forefront sätze

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Forefront sätze (in englisch)

  1. Star at the forefront of my mind.
  2. Dependency on others is forefront.
  3. Cheers at the forefront of wonder and.
  4. The gender issue moves to the forefront of my mind.
  5. The elite of the army were at the forefront on horseback.
  6. The Global-warming debacle put this on the forefront again.
  7. He mobilized at the forefront and endured extreme hardships.
  8. Through all of this a few questions came to the forefront of.
  9. In the next chapter, exercise is going to be at the forefront.
  10. His company was on the forefront of Van Thorn’s potential.
  11. Austin was in the forefront, followed by a large joyous crowd.
  12. In this day and society acceptance, it’s in the forefront.
  13. I assure you that this fact will be at the forefront of our.
  14. Keep sex in the forefront of your relationship will deepen the.
  15. Now thanks to Randy, one burning question stood in the forefront.
  16. Rosa stood at the forefront, with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders.
  17. I shook my head, the thought of Seth coming to the forefront of my mind.
  18. In weighing alternatives, what came to forefront was my need to leave J.
  19. A trend at the forefront of the advertising world today is the use of 360°.
  20. Annie - Oh yes, and your business is at the forefront of modernity, I suppose.
  21. This example brings several issues to the forefront: it shows the relationship.
  22. It is necessary to glance at ourselves with honesty at the forefront, so as we.
  23. The whole village was in attendance, with Olamayiani’s family at the forefront.
  24. It had been easy, being as it was at the forefront of the Lammas Lord’s thoughts.
  25. Victory belongs to those who march in the forefront, those who are strong and steady.
  26. The word sprang into the forefront of his mind and it brought with it an echo of Johan.
  27. The Eastern Lands are headed for war, and the university will be at the forefront of it.
  28. They were there for everything, and almost always from its inception and at the forefront.
  29. Superstring theory, which rose to the forefront of physics during the 1980s, proposed that.
  30. Sometimes, the idea of what to write about is there: right in the forefront, already fully.
  31. Throughout history, avant-garde artistic movements have frequently been at the forefront of.
  32. What are the most significant challenges you face being in the forefront of analytics space?
  33. You will enlist the peasantry to protect the vineyards and secure the forefront of the walls.
  34. You are at the forefront of this movement and you have to make the choices about your own life.
  35. They were in forefront of organizing boycotts against liquor stores and shops selling foreign clothes.
  36. The story is that Mr Hutton had been at the forefront of a massacre backed up by a squad of rogue troopers.
  37. Belfast built ship, ill-fated or not was to forefront of 20th century technology and contemporary engineering.
  38. They were in the forefront of the human force that went into making the vibrant and complex society what it was.
  39. Over the last decade or two, a commodity that has been at the forefront of a number of serious conflicts has been oil.
  40. I strode into the living area as all my survival instincts came to the forefront of needing to know what was going on.
  41. India and China have been at the forefront of this trend, with $30 billion in projects announced in the 20 years ahead.
  42. Into this picture we shall now revisit the Regina bar which had always stayed in the forefront of my childhood memories.
  43. The United States was in the forefront of monitoring the Soviet Union and China to respond more quickly to regional threats.
  44. In these modern times, computer papers in various weights have come to the forefront equally important as the stature of paper.
  45. Even with its initial incarnations on the Dreamcast, the game has already been placing its multi-player feature on the forefront.
  46. Owned by Denmark, this is the world’s largest island and it is at the forefront at concerns over melting ice and climate change.
  47. Critically connected to the blood system, it is located atop the bony spine in man and in the forefront in all other vertebrates.
  48. In his thought, at the forefront so he could neither deny it nor shake it loose, was a vision of Ralph surrounded by fire and pain.
  49. There is something about Simon which disturbs him deeply and he is unable to keep reason at the forefront of his dealings with him.
  50. King David in order to cover up this affair , sent his captain Uriah the Hittite to the forefront of the battle and had him killed.
  51. Maybe the best thing would be to treat him like Bathsheba's husband, except I suspect he's too cagey to go into the forefront of battle.
