48. He was told these plains are safe for fences because there are no kranjans.
  49. We are in cattle country, and fences protect both the cattle and the cars.
  50. Solid walls and high fences made the building look sterile and unfriendly.
  51. Given time he could manoeuvre much of it over fences and on to the street.
  52. And if you wanted, they could jump you over fences and sidewalks and dogs.
  53. Hardscape is things like fences, rocks, landscaping stones, and fountains.
  54. You might try incorporating plants which climb on walls as well as fences.
  55. Trim houses lined up behind unnatural green rectangles, bounded by fences.
  56. Pencil gray chainlink fences closed off the backyards in our neighborhood.
  57. They must be at least about three feet from the fences and other buildings.
  58. West Wind still blew, but down on the stones behind the fences of the Black.
  59. On the fences the shiny blackbirds with red epaulets clicked their dry call.
  60. Replacing the fences the Yankees had so blithely burned was a long hard task.
  61. Each had its own little yard, surrounded and separated by white picket fences.
  62. Rich people have to live behind bars and fences in order to keep the poor out.
  63. Even scarier, if there were, they certainly weren’t behind barbed wire fences.
  64. In a farm where all the necessary buildings, fences, drains, communications, etc.
  65. There is no shortage of organizations to assist people in building walls and fences.
  66. They may not have moats with crocodiles, but they have gated entries and high fences.
  67. There are no flower boxes hanging on windows, or flower gardens behind picket fences.
  68. Security at home is about more than fences, border patrol agents and a strong military.
  69. Though nothing is as fine as a bench and the sense that scones and fences go together.
  70. Cats drip over the fences and slither like syrup over the ground to look for fish heads.
  71. That was amazing – no fences, no charge, and we were the only people wandering around.
  72. If Frank wanted to mend fences, Peter was going to be at his side with a hammer and nails.
  73. We drive past the fences and stop by the front doors, which are no longer manned by guards.
  74. Watch Mom! Lauren took the first and second fences with the grace of a seasoned rider.
  75. They tore down the fences and burned them to cook with and the barns and the stables and the.
  76. Items such as fences and stone walls bordering certain areas of your backyard can add interest.
  77. But despite my appearance of being a first class farmer, I never did build strong or sound fences.
  78. After a week of practice, my reach easily swept beyond the camp fences to the surrounding desert.
  79. All camps were surrounded by wire fences and sand bags with machine gun posts strategically placed.
  80. In theory, we could walk straight past the open gates into the hundred-foot gap between the fences.
  81. Everything was so choked with vines it was hard to tell where the fences ended and the houses began.
  82. Clusters of white kerchiefs and caps gleamed through the darkness near the houses and by the fences.
  83. I’m going to start with the fences and I’ll throw another chain and padlock on the front gate.
  84. Without ownership, without monetary fences, the deadly energy expense and bootprint waste of the 268.
  85. The side streets were lined with fences, many of which were heavy with the blooms of yoolin and margotty.
  86. The sprays of flowers on the fences and hedges that lined the path seemed dedicated to the grief she felt.
  87. If Talaric was willing to mend fences than I could help the process along and drop some of my own grudges.
  88. When monetized, it is how we purchase each other and erect fences in which time graves itself in isolation.
  89. Despite the fences, the cameras and the odd passing army truck, the place seemed quite empty, deserted even.
  90. As far as he could see, there was no security: no fences, no protection fields that his scanner could detect.
  91. Then they could make straight for the Ferry over country that was open, except for a few ditches and fences.
  92. The fields are grown over with weeds, the farmhouse is falling apart, and the fences are collapsing all around.
  93. He then crossed several gardens climbing their fences before he was parallel to where the men in their cars were.
  94. The relocation camps where nothing less than massive holding pens, surrounded with fences topped with razor wire.
  95. Varying shades of green covered the countryside, the hedges and fences turning the fields into a life-size jigsaw.
  96. I just wonder if mending fences with Sylvia is going to include Mike, because I’m not so sure that I want it to.
  97. As we passed, I noticed that the fences bulged out oddly: They seemed to grow wider and flatten out toward the top.
  98. Dawn rubbed her aching thighs, watching her friend jump the pony over some low fences on the far side of the field.
  99. Cautiously leaving the safety of the fences they roamed out across the lush grass again, heads down as they grazed.
  100. Neighbours on either side had erected high fences in an attempt to pretend his horticultural efforts didn’t exist.

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