germ sätze

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Germ sätze (in englisch)

  1. Not a germ of doubt would enter.
  2. The ancient pulse of germ and birth.
  3. To protect this germ is true husbandry.
  4. You have the germ of success within you.
  5. Desire was the primal seed, the germ of.

  6. No I think he has got some sort of germ.
  7. His hair was like wheat germ mixed with honey.
  8. There is where the germ of her hate was hatched.
  9. It started like a little germ about the middle of the.
  10. A germ of an idea was forming in the Neelkanth’s mind.
  11. And I was washing it all away, picking up each ugly germ.
  12. Wheat germ oil is especially useful in preventing hair loss.
  13. This vitamin is found in fresh greens and wheat germ oil as well.
  14. Perhaps Fauna had planted the germ by reading Hazel’s horoscope.
  15. Education is unfoldment of what is already enfolded in the germ.

  16. The Matter – Space – gives rise to a "seed", Germ, Spawn – Soul.
  17. Hatred is the germ of murder; and 'no murderer has eternal life abiding in him.
  18. The addition of one-to-four tablespoonsful of wheat germ to the cereal is a most.
  19. Within the same sentiment is the germ of intellectual growth, which obeys the same law.
  20. The germ plasma in each generation always contains the sum of all that has passed before it.
  21. Other oils: wheat germ oil and olive oil are both popular ingredients in hair care products.
  22. The main sources of it are wheat germ, celery, lettuce, leafy green vegetables, and parsley.
  23. The Germ – is the manifested Universe, the totality of Building Units, vivified by the Spirit.
  24. We know that the best among us will be mowed down and that our work will be destroyed in the germ.
  25. It is virtually non-toxic and is considered by some to be the best all-around germ fighter we have.

