freeze sätze

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Freeze sätze (in englisch)

  1. Freeze pie for 6 hours.
  2. Freeze at least 6 hours.
  3. I felt myself freeze up.
  4. The pie will not freeze.
  5. The scene seemed to freeze.

  6. You may thaw your freeze.
  7. What I saw made me freeze.
  8. Here, in the abbey, I freeze.
  9. After the spike came a freeze.
  10. Freeze his blood, and he dies.
  11. She sent a freeze bolt at him.
  12. Suddenly I freeze, my cheeks hot.
  13. Freeze 20 minutes before serving.
  14. They sense the danger and freeze.
  15. I pull my ear buds out and freeze.

  16. It has never been known to freeze.
  17. Freeze beef tenderloin for 2 hours.
  18. You’ll freeze without those on.
  19. Maybe it would freeze or something.
  20. Her idea was to freeze or plug the.
  21. Freeze them up with that eye of his.
  22. She tried to freeze him with a glare.
  23. Don’t want your brain to freeze.
  24. You’ll freeze to death out here.
  25. It was a freeze frame snapshot of fun.

  26. Everybody freeze, he said softly.
  27. Elijah: He might freeze to death there.
  28. And why should she freeze? said I.
  29. A security freeze gives consumers the.
  30. I felt my tears freeze where they were.
  31. Will their water freeze? she asked.
  32. Don’t freeze me, please, Miz Wilkes.
  34. The shock made him freeze in his tracks.
  35. The video feed on all the monitors freeze.
  36. Ellen will roast me and you'll freeze me.
  37. Put cucumbers into containers and freeze.
  38. Then refrigerate or freeze until serving.
  39. I was about to freeze to death up here.
  40. We can freeze the marinade, she said.
  41. He gave me brain freeze times a thousand.
  42. I can hold time still, and freeze everyone.
  43. Freeze if you have not already been sighted.
  44. Pour mixture into a gelatin mold and freeze.
  45. In winter it would freeze over, by then the.
  46. You are going to freeze to death out here.
  47. All of her thoughts seemed to freeze in time.
  48. A security or credit freeze are the same thing.
  49. Your hands will instantly freeze to the nodes.
  50. I freeze and the room spins as her words hit me.
  51. But, we’ll freeze to death in the icy water.
  52. Either that or you will freeze during the winter.
  53. When you freeze, you’ll come out yourself!.
  54. Nothing to do but sit here and freeze to death.
  55. You want us to freeze, don’t you? said he.
  56. Get a warm shawl, she'll freeze in this cold night.
  57. If a box leaked, it would freeze fast to the plate.
  58. It tries to freeze the moment, and keep death away.
  59. But Malachias' tale began to freeze them with horror.
  60. You’d freeze to death in there during the winter.
  61. I have a credit freeze and identity theft protection.
  62. Never freeze in a thought, for those crystals spread.
  63. We need to warm Ailia up or she will freeze to death.
  64. Though they wanted to freeze up in fear, Kevin yanked.
  65. Begin or finish-up your yard work, freeze or can the.
  66. No more winters so cold that the lowest levels freeze.
  67. As if on command, all five boys freeze in their stance.
  68. I thought that there was no need of ice to freeze them.
  69. Jamyra tried to freeze them while trying to protect Mr.
  70. It was early winter, but we still had not had a freeze.
  71. Climbing over the trees in the midst of a winter freeze.
  72. Butterfield could feel her almost freeze up next to him.
  73. Crank on the heat before we freeze our asses off!.
  74. Don't freeze, don't stop, don't worry that it isn't good.
  75. Freeze the balls off a brass monkey, the checker said.
  76. In fact, when innocent low-intermediates freeze up, they.
  77. My Mom would can and freeze vegetables to save for winter.
  78. With the Gulf Stream disrupted, the world begins to freeze.
  79. Cut the dough in half, and freeze one half for future use.
  80. Other vegetables store well so there is no need to freeze.
  81. There, now you won’t have to freeze your brass monkeys.
  82. The prince shuddered; his heart seemed to freeze within him.
  83. But the production season coincides with the freeze season.
  84. Police, everybody freeze! he shouted down to the boat.
  85. They won’t freeze and lie helpless as it is whittled away.
  86. Spirits don't freeze, but when one's in fleshly form, well.
  87. Time seemed to freeze as Rufus snatched the shotgun from his.
