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Fence in a sentence

Brie was on the fence.
There was a huge fence.
I told you to fence it in.
A barbed wire fence loomed.
The more he put the fence.
They cleared the fence in.
Pirate pointed at the fence.

Steve scaled a fence, and.
The lynx leapt at the fence.
With the roses by the fence.
Behind the fence was a road.
And then the fence was clear.
Fence in all wild rangeland.
Don’t climb the fence when.
There was a fence for you!.
He looks at the fence corner.
Even the old fence was there.
It moved nearer to the fence.
Her bra remained on the fence.
She jumped over the low fence.
Eight is Cheth which is a Fence.
Well other than the fence and.
She landed on the spiked fence.
She followed Gary to the fence.
Yeah, we came over the fence.
That was the end of that fence.
Smith walked over to the fence.
Tom Sawyer whitewashing a fence.
And what’s outside the fence.
Then he climbed over the fence.
That was such a pretty fence.
This one was hung up in a fence.
Uncle Hobart lent over the fence.
Lean it up agin this 'ere fence.
Dunk rode slowly along the fence.
Panin then refastened the fence.
He hung onto the fence as he went.
He came sniffing up to the fence.
That’s where the fence came in.
Sandra kicked the fence in temper.
The fencing should be of such.
Barbed wire fencing ran along the road.
Three years of fencing club in college.
This is a bit different than fencing.
Firstly, we'd need six foot high fencing.
Is she still fencing? She was really good.
Connect the ends of the fencing wire to Band D.
Other areas were cordoned off with neat fencing.
There’s wood fencing and cars parked against it.
We need to move the fencing and try another way.
That blue Victorian with a lot of chain-link fencing.
However, at fencing, he had become almost unbeatable.
Folks, My fencing skills or knowledge weren’t much.
Yet, still the fencing in, always the farming of women.
Fencing, securing the livestock, guard dog/s, and motion.
The fencing of private lands and faster travel removed the.
This choice has maximized the area for the fencing I bought.
It's my own fencing sword, and I paid a lot of money for it.
But she’s already put on the leather gloves and fencing mask.
He moved in closer and looked over the wire fencing to the wall.
It was worse than I'd imagined - tourism as a front for fencing loot.
As he neared the perimeter fencing next to the highway a convoy of.
I bought sixty feet of fencing and then had to decide on a configuration.
As I mentioned earlier, I had taken up fencing at Cornell my freshman year.
The walkway ended abruptly at a gray brick wall topped by severe iron fencing.
He stayed back as he wasn’t strong enough to move the heavy rolls of fencing.
There wasn’t any use in fencing, so I answered: You mean the ‘Jo-Jo’ song.
Our more affluent houses look like Fort Knox with high walls and electric fencing.
Now Jason was fencing with him, thrust, a question, parry with an unhelpful answer.
Three runs of fencing would enclose it, a cave with an open-air run, right next to.
Would you be so kind as to help me practice my fencing with you in the meantime?
Musab mostly enjoyed fencing and playing chess for recreation, but Siri was no player.
I had stood next to the corral fencing that evening when Eliak had appeared at my side.
Michael thrust the sword with expert precision; as if it were a foil and he were fencing.
Louis stared for a moment at Anne Marie Louise before turning to face his fencing teacher.
At this late date they required his fencing talents in the Dramatic Club’s production of.
I only took the basic fencing lessons that were a standard part of our curriculum at school.
When there is no neighbor, no fencing, how can you feel 'I'? You will be there, but without any ego.
Barbed wire was developed in the 1860s as a cheap way of fencing off large areas of land for farming.
The horses reared and bolted, taking their helpless driver and passengers careening into the fencing.
It was fenced with barbwires.
It was a large fenced in house.
The road is fenced on either side.
Fenced from the neighbors I feel 'I'.
Thank God our place was fully fenced.
The castle stood above, fenced all around.
The wood, fenced and dark, lay on their left.
The graveyard was fenced in by a stone wall.
The one with the big lot and the fenced in yard.
The property was only fenced on its eastern side.
There was a large area outside that was fenced off.
One night I accompanied Meonly into her fenced yard.
