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    1. That’s not a condition of this funding …’ she added quickly

    2. In all his previous trips to the Kassikan, the farthest he'd been was level 121, the balcony of the Astronomical Research Steering Committee that he often pleaded for funding in front of

    3. She was over the moon with her new pink phone and her limitless line of mobile telephony funding

    4. The list - which is available in the brochure Federal Funding Opportunities for Organizations that Help Those in Need and at www

    5. speak to you about the funding of the bus…” said Rishabh

    6. Osama for the funding to use this power to

    7. "All the good things he's doing, stimulating the world's economies, funding

    8. it was said to be raised by anticipation ; when in the other, by perpetual funding, or, more shortly, by funding

    9. The fund becoming in this manner altogether insufficient for paying both principal and interest of the money borrowed upon it, it became necessary to charge it with the interest only, or a perpetual annuity equal to the interest ; and such improvident anticipations necessarily gave birth to the more ruinous practice of perpetual funding

    10. Besides those two methods of borrowing, by anticipations and by a perpetual funding, there are two other methods, which hold a sort of middle place between them ; these are, that of borrowing upon annuities for terms of years, and that of borrowing upon annuities for lives

    11. By means of borrowing, they are enabled, with a very moderate increase of taxes, to raise, from year to year, money sufficient for carrying on the war; and by the practice of perpetual funding, they are enabled, with the smallest possible increase of taxes, to raise annually the largest possible sum of money

    12. In Great Britain, from the time that we had first recourse to the ruinous expedient of perpetual funding, the reduction of the public debt, in time of peace, has never borne any proportion to its accumulation in time of war

    13. But the expense occasioned by the war did not end with the conclusion of the peace ; so that, though on the 5th of January 1764, the funded debt was increased (partly by a new loan, and partly by funding a part of the unfunded debt) to £129,586,789:10:1¾, there still remained (according to the very well informed author of Considerations on the Trade and Finances of Great Britain) an unfunded debt, which was brought to account in that and the following year, of £9,975,017: 12:2 15/44d

    14. When the public expense is defrayed by funding, it is defrayed by the annual destruction of some capital which had before existed in the country; by the perversion of some portion of the annual produce which had before been destined for the maintenance of productive labour, towards that of unproductive labour

    15. If the method of funding destroys more old capital, it, at the same time, hinders less the accumulation or acquisition of new capital, than that of defraying the public expense by a revenue raised within the year

    16. Under the system of funding, the frugality and industry of private people can more easily repair the breaches which the waste and extravagance of government may occasionally make in the general capital of the society

    17. It is only during the continuance of war, however, that the system of funding has this advantage over the other system

    18. The ability of private people to accumulate, though less during the war, would have been greater during the peace, than under the system of funding

    19. Those, on the contrary, during which that ability was in the highest vigour would be of much longer duration than they can well be under the system of funding

    20. When funding, besides, has made a certain progress, the multiplication of taxes which it brings along with it, sometimes impairs as much the ability of private people to accumulate, even in time of peace, as the other system would in time of war

    21. The private revenue of the inhabitants of Great Britain is at present as much incumbered in time of peace, their ability to accumulate is as much impaired, as it would have been in the time of the most expensive war, had the pernicious system of funding never been adopted

    22. The practice of funding has gradually enfeebled every state which has adopted it

    23. regardless of where the funding or capital came from

    24. Hence we have every NGO racket and scam known to man operating here with your tax payer money for most do not really have private funding

    25. (This became fifteen thousand miles later on when the SAP had serious funding problems

    26. US troops were in Vietnam as advisers from 1950 to 1965, and actually provided most of the funding for the French government

    27. “We’re still willing to help with funding,” he said

    28. The federal government, who were on the hook for the cost; said they wanted, ‘a consensus,’ before funding it

    29. A religious conservative such as Bush would naturally turn to greater support for charities, perhaps at most getting government funding for church run charities

    30. Republicans also sent the Post Office into bankruptcy, forcing the funding of their pensions for 80 years, to try to break postal unions

    31. ’ Zavitz was primed with a little cash and the promise of additional funding as required

    32. Robert Clark was a Wall Street banker and stockbroker who provided $15 million in funding for the plot

    33. “Because I work for the company that was funding the project

    34. He was, ‘firmly convinced,’ that we needed, ‘more funding committed to research and development

    35. There was some discussion about the proposed educational funding for veterans that was being debated in Congress

    36. They could be so obstreperous, especially when you needed continued funding for a half-completed project

    37. In 2013 Lottery funding was earmarked to excavate, restore and feature the castle

    38. “Well, the grazing commons and ocean reefs aren’t ‘expandable’ while governmental budgets are! As long as it is in the politicians’ interest, they can continue to pass as many funding bills as they wish, resulting in the persistent deficits that led to the Balanced Budget Amendment proposals

    39. If this damage to the political Parties is viewed as undesirable for some reason, government could provide a fixed amount of election funding

    40. There will be a sort of automatic demand-side election campaign financing reform, since lobbying groups will reduce their funding if there is less return to that

    41. It seems logical that the Department of Education would be funding studies and recommending solutions

    42. approves AFDC programs in the states and provides about 55% of the necessary funding

    43. stop funding it and withdrawing from it and the UN

    44. Dump Reagan campaign when he tried to cancel their public funding

    45. However, funding that bribe meant getting involved with all of the wrong people

    46. approximately half of its funding from the

    47. funding for the Center, enabling the Center to

    48. Another partnership is the funding of the

    49. There was little if any examination of Obama’s prominent role in assisting and funding the radical ACORN

    50. exercise, and the funding that may be required to meet the

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