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Forefront in a sentence

Star at the forefront of my mind.
Dependency on others is forefront.
Cheers at the forefront of wonder and.
The gender issue moves to the forefront of my mind.
The elite of the army were at the forefront on horseback.
The Global-warming debacle put this on the forefront again.
He mobilized at the forefront and endured extreme hardships.
His company was on the forefront of Van Thorn’s potential.
Through all of this a few questions came to the forefront of.
In the next chapter, exercise is going to be at the forefront.
In this day and society acceptance, it’s in the forefront.
Austin was in the forefront, followed by a large joyous crowd.
I assure you that this fact will be at the forefront of our.
Keep sex in the forefront of your relationship will deepen the.
Now thanks to Randy, one burning question stood in the forefront.
Rosa stood at the forefront, with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders.
I shook my head, the thought of Seth coming to the forefront of my mind.
In weighing alternatives, what came to forefront was my need to leave J.
A trend at the forefront of the advertising world today is the use of 360°.
Annie - Oh yes, and your business is at the forefront of modernity, I suppose.
It is necessary to glance at ourselves with honesty at the forefront, so as we.
This example brings several issues to the forefront: it shows the relationship.
The whole village was in attendance, with Olamayiani’s family at the forefront.
It had been easy, being as it was at the forefront of the Lammas Lord’s thoughts.
Victory belongs to those who march in the forefront, those who are strong and steady.
The word sprang into the forefront of his mind and it brought with it an echo of Johan.
The Eastern Lands are headed for war, and the university will be at the forefront of it.
They were there for everything, and almost always from its inception and at the forefront.
Sometimes, the idea of what to write about is there: right in the forefront, already fully.
Superstring theory, which rose to the forefront of physics during the 1980s, proposed that.
Throughout history, avant-garde artistic movements have frequently been at the forefront of.
What are the most significant challenges you face being in the forefront of analytics space?
You will enlist the peasantry to protect the vineyards and secure the forefront of the walls.
You are at the forefront of this movement and you have to make the choices about your own life.
They were in forefront of organizing boycotts against liquor stores and shops selling foreign clothes.
The story is that Mr Hutton had been at the forefront of a massacre backed up by a squad of rogue troopers.
Belfast built ship, ill-fated or not was to forefront of 20th century technology and contemporary engineering.
They were in the forefront of the human force that went into making the vibrant and complex society what it was.
Over the last decade or two, a commodity that has been at the forefront of a number of serious conflicts has been oil.
I strode into the living area as all my survival instincts came to the forefront of needing to know what was going on.

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