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    1. The reason I am saying that, it is because when you think

    2. I believe the reason they are not expecting it, is because

    3. The reason I have so much interest in Abraham’s life is

    4. That realization, that reason why, got me motivated

    5. So motivate yourself with a strong reason why

    6. achieve their goals, but the number one reason is time

    7. "It is likely the only reason she bought this house is to go after those papers," Herndon said, his lips tight

    8. The reason that causes you to have a

    9. The Yingolian ghost was the soul he loved, the reason he loved that body more now as Ava than in the past as Tdeshi

    10. No reason to avoid sitting in the sun with a morning cup to watch the snow melt

    11. The reason why He manifests His power to us, is for us to

    12. That is the reason why you

    13. be acknowledged, because that is the only reason why

    14. of the matter is that, the reason we are all gathering in

    15. Another cloud crossed her mind, Yorthop's years in the central city were running short, she feared that might be the reason for this invitation

    16. My motivational reason why I need to do this is:

    17. That’s one reason fall prevention programs aimed at seniors point out the need for appropriate lighting throughout the home to clearly define changes in floor surfaces or levels and to eliminate both shadows and glare

    18. For some reason her eyes always looked lifeless and cold

    19. Those papers could be the reason she is on your tail

    20. The reason I do not believe in this, is because I never read

    21. Isaac, and God of Jacob? The reason is that, they have

    22. The reason is that, not all of

    23. “What about the Super Chip? That’s the reason I came all the way down here

    24. And the reason I brought her along with me,” Johnny pointed at Nancy, who was currently enthralled with wondering what manner of creature or machine was hiding under the desk

    25. Heb: 7:23: And they truly were many priests, because they were not suffered to continue by reason of death:

    26. The only reason Jorma's important to me is because he helped me find out the truth about Tdeshi and Tahlmute

    27. She was pretty sure from the depth of the dust that Jorma and Venna had not discovered it either, but Hernon was too wound to listen to that much reason

    28. She confided in Jorma more than she should have about Venna but felt Jorma was likely to listen to reason and thought he should be warned of their suspicions

    29. ‘And is there any reason why the police should think that you would want to shoot her?’ he asked almost conversationally – we could be discussing the weather

    30. I think that the reason that grandchildren are great is because they come to you with their open arms and open hearts, unspoiled and innocent

    31. She was loathe to admit that the thrill of leaping over blue water in the clutches of a Latin Lothario was part of the reason she wasn't angrier about this

    32. It is for this reason that I urge great caution when using this product

    33. Of course, the reason the workers were like that was because they were androids, built for accomplishing tasks and not for looking realistic

    34. Perhaps he could reason with her and understand God's plan for Man

    35. The reason being the will can be contested later on the basis that force was involved in the signing of the will and the person was of unsound mind when doing so

    36. If you are leaving all your money to charity and nothing for your family, then emphasise the reason for doing so

    37. Disinheriting a close family member? State your reason

    38. Specifically mentioning his name and the reason for eliminating him will avoid any future problems

    39. Had she really made up her mind? Had her reason overcome Tdeshi's hormones? Was she sure she was going back? Yes

    40. "All you can provide me with as a reason is as a hostage to insure my sister's cooperation

    41. befuddled state he still remembered the tattered edges of reason that came with

    42. The reason for this is, that after we have participated in the happenings of the day and in the general give and take of life, the mind is in a state of violent vibration; this is not the case if the meditation is performed first thing in the morning

    43. When I was young, the criteria for getting a job tended to be linked to how good you looked in a mini skirt … okay, that is a sweeping statement, but I clearly remember one job where it was definitely the reason I got the job

    44. His shunning was by the Kassikan, it wasn't a council decision, so it was not unethical for doostEr to do business with him, but this was reason for caution

    45. ‘What did they give as their reason, Liz?’ I asked, disturbed by her obvious edginess

    46. Whatever the reason, Dr

    47. He probably has the second biggest claim to being the rightful owner, but I don't think he will attempt to steal it, but he is one reason I wanted to keep this quiet

    48. I have debated with myself several times whether I should ring him but I couldn’t bear it if he hung up on me and there’s no reason for him not to after my jibe about solicitors

    49. Looking at the pouting and seductive Mirielle, he could think of no reason to answer the call today either

    50. Or maybe there was another reason

    1. I also reasoned that if I could get local politics on board that this would give the Gardai and my worm of a boss Peter Dooley pause for thought before they tried to shut me down

    2. I reasoned that the tantrums of the morning served no purpose

    3. Some have reasoned that this restrainer is the Holy Spirit, and so we must be raptured out in order for the end to come

    4. She reasoned that it was best to

    5. reasoned that he had also come far and should now be

    6. If oils of jasmine or lotus had the power to attract a man, she reasoned that the pungent garlic would have the opposite effect