  88. Freeze a pot with water, and it will become as hard as a rock.
  89. She gave me the big freeze when I said hello that day, though.
  90. In some states, you can even ask for a freeze to be placed on.
  91. How long did I have to live in here? I’d freeze in few hours.
  92. He was trying to coax it free when a sound caused him to freeze.
  93. The woman standing next to Larry made Alex freeze in his tracks.
  94. You can’t freeze the transfer when the check is cashed?
  95. What's the difference between fraud alerts and a credit freeze?
  96. Perennial roots, tall leaves, O the winter shall not freeze you.
  97. I wish I had my camera to take this group and freeze it in time.
  98. I will now land, so that you don’t have to freeze for too long.
  99. He pulled it out of his pocket and the caller ID made him freeze.
  100. How did you freeze in that area? You’ve got the long mittens.
  1. But it was freezing cold.
  2. It was freezing in there.
  3. And my butt was freezing.
  4. Cape Cod is freezing over.
  5. But it was freezing there.
  6. On a freezing cold morning.
  7. Amelia, you must be freezing.
  8. His hands were freezing cold.
  9. The freezing air grazes the.
  10. The Arctic winds are freezing.
  11. The changing room was freezing.
  12. Hell itself was freezing over.
  13. I was freezing but happy, my.
  14. It was dark and he was freezing.
  15. Saved her from the freezing cold.
  16. Falling Into Freezing Cold Water.
  17. Lov huddled, freezing in his cave.
  18. Freezing fresh blueberries is a.
  19. Brrr, it's freezing cold in here.
  20. A thermometer read below freezing.
  21. It hadn't been below freezing yet.
  22. It resists the freezing cold of ice.
  23. Gander was snow-bound and freezing.
  24. She was shivering and freezing cold.
  25. Yes, I was lying naked, and freezing.
  26. How was he to know they were freezing.
  27. Anyway, that day, it was freezing cold.
  28. What? he asked, freezing in place.
  29. The night temperature is below freezing.
  30. He was freezing cold and hungry and he.
  31. Her sore lips burned in the freezing air.
  32. The room was dark and well below freezing.
  33. Snow painted the freezing landscape white.
  34. Meanwhile, I was freezing my kitty behind.
  35. Temperatures drop far below freezing here.
  36. It was freezing cold in the little church.
  37. It's freezing in there this time of year.
  38. Freezing nights had widened cracks of the.
  39. Be a little cold but not freezing to death.
  40. Also, the temperature is well below freezing.
  41. Just the usual, it was freezing here today.
  42. That is freezing! she yelled, shivering.
  43. It was freezing and the temperature was still.
  44. I did not plaster till it was freezing weather.
  45. Although it was freezing, it was invigorating.
  46. I waited, with the sweat freezing over my face.
  47. I was freezing cold and couldn’t stop shak-.
  48. Come in already, I'm freezing my butt off here.
  49. It was below freezing, but somehow Johnny was hot.
  50. Skinny ragged kids who must be freezing in winter.
  51. The water was freezing and he tried to float on.
  52. Tammas, it’s freezing in here, Persis said.
  53. Are you sure? Ned asked, freezing his motion.
  54. Then a wind sprang up and it became freezing cold.
  55. Without a fire, it was freezing in there, he knew.
  56. The temperature that night was well below freezing.
  57. She had been in the freezing cold sea for too long.
  58. Its freezing in Fremantle this time of year anyway.
  59. Sleeping in the snow and freezing cold for a month.
  60. By photographing samples of water and then freezing.
  61. It's freezing cold out here and I'm as sick as a dog.
  62. Her tears were freezing as they ran down her cheeks.
  63. This can be due to exposure to freezing water or air.
  64. A cold freezing end to a life that has barely begun.
  65. With the nights dropping below freezing by the end of.
  66. With freezing certainty he knew he had been in denial.
  67. Besides, it was freezing out here in the darkness of.
  68. The wind passing through the windshield was freezing.
  69. Freezing it is also possible; to use, thaw and refresh.
  70. Why’s it freezing down here? He stared at the group.
  71. We had to keep freezing this thing in order to keep our.
  72. I said it’s fricking frigid, freezing cold out here.
  73. Freezing cold I might add! Nighttime I usually spent in.
