fold sätze

Wählen Sie eine Sprache aus, und geben Sie dann ein Wort unten um Beispielsätzen für dieses Wort.

Fold sätze (in englisch)

1. And we enter the fold.
2. Fold in the egg whites.
3. This puts a fold in time.
4. Fold half over the pin.
5. Fold over the edges to seal.
6. Fold the egg white mixture.
7. Fold into mixture the 1 cup.

8. Garcia removed the blind fold.
9. Then fold along the vertical.
10. Fold over and serve when set.
11. Maximize Use Above the Fold.
12. When to Hold and When to Fold.
13. Fold along the horizontal line.
14. I fold it up and stuff it in.
15. His face seemed to fold inward.
16. Fold ends of cloth over stones.
17. The hands fold into each other.
19. He also reminded his fold that.
20. Fold in the orange and lemon rind.
21. Fold in peanuts and marshmallows.
22. Two fold assault, said Blue.
23. Fold long sides in about 1/2 inch.
24. Here is where the map should fold.
25. When you're in the Shepherd's fold.
26. Fold them out so the headline shows.
27. Fold pastry into quarters; place in.
28. Fold bottom pastry over the lattice.
29. Gradually fold in the whipped Dream.
30. My heart is expanding a thousand fold.
31. He lays there with his blind fold on.
32. And doesnt it happen a thousand fold.
33. Accept this soul into your fold today.
34. Fold in coriander, onion and chillies.
35. Fold in 2-cups miniature marshmallows.
36. Keith seemed to fold into himself then.
37. Fold and hand back to me with my drink.
38. Fold in half and cut air-vents into it.
39. Then fold in the peanut butter mixture.
40. It was a three fold unveiling - as the.
41. She places the blind fold over his eyes.
42. Fold closed and secure with toothpicks.
43. Come into the fold and you’ll find me.
44. Add walnuts and fold in with big spatula.
45. As soon as it sets, fold over and serve.
46. Remember what we call, ‘above the fold.
47. Some among us have come into your fold.
48. The blind fold, the soft restraints and.
49. You are the one shepherd, of the one fold.
50. Curving curses fold on stretching vocal.
51. That smile again, burning a thousand fold.
52. Fold the chocolate chips into the batter.
53. Drawing up my knees, I fold in on myself.
54. Fold in cracker crumbs, nuts and vanil a.
55. Then fold the $10 into Teenagers left hand.
56. The air seemed to fold and bend around him.
57. You watch what heathens see and you fold.
58. I let the water fold me in its silken arms.
59. Fold your hands with fingers together and.
60. Live an empowered life above the fold.
61. For a calzone, fold the crust over in half.
62. Fold toasted nuts into egg white mixture.
63. Then fold in stiffly beaten egg whites and.
64. It was my job to fold linens for the guests.
65. Fold in marshmallows, cinnamon and nutmeg.
66. Fold into pumpkin mixture, being careful to.
67. Remove from heat and fold in the well-beaten.
68. Fold sugar, salt and pecans into egg whites.
69. Hold out to me but a fold of your mantle—.
70. And proceed to fill my next fold of the future.
71. It’s time to be welcomed back into the fold.
72. A hundred fold as many other worlds--and then.
73. Fold points of dough over filling; tuck under.
74. Fold in nuts, and spread into the prepared pan.
75. Yes the cards are dealt but they too need fold.
76. Traders who know When to Hold and When to Fold.
77. So that I think all Heaven in flower to fold me.
78. I fold the paper and stuff it back in my pocket.
79. Whip cream and fold into the strawberry mixture.
80. He took a fold of Cosette's sleeve and kissed it.
81. Fold the half the disk, so that the cheese, etc.
82. Chinese wheat yields a hundred fold of the seed.
83. All they had ever done was fold the towels once.
84. Who said a company will fold up because managers.
85. Kletsova received Niki and took her blind fold off.
86. Towards a higher goal I fold my bones before the.
87. Once removed, fold the cover in a tent-like fashion.
88. Fold one point back over toes, make slits in front.
89. All ships, emergency stop! Close that fold!.
90. Grаntеd, most реорlе wоn't fold with fоur.
91. Fold pastry into quarters; ease into pie plate and.
92. Add vanilla, half a cup of flour and fold in the nuts.
93. We come into the fold of what God has planned for us.
94. And there remain one more victim in the Vampire fold.