  52. Whether format or service, EMBA Programs are often on the forefront of innovations that support students as they work toward their goals.
  53. This is where we start to answer the question that ALL traders, investors and speculators have at the forefront of their minds at all times.
  54. Most of the conflicts and wars have been fought in the name of one god or another, and Christianity seemed to be at the forefront of most battles.
  55. Focusing on the other man’s face, he concentrated again, this time more deeply, and found himself skirting the forefront of the Overlord’s mind.
  56. The man was still standing over him, and it was Carl’s posture that brought the threat of physical danger to the forefront of his mind once again.
  57. When he came to his senses, Simon struggled into a sitting position, wiping his face clean, and glanced around the forefront of the stranger’s mind.
  58. The Flying Squads were always at the forefront of action, unlike the typical station policemen, some of whom were gate guards and happy with their lot.
  59. This is because the management and research teams are on the forefront of introducing innovative new products, which are better than the competitors’.
  60. When I think of the handful of great leaders who have left a lifetime imprint upon this institution’s very being, you are in the forefront of that group.
  61. Only one thought was at the forefront of his mind as he rationalized sleeping over for the whole night: his parents would be waiting for him to arrive home.
  62. You will see that peace is not always at the forefront of those who claim to be peaceful and who state they are peace-bound for their soul’s highest good.
  63. He closed the door and before I could protest, his lips captured mine, and although I wanted to resist, it was futile as my love for him came to the forefront.
  64. Their unique standard, fluttering ever so slightly in the movement of air, and always carried at the forefront, had increasingly set them apart from all others.
  65. Instead of their LOW hidden unseen unheard low subconscious presence hiding in the background of your life energy-aura: they spring UP into the FOREFRONT when you die.
  66. Success by him and his team would put Britain firmly at the forefront of the research designed to re-create the power of the sun and the stars, using the same processes.
  67. For any other girl her age, it would be a happy day, but Ailia always felt gloomy this time of year as thoughts of her birth parents surfaced to the forefront of her mind.
  68. INTEL: $39,385 million …the last year has been filled with change, big bets and the continued quest to remain at the forefront of the ceaseless computing revolution….
  69. Unbidden images came to the forefront as he began building his resolve to leap into the river several stories below and embrace the death that would take all of his problems away.
  70. It is perhaps worth noting, and keeping in the forefront of our memories that the left has currently adopted the same stance as this disgraced senator, with oh so much more vigor.
  71. Made no difference! Normal rules did not seem to apply to them for they pulled of victories which no other unit could dream about and were at the forefront of every battle afterwards.
  72. It passed the second Pan Solar League expedition en route, arriving here at least six years sooner, though the Heavenly Mother was launched six years earlier and was at the forefront of starship science.
  73. I diverted the conversation onto lighter things as we polished off the bottle of wine, though her words stayed forefront in my mind as I struggled against the urge to run up the stairs into Gabriel’s arms.
  74. When the men of God that are hiding, are no longer ashamed of their internal struggles and come to the forefront of the battle to fight I believe the Church of God will see something that we have never seen before.
  75. Approximately 17 percent of the world’s electricity is generated by nuclear power at some 440 power plants, and France, which generates around 78 percent of its power from nukes, is at the industry’s forefront.
  76. It should come as no surprise that Miss Jones’s experience at the forefront of integration and social inclusion should provide her with the moral courage and the fortitude to deal with her next hot political potato.
  77. Unfortunately I didn’t black out, but the sliced gash on my forehead profusely bleeding at the forefront took about a total of five seconds to heal over as I tried to watch my non-existent reflection in the mirror.
  78. But the real reason we haven’t jumped up and down and insisted on an investigation is it’s the sort of story newspapers love, and the cops love to give them to prove they’re at the forefront of the fight against crime.
  79. Sure, there could be others, but in order for the Spirit of the Well to return to its rightful place at the forefront of mankind, there must be an easy truce between the warring factions of The Eternal Order of the Time Walker.
  80. The forefront of style among those that could afford it was the advanced surgical procedure that separated the skull into three sections, lifted it away, and put in a net that made all your thoughts available as your user interface to the network.