  74. As you have probably noticed with a snowflake, freezing.
  75. This character could have acid, boiling or freezing blood.
  76. Jesus’s mother, child, it’s freezing! She never comes.
  77. The sky was blue and clear now, but the wind was freezing.
  78. His air element technique forces the freezing air down to.
  79. No small feat in the freezing cold conditions we stood in.
  80. Freezing briefly, Hamilton stared at Locke’s presentation.
  81. It struck the Cyri in the back, freezing it in its posture.
  82. I have my books and my freezing cold beach,’ he chuckled.
  83. It was a windy day, I remember, and I stood there freezing.
  84. Sparks in the freezing of water by ether, Pontus, xxvi, 178.
  85. The impression produced by this first discharge was freezing.
  86. It seemed as if it was melting and freezing all at the same.
  87. The air was still freezing and his breath drifted with the.
  88. If freezing, thaw in refrigerator 1-2 days prior to serving.
  89. It was freezing cold as Jacob stood by the back door of the.
  90. Without it, they’d never have survived the freezing nights.
  91. The iron handle completed the benumbing and freezing of her.
  92. Adam used to joke about the freezing mornings in the kitchen.
  93. Serve sizzling hot but only when it's freezing cold outside!.
  94. Although she had a grey Vince cowel sweater, she was freezing.
  95. Near freezing I think, so it is not hot water to melt the ice.
  96. Doc had to think that the cycle of freezing, then thawing all.
  97. In fact, the temperature was barely ten degrees below freezing.
  98. It’s only the president talking about freezing salaries and.
  99. I smiled at him and said, I’m not tired, but I’m freezing.
  100. Well, I wasn’t a Stargazer in that respect, and I was freezing.
  1. She lay frozen in a.
  2. I was frozen in shock.
  3. I was frozen in terror.
  4. He was frozen in place.
  5. Frozen to the spot I.
  6. They have to be frozen.
  7. He was frozen, a corpse.
  8. I was still frozen in.
  9. He was frozen in shock.
  10. And been frozen that way.
  11. The up hil frozen water.
  12. We see only frozen seas.
  13. Lov stood frozen by fear.
  14. She was frozen with fear.
  15. She was frozen in fright.
  16. This fudge can be frozen.
  17. Jenna was frozen to the.
  18. I saw my frozen self ahead.
  19. I sat frozen in the chair.
  20. From his perch of frozen.
  21. Jack was frozen to the spot.
  22. I had frozen to the ground.
  23. My brain was a frozen mush.
  24. Emily stood, frozen to the.
  25. They arrived at frozen lake.
  26. She stood frozen to the spot.
  27. He’s frozen at thirty two.
  28. So it stays trapped, frozen.
  29. A shattered, frozen old man.
  30. Of the latest frozen water.
  32. A bullet frozen in its path.
  33. He stands frozen facing away.
  34. Never ageing, frozen in time.
  35. Reality is not frozen forever.
  36. She stopped, her feet frozen.
  37. My first frozen water uphil.
  38. Finally, stir in frozen peas.
  39. Everybody was frozen in place.
  40. Fear gripped her frozen body.
  41. I make a mean frozen pizza.
  42. He is now frozen with fear ….
  43. I stood there frozen in horror.
  44. After a frozen moment, it ran.
  45. She was frozen where she stood.
  46. The sisters were frozen by awe.
  47. Among the frozen fields of love.
  48. He was frozen for a few seconds.
  49. My frozen self is in the front.
  50. I stood frozen in front of the.
  51. They were frozen at this height.
  52. He too was frozen on the ground.
  53. Christine was frozen in horror.
  54. Frozen cells cloned 1 at a time.
  55. We stumble out of frozen forest.
  56. We live in a fast food, frozen.
  57. Your feet must be almost frozen.
  58. The elements of wind and frozen.
  59. For a few seconds she was frozen.
  60. I had to use frozen crab meat.
  61. The four at the table sat frozen.
  62. Typewriter of a type that's frozen.
  63. I sat there frozen for two seconds.
  64. You can transfer in frozen schemes.
  65. Douglas bleated, his tongue frozen.
  66. Butros still frozen mere feet away.
  67. She was as cold as a frozen turkey.
  68. Her hand was frozen and very stiff.
  69. His hands were frozen on the stone.
  70. Once completely frozen, the tubes.
  71. Calan’s mouth was frozen in place.
  72. They are not frozen in time either.
  73. He glared in frozen speechlessness.