95. My hand upon this gun, I fold the trigger between us.
96. Staying in the fold? said Mary to Father McGuire.
97. Fold in nuts and coat well with the egg white mixture.
98. Fold the egg whites into the cooled chocolate mixture.
99. She would then try to close the space fold on her side.
100. Even the condemned got a cigarette with the blind fold.
1. A vacuum folding on its own.
2. Folding and Storage the Cover.
3. Across the way, a woman folding.
4. Dwy, folding his hands on his desk.
5. Holding another folding stock Kalash.
6. Jesse just started folding up his notes.
7. His folding table and chairs were set up.
8. He looks at Jaden while folding his arms.
9. Convolution is synonymous with folding.
10. Goodwater, Elmira said, folding her arms.
11. Rows of empty folding chairs face a casket.
12. There’s a folding bed in the storeroom.
13. Chance nodded towards her, folding his arms.
14. Shadursky interrogatively, folding his arms.
15. I think she's folding clothes or something.
16. About what? he asked folding his mat.
17. There was a flurry of binder folding and a.
18. Hugo suddenly scrambled onto a folding chair.
19. She was sitting on the couch folding laundry.
20. Alice stopped folding and looked at the woman.
21. Walker took out his Emerson folding knife and.
22. I said, folding the collar neatly along the seam.
23. Writing to mum I answered folding the paper.
24. We were in the gym at tables with folding chairs.
25. She took her dress off, carefully folding it and.
26. Limp as a rug, she collapsed, folding in his arms.
27. Adara sat up, folding her legs underneath her body.
28. A small folding penknife had been left on the floor.
29. Streams of consciousness forever folding & forming.
30. Sesemann rushed up to her, folding her in his arms.
31. Derrington nodded, folding his arms across his chest.
32. He emerged a minute later with a couple of folding.
33. Heidi, folding her hands, began the consoling verses.
34. There, seated on a small, metal folding chair placed.
35. Thomas stood and started folding up his sleeping gear.
36. Jim sat in front of them, folding his legs before him.
37. The sail fluttered down, folding unto itself, sighing.
38. Mrs Houston looked up from her folding of our clothing.
39. April and I sat with two other women on folding chairs.
40. Why? Jess said, folding her arms across her chest.
41. Margolis leaned forward, folding his hands on the table.
42. She threw him in the folding chair and cuffed him to it.
43. I was folding it when Adi came to sit in Sara’s place.
44. The AI version had a shorter barrel and a folding stock.
45. The shepherd's hour: the hour of folding: hour of tryst.
46. At that moment Favourite, folding her arms and throwing.
47. Not really, she said, folding her arms over her chest.
48. Well? he grumped, folding his arms across his chest.
49. Okay, Gould said, folding his arms across his chest.
50. Then he pulled up the folding chair and sat ready to type.
51. Fantastic! he said folding his arms across his chest.
52. Mr Bloom came last folding his paper again into his pocket.
53. The dryer was running, and she was folding a load of lights.
54. This was a military method of folding clothes that an older.
55. You can store it after folding it while you are not using it.
56. He turned away slowly, and, folding his arms, said to her—.
57. He drew a chair close to the fireplace, folding his arms, and.
58. Finished, they sat back on folding chairs around the map table.
59. He had got a scrap of paper and was folding it into a notebook.
60. Folding his hands behind his back, he started to pace the room.
61. Gary, sitting in the gallery on a special folding chair rocked.
62. He tore out the page and ripped off the excess paper, folding.
63. She sat back down on the spare bed and began folding clothes.
64. Seating at an outdoor wedding usually consists of folding chairs.
65. Brent went back to folding his chute, but he continued to watch.
66. The dragon’s neck bent in a bow, his wings folding on his back.
67. It will work from air trapped during all the rolling and folding.
68. Folding his muscular arms, Nathan stared at the half cooked steaks.
69. Tony and Alex sat patiently on the folding chairs as Jesse spoke;.
