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    1. It is a beautiful house - two storey, detached and standing in its own grounds … the gravel drive large enough for at least six cars to park in

    2. Yes, I assured her that you have an up to date burglar alarm and man-eating rotweillers loose in the grounds

    3. He might have got away with Joanna’s murder on the grounds of her behaviour, but there’s no way on the earth that he can justify his behaviour towards you

    4. He was a fascinating old man and who had worked on the grounds for nearly forty years

    5. He had his grounds completely trapped these days, he was not about to let himself be distracted to the point where any uppity mundane could pseudo-encapsulate him again

    6. It’d be another positive outcome of this whole affair if she and JJ were to get together as Berndt seems to think they may … Abery Hall ought to have children running around its grounds … Kara, get your feet back on the ground! Talking of which, you had better get yourself moving … get this bread home and dig out that authority Berndt gave you

    7. by common devices, passing into the grounds of the church

    8. Two days later, Steve’s dragon called him to the hatching grounds

    9. Queenie had headed straight for the hatching grounds and remained there

    10. Unknown to the others, at first, Oreo stationed herself at the entrance to the hatching grounds

    11. While they were kept busy with this battle, a very large monstrous grizzly started up the mountain to the hatching grounds

    12. Michael rushed to the hatching grounds with Sally at his side

    13. Oreo and the ‘twins’ kept a huge mutant bear from entering the hatching grounds

    14. Jake, Queenie called to him in a soothing voice, our hatching grounds now hold twenty eggs

    15. They are aware of the locations of all the hatching grounds on this continent

    16. When she entered the hatching grounds three months ago, Lady Sally was 9 years old

    17. I have some news that I believe explains the reason for the two eggs at the hatching grounds

    18. The man and the female are in the hatching grounds

    19. Daniel and Kate headed to the hatching grounds at a fast pace

    20. ” She kissed him on the cheek and he watched as she left their cave and ran headlong towards the hatching grounds

    21. As she entered the grounds she noticed first off that Queenie was no longer there guarding her children

    22. Michael told him the story of the hatching grounds battle and the death of his friend

    23. Jason and Andrea were called to the hatching grounds on the same day

    24. They looked at each other and grinned in excitement; made an excuse and then hurried to the hatching grounds

    25. Both dragons left the hatching grounds and went to present themselves to Jake

    26. They were then led to the feeding grounds by Rah

    27. He knew where the hatching grounds were; it had cost the lives of many of the females, but they finally told him what he wanted to know

    28. That was when she saw a pack of them head for the hatching grounds

    29. Jake, dragons are approaching the hatching grounds!

    30. Jake flew like a comet towards the hatching grounds, flaming all the way

    31. It looked as though we were going to a private sector of the grounds, which I thought would be quiet and sound proof

    32. Queenie called to Jake one day and told him that the egg on her hatching grounds was of such a size that they would have to make a new opening if the newly emerged dragon was to be able to leave the cave once it hatched

    33. “A large egg you say? Where is the egg right now? Where are the hatching grounds located? Please, I have to see this egg

    34. Reluctantly James left the hatching grounds

    35. What was I thinking I asked myself? My God there were two of them inside the grounds

    36. After what seemed like hours they left the grounds

    37. After making sure everyone was ok, and checking the house and grounds, James went up to his room

    38. Master Jeffery was asked to write down all that had happened, from the very beginning with Kate entering the hatching grounds and finding Jake, to the final battle with the black devils

    39. My hands stroked the old, old stones bordering the ruins of the basilica of Agia Melina and by climbing on one at my feet I was able to look over the walls at the proud white marble columns still upright in the grounds

    40. used the compound grounds for the two students who signed up for cricket

    41. "Or she could be trapping you in grounds for divorce, you said she was just looking for an excuse

    42. There is parking for one car in the grounds of the building

    43. There is a sort of communal garden in the grounds but people seem to go for window boxes and stuff on the balconies more than anything

    44. Access to the grounds of the villa is via a pair of wrought iron gates which look very impressive but to be honest the place is slightly run down in the way that Mediterranean properties tend to be – I don’t know if it is the heat or just a cultural difference but they don’t take the pride in their properties that the English do

    45. The current contractor tried to shovel all the blame for the extra cost onto the original firm and, although there are some grounds for that, there is also the fact that the new mob haven't been putting their back into the job, but using their work force on a very lucrative housing development instead

    46. Initially they’d turned down her application on technical grounds, but she had the plans re-drawn and then, d’you know, she actually went along to a meeting of the planning committee herself and quietly demanded to know why they wouldn’t grant permission

    47. The grounds were roughly walled with loose stone and the lawn was nothing but some mossy slopes leading up to the doors between the trunks

    48. clearly across the grounds

    49. He found Harry dutifully finishing the white washing of the fence pickets at the far side of the Lodge grounds

    50. He briefly guided the new arrivals through the grounds, rattling

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    curtilage grounds yard evidence cause reason factor foundation motive premise account residue dregs lees silt deposit