  74. A look of panic frozen on her face.
  75. A Romulan ship and a frozen torpedo.
  76. There was a moment of frozen silence.
  77. My child would have frozen to death.
  78. She was frozen momentarily in shock.
  79. My eyelashes had frozen into clumps.
  80. The frozen leg bursts and shatters.
  81. Of the undulating frozen landscapes.
  82. He sat frozen in that position for.
  83. I was frozen to the ground life-less.
  84. Try to plan items that can be frozen.
  85. To confuse the black of frozen void.
  86. My feet were frozen to the sidewalk.
  87. For a moment I’m frozen in terror.
  88. The quality of frozen foods improved.
  89. Jack stared back, frozen to his seat.
  90. Aquana just still stood there frozen.
  91. It was the frozen middle of December.
  92. Aesa’s lips were too frozen to move.
  93. I feel completely frozen, very stiff.
  94. Five of the kobolds were frozen solid.
  95. You simply sat there, frozen stiff.
  96. He stopped short, frozen with terror.
  97. Both with the same frozen looks they.
  98. Homemade mints can be frozen well in.
  99. Marion was frozen in fear and in shock.
  100. Her vocal cords seemed frozen as well.
  1. He freezes in his tracks.
  2. This time his gaze freezes me.
  3. Still, she freezes in her tracks.
  4. I guess it freezes up his nostrils.
  5. It freezes space into the oblivious.
  6. This question freezes the young Aaron.
  7. At the same moment, my system freezes.
  8. When transparent water freezes: death begins.
  9. Shi Chen was startled and freezes in his track.
  10. Unks stops dead in his tracks and freezes still.
  11. Willie freezes and stares intently behind the group.
  12. He freezes, his hands on the buckle of an arm guard.
  13. There are also fees involved with many credit freezes.
  14. At the door, Zachary pulls it open, but freezes on the spot.
  15. This is a system that condenses and freezes the Mako energy.
  16. Peter freezes with his lips parted, the yawn dead in his mouth.
  17. That will probably happen when you know what freezes over.
  18. The big expense here is the refrigerators and freezes, of course.
  19. He grows all sorts of things in his back yard and then freezes.
  20. We'll have two parlours, with the freezes and the kitchen between.
  21. For example, in capillaries 1,57 mm in diameter water freezes at.
  22. Slaughter freezes the soul and put the anchor of acceptability.
  23. In the 1990s, Florida’s orange crop was ravaged by a series of freezes.
  24. Aliens have never seen such movements and their confident expression freezes.
  25. The driver of the tank suddenly freezes as his vision registers how they die.
  26. Maybe when we get back, but the length of time between now and then freezes me.
  27. If a house is fashioned in Christ Hell freezes but we have to do the management.
  28. His mind interprets the signals as brain freezes and cold chills around his body.
  29. Ricci’s eyes grow wide with alarm, but he freezes with fear in front of the Mercedes.
  30. When the wind cuts your face, when it freezes, it is all the same; you must still wash.
  31. Request that a boat gets ready to pick that man up before he freezes to death in the water.
  32. Hydrogen freezes on Earth at a temperature, which is the coldest amongst all other elements.
  33. These days, it is blight and disease, not freezes, that pose the greatest threat to Florida oranges.
  34. Concepts and information, in a sense, freezes or quantizes dynamic reality within a spacetime grid.
  35. Zachary freezes for a few seconds, calmly rubs his eyes, wiping some of the cream off, and then ….
  36. Christian follows with two sharp thrusts, and he freezes, pouring himself into me as he finds his release.
  37. After the regulator freezes the CO2 out, the oxygen and nitrogen are still gasses, but they’re −75°C.
  38. By producing the opposing cold that finally freezes the heat to a solid state, we find that is what matter is.
  39. But since salt water freezes only at –2°, I was finally assured that there was no danger of it solidifying.
  40. She looks like she’s stuck in one paralyzing thought, like when a squirrel freezes up in the middle of the road.
  41. Since they said the Ring freezes my transformation, I hoped it would stop the thirst too, but I guess I was wrong.
  42. She freezes instantly at the position of attention, for her body has no defense or recourse against his strong voice.