70. God, I’d swear you’re a child, she said folding her arms.
71. The past, huh? Cloud repeated, folding his arms, tilting his.
72. The crystal gave way folding around the blade securely as it did so.
73. There was a McCall sewing pattern laid out on a small folding table.
74. Some sat on the floor, folding flyers in thirds, then stapling them.
75. At seven o'clock a bell was rung, and then the folding doors of the.
76. Barrow, folding up his eyeglasses and slipping them into his pocket.
77. Tammas bowed to the Catian, folding his hands together out of respect.
78. Joey sighed in relief and Leslie sagged against a folding closet door.
79. The pretty, conflicted woman stopped folding and faced Alice squarely.
80. I found some folding chairs, blankets and a couple of old mattresses.
81. It is this folding concept that makes convolution useful for trading.
82. Roth glared at her for a moment before smiling coldly, folding his arms.
83. Always on the advice of Akim Akimitch, I got myself a folding mattress.
84. As she mounted and started the engine, Orphenn stood aside, folding his.
85. Folding his arms, he leaned against a tree, outwardly calm and unworried.
86. She kept her eyes lowered to the dishtowel she was meticulously folding.
87. Leigh appeared in the doorway just as Jeff was folding his last pair of.
88. In the distance she saw the carnival folding tents and packing the wagons.
89. Folding boats of plywood with rubber joints lay in the water by the dozens.
90. We had this ratty rectangular table at work that had folding legs under it.
91. Giselle stretched her impressive wings before folding them into her plumage.
92. Where to? he asked, folding his lanky frame behind the steering wheel.
93. Walking into the small kitchen area, he saw a folding table set-up near the.
94. Without releasing any hands, he said, stepping back and folding his arms.
95. Thanking Nancy, Farah went to sit at a nearby folding table and started 805.
96. Following Smythe's example, Frank got his folding plow unfolded and assembled.
97. Did you know, says the cop, standing straight and folding his arms, 53.
98. Earned himself another black look, but the big doorman ponied up the folding.
99. Patted his pockets, feeling his folding knife in one, his camera in the other.
100. Mitzi was fond of lounging in a canvas-slung folding chair on our front porch.
1. It was all folded over.
2. Tom folded up the paper.
3. You may be blind folded.
4. Mori had folded his arms.
5. I folded the pamphlet up.
6. He folded his arms and.
7. The paper was not folded.
8. She folded the map and.
9. It folded its wings and.
10. The folded note slid out.
11. The sailor folded his arms.
12. It hid a folded paper note.
13. His hands were folded in.
14. My mother folded her hands.
15. He folded his hands on his.
16. I folded my hands and nodded.
17. His folded arms and serious.
18. He stood with his arms folded.
19. He carefully folded up the map.
20. Toby folded the map and smiled.
21. I saw he had folded the paper.
22. Roy folded like a lead balloon.
23. Faye looked to her folded hands.
24. Joey pouted and folded his arms.
25. I then tore each folded corner.
26. William stopped and folded over.
27. I folded my arms across my chest.
28. The universe folded in on itself.
29. It folded its wings and dropped.
30. His old clothes were folded and.
31. Joey shrugged and folded his arms.
32. Barron nodded and folded his arms.
33. My arms are folded over my chest.
34. Banda handed him the folded shirt.
35. Her arms remained tightly folded.
36. He handed Jed the folded newspaper.
37. The man folded his arms and stared.
38. Murphy folded his arms expectantly.
39. I still had my arms folded and all.
40. Zach stood back and folded his arms.
41. He folded his arms across his chest.
42. Her face folded in the wrong spots.
43. He then mindfully folded his hands.
44. But eventually, I’d folded them.
45. She’d folded her legs up under-.
46. He took it and folded it in his own.
47. Varwo folded his hands on the table.
48. They would be cleaned, folded, and.
49. She folded and dropped on all fours.
50. I folded it up and used it as a bed.
51. Jacob folded his arms over his chest.
52. My father folded his hands to say no.
53. She pouted at him and folded her arms.
54. He folded the pieces tight into his.
