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    1. The stars twinkled out one by one to be replaced by a flimsy, whimsy of strip

    2. You alternate between the absolute frustration of never being able to make physical contact, aware all the time that the only thing separating you is the lath and plaster of flimsy internal walls

    3. He turned around and looked at Kate with wide eyes and gave her hand a quick tight squeeze; he made a flimsy excuse and left them

    4. Over the next three or four days a succession of busy city types, who had invested in this run down part of the city in an attempt to make a killing on property prices in a rising market, brought around baskets full of striped shirts, frilly blouses and flimsy briefs to be ironed

    5. After that, they'd have to break the first floor entrance door and then the flimsy

    6. baskets full of striped shirts, frilly blouses and flimsy briefs to be

    7. their way out of the rather flimsy enclosure

    8. the flimsy thing; he noticed that,

    9. “That flimsy net won’t slow down anything big enough to bite a full grown human

    10. "Got a compulsory purchase order here and this is it for that over there" yelled the foreman of works as he shook a flimsy piece of paper under the Clothiers noses

    11. border, used to treating bombs as flimsy fire crackers

    12. With her flimsy hand, she started raising her revolver again to aim at him

    13. She pulled the flaps of the tent across, giving her somewhat flimsy privacy

    14. The light level had fallen appreciably before they sealed themselves into their flimsy shelter

    15. He took a hand full of the lacy garment she wore and fisted his hand on the flimsy material, tightening the fabric against her legs, making her cry out

    16. Saldon was still embarrassed by the half-naked women, though managed to hide this when a woman danced for him, removing one piece of her flimsy clothing at a time

    17. The Demon hit out at Manna and caught him under the arm, flinging him across the cave and landing on Balzar’s bed, destroying the flimsy frame

    18. A few months ago, just before the Ansahs started to England, Kwasie Adjaye, Captain of the Royal Hammockmen, and commanding one thousand guns, was accused of familiarity with one of these sisters, Princess Akosia Bereyna, and he was publicly put to death on this flimsy pretext

    19. It hung halfway down my calves, the fabric soft and thick, nothing like the flimsy, stiff hospital gowns I was used to

    20. A waitress in a flimsy black chiffon dress stopped in front of him

    21. �We know it's flimsy but Jonathan doesn't,� Steve remarked

    22. Wilson? His claim of being antiwar fell apart as soon as the flimsy claim of possible war with Mexico threatened his deeply ingrained white supremacy

    23. But that"s pretty flimsy for a case of guilty knowledge

    24. There was a heavy scarred oak table bolted to the floor and two flimsy chairs on both sides of the table

    25. Reaching with his fingertips, he picked it up by a corner and found that it was flimsy but resilient

    26. Behind him, a flimsy wooden staircase led to the upper floor

    27. Reaching out eagerly, she snatched from him a small flimsy cloth wrap

    28. The wrap, even doubled over, was so flimsy it was almost see-through

    29. As the last light of the day fell around them, it cast a blurred, murky reflection of the uneven heap on the water rolling lazily past the flimsy, almost flat hull

    30. The priest didn’t seem to care; if anything else his flimsy cover had been blown

    31. You see George, as she gets stronger, as time goes by and she get’s closer to reforming, her hold on you will begin again, although it will be flimsy compared to how it was in her animated state, it will still exist”

    32. I rang again and, as the second riff was ending, the girl who had flashed me on my last visit, appeared at the door wearing a flimsy pink mini-negligee, carrying a giant blue martini glass and appearing completely inebriated

    33. He closed his eyes and grabbed for the cloth that surrounded him, extracting some trendy shorts and a flimsy top of some kind

    34. dropped the flimsy scrap of terrycloth from around her waist, and stood there for a

    35. Now, you tell me, would a lunatic be so fast, so efficient? And, when I caught snatches of her singing swiftly—so swiftly (for I had to filter other noises)—I heard her singing an alapana—the introductory improvisation part—unfettered but flimsy

    36. his continued alcohol and drug use sullied the flimsy

    37. Cristal walked over and closed the shutters, which were made out of flimsy aluminum, the white paint peeling on the edges

    38. between the troughs and crests like the flimsy hair of seaweed

    39. the flimsy canopy I found tucked into one of the sides

    40. Instead a flimsy little weasel of a man had moved annoyingly into the room

    41. Her reason was flimsy,

    42. The pregnant women labored and delivered in a rather cramped room with two delivery tables separated only by a flimsy curtain

    43. what's wrong, it means that many times they're issued for unsubstantiated, flimsy

    44. When decorated with flimsy pelmets, back-cloth and curtains, it became a stage ten yards wide and one deep, with two separate curtained areas and two curtained entrances

    45. The audience were perched on flimsy tiers of wooden planks on three sides, and the stage protruded from the fourth

    46. Two little flaps of flimsy pale blue nylon, one at the front and one at the back, were joined between the legs

    47. ‗You cycled to school and spent the day wearing nothing but those two flimsy flaps of cloth with your bum practically hanging out?‘

    48. Placing her coffee mug on a pile of newspapers and adjusting generous buttocks more comfortably on the perilously flimsy chairs, Mandy’s mother drew a censorious breath before giving vent to an eruption of bitter self-pity

    49. At its centre stood a flimsy metal table and 3 chairs

    50. The flimsy filaments of hope, love and fear with which we weave our natures, stretched, spun themselves into a cord as cold and hard as life itself, and Robert bowed his head

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    flimsy onionskin unconvincing fragile slight tenuous thin insubstantial unsubstantial superficial poor false fallacious frail makeshift weak wobbly inadequate