  43. So, water expands when it freezes, it could burst the tubs, we’d lose some and I don’t think we can afford to do that.
  44. Simon freezes, hands clutching at the rounded stones behind, wishing he could vanish entirely into the murky depths of water.
  45. Then he hears the worst noise he could possibly hear: the clanking of an approaching guard, and he freezes, every muscle in his body tense.
  46. By the reducing of space, it can concentrate heat to a fluid state by producing the opposing cold that finally freezes the heat to a solid state.
  47. When water in the ground freezes into ice it expands, and this expansion pushes upon everything in the ground including all the rocks and boulders.
  48. Last winter before the spring had stolen my opportunity, I went round to that shallow sheltered cove, one of the few places where the Tahoe freezes each year.
  49. He suddenly stops right in his tracks and freezes with fear as he stares down the hall at Diane D! He sees that Diane D has moved several yards closer to him!.
  50. In an attempt to bring this individual’s conclusion to being more truthful, I have to include this soup, which freezes quite well, provided there’s any left.
  51. When I say the Sun freezes hydrogen to a liquid because my eyes see the liquid squirting from the Sun I am dangerously mentally impaired since the Sun is blistering hot.
  52. During winters in northern states or in the mountains, where hard freezes occur, a small immersed heater made for that purpose will keep a pond or birdbath from icing over.
  53. I mean if one freezes to death because you are lost on the moors in the snow when your car has broken down and the heaters out of order, is that death by misadventure or double pneumonia.
  54. This moved the bulk of production out of frost-prone areas and has largely insulated Brazilian production from headline grabbing freezes that plagued the market back in the 1980s and 1990s.
  55. Now why could she not talk on this subject without being vehement? There is something about vehemence that freezes responsiveness out of me; I suppose it is what Charlotte would call the oyster characteristics coming out.
  56. In front of your eyes you witness the sun freezing an atmosphere which the entire solar system shares and which is made up of condensed space that it freezes into squirting liquid that is the flow of heat, as pure as heat can be.
  57. As the cucumber freezes and softens in the freezer (which is why I put it in a Ziploc baggie, who wants to clean cucumber guts from inside their freezer?) your man will not be able to perform until you remove the cucumber and bury.
  58. Even though the possibility of a freeze occurring prior to harvest still exists, freezes are less likely now than they were a decade or two ago because the bulk of orange production in Florida has moved further into the southern regions of the state.
  59. Tired and frustrated by Eva's continuous headaches and "freezes," confused and disappointed with the new technologies and "improvements" which had seen the passing into history of the steam locomotive and the South Fort Rouge yards, the death of two students on drugs was the end of the road.
  60. If you examine it closely the morning after it freezes, you find that the greater part of the bubbles, which at first appeared to be within it, are against its under surface, and that more are continually rising from the bottom; while the ice is as yet comparatively solid and dark, that is, you see the water through it.
  61. She stayed there for three days and came back having ordered an electric generating set, a very large refrigerator, two deep freezes, a stainless steel counter, eight glass- topped tables, thirty two chairs, two sink units, and a mass of minor shop fittings, glasses, plates, cutlery, and furnishings as well as a good deal of electrical fittings and cable.
  62. Then I went in and shot the televisor, that insidious beast, that Medusa, which freezes a billion people to stone every night, staring fixedly, that Siren which called and sang and promised so much and gave, after all, so little, but myself always going back, going back, hoping and waiting until—bang! Like a headless turkey, gobbling, my wife whooped out the front door.
