fight sätze

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Fight sätze (in englisch)

  1. He had to fight it.
  2. I had to fight back.
  3. He tried to fight it.
  4. It is time to fight.
  5. We had quite a fight.

  6. The big fight was on.
  7. It was a nasty fight.
  8. They want us to fight.
  9. But you can fight them.
  10. She wasn't in a fight.
  11. He could not fight it.
  12. He would love a fight.
  13. Rada died in the fight.
  14. Evil is easy to fight.
  15. A fight was in progress.

  16. Yes, but why fight it?
  18. Let's go start a fight.
  19. That boy can sure fight.
  20. He left after the fight.
  21. When we fight as those.
  22. It’s out of the fight.
  23. Tell him to fight your.
  24. I turn back to the fight.
  25. The fight got very ugly.

  26. As the fight was going.
  27. I tried to fight him off.
  28. Not much use in a fight.
  29. I guess the fight is over.
  30. What do they fight with?
  31. They would fight one on.
  32. Well we got into a fight.
  33. They still fight over it.
  34. They talked a good fight.
  35. This wasn't even a fight.
  36. That is, without a fight.
  37. I will fight it when it.
  38. The fight for places on.
  39. It would be a fight, soon.
  40. It is my honour to fight.
  41. It wasnt worth the fight.
  42. Freedom fight we have won.
  43. I was giving up the fight.
  44. Life is a fight, my man.
  45. He picked a fight with me.
  46. We can fight them and win.
  47. I think they had a fight.
  48. It should be a fair fight.
  49. He was unable to fight it.
  50. Don’t try to fight it.
  51. But not her zeal to fight.
  52. I wanted to fight for my.
  53. I never started that fight.
  54. But that was a cool fight.
  55. That was before the fight.
  56. I had to fight back, Kate.
  57. He was beginning to fight.
  58. The fight had been brutal.
  59. Our fight is not with.
  60. I started the water fight.
  61. He had nothing to fight for.
  62. The fight in them was gone.
  63. It will be a fair fight.
  64. They’d had a big fight.
  65. I expected more of a fight.
  66. Principal used to fight it.
  67. Is not the way to fight.
  68. He blamed me for the fight.
  69. But they would fight for me.
  70. This is where we fight from.
  71. They loved a good fight too.
  72. But he had to fight for them.
  73. You cannot fight against me.
  74. I already know how to fight.
  75. End your next fight quickly.
  76. You know how to fight with.
  77. Fight or flight, he thought.
  78. She had no fight left in her.
  79. It was a fight to stay awake.
  80. This time I would fight solo.
  81. Did you start the fight?
  82. This coven is ready to fight.
  83. You should've seen him fight.
  84. This could be a longer fight.
  85. The fight would be pointless.
  86. She helps him fight for evil.
  87. The fight was basically over.
  88. I would still win this fight.
  89. The fight was about to begin.
  90. This fight won’t last long.
  91. He can fight this simulation.
  92. Peter tried to fight with Mr.
  93. He has fought the good fight.
  94. Ralph tried to fight them off.
  95. She put up a very good fight.
  96. But it wasn't a fight anymore.
  97. This was a hard fight indeed.
  98. The fight with Brad Friedman.
  99. You fight like a little girl.
  100. Now the fight was out of her.
  1. He had to keep fighting.
  2. We are fighting him now.
  3. But the fighting with Mr.
  4. Now, he was fighting to.
  5. We can't win by fighting.
  6. Now she is fighting back.
  7. They were fighting in a.
  8. There was no fighting it.
  9. He was tired of fighting.
  10. I was fighting her, and.
  11. She was fighting with her.
  12. He's fighting with a girl.
  13. He did most of the fighting.
  14. She was not fighting me now.
  15. Now came the dirty fighting.
  16. Fighting the stupid me ch s.
  17. I was tired of fighting her.
  18. He had his fighting face on.
  19. We have a fighting chance.
  20. He was fighting powers and.
  21. The fighting seemed to stop.
  22. But the fighting was not over.
  23. Save the fighting for later.
  24. Gary was out there, fighting.
  25. Fighting back tears she said.
  26. Courage is not about fighting.
  27. I saw you fighting at Cabra.