  26. There was the germ of an idea cooking in my subconscious, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.
  27. Place the oats, bran, wheat germ, coconut, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and walnuts into the mixture.
  28. But always, some small germ of the truth conveyed, lay well hidden within this haystack of Man’s conceit.
  29. It is interesting to realize that every creation in our universe grows in itself the germ of its own destruction.
  30. Viewed from the standpoint of one immune from the bridge germ, it is a dull and preachy succession of platitudes.
  31. By thy first step awry thou didst plant the germ of evil; but since that moment, it has all been a dark necessity.
  32. One of the very important developments was promotion of the germ theory by French chemist Louis Pasteur that truly.
  33. This knowledge is the result of man’s ability to think; thought is therefore the germ of man’s conscious evolution.
  34. The soul of Talstan was determined to cure the entire human species of the germ of the idea of the 'sovereign individual.
  35. Doctor Kumar told me, ―Harold, you have a really nasty germ, and we don‘t know how to treat you so that we can kill it.
  36. Epithelial cancer represent eight out of 10 ovarian cancers, the rest are germ cell and sex-cord stoma cell ovarian cancer.
  37. A spirit says of this doctrine, When once that is established, this one simple germ of knowledge will work out all the rest.
  38. The light that flows into the spirit that is close and directed to its Creator sanctifies it from the germ that had been settled in it.
  39. When the same grain is ground in a high-speed steel roller mill, it is unable to grind the germ and the bran properly and thus it is ejected.
  40. Like a vile trichina, like a germ of the plague infecting whole kingdoms, so I contaminated all this earth, so happy and sinless before my coming.
  41. They turn out very well-trained surgeons, but they are blinkered against pursuing any germ theory of medicine because of their religious teachings.
  42. I say, the spirit’s cure of the germ of its wicked desires cannot be attained except by its approaching towards Allah and its absolute facing to Him.
  43. A spacesuit would be handy, or a special outfit like those used by the chemical and germ warfare scientists, but nothing like this would be found here.
  44. Try always when your mind is filled with some pictorial idea to get something put down, a mere fumbled expression possibly, but it may contain the germ.
  45. Or perhaps most common of all, some insidious disease or germ that could sometimes spread in the confines of a ship and take its crew without much effort.
  46. Then it was time for home and as he was leaving the office Chris, with a germ of an idea forming, asked Cindy to cover for him until lunchtime the next day.
  47. This means that the vaccine introduces the germ in a way calculated to build up the body’s defense against an actual attack by the disease – causing germ.
  48. His visiting lift companion bid the lad a cheerful good day, wondering if he might have pried a germ of thought into that modishly educated and expensively hooded head.
  49. The instincts of an executioner are in germ in nearly every one of our contemporaries; but the animal instincts of the man have not developed themselves in a uniform manner.
  50. Mix together the peanuts, red and green candy-coated chocolate pieces, red and green candy-coated chocolate covered peanuts, chocolate covered peanuts and wheat germ nut snacks.
  51. Another meaning of the word forgiving which is the restorer who restores the spirit which is infected by a germ of disobedience to its former state of moral health and purity.
  52. There is a secret behind the words: ‘God is Greater,’ for it has a miraculous effect in this subject, as if it be a decisive criterion for making the meat pure of germ colonies.
  53. A million men in the agony of death and torture on the battlefield send out thoughts of hatred and distress, soon another million men die from the effect of a germ called influenza.
  54. Oh, at first perhaps it began innocently, with a jest, coquetry, with amorous play, perhaps indeed with a germ, but that germ of falsity made its way into their hearts and pleased them.
  55. But there is something there which it needs a yet diviner art, in which the philosopher is the priest, to discern, which makes the one germ inevitably into Newton and the other into a dog.
  56. Barrie’s “humor” in “Alice-Sit-by-the-Fire” has the taint of decay—as it had the germ of acute dyspepsia in that atrocity produced in New York under the title of “Little Mary.
  57. In the meantime, while they were treating this nasty germ there was another one building up around the outside of that infection and the antibiotics I was receiving would not take care of it.
  58. As she drew nigh, the arch-fiend whispered him to condense into small compass and drop into her tender bosom a germ of evil that would be sure to blossom darkly soon, and bear black fruit betimes.
  59. The germ of both of them is contained in the Platonic dialectic; all metaphysicians have something in common with the ideas of Plato; all logicians have derived something from the method of Plato.
  60. If the thought is destructive, it will have within itself the germ of its own dissolution; it will die, but in the process of dying, it will bring sickness, disease, and every other form of discord.
  61. The animals over which Al’lah’s Name was not pronounced were congested with germ colonies contrary to those over which Al’lah’s Name was pronounced, for they were completely free from germs.
  62. Though they did not yet understand germ theory, they could see and did know the obvious: When whites came into an area with Natives, Natives died from disease in huge numbers, at a 90-98% death rate.
  63. Even orthodox nutritionists now recognize that white flour is an empty food, supplying calories for energy but none of the bodybuilding materials that abound in the germ and the bran of whole grains.
  64. In the Stanzas of the Book Dzyan is said: The Ray shoots through the Virgin Egg, the Ray causes the Eternal Egg to thrill, and drop the non-eternal Germ, which condenses into the World-Egg (Stanza 3.
  65. We then discern the absolute necessity of seeing that every thought has the inherent germ of truth in order that the law of growth will bring into manifestation good, for good alone can confer any permanent power.
  66. In Asia, Japanese militarists were notoriously brutal in their treatment of other Asians, mass executions of civilians, forced labor camps, rape camps filled with local comfort women, even germ warfare experiments.
  67. This is the Elohim, the germ cell, the life principle which goes forth and enters in and becomes, sets in motion those causes which guide, direct, and bring about the necessary relation, which eventually manifest in form.
  68. As for children who have the germ of this wicked desire of stealing, they ask their fathers about this cut off hand, and they are answered: O my child, that is the thief's hand, it has been cut off, my son be careful not to steal.
  69. He felt what the earth may possibly feel, at the moment when it is torn open with the iron, in order that grain may be deposited within it; it feels only the wound; the quiver of the germ and the joy of the fruit only arrive later.
  70. You may become infected with a dangerous germ: the subjective will at once commence to build a wall around the infected area and destroy the infection by absorbing it in the white blood corpuscles which it supplies for the purpose.
