former sätze

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Former sätze (in englisch)

The former had to be.
I hope its the former.
The former is not 127.
By a former marriage, Mr.
On a former occasion, Mr.
Luke was a former general.
I prefer the former term.

Jeff hoped for the former.
It was a former employee.
Of thy former lady's eye;.
In former days, Joe would.
Hopefully it was the former.
He hoped it was the former.
The former rich man again.
Shatov is a former student.
As she gazed on her former.
His wife Beverly, a former.
Midway Island, the former U.
I have to finish the former:.
He was also my former leader.
The former estate of Count I.
Chances are, it's the former.
In regards to the former, Dr.
As to the former, they said.
At length, the former spoke:.
For the former, one needs to.
The former watched him keenly.
These two their former owners.
Howard Hunt, a former CIA man.
Former Chief Justice of the U.
Both the former and the latter.
In former years thus did not I.
Delighted much his former ways.
The former transpires, but the.
The former circles with disgust.
He's haunted by his former life.
Travis looked at his former wife.
The former stood up in disbelief.
Aneal Basi, a former government.
Caleb was a member of the former.

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