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Former in a sentence

1. The former had to be.
2. I hope its the former.
3. The former is not 127.
4. On a former occasion, Mr.
5. By a former marriage, Mr.
6. I prefer the former term.
7. Luke was a former general.

8. It was a former employee.
9. Of thy former lady's eye;.
10. Jeff hoped for the former.
11. In former days, Joe would.
12. Shatov is a former student.
13. The former rich man again.
14. He hoped it was the former.
15. Hopefully it was the former.
16. His wife Beverly, a former.
17. As she gazed on her former.
18. Midway Island, the former U.
19. As to the former, they said.
20. He was also my former leader.
21. The former estate of Count I.
22. In regards to the former, Dr.
23. I have to finish the former:.
24. Chances are, it's the former.
25. At length, the former spoke:.
26. Howard Hunt, a former CIA man.
27. These two their former owners.
28. For the former, one needs to.
29. Both the former and the latter.
30. Former Chief Justice of the U.
31. The former watched him keenly.
32. In former years thus did not I.
33. Delighted much his former ways.
34. Travis looked at his former wife.
35. The former transpires, but the.
36. He's haunted by his former life.
37. The former circles with disgust.
38. The former stood up in disbelief.
39. Aneal Basi, a former government.
40. This is in the former scriptures.
41. Caleb was a member of the former.
42. It was the France of former days.
43. In the former, suicide rates can.
44. Former NC State Chancellor, Joab L.
45. The former star was black and cold.
46. The former inhabitant of that body.
47. The latter follows from the former.
48. With Eugene pranks of former years.
49. I was hoping on the former scenario.
50. The former suits his needs the best.
51. Kennedy is a former member of the U.
52. And I thought of the former slavery.
53. The former is the ability to "see".
54. The Hab is a shell of its former self.
55. As a former cop, he would understand.
56. They have no memory of their former.
57. Hislen - Former High-Grove of Grovan.
58. Is what today? cried the former.
59. The syllabus for the former was the.
60. From: The mother of the former owner.
61. The Former President of Zulimistan Mr.
62. In the former case, a decrease would.
63. Danny contemplated his former manager.
64. The old man still admired his former.
65. Her former Rock and Roll friends had.
66. This is closely tied to the former tip.
67. M A Sheikho, against his former friend.
68. The park is located behind the former.
69. It was a valuable part of former times.
70. It so happened he was a former player.
71. Gordon Liddy, a former FBI agent, and E.
72. Former days did not recognize Yesterday.
73. The former French Legionnaire moved well.
74. Dmitriy Churbanov, a former KGB official.
75. It wasn't very far from his former flat.
76. He poured out a tale of his former life.
77. I recorded a CD with my former high.
78. Portraits of the former Masters of the.
79. At the time he was living with a former.
80. A laughable story was told of the former.
81. Mid-month one of my former EB legal dept.
82. As the Tibetan writer and former editor.
83. My two former wives will testify to that.
84. No more his former thoughts, nor feeling.
85. Things were different in the former USSR.
86. I have no sympathy for your former status.
87. Ranganathan, who, as a former Hindu, was.
88. In former times we had been very familiar.
89. Troubled former POWs found nowhere to turn.
90. If the former then fault is merely a way.
91. Not a shred of his former aplomb remained.
92. It seemed only a shell of its former self.
93. The former went back to her and hugged her.
94. Allen wrapped his arms around his former.
95. And Roger, Jim is a retired former Circus.
96. The former may not be so lucky at learning.
97. Republic, a sort of a colony of the former.
98. My former pleasures in the shooting lights.
99. Bill is a former divorce attorney who has.
100. The former of these classes is the happier.

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