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    1. "Don't need it," Herndon said, "these berries melt just as well and taste close enough to it

    2. He was hesitant, he didn't know how close he could get to this ghoulish monstrosity

    3. frame and hang them behind the microwave or on a close wall

    4. Z lives close to here…”

    5. “Christ! One this close to the bar?”

    6. His curiosity had to be satisfied, it was getting loud and close

    7. She and Yorthops had grown remarkably close in these two local years

    8. Micah’s dad would sit Indian-style in his room, leaning in close to the TV

    9. With that Instinct on her side she was safe to dare get as close to him as he allowed

    10. "But what would she want with an iron a year? She was on a nice passenger ship when we met, that voyage was close to copper by the time all was said and done

    11. They were well down into the central parts of the main canals now, close to the Kassikan, though she could not see even a shadow of the pyramid from here

    12. She was dressed for the Nightday chill and held her cup close

    13. close walk with God, know that you not the only one who

    14. Johnny and Ackers were standing beside her, but Nancy couldn’t help thinking that they were all in danger just for being this close to the group, which was currently sparring with a robotic army and, as far as Nancy could tell, each other

    15. They took on another load of fuel in the freezing air, stopped for a couple bowls of fish diddle from a cook with a nice warm fire that she huddled close to, clutching her nightcoat tightly

    16. The blades were very close to Nancy, she could feel the air whoosh by as they passed near her through the spinning arc of the attack pattern

    17. “Did you see how close that came to me?” he asked, but no one was listening

    18. “I’m not kidding, it was really close

    19. They meet fellow-devotees and withdraw from an interest in worldly matters, except those of the family and close relations

    20. Our engagements after retirement lead to interactions with different kinds of persons, such as immediate family members, near relatives, close friends, old acquaintances and new contacts

    21. He could have been close, just waiting for the details from the map

    22. The Operator pulled the Chip back toward himself and held it close, not sure what he was going to do to effectively guard it

    23. He was too close, and they were scrambling all over each other, which helped make their laser rifles practically useless against Big Petey

    24. ‘We were extremely close friends

    25. ‘Like you did with me … little miss innocent …’ he said, glaring at me, his face close to mine

    26. The first stage of counseling is to develop a working relationship, except in the case of close relations

    27. In counseling the close relatives and friends; one is usually spontaneous in giving as well as accepting the advice and to some extent can be insisted upon

    28. When one of the workers got too close, Scar couldn’t help snarling at it to keep its distance

    29. Scar continued to walk toward the throne and the androids continued to close in on him

    30. Low foundation walls that allow close to the earth to wood contact are the main areas to look out for as these are prime conditions for the termites to enter the house

    31. She moved as close to him as the beasts would get and put her hand out to him

    32. Truly, you are a creature close to God

    33. She remembered Alan telling Glenelle how close to nature he felt when he lit a fire, that was when he began to hope that he could survive on this planet

    34. 500 watts is applied to the house thru a funneled device the size of a toaster oven setup on a tripod close to the wall

    35. "They should get close to the fire with us

    36. Disinheriting a close family member? State your reason

    37. That was about as close as it approached while sitting on the ground a few miles from the equator

    38. "Herndon; I've had a geosynchronous out there since 2267, its still operational," Ava in heaven said, "I have all the probes that can pick up its signature in close orbit, no point on the surface will be out of sight for much more than an hour at a time

    39. ’ I suggested, my face close to his

    40. He rocked close enough so that Peter could see his liver spots

    41. You told me that you were really close … what if he couldn’t handle the breakdown of relations between you? If then the marriage/family thing went up the creek, that could have pushed him over the edge

    42. They are passing close enough to the planet to use its gravity, so they will have an excellent opportunity to witness a major impact on a terrestrial planet

    43. Jewish leaders called the speech “a step backward” and were disappointed by the Vatican’s anti-Semitism, believing that this speech will cause some Jews to close dialogue with the Catholic Church

    44. in every stitch the embodiment of everything that he could never be close to in the

    45. Gradually the close horizons of his little working world

    46. The application of the mind, or the paying of close attention to the object chosen for concentration

    47. In it you are so close to God that you don't need to say a thing--it is just great to be together

    48. still-upset Clarisse close to him, gently takes the knife away from her, drops it onto the balcony

    49. For Dan and Jen, the evening was drawing towards its inevitable close and

    50. I shake my head as he rushes into his study … oh Stephen, Stephen, you do wear your heart on your sleeve! Chuckling, I take myself out of earshot … it would be far too tempting to listen in and Stephen didn’t close the study door properly

