immobilize sätze

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Immobilize sätze (in englisch)

  1. We need to immobilize her first and if that.
  2. Garcia could have easily immobilize the Enterprise crew with the Kelvan.
  3. If it has the power to immobilize a ship without destroying it, why would it go.
  4. This attack will immobilize both of the victim's hands, making many Actions & Powers impossible to use.
  5. This attack won't immobilize super strong,or gigantic opponents, unless the attacker has Super Strength but it wil.

  6. I have him in a skeletal traction device to immobilize the leg and I had to use a Steinmann pin in the distal femur.
  7. This attack won't immobilize super strong,or gigantic opponents, unless the attacker has Super Strength but it will.
  8. Elena was using part of her own energy to help Akira and Kali immobilize the titans and to extract all she needed from them.
  9. The Primagnon could sense the rage building in the young scientist and decided to immobilize him with the chairs paralyzing power.
  10. The stones contain the Book’s magic and immobilize it completely, preventing it from being able to possess the person transporting it.
  11. One of them pulled back a closed fist ready to immobilize him once more, but the fist never came forward as the boy was grabbed and pulled back.
  12. As we strive to harness our potential to be the kind of person we would like to be in full fruition, sometimes fears make us retreat and immobilize us.
  13. Ijyu prepared to raise his hands in order to immobilize John through an intense beam of energy, but Yania noticed the movement of his hands and stopped Ijyu.
  14. If medical assistance is expected and the area is safe, immobilize by placing soft but solid objects such as luggage or padded rocks to prevent movement of head or body.
  15. Just as a mother protecting her children from attack fears all and yet nothing—as her anger at whatever dares to harm her young will surge to ignite a level of action far more compelling than any fear that might otherwise immobilize her.

