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    1. Jorma was somewhat taken aback to find that Venna and Herndon were former lovers

    2. Were he a native he would have caressed her bottom also, she had not yet met one who wouldn't if they were a former lover or even applying to be a lover

    3. My will power in firm control, I had debated whether a long bath or a stimulating shower would be the best course of action so, my priority being to use up time, I opted for the former; taking a book with me, I had spent an hour in the bath up to my ears in hot water and soap bubbles

    4. Do you know that you pass right by the husbandry preserve owned by another former lover of hers?"

    5. His worries about a plot by Ava to set them up for her former lover had receded

    6. "I was afraid for the former soul in that body, I was afraid she would hurt herself with that stuff

    7. That nation of two hundred million deceased former Americans born in the mid to late 21st century were some of the first to win back control of their assets

    8. This man is a former Roman army general, who was

    9. logic that had been his art in a former life, but those words that had once come to

    10. He was long dead by these troubled times, having succumbed to the extremes of AIDS in the mid-eighties, to outraged popular disgust, especially amongst his former female admirers

    11. The woman he was contacting was not really a former lover was she? She was the sister of a former lover since they had been lovers after their minds separated

    12. Elond wouldn't have cared anyway if he met a former lover at a pub every third week

    13. When the men wanted to worship this female goddess, they would castrate themselves and then throw their former manliness upon the altar as an offering

    14. Oh Karal, he was a shadow of his former self

    15. Most of the live fronds were on the next generation of archwoods that had grown up in the gardens and courtyards of the former homes

    16. She gave him the name 'Myanfyinga' but he knew her from legend as the former witch queen of the Westwood

    17. As she gazed on her former life for the last time she found her eyes drawn to the tallest glass tower on the city skyline, on the windows of which the brilliant afternoon sun was conducting a symphony of light

    18. It might prove to be a boon that they will be able to converse with the former inhabitants on their same level, just a little something to think about Jake

    19. All that Terry could do, once the dust had settled and his divorce had been dragged through the mire of the gutter press, was to lend his name and his former glories to endorsements and dubious advertising campaigns

    20. Many adherents were former proponents of brane space

    21. testimonial from a former patient of mine who was

    22. Here is another testimonial from a former patient who

    23. In former times, people thought that illness was

    24. As she gazed on her former

    25. a former patient of mine who had a Heart-Wall, once

    26. Would you care to visit with your former shipmate while I put some plans into action?”

    27. Never having done the latter he will not know the former

    28. She never asked, and Ava never seemed to get home the concept that the essential difference was that Koruki lived in a healthy and thriving civilization, while Ava lived in the ruins of a former one

    29. aggressively by his former owner/trainer

    30. old former manager of a collections agency, was

    31. To her surprise they set it afire wanting nothing of their former Lord

    32. A week ago she moved in with another guy, someone who never got her confused with his former lover

    33. ‘Don’t be such a fucking idiot!’ Ozzie said, snapping out of his former mood

    34. ” The Sportsman continued, “Then this Tournament; I was entered and rooms arranged for me by a former client in repayment for services rendered

    35. The journey has given her time to prepare herself for seeing Billy, but like her former husband she is petrified by what she sees happening to Bex

    36. of its former self

    37. The former inhabitant of that body

    38. “Too interesting in some ways, it seems she was quite sexual in her former life, something that doesn’t show in a body’s form and coloration

    39. “The guy who bought the house from another of her former boyfriends said she got it down at the Kassikan

    40. He is extremely hostile to the fact that his former lover’s body has been given to the Yingolian Angel

    41. She was not aware that a former lover of hers was worried that one of them might be hostile and had written to that effect

    42. Soups and salads and breads arrived momentarily; and the foursome enjoyed several bites of the meal and returned to their former banter

    43. A social connections analysis showed several ways Kemberra could have learned just recently that ‘Tdeshi’ was the former name of the body Ava was in

    44. Spelman looked at each other surreptitiously, the former, who would not be joining the party for factory reasons, gave the latter a look which said, 'rather you than me

    45. Faber the former headmaster, there has not been any student who has responded to the Malvern Entrance Examinations with the full marks of a perfect score

    46. “Jorma,” she said, He’s a good friend of Tdeshi’s father and another of Tdeshi’s former lovers

    47. The Livingson hopefuls were busy the next few days, giving all their attention to recovering even the minutia of former studies in order to be fully prepared for the examination

    48. for the former things will pass away

    49. The former things

    50. the former prophets preach saying

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    former early other erstwhile old one-time onetime quondam sometime late previous earlier foregoing prior bygone once past