    1. I don’t want you to explain to them the next time you are having an argument, that they are being defensive, being argumentative and being closed minded

    2. Pick a bird house that allows enough room for the snails to enter, and one that has a lid that can be opened and closed

    3. Henry knocked weakly on the closed door of the conference room

    4. James closed his jaundiced eyes, perhaps for the last time

    5. After that, he closed the blinds and stopped looking out the window

    6. His grip was crushing Brandon's shoulders and the others closed in on him

    7. Senior Citizens who meet a wider cross-section of people are more likely to have healthy relationships than those who move in a closed circle

    8. He closed his eyes and prayed for a quick death

    9. Johnny rushed into his room, shoving the door closed behind him

    10. “I just hope I’ll be able to find it after,” he said to himself as he closed the closet door

    11. ’ He repeated, before turning and letting himself out, yanking the door closed firmly behind him

    12. Ackers closed his fist tightly again, his resolve strengthened

    13. " and he closed the phone and put it away

    14. Zitteraal looks back once more at the comatose patient, John West, lying in bed with his eyes closed

    15. Upon seeing the eyes of the little beast, Topher whipped the door into a closed position, silencing the violent wind, though the child’s greedy finger, writhing like a serpent, burrowed its way into his thoughts

    16. Travis closed his eyes and waited for the pain to begin

    17. "I was informed that the morgue was closed for the night

    18. She nodded and closed her eyes for a

    19. ‘You didn’t notice it this morning when you got in?’ he asked, a closed expression on his face

    20. He closed his eyes and stopped his ears for a moment, but nothing changed when he

    21. jaws closed on his windpipe to crush and splinter his neck

    22. They hadn't spoken to him since the initial investigation was closed

    23. She closed the airlock's doors and found they both still worked on the automatics, though the outer door's mechanism made alarming vibrations

    24. that was just closed for being a

    25. you have closed the way to disease and other curses of this world into my life

    26. " She said as she closed in

    27. His bedroom door is closed giving me no hint of where he might be … oh well, I’ll just have to contain myself in patience

    28. ’ Stephen said, reaching out with one foot to push the door closed behind him

    29. He went cold as he looked into Joshua's face and his vision closed into a dark tunnel

    30. "The man said he was closed, so he's closed

    31. wrought iron runners, closed against the light of real wax candles guttering on stone

    32. ” Jesus closed his life on the cross by

    33. was among those with closed mouths

    34. The external airlock doors closed in his face

    35. He closed that panel before Jaseem entered the room

    36. It was only later, wrapped in permanent night, that I asked the big questions of a closed and brooding door

    37. He closed the door leaving just enough light so that I could see to strip off my old clothes and put on the new

    38. He lost sight of her when the meter-thick radiation shield meant to protect the breaching ship’s bridge closed over the dome and made him feel like a peeping tom

    39. "Jaseem, I took a solemn oath," he said and closed the screen

    40. He comes in and pulls the door closed behind him

    41. Just before they closed the compartment The Kid leaned in and taped over my mouth

    42. After he’s gone, I stand looking at the closed door … I didn’t imagine this, did I? He was actually here … wasn’t he?

    43. I should have jumped up and run around the room once the door closed but I was too exhausted to summon up the energy

    44. Just before he closed the door he spun round and fixed Menachem with a long, hard stare

    45. With that he closed the door and locked us in

    46. Menachem and I nursed each other through the dull, closed days of January, meeting Aban and the increasingly skittish Beniamin at the whim of our guards

    47. After he had driven his black beauty of a car out onto the lane and closed the back gate, she took a tin of something fishy out of the under sink cupboard , sat down in one of her rickety old kitchen chairs, the one next to the gently warming range, and poured herself a thick measure of her favourite Scotch

    48. Kara closed her eyes … she’d been in London … Doris fussing about taxis … then she’d got on the train at Paddington and arrived some hours later exhilarated by her journey, head stuffed with images of this England so different from her own … Taunton, she’d gone to Taunton

