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Former in a sentence

As former U.
A former CIA.
I was a former.
The former has.
At the former,.
The former child.
of its former self.

With the former,.
There are former.
, that, the former.
The former things.
I chose the former.
But if his former.
of the former glory.
A former skater of.
The former were the.
I suspect the former.
Relying on a former.
The former had to be.
In the others former.
I hope its the former.
a visit in the former U.
and the Former Prophets.
regain his former power.
The former is however.
to my former party line.
The former guides you.
The former is not 127.
The former walked away.

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Synonyms for former

former erstwhile old onetime quondam sometime late previous early other

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