  28. Fighting his way through the.
  29. We will all die fighting 134.
  30. The lances were not fighting.
  31. He bit his lip, fighting the.
  32. He wasn’t fighting his best.
  33. Because of the fighting that.
  34. He was also feeling fighting.
  35. Would I die in the fighting?
  36. The time for fighting is over.
  37. We know nothing of fighting.
  38. Diane was not fighting anymore.
  39. After that he gave up fighting.
  40. They were fighting about money.
  41. You gave us a fighting chance.
  42. My body and mind were fighting.
  43. I don't have to keep fighting.
  44. They were fighting over a girl.
  45. I’m not fighting you on this.
  46. Fighting broke out in the ranks.
  47. It's not practical for fighting.
  48. I’m fighting myself over this.
  49. If Thoth had been fighting off.
  50. Promise me you'll keep fighting.
  51. I could see him fighting a smile.
  52. I’m not scared of fighting.
  53. Sharon and Sandra began fighting.
  54. She was tired of fighting with.
  55. The fighting didn’t last long.
  56. He was a fighting and hunting dog.
  57. It’s no use fighting city hall.
  58. Fighting Bob won’t be forgotten.
  59. He sat up a little, fighting to.
  60. Fighting with the mad black queen.
  61. We're not fighting each other Mr.
  62. He was tired of fighting already.
  63. One of their fighting men was a.
  64. It was like two children fighting.
  65. Emily thought about fighting Kyle.
  66. Keep fighting it! Keep fighting!.
  67. Theyll spend more time fighting.
  68. He's not fighting with amateurs!.
  69. It was obvious he was fighting it.
  70. The pawns are fighting each other.
  71. Diamond and I were always fighting.
  72. But he's fighting his own war now.
  73. He was a professional fighting man.
  74. Fighting could start at any moment.
  75. At least he would go down fighting.
  76. Finally, when she took a fighting.
  77. We have the power to keep fighting.
  78. Our fighting enterprise is illegal.
  79. We are fighting on too many fronts.
  80. Below, the men were still fighting.
  81. This is how they had been fighting.
  82. He and Cindy had also been fighting.
  83. He's fighting like I agreed, though.
  84. What was she fighting for? Nothing.
  85. Not that you were fighting back.
  86. He started fighting with someone….
  87. The art of fighting without fighting.
  88. There are things worth fighting for.
  89. Kiera, that was for fighting men.
  90. They start fighting again, neither.
  91. Padraig could hear fighting noises.
  92. He shrivelled inside, fighting sobs.
  93. A brave man fighting a battle he is.
  94. You are all fighting the same battle.
  95. The mole knew nothing about fighting.
  96. Instead of fighting, the wolf whined.
  97. He may have been fighting back tears.
  98. It’s humanity we’re fighting for.
  99. Kipling's vulgar stories of fighting.
  100. I bet it’s fighting over territory.
  1. And yet we fought on.
  2. I … I … fought.
  3. Ash fought down a curse.
  4. They fought a holy war.
  5. The rooms we fought in.
  6. An urge that he fought.
  7. And I bet they fought.
  8. He had not fought there.
  9. She fought for a school.
  10. He fought to stay alive.
  11. I fought a duel for him.
  12. But she fought like hell.
  13. The next day they fought.
  14. I always fought with Raj.
  15. They never fought with me.
  16. There many foes he fought.
  17. I yielded, but she fought.
  18. He fought hard for others.
  19. All summer long he fought.
  20. A noble war well fought.
  21. He hadn’t fought for her.
  22. Maybe you fought with her.
  23. The staff fought the whip.
  24. It was fought for greed;.
  25. Hiro fought back his temper.
  26. I only fought with her more.
  27. I caught her and we fought.
  28. When he had fought with her.
  29. She had fought her bitter.
  30. He never fought without it.
  31. He fought to protect me.
  32. We fought and he staked me.
  33. But you fought in the war.
  34. I hadn’t fought with him.
  35. I fought at sea in Magnesia.
  36. He fought on, thwarting 56.
  37. He fought to control himself.
  38. It was hard fought, but at.
  39. The wizard fought back panic.
  40. The early church fought this.