    49. She placed her hands on Stu’s eyelids and gently closed them while whispering sweet incantations

    50. She closed her eyes, forcing her memory back … ‘I had lunch at the hotel … yes, that’s right

    1. Daniel opens and closes its mouth against his father’s neck and cries a low, sad moan

    2. The door closes with a finality which makes my eyes prick with tears

    3. Comatose John gives John a big wink, lays his head back down and closes his eyes

    4. He shakes his head in confusion, slowly closes the door

    5. He closes his eyes

    6. John looks at his phone, sees who it is, closes his eyes, sighs

    7. He walks over slowly and closes the window, comes over to John, takes his pulse, makes a notation

    8. Russ closes the binder, waves his hand dismissively

    9. He closes the door

    10. Bolt rattles his head in assent, grins, takes the hose emanating from the hooka, closes his eyes, puts the mouthpiece between his lips and takes a huge drag

    11. She lies back against the sofa cushions and closes her eyes for a moment

    12. He closes his eyes to hash out his inner chaos

    13. Apollo holds it out and closes his eyes filling it with a clear liquid

    14. “After the bakery closes

    15. He closes his eyes for a long moment, pulling himself together

    16. Dexterously, he closes the door with one foot and advances towards me smiling

    17. Together we stand on the rock, he confident – me slightly wary; taking my hand, he closes his eyes and begins a quiet but compelling chant

    18. As the door closes behind them, Alastair reaches across and puts his hand over mine

    19. ’ He closes his file of papers and settles down to have a chat

    20. “Now listen carefully Alexei, when the door closes behind you, stay there

    21. I watch as he closes everything down and packs my new machine into its carry case

    22. It warps thru at least two more dimensions and closes back on itself in layers of common time, as well as branches in time at key events in human history

    23. 'So what's his name, Sarah?' Bill asked as Graham closes the door behind him as he goes off in search of caffeine

    24. cause: it closes the perspective that there are many good things in it

    25. I step into the hall; Dave closes the door behind me and wraps his arms around me

    26. He should see it there … that done, she settles down again, rolling the name round in her head, and closes her eyes

    27. Registering the look on her face, he immediately closes the book and leaps to his feet

    28. Ted closes the door to his bed-sit, puts the key in his bathrobe pocket and slips across the landing linoleum

    29. Billy closes his eyes and swallows

    30. The shorter of the two men screws up his eyes and closes in on the intruder

    31. She turns off the bedside lamp and closes her eyes

    32. She closes her eyes as he bends his head forward and kisses her on the lips

    33. He closes the driver's door gently and hits the remote

    34. As Billy closes in he is vaguely aware of a woman's voice

    35. For a long moment, we look at each other saying with our eyes the things we cannot express any other way in public, then he closes the car door and stands back as I start the car

    36. when the door closes there will be no

    37. The last one in closes the boot

    38. The dark cave closes,

    39. A hand closes down on hers

    40. She doesn’t look up at the sound of the FRONT DOOR as it OPENS then CLOSES

    41. closes the door for it was to be a very private

    42. Arlan closes his eyes and listened again, carefully

    43. She said, “The office is closing”, where upon she laughed and added, “Don’t worry, Security never closes, this is just the Administrative Office

    44. "I've told the doctor about this," said Danielle, "but she closes her ears and tells me it was tested on dogs and rabbits, not chimpanzees

    45. When she closes her legs, no amount of preaching will make her open her legs again

    46. Gladwell closes with the need to change our education

    47. There are several types of Closes, including:

    48. Examples of alternative closes are:

    49. Four touches my shoulder to guide me into the room and closes the door behind me

    50. ” He closes his eyes

    1. They were already out the door, its closing echoed in the public corridor

    2. Rain water harvesting, cleaning of small tanks before rainy season, closing of running taps, not allowing drawing of water directly from mains through electric motor, recycling water for WCs etc are some of the areas where we can generate awareness and guide others to act

    3. On a closing note, there are instances, where the law will hold supreme over and above your will

    4. ’ he said, lying back in the chair and closing his eyes

    5. notion of closing my eyes for an hour during the day still worked after a fashion, but it

    6. With the closing in of the day the air filled with the gentle aromas

    7. I stand at the gates and watch her drive out just after ten, carefully closing them behind her and setting the alarm as Stephen told me to

    8. Closing my eyes, I let loose of the ball in the general direction of the plate, hoping for the best

    9. ’ He said, closing his eyes for a second

    10. ’ She said looking less tense and half closing her eyes

    11. I’ve got eyes on a baker’s dozen closing from mostly your 8 and 2 o’clock

    12. "Is that right?" Bahkmar said, closing his screens and turning to him

    13. Conclusion means the last or closing part of something and in part this is true with

    14. I’m sure he smiled at me before closing and then locking the door

    15. While an already crackling Tipperary settled in position just 2Ks from the point in the vacuum where she would breach space, Jordo zoomed in with his flight helmet and interrogated the closing alien warships one more time