    7. Zarko had reasoned that trying to hide his manhood at that moment would merely postpone the inevitable and cause him more embarrassment

    8. But, she reasoned, if the cats made her own presence aboard the Huntress even a little more palatable to the company, so be it

    9. A second knock brought him to his senses, and he reasoned that a knock on a person's door naturally demanded an answer

    10. Mr Snickerty writhed irritably, but the fellow appeared in earnest, and the adjudicator reasoned that it would be more expedient to hear him out, than turn him away

    11. I didn’t know if there would ever be hostile visitors to the island, but it would be wise, I reasoned, to be prepared for just such a contingency

    12. This vessel allowed the possibility for a deeper stasis if its computer reasoned that there was no attainable destination

    13. He did sound genuinely rueful, looked disconsolate although, she reasoned, only because he had become personally attached to her – his special project

    14. An absurd thought, he reasoned

    15. Torbin had insisted they move in close enough that he could make contact with the device; Zardino had no truck with this suggestion purely on the grounds that it would be a suicide mission, not accepting that the device had developed a special connection with him, or that – as a highly intelligent entity – it could be reasoned with

    16. Zardino said, ‘You reasoned that one day the TE wave would be detected and then its nature comprehended

    17. Jealousy! Was she jealous? No, she reasoned, it was shock and annoyance at the sudden turn of events; at the people involved

    18. What you can expect from a liberal who has not the means to deal with a reasoned conservative assertion

    19. It had occurred to the Immortal Kings to send a medium-sized force to Charkel with speed on altherin horses, though they wanted to avoid battle, and there was a chance a smaller army might be attacked rather than reasoned with

    20. The residents reasoned

    21. “He must not have been too bad of a fellow if he was willing to help me,” she reasoned

    22. Modern conventions have apparently lost its (reasoned) capacity to appreciate, at their face value, the (potential) pitfalls of unbecoming attitudes although (seemingly) encouraging the flaunting of anti-social behavior that is typically provided refuge in recently minted (psychogenic) disorders

    23. and Sabbath days reasoned with them out of the

    24. It may be reasoned that an individual who enjoys more of something is more successful than someone who has less of that same

    25. When the throng had finally shouted themselves out, Grindel spoke his next words carefully, assuaging them with his reasoned argument

    26. Truth is correctly understood as the systematic arrangement of thoughtful ideas and reasoned assumptions conforming to factual standards prescribed by the (Eternal) Law(s) of Nature

    27. His two companions must have done just that, he reasoned, otherwise they would still be waiting on the ledge for him

    28. "But what about the stalls?" I reasoned, trying to raise as many objections as I could think up

    29. Could have been an animal, he reasoned

    30. "But that was different," I reasoned

    31. But he obviously expected to return and sleep in it that night,” Bru reasoned

    32. “There must be a waterhole,” he reasoned out loud for the benefit of the others

    33. Something must have happened, he reasoned and someone must know what

    34. But it was just a kind of fugue, he reasoned

    35. He turned his mind inwards and reasoned with himself, thinking that maybe God had not sent this man to find him, but he had sent both of them to find each other

    36. Or thought you had, he reasoned

    37. More than once, he reasoned that if she were to turn nasty a bite at that point would cause him serious damage

    38. The pain she felt was immense and she reasoned that bones must have been broken

    39. Freddy was being cute, he reasoned; playing with himself in the dead of night because he just got bored with waiting for the day

    40. Perhaps he could be reasoned to the extent that it would seem to him to be in his best interests, offering him a deal he could not refuse

    41. Just a two-inch story on the fifth page of the local news-text, he reasoned

    42. “In some insanely illogical fashion, they reasoned that since I’m not one of them, the bad guys can’t retaliate for what I do

    43. She had looked with some alarm when that shepherd’s voice had been heard, but that might have been just surprise, unless—of course, she was close to me, a stranger, he reasoned

    44. Whatever I did, it couldn’t be helped, he silently reasoned, as he veered toward the distant canal bank where a small knot of trees grew

    45. I reasoned that if I married Ernest, I’d have support in resisting my father’s domination, even at the cost of moving far away from my land, the woods and waters that I loved

    46. It has to be so, I reasoned further

    47. “What if it wasn’t?” he reasoned

    48. Jeremiah reasoned, “That could mean anything

    49. This can never ever be reasoned away, even with the highest, most complicated theological bull-twang!! Dear reader, you have to choose

    50. We reasoned that if the secret of the Ripper’s identity was out, there would be no need to pursue us anymore

    1. I repeated the reasoning behind my wearing it and added that I

    2. He got picked on in school as a kid for stuttering, so my parents told me never to pick on kids, which is fine, but their reasoning was more out of fear that the kid might “snap,” not because it was the right thing to do