  41. She fought me tooth and nail.
  42. They fought in the mountains.
  43. Time passed, and Ravan fought.
  44. There was a war to be fought.
  45. Battles had been fought here.
  46. He fought like a small child.
  47. For a long time she fought on.
  48. He has fought the good fight.
  49. If they fought, they’d die.
  50. How had they been fought? He.
  51. You fought because you had to.
  52. Who fought with heart and hand.
  53. Nobody stayed home and fought.
  54. She fought herself to her feet.
  55. We fought about this sometimes.
  56. She had fought hard to save it.
  57. She fought the urge to call him.
  58. They fought like cats and dogs.
  59. Frog fought the morphing force.
  60. That’s the Troll we fought.
  61. He fought to keep his composure.
  62. It was a fought over an excuse.
  63. For they fought with just cause.
  64. You fought in all major battles.
  65. He fought to control his temper.
  66. That’s why the war was fought.
  67. He had fought these things long.
  68. Nobody fought for their country.
  69. Mom and kid may have fought –.
  70. She fought the rampant arachnids.
  71. Lydia fought back another whimper.
  72. They never fought for their land.
  73. Then they fought for their lives.
  74. As I frantically fought off the.
  75. I fought back the urge, to vomit.
  76. And so they fought a duel and Mr.
  77. The blonde woman fought valiantly.
  78. He fought the urge to step closer.
  79. I never once fought for the Iraqis.
  80. The way they fought, all the time.
  81. Michael fought him and killed him.
  82. Cami fought to not grind her teeth.
  83. I fought the urge to wipe my eyes.
  84. My father and mother never fought.
  85. We all fought as hard as we could.
  86. I fought back, biting and grabbing.
  87. She fought down a surging of panic.
  88. I’d have fought it, regardless.
  89. For a few minutes, she fought and.
  90. She fought the fear and the hunger.
  91. I fought in wars when I was twelve.
  92. He fought to control his emotions.
  93. We fought with everything we could.
  94. He had fought, chased, and killed.
  95. Sim fought to keep his parents young.
  96. I've fought, but never with weepons.
  97. He shook his head and fought a smile.
  98. She fought as best she could, even.
  99. The Hawk once fought for his brother.
  100. I have fought with them on occasion.
  1. Beaten down by the fights.
  2. Chill out now no cat fights.
  3. She fights tears as she works.
  4. Fights were a daily occurrence.
  5. She fights, tries to run away.
  6. The worst were the girl fights.
  7. As he fights through the storm.
  8. They had a little pillow fights.
  9. There are no wars and no fights.
  10. He never seems to get in fights.
  11. He loves harmony and hates fights.
  12. What were your fights about?
  13. Nasty fights occur for the alpha.
  14. That is the way our leader fights.
  15. I said that I’d overheard fights.
  16. Boys have mates and fights and stuff.
  17. The man wasn't even into dog fights.
  18. But they do know how our army fights.
  19. She fights the infection like few can.
  20. Don’t start a business that fights.
  21. Fights off foreign invaders in the body.
  22. Simon fights his way amongst the people.
  23. Fights or conflict with family or friends.
  24. Fights with other cats should be avoided.
  25. Don’t drag your fights out, Millicent.
  26. The peon goes home and fights with his wife.
  27. It was not that we did not have our fights.
  28. Who else fights with us, Ser Duncan?
  29. The Sarah-cat NEVER fights and Joseph rarely.
  30. Before nine o’clock five fights had started.
  31. He fights for the poor, the weak, the children.
  32. They’d had fights before, but not like this.
  33. Of all the horrors she had faced- the fights.
  34. So now he picks fights with both cats and dogs.
  35. Arbitan viewed the fights with detached boredom.
  36. Fist fights broke out, and the cops were called.
  37. Shi Chen was looking at the fights with interest.
  38. Jo was playing water balloon fights with Ricky and.
  39. The man too fights and says bad things at his wife.
  40. They had heated arguments and fights in the college.
