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    1. "Many did volunteer to ascend in the generation before that virus reached Earth

    2. That missile struck in 2359, in the form of instructions to produce an artificial virus that would modify human genetics to prevent mortals from aging as long as they had frequent promiscuous sex

    3. Talstan, and all Angels everywhere, could not allow that virus to go into production

    4. Al-Harron was launched in 2374 as soon as Brasil began production of Satan's virus

    5. By sending the code of their anti-aging virus to Brazil, The Kassikan of the planet Kassidor had declared war, not just on Talstan, but on all Angels of any belief

    6. Our operatives in Brazil say they the Kassikan sent the code to that virus also during the period of radio contact and Brazil was close to putting that into production

    7. That virus is airborne and they thought about releasing it over Talstan

    8. "That virus is the mechanism that enforces the individual sovereignty policy by which the Kassikan rules mankind on this entire planet

    9. "We will err on the side of caution and assume that the existence of that virus is fact," Vincef said, "I can assume we are immune in the afterlife, but it is unlikely we will find a way to undo its effects in converted and trained natives

    10. "The seedship part of the mission does not begin until the anti-aging virus is avenged, that is in the Haad License and I will call the council to witness it

    11. No doubt Moamar knew as well as the Haadij that the virus would infect any of their seed they set in this ground

    12. What did he do with this knowledge? What were they? What was this Haad? Were they not the same as that radio message with the code for the virus of eternal youth? A missile, a missile aimed at the wizards of the Kassikan

    13. We all know that Talstan interpreted the transmission of the code for that virus as a declaration of war by the Kassikan on virtual souls of all faiths and called for jihad on the Kassikan

    14. Herndon had always thought there was a side of Ernesto that was reluctant to send the code for that virus back to the homeland

    15. He was afraid he was going to be paralyzed by the native anti-violence virus they had all contracted

    16. But that was only because of the native virus, he could still imagine the tortures he would have inflicted on them to get it out of them if it wasn't for that artificial Instinct

    17. "They saw the code for that virus as a missile striking at the speed of light," Herndon recited their propaganda

    18. I'm afraid that 'Instinct' virus makes that impossible

    19. NEA is a mental and emotional virus that creates within

    20. So about that time some lab got concerned and released a virus that sterilized everyone

    21. "It was a virus transmitted in bodily fluids, but it didn't spread all that quickly

    22. "Yeah," Desa said, "Luray had one in the 41st but she hadn't caught that virus yet, Wescarp was pretty isolated then

    23. They claimed to have transmitted the code to the virus that stopped mortals from aging back to Brasil

    24. Lead by Heavenly Talstan, the Angels of Sol went to war to prevent that virus from being produced

    25. “There is no chance that the device would crack open and release this virus,” asked Lord Boras

    26. After a week of clandestine activity the Trojan Horse virus despatched a summary of all the dreadful links, stories and pictures that it had found on its trawling expeditions in the howling hours and subsequently installed in a hidden area on Danny’s hard drive

    27. The virus had no firepower

    28. virus was nothing but a carrier of the common cold, no more, no

    29. The virus twisted and turned, flew somersaults in the air and

    30. Sao Luis had begun its second voyage in 2361, well before the war started and before the Brazilians put the Kassikan’s virus into production

    31. If they had the virus with them, he didn’t know what would happen

    32. a virus, which ultimately attacked their hearts,

    33. resident of Gorky, embedded the virus in a picture of the girl and

    34. picture and that the virus was now safely and surreptitiously

    35. After a week of clandestine activity the Trojan Horse virus

    36. Ava knew this could also happen if the virus was anywhere in the hardware data layer

    37. More seriously, it could mean that the virus had detected the interest of the souls in the potassium balance and was trying to cover it’s tracks

    38. In the briefing room Felina3 was trying to access the records shortly before Dan went missing, but all she could find was a very complicated uploaded virus which had deleted most of the names on the database!

    39. What if there was nothing left? What if this is the last world not fully consumed by the Virus?

    40. Maybe that's why they bundle up all the time, they think they're going to keep the virus off them

    41. It seems to have attached itself to a virus

    42. This virus is reproducing by taking over the reproductive process of its host cells, you being the host cell

    43. No, the interesting thing is, the virus is living in you in an entirely symbiotic way

    44. ‘Well, it’s conjecture again but I figure that the virus has an ability to react to any circumstance that puts the host body, you, in danger

    45. Along with physical strength, the Makiian Virus bestowed an even darker gift -- he now could tap into the power of the Void

    46. The very same virus that had begun it all -- the false immortality, unfiltered

    47. No one can raise a hand to another after being infected with that, and since that virus could be transmitted thru the air, just about everyone has been infected by now

    48. What if he did refuse this pill? No doubt they could take another few minutes and put it in some kind of virus and waft it into the air

    49. pollution of the planets - or leaving a virus

    50. It may not have been the most advanced AI but it was enough to be vulnerable to corruption – a quantum virus, for example

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