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    1. Indeed, in any party there is always one person who acts as a leader, although nobody can actually explain the reason why: in general, these persons are egocentric, frivolous and capricious

    2. I think the only reason you said these signals might be related to the war effort is because I called them frivolous if they weren't

    3. for the most frivolous reasons

    4. A service of plate, and the other frivolous ornaments of dress and furniture, could be purchased for a smaller quantity of commodities ; and in this would consist the sole advantage which the world could derive from that abundance

    5. In the same class must be ranked, some both of the gravest and most important, and some of the most frivolous professions; churchmen, lawyers, physicians, men of letters of all kinds ; players, buffoons, musicians, opera-singers, opera-dancers, etc

    6. A man of fortune, for example, may either spend his revenue in a profuse and sumptuous table, and in maintaining a great number of menial servants, and a multitude of dogs and horses; or, contenting himself with a frugal table, and few attendants, he may lay out the greater part of it in adorning his house or his country villa, in useful or ornamental buildings, in useful or ornamental furniture, in collecting books, statues, pictures ; or in things more frivolous, jewels, baubles, ingenious trinkets of different kinds; or, what is most trifling of all, in amassing a great wardrobe of fine clothes, like the favourite and minister of a great prince who died a few years ago

    7. The latter species of expense, therefore, especially when directed towards frivolous objects, the little ornaments of dress and furniture, jewels, trinkets, gew-gaws, frequently indicates, not only a trifling, but a base and selfish disposition

    8. For a pair of diamond buckles, perhaps, or for something as frivolous and useless, they exchanged the maintenance, or, what is the same thing, the price of the maintenance of 1000 men for a year, and with it the whole weight and authority which it could give them

    9. To see or fold a paper plane in your dream represents your frivolous pursuits

    10. Speculative systems, have, in all ages of the world, been adopted for reasons too frivolous to have determined the judgment of any man of common sense, in a matter of the smallest pecuniary interest

    11. By travelling so very young, by spending in the most frivolous dissipation the most previous years of his life, at a distance from the inspection and controul of his parents and relations, every useful habit, which the earlier parts of his education might have had some tendency to form in him, instead of being riveted and confirmed, is almost

    12. All his own anguish and pain, real or imagined, seemed frivolous after what he had just read

    13. There is not, perhaps, any selfish pleasure so frivolous, of which the pursuit has not sometimes ruined even sensible men

    14. The same frivolous passions, which influence their conduct, influence his

    15. All those gender-confused sycophants will surely be thrilled, that is, until the day our economy collapses due to concentration by the powers that be on this frivolous nonsense rather than paying our way and making it work

    16. The courts always dismiss these faux-legal arguments as frivolous

    17. Particularly had Johnson's impeachment been earlier over his actual abuses of power, the precedent would have made it more difficult to use impeachment for such utterly frivolous and absurd cases as impeaching Clinton for lying about oral sex, or downright surreal and delusional birth certificate theories about Obama

    18. Kept hidden from prying eyes, this was the place where the enemies of the state, the sinners and the ones who were considered dangerous, unruly, and frivolous with the La were brought to be chastised and enlightened

    19. Rebels wouldn’t be so frivolous with their ammo

    20. I started wishing I had pulled out more on that refinance, but in the back of my mind was the possibility that I might just blow the cash I took out on something frivolous

    21. They hadn’t come all the way to England to watch their children go after frivolous careers

    22. Dried my father’s tears as he mourned his mortal friend who was no more, seen my uncle’s family’s intolerable sorrow at the realisation that their brother, their son would never hold them, laugh with them or have meaningless debates and frivolous discussions with them following that fateful day

    23. Damaging, unwanted and/or frivolous legislation would be halted at the gate

    24. And lawyers will tell you the commonly used, two-word legal phrases applied to claims considered excessive or frivolous are “arbitrary and capricious,” for which they are “shocked and appalled

    25. His lack of tensile strength made it difficult to attack or substantiate relevant areas of concentration, including intoxication from frivolous cases

    26. Now I owned just about enough for a modest meal but it was not to be wasted on food or other frivolous delights

    27. not those frivolous opinions you have

    28. They unleash these for frivolous reasons and cause great damage and destruction

    29. One must always have Right Speech by speaking only kind words, never lying, slandering, using harsh words or frivolous, useless talk

    30. For once it gave them a focus in their lives and a reason not to spend their money on more frivolous things as they had been doing

    31. In financial matters Librans can seem frivolous and illogical to others

    32. accusations of being either frivolous or masochistic

    33. The only difference I saw in her was that she was less frivolous and had more in her head than securing a dance with the Lost Prince

    34. To the frivolous who spent their time in idleness,

    35. From a spiritual point of view cancer can make a person take note of a life they are wasting through frivolous life pursuits; cancer in that case pulls them from their complacent lifestyle and refocuses them to what is truly important for their spiritual growth

    36. They may have less opportunity to be adrift from their mission because their focus is on less frivolous things since they are much more depending on others or must be more self-sufficient

    37. This somewhat frivolous example was used to

    38. They were a frivolous couple, with no other worries except going to bed every night, even on forbid-den days, and frolicking there until dawn

    39. She won the case and the Stella Award is named after her for the most frivolous lawsuit

    40. Her frivolous and even slightly infantile character did not seem up to any serious activity, but when she sat down at the clavichord she became a different girl, one whose unforeseen maturity gave her the air of an adult

    41. her I felt that Rocky was a frivolous fly

    42. It’s not that simple! Marriage is not a frivolous or

    43. You probably have heard about the 1994 lawsuit against McDonalds Restaurants and know all about this frivolous action

    44. There is absolutely no need for tort reform since a jury and judge should be able to decide what is frivolous with little delay, given the facts

    45. Perhaps this incident would prove how frivolous her obsessions had been and bring her down several notches from the lofty position on which she considered herself

    46. “No,” Terence replied, startled by such a frivolous question that was totally unrelated to the original subject

    47. Street said Prime Minister Churchill has no faith in those frivolous accusations made by political enemies and maintains his faith in the integrity and diligence of his government

    48. calls and inquiries and frivolous offers will accomplish nothing other

    49. Have mercy on this frivolous mind And spare a little kindness For a writer profoundly blind

    50. obvious wasting of money, stop buying frivolous things on credit,

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    frivolous dizzy childish senseless flighty foolish idiotic giddy flimsy superficial paltry petty trifling unimportant