  41. Any animal fights to protect their home and family.
  42. Think how it is when one of you fights one human.
  43. Now suppose your entire edkar fights the one human.
  44. Her eyes flick open as she fights the end of the day.
  45. In all our fights, I had never touched her in anger.
  46. The result were exciting fights with varying results.
  47. Of course; it is always with friends that one fights.
  48. Gordon Edward fights the lonely battle for his people.
  49. One of the fiercest fights occurred at Chateau-Thierry.
  50. Good God, the fights Celeste had had with her brother.
  51. He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day.
  52. Atot’ain broke up a few more fights and we started off.
  53. He constantly fights to take this world and yours for his.
  54. Animal fights are common and abnormal behaviours such as.
  55. Then the edkar fights another human with the same outcome.
  56. But those fierce fights, when in the dawn of the ages the.
  57. Hammersmith has strength and speed, but Curra fights dirty.
  58. However, everyone on staff feared the girls’ fights more.
  59. He cringed remembering some of the fights he’d had with.
  60. These fights are staged out in the countryside where tribal.
  61. Fights broke out, men pushed and shoved one another, blows.
  62. I’ve heard you also start fights, spread it through blood.
  63. The second warrior is Gravity, and he fights in a similar.
  64. Many of his fights were with a nearby cat called Sylvester.
  65. There's no question that in picking his fights, Stallman has.
  66. As much as he fights against it, her enthusiasm is contagious.
  67. The two battles he had seen were chaotic, fights for survival.
  68. I lost as many fights as I won, so I decided I’d win ’em all.
  69. She turned back toward the fights and waited for them to leave.
  70. Fights were breaking out independently of where Stripehead was.
  71. Zaporavo was the veteran of a thousand fights by sea and by land.
  72. That’s probably why you hear about staged dog fights often but.
  73. It turned into something more serious than street fights, though.
  74. Sam Reyes fights back, but there's no matching Emily's intensity.
  75. I told you about my father and our fights, a horrible tale of woe.
  76. I had terrible fights with Aunt Petranilla when I was that age.
  77. The rooms were cramped and dirty, and there were frequent fights.
  78. They quarreled, picked fights, stomped out of the house in anger.
  79. Leora held her tongue; she knew that some fights weren’t worth it.
  80. Well, a cat is a horrible fights it makes fierce, spiteful noises.
  81. And in the female fights especially, looking good meant everything.
  82. Her arms churn the surface, even as she fights against the current.
  83. There were no particular rules in the fights of the Glen school boys.
  84. Violence, fights, quarrels and wars have never helped us in any form.
  85. Forth from their struggles, trials, fights, to have emerged at all--.
  86. See how a real soldier fights! It'll take all of you and more to.
  87. Sometimes sanitors would get into vicious water fights with the hoses.
  88. Lastman family to sell shoes, and fights had started over this issue.
  89. They’ve been drunk and picking fights ever since we got to Richmond.
  90. There’s more to it than just that, but the fights were part of it.
  91. Ever since Nora joined the class, she‘s stopped getting into fights.
  92. Quarrels and fights between country wenches would be incited forher to.
  93. Rage thoughts produces fights and words such as bastard, son of a bitch.
  94. Killing the elderly was easy compared to some of the fights she’d had.
  95. The world is a structure eveloved to house the flesh in wars and fights.
  96. She didn’t like the fights themselves, but she observed the spectators.
  97. Li Tianming who was a veteran of countless fights knew instantly what his.
  98. Whether they go into the fights or not, those prisoners need disposing of.
  99. The boys’ fights were brutal, but they ended quickly, often with someone.
  100. Weak intellect depends on ifs and street fights generated weaknesses.

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