  1. The pain they felt was immobilizing them.
  2. She overcame immobilizing, irrational fear.
  3. I did so and I could feel some restraints tightening over my forehead and my arms, immobilizing my body.
  4. They are capable of immobilizing it in any form, including MacKayla Lane as she has the Book inside her.
  5. This Power will free an al y from the effects of immobilizing attacks including Helpless, Restrain, slow & Stasis.
  6. Liem shouted in despair and, stopping where he was, was arming his rifle when Binh interposed himself, grabbing his rifle and immobilizing it.
  7. The KOSTROMA’s forward tractor beam generators were also powered up, immobilizing the pirate ship relative to the cargo ship and preventing it from emerging out of the hot plasma cloud.
  8. She finished her move, done all in less than a second, by putting down one knee on top of her opponent’s right arm, immobilizing it, and then delivering a hard vertical punch to his plexus.
  9. The knife blade terrified her very flesh, she was afraid even to swallow for fear the blade would come through into her mouth, while her other end burned with violent pain and the fat one crushed her in an immobilizing grip.
  10. Mortally worried about Jo Myers and Ann Baumgartner, she landed, then taxied to her unit’s parking area, immobilizing her plane inside one of the protective earth revetments she had field engineers build for her planes after redeploying to Pusan.
  1. And As You Lie There Immobilized.
  2. Within seconds, she was immobilized.
  3. The cat is immobilized and defenseless.
  4. Note that the Patient has immobilized.
  5. Cynthia was chemically immobilized back.
  6. After the door closed, Mitchell felt immobilized.
  7. Had he not been immobilized, Garcia would have jumped.
  8. Keep completely immobilized and hope for early rescue.
  9. As soon as Corey was immobilized, Andrew monitored Corey's.
  10. The wanderer stood immobilized, shocked by her sudden accusation.
  11. The crowd was completly immobilized by their fear and exhaustion.
  12. Most of his fleet –particularly the tankers– were immobilized in.
  13. Three Romulan ships had been immobilized in orbit, no damage taken on.
  14. Ras is confident the second cop will be immobilized helping his partner.
  15. If he as much as juts his chin in your direction, he’ll be immobilized.
  16. The security room has been taken and three occupants immobilized and drugged.
  17. I think they will be immobilized for a couple of hours, but good, Garcia.
  18. The four of them stood before me, their faces immobilized by shock and concern.
  19. The Captain rushed in, thinking he would take advantage of Garcia being immobilized.
  20. Kelinda has assured me that she can prevent the Enterprise from being immobilized.
  21. As Amy opened her eyes, she tried to move her arms and legs, but they were immobilized.
  22. The six months of wondering had almost immobilized him to act from the terror and fear.
  23. The searing pain in his chest was so sharp it immobilized him inside for at least a minute.
  24. Pushing the immobilized guard under the edge of the tavern Skeets eased back to the corner.
  25. Truck 2 was still jammed in the entrance to the side street, steering immobilized as intended.
  26. Six minutes before the code I was immobilized by tears, five minutes before the code, I was sobbing.
  27. Fool that she was! She should have known patrollers would be dispatched to seek out the immobilized scent.
  28. For the immobilized vessels, it was as if a giant hand had reached out and stopped the ships in mid flight.
  29. She was uncertain if they were stuffed, like hunter trophies, or were immobilized by some sort of stasis field.
  30. Right now, she was immobilized by a C-Spine collar and strapped to a long board to protect her head, neck, and spine.
  31. As the smell of alcohol filled the air, Nathan could only gaze, immobilized by the sight of Mitchell's recent activity.
  32. This also means that any ship approaching to rescue the occupants of the dead ship will be immobilized by the Disruptor.
  33. To be in control, one then has to practice relaxation breathing techniques in order not to be immobilized by feared object.
  34. If Ling Mai had immobilized everyone, and the shifters continued to change, all of you would have been at risk, Stone said.
  35. Her body was immobilized with fear but her mind ran wild, falling over itself in a panic—run, play dead, climb a tree, stay still.
  36. The person handling the bird would have the eagles legs firmly immobilized and the bird’s body tightly against the handler’s chest.
  37. Bahkmar also had a few panels up in his view, but they had no view of each other's personification, with their suits immobilized in the bot.
  38. I had seen it once before after a major earthquake in Athens, which immobilized public transport and brought car circulation to a standstill.
  39. With eyes shifting and head immobilized, he crouched down at the rear bumper and proceeded to unscrew the license plate off of the parked car.
  40. He then looked at Farah, still immobilized by her seat belt and unmoving, and passed his armed hand inside through her opened window, aiming at her head.
  41. While frozen, a Nulled Fae is completely powerless, but the higher and more powerful the caste of Fae, the shorter the length of time it stays immobilized.
  42. Mitchell kept his head immobilized, while searching the area for any night pirates who may be utilizing the boy as a decoy to rob an unsuspecting individual.
  43. The doctors could only inject him every several hours with morphine, hold him immobilized with a bizarre contraption encircling his head and wait for the bones to knit.
  44. He was completely immobilized by thousands of monsters, both in body and spirit form, the latter constantly sending waves of evil energy toward him to weaken him and prevent him from using his magic.
  45. Help! the man screamed, but Than knew his cries were futile, for Alecto had already immobilized the two others in the store with her acrid steam from the Lethe, putting them in a funk they would not recall.
  46. While I was maintaining the girl immobilized, her mouth to the floor with the rigor of all my weight seated on her back supporting her hands interlaced at the height of her coccyx, observed her mouth and bloody hair.
  47. The years of immobilized waiting, of hoping for good luck, were behind him, but on the horizon he could see nothing more than the unfathomable sea of imaginary illnesses, the drop-by-drop urinations of sleepless nights, the daily death at twilight.
  48. A great commotion immobilized her in her center of gravity, planted her in her place, and her defensive will was demolished by the irresistible anxiety to discover what the orange whistles and the invisible globes on the other side of death were like.
  49. The few Australian planes on the airfield, along with two American C-87s immobilized for repairs were quickly bracketed by 250 kilo bombs and burst in flames one after the others, while the piles of supplies and equipment still left in the open were also hit.
  50. Kathy was not close enough to the machine to switch it off easily, and thus was unable to prevent the first message from playing, and once it began to play she was immobilized by fear, for she instantly recognized the deranged laughter rumbling out of the recording machine, as The Doctor left his message to her….
  51. You may know that she didn’t let me carry much of my meager possessions as she wanted to have them as keepsakes! When her promised memento was not forthcoming even as I was all set to go, I went on reminding her about it and she kept on telling me that I hadn’t gone still; and as I was about to board the city-bus at their gate to reach the railway station, she took my hand and planted a kiss on it; as our moist eyes blurred our vision, I waved at her as much in sorrow as in joy but she was seemingly immobilized for any reciprocation.
  52. Immobilized by the Chain Rule,.
  1. Any injury that immobilizes and reduces the ability to produce heat.
  2. Intellect of a person with a dead soul immobilizes him on the inside, puts in a.
  3. Unless the driver knows what he/she is doing, the car is likely to get stuck in the sand, as incoming fast-moving waves wash the packed sand from under the car which immobilizes it.
  4. Lezura said from the scroll, Honoi is gathered in the mouth along with saliva, compressed and mixed with it, and spat out is a sticky substance that immobilizes the user’s target.

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