  81. And he beheld with the sight that was given to him all that had befallen; and when Jomer rode out from the forefront of his battle and stood beside those who lay upon the field, he sighed, and he cast his cloak about him again, and went from the walls.
  82. Often though, Christian organizations and ministries are the ones at the forefront of propagating the expectation in the mind of their respective supporters that sincere believers are --- in the words of the Washington Post --- to be uneducated and easy to command.
  83. E-publishing is now a force to be reckoned with--it has changed the way major NY publishers deal with authors--and we are proud to have been on the forefront of this burgeoning market! NCP currently receives between 25,000 and 45,000 hits to their website every day.
  84. It was nevertheless in the very forefront of the defence with men and money; but the very rumours reached it circuitously—from abroad even, so much was it cut off from the rest of the Republic, not only by natural obstacles, but also by the vicissitudes of the war.
  85. Cases are what many need to bring these topics to the forefront of human existence and consideration, though through these methods there is no scientifically based information, it is up to the receiver of information to allow these thoughts to ring true for themselves.
  86. Yes! Yes! This was true! A great truth! Sulaco was in the forefront, as ever! It was a boastful tumult, the hopefulness inspired by the event of the day breaking out amongst those caballeros of the Campo thinking of their herds, of their lands, of the safety of their families.
  87. By contrast, those who made it through the open door of Reconstruction felt that their faith was being validated; they were leading lodges and churches, some had professional careers, and they were in the forefront of organizations dedicated to black education and black liberation.
  88. For a start, he was now making considerable and quite rapid progress in his research after the recent hiatus, and there was now no doubt the he and his team had repositioned the UK at the very forefront of the work being done internationally into the future development of nuclear fusion.
  89. Nevertheless, badly the priest could be provided with the submission of Tula, who rushed forward at him in a tenacious battle of elbows and words, to be located again in the forefront that was corresponding to him, with the subsequent reply of elbows and words on the part of Father Tobias.
  90. Every secret fear that Madeline had ever had about her own flaws (she was obviously too quick to anger, often too quick to judge, overly interested in clothes, spent far too much money on shoes, thought she was cute and funny when perhaps she was just annoying and tacky) was now at the forefront of her mind.
  91. But over and above all, just then, a new and dominating thought began to occupy the forefront of his conscious mind: He had set out to get honor for himself, and if this could be secured simultaneously with getting even with those who had contributed to the greatest disappointment of his life, all the better.
  92. The Sound Venture saxophone section included Tubby Hayes, an incredible improviser and composer, whose vibraphone instrumental Embers would have been a famous song if it had only had words, and Ronnie Scott, who was at the forefront of the ’50s modern jazz movement, founding the club that still carries his name.
  93. As he stood there in the forefront of this company, there was nothing in his refined and comely exterior to indicate that his real function was to pander to and flatter them; to invest with an air of respectability and rectitude the abominably selfish lives of the gang of swindlers, slave-drivers and petty tyrants who formed the majority of the congregation of the Shining Light Chapel.
  94. Is there some fountain of free will, into which we all dip the cups of our perception? Can we hope to find that elusive concept of intent in this murky field? Can we find the will of the fish, as we would perhaps seek a will o' the wisp on some misty, treacherous marsh? Such things were perhaps not at the forefront of Fishmael's mind as he cursed the fish from the quarterdeck, but perhaps they should have been.
  95. It was interesting the pattern in which they were all situated—Feltus and Harold, who had been part of the search party, along with two witnesses to the proceedings here were in the shadow while the Ashburns, Preacher Cooper, and Elizabeth Bascomb seemed segregated in the light—with Lady Jane seated properly and staunchly by her wheelchair-confined husband at the forefront while the preacher and the clairvoyant brought up the rear.
  96. Still, I have placed him, like Uriah, in the forefront of the battle, while we draw back a little, because he is the caricature of that stocking-broking man-about-town Wall Street has had the honor to create, and because in popular fancy he is seen standing, like Washington, before the doors of the Stock Exchange, with a gold pencil in one hand and a pad in the other, ready to pounce on the pocketbooks of parsons and schoolmistresses.
  97. Being at the forefront of his mind as he fell asleep,.

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