55. He folded it and put it in his pocket.
56. He folded her arms across her breast.
57. I told you he folded his hands at me.
58. Between them was a folded smaller one.
59. Ant had folded his long body into a.
60. His folded hands twitched on the hilt.
61. She handed him a folded piece of paper.
62. Immediately his arms folded round her.
63. Ito folded his hands around his teacup.
64. Emory folded his arms across his chest.
65. He folded up his paper and huffed off.
66. He stood with his arms folded, still.
67. Nikki comes in with a folded newspaper.
68. Without an audience the fracas folded.
69. Claude then once again folded his arms.
70. Mori handed him a slip of folded paper.
71. Randy folded the parchment in his hands.
72. Nathan folded his arms across his chest.
73. She folded her head into her arms and.
74. His arms folded around me and mine him.
75. Then Slagg folded his hands on his desk.
76. Donna folded her arms and stared at Gary.
77. He opened his arms and folded me back in.
78. The largaph sat back and folded his arms.
79. Jess stood up and folded back the leaves.
80. She folded up the letter and put it in.
81. Farid pocketed the folded piece of paper.
82. Carl folded his arms in front of himself.
83. I folded up the note and took it with me.
84. I sort of had my arms folded, I remember.
85. Oleon arched his back and folded his arms.
86. Joey folded his arms and scowled at Oleon.
87. Elizabeth looked down at her folded hands.
88. A folded paper fell from Edward's breast.
89. He removed the sunglasses and folded them.
90. Her arms were folded across her chest now.
91. The laundry has been folded and put away.
92. Here, Grace picked up a folded newspaper.
93. He removed a long, folded piece of paper.
94. Between the small hands folded in her lap.
95. Then he folded her hands across her bosom.
96. Abigail had folded her latest note in half.
97. She folded her arms and put her head down.
98. Leaning over, he folded himself around her.
99. Jake folded his hands on the kitchen table.
100. White said, handing over a folded document.
1. In the folds of my mind.
3. Paul angrily folds his arms.
4. He folds his hands together.
5. Molly folds her arms and laughs.
6. His body folds into the pavement.
7. Lyre folds his hands over one knee.
8. She folds her hands in front of her.
9. Raiden folds his arms into his chest.
10. The Purpose of sintering is TWO folds.
11. Mother folds the paper and looks at me.
12. She does not reply, but folds her arms.
13. Clean out the stomach and note the folds.
14. He folds his arms and lets out a long sigh.
15. Akoulína (collects and folds her presents).
16. He unwound several folds of old cloth, and.
17. Londa folds her arms and stares at them all.
18. She picks it up, folds it and hands it to me.
19. I thought I had one up on her until she folds.
20. They were identical other than for the folds.
21. She slipped it quietly into the folds of her.
22. Then deep folds in the ground were discovered.
23. He had used nine folds of his strength on this.
24. I feverishly worked on the folds of his clothes.
25. He stops and folds his arms, his expression amused.
26. Tom drew the folds of the cold bundle to one side.
27. Also her face was puckered into folds of distress.
28. Simon draws his hands up, folds them under his chin.
29. Cass stops him after he folds Miss Avery’s dress.
30. His hood was up, his face hidden in the brown folds.
31. Maggie leans against the worktop and folds her arms.
32. He sets the razor down and folds his hands over mine.
33. The folds of his tattered cape billowed at his back.
34. She made sure that its folds were perfectly arranged.
35. Beneath the folds of his lover’s skin, Elijah sighed.
36. Maria is smirking and folds her arms across her chest.
37. If that old man had used another three folds of vital.
38. Caleb runs up to me and folds me carefully into his arms.
39. Gilbert scowled and his face fell into disconsolate folds.
40. Unks folds the newspaper, and then tucks it under his arm.
41. I will treat you ten folds as nice as you have treated me.
42. The sun had begun to settle into the folds of the western.
43. In the darkness a figure crouched in between the folds of.
44. Robin pulled off his tunic and searched the folds for fleas.