  71. To my mind, it is much more natural to suppose a power to create monopolies had been surrendered, to quiet the fears of those who saw in the constitution the germ which would sooner or later palsy the vitals of the State authority.
  72. Among them are often free-thinking comrades—who have enlisted voluntarily—or young officers of liberal ideas, and already the first germ of doubt has been sown in regard to the unconditional legitimacy and glory of their occupation.
  73. It was there, in Triana, that he was first tempted to try his hand at drawing from life, and first brought his humour into play in the exquisite little sketch of "Rinconete y Cortadillo," the germ, in more ways than one, of "Don Quixote.
  74. Their ability to co-ordinate their efforts and resources in whatever disaster, chemical spills, major fires, train or plane crashes, germ warfare attacks or anything else they could dream up, would be measured and scored by specialist observers.
  75. New Year’s was the one time of the year when Mom would bypass the bulgur wheat and wheat germ at the store in favor of the sweets Sam craved, and then they’d sit up together on the couch, dunking pizzelle in hot chocolate until sugar shock set in.
  76. It also indicates the many times that a germ of crystalline inspiration seems to have been virtually smothered in Man’s attempt toward a simplification thought necessary to introduce it into his lesser capacity, a kind of dumbing down, rather than a rising up.
  77. But that spirit may be the eternal life which the Holy Spirit confers along with the germ of the Divine Image; and under this definition there would be less difficulty in holding that the regenerate man alone possesses pneu~ma, or spirit, in the technical sense of the term.
  78. Exasperated more and more, he struck the man a second and a third time; and then—in a sort of intoxication of fury and terror, which amounted to actual insanity, and yet bore within it a germ of delightful satisfaction, he ceased to count his blows, and rained them in without ceasing.
  79. Founder and second President John Adams saw the danger: There is a germ of religion in human nature, he warned, so strong that whenever an order of men can persuade the people… that they have salvation at their disposal, there can be no end of fraud, violence, or usurpation.
  80. What is agreed on both sides is that the personal indwelling of the Holy Spirit changes the old nature by imparting a new germ of grace, and thereby creates a 'new man,’ new in the springs of thought and purpose, new in heavenly relationship, and new in the prospect of life everlasting.
  81. The first culture reveals the germ growth in general, and the second one helps studying Streptococcus and Staphylococcus whether they are hemolytic or not, while the third proves the growth of Gram-Negative Bacilli in general, and the commonest one that indicates microbial contamination which is E.
  82. But this small village, germ of something more, why did it fail while Concord keeps its ground? Were there no natural advantages—no water privileges, forsooth? Ay, the deep Walden Pond and cool Brister's Spring—privilege to drink long and healthy draughts at these, all unimproved by these men but to dilute their glass.
  83. Even whole sentences of the proclamation which he meant to make Barrios issue from his headquarters at Cayta as soon as he got there passed through his mind; the very germ of the new State, the Separationist proclamation which he had tried before he left to read hurriedly to Don Jose, stretched out on his bed under the fixed gaze of his daughter.
  84. Sesha or Ananta, "the couch of Vishnu," is an allegorical abstraction, symbolizing infinite Time in Space, which contains the germ and throws off periodically the efflorescence of this germ, the manifested Universe; whereas, the gnostic Ophis contained the same triple symbolism in its seven vowels as the One, Three and Seven-syllabled Oeaohoo of the Archaic doctrine; i.
  85. The single cell united with the single germ, each integrating the qualities of ancestors, gives birth to a new organic product, which, minute as it is, contains in latent forms all the potentialities, and displays actually in evolution many of the qualities of generations of ancestors, male and female, and futhermore evinces new qualities as a result of the organic combination.
  86. A- In the samples of meat over which Al’lah’s Name was pronounced (while slaughtering the animals): there was not a germ growth in two of them, while three of them had a microbial growth but in a very rare number of colonies, and the germs were Gram-Negative which are not pathogenic and found only as a result of contamination of the surrounding surface with human and animal remains (Gram-Negative Bacilli, E.
  87. Next came the war with Tripoli—the Barbary States preyed upon our commerce—you determined to resist, and despatched a small squadron to the Mediterranean: this ought to have been considered as the germ of your future maritime greatness: the good conduct and bravery of that squadron, and the self-immolation of some of its officers, spread the renown of your naval prowess to all quarters of the civilized globe.
  88. When arguing against a supposed error of ours, in which by mistake he attributed to us the belief that mankind is not simply allied on one side to the animal races, but is distinguishable from them only by shades of development, he very justly points out that this undistinguishableness of the germs cannot be pleaded in support of the identification of the two, since the obscure germ soon demonstrates its hidden forces, and asserts in humanity its generic superiority to that of the brute.
  89. In short, what cause is more just, and consequently, what war is greater, than that which reestablishes social truth, restores her throne to liberty, restores the people to the people, restores sovereignty to man, replaces the purple on the head of France, restores equity and reason in their plenitude, suppresses every germ of antagonism by restoring each one to himself, annihilates the obstacle which royalty presents to the whole immense universal concord, and places the human race once more on a level with the right? These wars build up peace.
  90. Here and there some earnest teacher, faithful to the Scripture, faithful to tradition, faithful to a sounder philosophy, resisted the growing opinion, and boldly testified, as we have seen, against the error which is the germ of nearly all heresies; here and there a puzzled bishop or apologist, though holding 'philosophic’ language at one time, on other occasions taught the special doctrine of Christianity; but the resistance soon began to die away; and by the time that Jerome and Augustine arose, those intolerant doctors of the demonolatrous 'apostasy,’ as Mr.
  91. It is not necessary to suppose, with the elder divines, that the Savior endured an amount of suffering equal to that collectively deserved by the elect, or by the whole race of mankind; for He was a propitiation for that race, regarded as one individual—the first Adam, whose sin comprised the germ of all subsequent transgressions;—yet, inasmuch as the blood of Jesus Christ is effectual to the pardon of 'all sin,’ it must be understood that all sin was reckoned as being contained in that one offence which brought death upon Adam, and which was the occasion of the necessity for God's sacrifice.

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