The walk-in entrance, a simple chicken wire fenced door.
It was smaller than she expected but was neat and fenced.
Rows of white boats bobbed up and down along a fenced dock.
Outside of the abbey, in a pantechnicon in a fenced off area, the.
Fenced: Being protected; enclosed with a fence; guarded; fortified.
Instead was a barren construction site fenced in by high hoardings.
She fenced at his embarrassment and touched him at her convenience.
I find it more reassuring to have the yak fenced in than the grizzly bear.
I've got about three square miles fenced off like this around the house.
The pent waters spread out into a long oval lake, pale Nen Hithoel, fenced.
It was just a corrugated-iron fenced area with a 60 watt light hung over it.
Only being let out for a shower, and an hour in a fenced cage out on the yard.
Our keeps are strong and fenced, and stand on rocks not easy for men to climb.
The sun picked out with faint glistening the neatly fenced with split-oak rails.
Where there is danger of sliding of fire material, the place shall be fenced by.
Kwonowski donned his overcoat and led Colling out into a fenced yard behind the shop.
The boundary is heavily fenced and has barbed wire defenses right along its length.
No longer was he in the fenced in area and nothing prevented him from leaving the prison.
The house was fenced in high with stained flat pickets, and its gate securely padlocked.
They live in caged, barred exclusive compounds: much like animals in a barred fenced zoo.
Poetry is a wild horse, one that doesn’t want be fenced in by overly-conscious schemes.
Drapes of goats' hair hung down outside, and the whole stood in a fenced enclosure 150 ft.
A scaffolding of heavy pine logs surrounded the structure, which was fenced in by deal boards.
They were tired, so they locked me into a fenced paddock with tall wooden walls taller than I.
Running left to right the entire area was fenced in with steel reinforced concrete blast panels.
When the self is relinquished, the mind is not fenced in by the self, but is open to the universe.
The whole ranch is fenced and secure plus there are ten thousand head of cattle within the price.
To this mental estate mapped out a quarter of a century before, to sensibilities thus fenced in, Mr.
Beyond the two fences is.
It had some fences and tents.
Walls and Fences to Frame it all.
Fields with fences and fields without.
The fences we use to contain them have.
Government houses seldom came with fences.
Are there any walls and fences in my life?
Were there fences or was it flat racing?
Therefore, gates and fences should be escape.
Sanctimonious solemnity fences the table with.
And but for the sky there are no fences facin'.
The camp is surrounded by electrified fences.
More permanent wire fences with concrete posts.
Wolves were howling round the fences last winter.
Love does not construct fences, but opens borders.
The place had quickly set up fences surrounding it.
You can build fences or make new immigration laws.
Build fences by the precipice, post signs everywhere.
After all, these fences were his arteries and veins.
As a boy in Leningrad I had scaled many such fences.
The fences looked hastily erected, but impenetrable.
They're just fences, and fences can suddenly be moved.
Note: The Pharaoh hound can jump over fences; hence, a.
I climb fences when I got fences to climb, said Tom.
Rows of barbed wire and other wooden-lattice type fences.
When they were clear of the fences, Emily turned to Exavior.
The wild doves flew up from the fences as the truck passed.
They’ve got men building fences to keep other men out.
Fences, beaten earth, hogs, chickens, and vegetable gardens.
Living in fields wild without fences, I run there with you now.
The fences and gates were new and solid; two fire pumps and a.
She said some of the heads of our clansmen hung on other fences.
The base itself was surrounded by high wire fences, topped with.
There were two barbed wire fences, one on my left, and the other.
There'd be fences and stockyards and all sorts of things to make.
He was told kranjans will flatten fences the way a landslide will.
Their tired manifesto of, 'We are against owners, walls and fences.
That night we started prowling over the back fences down the street.
Stacey and Sig scrambled over fences and skulked through back yards.
When it comes to fences or trees your cat may be the expert at this.

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