    16. Through it all, as the jars and the jolts and the rolling corners sent jagged sparks circulating through my nerve endings, I groaned and tried to blot the world out by closing my eyes, by willing myself into coma

    17. I heard odd scufflings and the opening and closing of doors, assuming that it was my guards moving about my new and as yet undiscovered home

    18. Stepping into the hall and closing the door behind him, he reaches out and puts his arms around me without saying a word

    19. "Yes?" he replied, quickly closing all the screens he'd had up

    20. I listened dumbly to the sound of receding footsteps and the soft snick of a door closing and being locked

    21. Closing her eyes, fighting against the sharp disinfectant smell of the hospital, she forced herself to picture the interior of the bus … nauseating diesel fumes … a dingy, well used fabric covering the seats, chipped and faded paint on the accoutrements of metal … or was it plastic? She found it hard to tell sometimes … she heard again the chatter and laughter of the young people as they swayed along the aisle towards the door as the vehicle approached the bus stop

    22. She watched as the Inspector left the room, closing the door behind him, and relaxed

    23. The other wolves also began closing in on Son and his horse, anticipating

    24. ’ He commented, closing the door of the machine and setting it going

    25. Closing of the Chapel

    26. with the closing of the hours

    27. Definition fades with the closing in

    28. closing the sun dappled skies,

    29. closing, shutting out the sky,

    30. They went around turning off the gas, and closing up the school

    31. He takes away the tray, deftly closing the door behind him with a quick twist of his foot, and I leap into action … at least that is the intention

    32. After closing prayers, the excited congregation burst into the sunlight and made a dignified dash for the village hall

    33. After his speech there were a few more closing mantras, followed by two

    34. My boss, brave man that he is, comes into my office late in the afternoon, closing the door behind him, he goes straight into the attack,

    35. Death certificates were signed and lodged with the appropriate authorities, funeral arrangements planned and paid for, paperwork sorted and solicitors engaged to deal with the minutiae of closing down a life

    36. In making her offer, which seemed at face value to be a kindness, she knew perfectly well that Ken would go and that he would stay in the pub until closing time

    37. “I was put in a simulation that explains all of it, your signals, Yellelle, the ‘enemy ship’ that was closing with us

    38. For the last few weeks he had shut out the sounds of life, preferring the solitude of personal contemplation to the banality of human contact, but here in the soft tawny light of the lounge bar at the Red Lion those trivial voices broke through on the back of an ethereal sub tone that slowly built up throughout the evening until, towards closing time, Ken realised that he was listening to the same song being played over and over again on the jukebox

    39. Lord Tarak received Queen Naria’s message on the morning he was closing up his Hold and about to leave for the Ohmu Forest

    40. ' I replied, closing my eyes and remembering the look in his eyes across the office this morning

    41. the sled and pulled it into the house closing the door quickly

    42. deal with the minutiae of closing down a life

    43. ’ Dave said, closing the door behind him as he comes into the room, ‘I saw your coat but couldn’t find you

    44. the pub until closing time

    45. their only son, in the closing stages of the War

    46. ‘All done?’ he asked, closing the newspaper and standing up

    47. With that, Bill swept out of the office, closing the door firmly behind him

    48. “I am the one who led the movement for closing the Portal and stopping the hunts, and doing away with Jade Bears

    49. The closing down of the Cascarino Empire means that an end is coming, but Davie has never been quite sure whether his glass is half full or half empty

    50. The forest was closing in, and its thick undergrowth

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    close closing curtain finale finis closing conclusion end ending finish last stopping point close up shut fill up come together close down fold shut down conclude faithful near nigh closelipped closemouthed secretive tightlipped confining tight cheeseparing penny-pinching skinny close-fitting snug airless stuffy unaired closely confined impenetrable cramped restricted dense crowded firm solid immediate near at hand imminent neighbouring impending adjacent oppressive warm congested stifling heavy sweltering breathless reserved close-mouthed reticent silent taciturn miserly mean niggardly parsimonious penurious stingy close-fisted intimate familiar attached confidential trusted devoted physical dear accurate exact lifelike strict precise minute meticulous painstaking assiduous concentrated constant earnest fixed intense intent adjournment termination