  63. Then they both came down and sat in their places before the window waiting for Grandet, with that cruel anxiety which, according to the individual character, freezes the heart or warms it, shrivels or dilates it, when a scene is feared, a punishment expected,—a feeling so natural that even domestic animals possess it, and whine at the slightest pain of punishment, though they make no outcry when they inadvertently hurt themselves.
  64. In those states with freezes,.
  1. As such, I froze in.
  2. Alex froze in his seat.
  3. At the window he froze.
  4. We both froze in shock.
  5. His guts sank and froze.
  6. She froze, staring at it.
  7. Joseph froze on the floor.
  8. Tears froze on my lashes.
  9. I was so shocked I froze.
  10. My body froze on the bed.
  11. Jack froze in the doorway.
  12. Kirk froze where he stood.
  13. He froze a few feet away.
  14. William froze in his steps.
  15. His arm froze on the lever.
  16. His heart froze within him.
  17. The prince of Ayodhya froze.
  18. Silas growled, and he froze.
  19. Boras froze where he stood.
  20. He froze on the seat, his.
  21. Kirk froze behind the boxes.
  22. The witches froze in terror.
  23. My shrieks froze on my lips.
  24. Therese froze like a statue.
  25. I froze in place, listening.
  26. I froze but he did not wake.
  27. I froze still, not wanting.
  28. But he froze all at once, a.
  29. The monster stopped and froze.
  30. Inside the pantry, Zoe froze.
  31. I lowered my head then froze.
  32. Reynolds froze where she stood.
  33. Emily froze when she saw the.
  34. She froze, her eyes narrowing.
  35. Massie froze and said, Massie.
  36. Byron froze in mid inhalation.
  37. Fred's smile froze on his face.
  38. She froze with her back to him.
  39. Indecision froze him in place.
  40. I froze, staring at his place.
  41. Both men froze in their tracks.
  42. I jumped at his voice and froze.
  43. When he saw me, he froze, and.
  44. Ash started to exit, but froze.
  45. I froze for a second, listening.
  46. The scent of lavender froze him.
  47. So, you froze out there?
  48. Then he froze in fear as soon.
  49. Kyle froze, not sure what to do.
  50. She froze and listened; nothing.
  51. Me and Sally froze in out tracks.
  52. Both combatants froze in tableau.
  53. I looked up and my brain froze.
  54. The hit man froze where he stood.
  55. He could see no one and he froze.
  56. Chevalier froze, and then nodded.
  57. He froze as he got a closer look.
  58. Shannon’s hand froze in the pot.
  59. Corey and I froze in apprehension.
  60. The gunny’s hand froze mid-air.
  61. Girl fell and froze in a glacier.
  62. The boys froze, Douglas with them.
  63. Menendez nearly froze in his seat.
  64. Through the night it froze solid.
  65. Charlotte froze and turned around.
  66. Then he froze, his eyes widening.
  67. Her hands froze on his collarbone.
  68. The Grand Wizard froze in mid roll.
  69. Roger froze as the voice continued.
  70. Scully froze and his face darkened.
  71. He froze when I mentioned her name.
  72. Emily froze and crouched slightly.
  73. I pressed NO and the screen froze.
  74. THE MAN ALLISON CALLED Bobby froze.
  75. Clifford, too, froze in his place.
  76. I shifted my gaze ahead and froze.
  77. The spectators froze in midbreath.
  78. At the top of the stairs, I froze.
  79. Amaranthe froze, hands on the wall.
  80. For a second the whole square froze.
  81. Suddenly everyone froze on the spot.
  82. He froze in his tracks and halted.
  83. I froze at the mention of my father.
  84. Braling took another step and froze.
  85. There was a grunt and Arthur froze.
  86. My heart skipped a beat and I froze.
  87. His wife came thumping in and froze.
  88. The door opened and her heart froze.
  89. As she finished her task, she froze.
  90. For a few seconds everything froze.
  91. As their eyes met the killer froze.
  92. The knife twitched, and Annie froze.
  93. The deputy chairman of the KGB froze.
  94. Jill froze at the sound of his voice.
  95. The smile froze on the President's.
  96. I froze when I saw the results –.
  97. Jamyra froze Louis’ hands together.
  98. I froze, too, reacting automaticaly.
  99. He ran for cover and froze in place.
  100. The icy touch froze his bones, and.

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