45. Their unnatural folds accumulate sweat, thereby attracting.
46. From the folds of her skirts, she retrieved a small bundle.
47. I eyed the folds of his knuckles, swallowed again, felt the.
48. With a few clicks and folds the frame of the glider, as bent.
49. I watch as Aaron folds his hands, bows his head, and, though.
50. So that’s it! She folds her arms over her bare breasts.
51. It wasn‘t clear which of the vertical folds was the cleavage.
52. Clueless to what is going on, Mark folds his arms and keeps an.
53. He pushed his way out of the cape’s folds and sniffed the air.
54. Dickens eyed the folds of the black cape which hid Poe's hands.
55. April folds her hands and puts them on the table in front of her.
56. He opened his arms and the blanket and pulled her into its folds.
57. Unfolded out of the folds of the woman's brain come al the folds.
58. There is no other pearl to be found in the shadowy folds of life.
59. Dickens eyed the folds of the black cape which hid Poe’s hands.
60. Unfolded out of the folds of the woman man comes unfolded, and is.
61. She angles her body toward us and folds her hands in front of her.
62. Had not Dorothy produced, at this junction, from the folds of her.
63. If the victim and star witness folds, how do you pursue the case?
64. Reaching into the folds of his jacket, he looked at Jacob with no.
65. The edges were worn, the folds nearly torn from excessive handling.
66. Aaron closes his eyes, folds the fingers of his hands together, and.
67. I’m starting to see space and stars baby, under these blind folds.
68. He pulled out his diary and tucked it into the folds of his clothing.
69. He barely raised his head when she stepped out of the cloak’s folds.
70. She could feel his small hands groping through the folds for her legs.
71. Given my pants legs are baggie I’m certain the folds of fabric will.
72. I guess two but she carefully folds fingers of one hand with her other.
73. Max opens the balcony doors and folds an airplane with hotel stationery.
74. At last, the girl tucked the piece of wood back in the folds of her rags.
75. The tickets to the Lord Mayor’s Party lay inside the folds of her purse.
76. Paul noticed how thin he was, and that his trousers were in folds behind.
77. Caramarin knelt, his tongue now exploring her salty tasting fleshy folds.
78. In our modern and fast paced age, its necessity is a thousand folds over.
79. Zhan Donglai was now furious and he used ten folds of his vital strength!.
80. She leaned against the hatrack and buried her face in the folds of a coat.
81. I felt his tongue run along my folds and I grabbed on to the hair of his.
82. The Apsara did as he ordered, shyly patting down the folds of her nightgown.
83. A pulse went wild within her feminine folds, as the sensations intensified.
84. Inside the box was a magnificent ring, sandwiched between soft satin folds.
85. Charlotte got up hastily and brushed the sand out of the folds of her dress.
86. But he pushed the folds of loose silk to one side, and began to explore her.
87. The dagger was still in his hand hiding between the folds of his black robe.
88. It's simple, but handsome, and those folds over the arm are really artistic.
89. They grabbed the folds of the bag and lugged it off the cot and out the door.
90. But to her it was as the comforting folds of a warm blanket on a cold night.
91. His black coat bore the weary folds of a garment that has been up all night.
92. Oh I definitely mean that! Mary shouts as she angrily folds her arms!.
93. Maybe he once loved Melanie? He folds her arms on her waist in a restful pose.
94. The sails were made of slatted canes that could be reefed in horizontal folds.
95. Once there, I removed my clothes and wrapped myself in the folds of the cloak.
96. She goes willingly, folds into his arms, and he presses a kiss to her forehead.
97. She paused, and hid her face in the folds of my gown; but I jerked it forcibly.
98. He looks as if he’s about to speak, debates, folds his arms and says nothing.
99. It was strapless and had several pleats going horizontal, like folds of stripes.
100. She looked down at her dress, spreading its mended folds wide between her hands.

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