    3. The visualisation of that object, imaginative perception of it and logical reasoning about it

    4. Would it brutalise otherwise normal and intelligent boys? Was I trying to take one step too far with my reasoning? I didn’t really have the means to describe what I was thinking

    5. It stands to basic human reasoning given that we as conscious beings experience everything through a beginning and an end

    6. “Argh!” Tarak threw up his hands in frustration knowing he could not fault her reasoning

    7. her reasoning being that our marriage was worth more than her pride

    8. ‘Dear God there’s no reasoning with the man!’ She

    9. As she turned to hear Jim's reasoning behind the name, she found them up on their knee's listening intensely to his explanation – they never listen to her that way

    10. That wasn't the reasoning she’d used though, she’d felt he was slacking off, not doing his job

    11. Jean knew that his reasoning was sound, and that Henri

    12. But their cognitive reasoning seems to be intact

    13. reasoning with his companions:

    14. tried reasoning with our Cure, but he just said that he

    15. I could see his reasoning - once there’s

    16. church of reconciling belief with reasoning, just after it

    17. namely a connection between reasoning and religion, in

    18. Perhaps his reasoning was clouded by the ‘other’ voices in his head, those of Sevron, the Servant of Death

    19. But the rise in the price of provisions, which has been the subject of so much reasoning and conversation, does not affect all sorts of provisions equally

    20. As to religious answers, they appear to be based much more on fear and mythical hope than on logical and sustained reasoning

    21. This form of reasoning takes us back to the question of reality

    22. The previous questions converging towards the same reasoning, with the intention of adding to the confusion before bringing more light, let’s add one more question:

    23. preoccupied in seeking for the reasoning way

    24. If we follow this line of reasoning, we have to conclude that, at a certain point in the past, there was no time, no space, no energy, and no substance, which leads us to an irresolvable moot point

    25. Focus on positive efforts and the process for solving a problem – children have amazing reasoning abilities

    26. She didn’t know where Helez was going with this line of reasoning

    27. She seemed immediately interested in his story and his reasoning

    28. ' According to this reasoning,

    29. principles of good and bad reasoning, necessarily arose out of the observations which a scrutiny of this kind gave occasion to ; though, in its origin, posterior both to physics and to ethics, it was commonly taught, not indeed in all, but in the greater part of the ancient schools of philosophy, previously to either of those sciences

    30. The student, it seems to have been thought, ought to understand well the difference between good and bad reasoning, before he was led to reason upon subjects of so great importance

    31. He tried not to let emotion play a part in his reasoning; but it was there, pushing at his defences, like a walled off tide

    32. Now doubts were beginning to creep into his mind that he could not quite present into logical reasoning

    33. Roidon’s mind-state had now expanded to almost five terabytes, the original memory added to by the immense knowledge of the device – its observation and theoretical reasoning

    34. The Bible also states that we will not even be able to understand the Earth completely - and how true this is - we know less about our deepest oceans, than we do about the surface of the moon - not to mention the mantle and core of the Earth, which are currently part of our speculative reasoning

    35. Turner decimated the ranks of the Directorate of Operations, his reasoning being that in all too many instances our field operatives were forced into relying on foreign nationals of less than savory character

    36. " There is simply no reasoning with them, whether individually or in groups

    37. The man agreed though Wil suspected his reasoning was that it was better not to get on the bad side of vampire that can walk in daylight

    38. Although of course it was perfectly understandable, he felt slightly ridiculous for having been – if only partially – taken in by this deception; only an illusion, which can be undone with sufficient reasoning

    39. Simple reasoning is all you need

    40. ‘Zen (then) let’s test your reasoning

    41. Gina knew Milo would never understand her reasoning

    42. Never mind the centuries of painstaking philosophical reasoning if it got in the way of the scientific fix

    43. There was no reasoning with him, Dorro knew, so they simply kept scanning the wreckage and horizon for another two hours

    44. I‘m not sure where I‘m going with this so try and follow my line of reasoning inasmuch as I am liable to form an uncertain analogy as it relates to the childlike treatment of the (subject) people involved: undermining freedom, initiative, self-reliance, (human) potential and an individual‘s moral and intellectual authority; that is to say, contrary to an individual‘s inherent right to naturally evolve into a productive human being; to learn, think and act independently in his or her (own) inestimable manner

    45. Following this line of reasoning, a practicing Christian, for example, may perform charitable works for the sake of his or her (own) Salvation (counting in his or her favor) or a mother may selflessly place her (own) life in danger in order to save the life of her child whose absence would (otherwise) render that mother‘s life meaningless and without purpose

    46. Assumptions by modern revisionists seeking to belie historical traditions, avidly supported by special interests with political axes to grind, however discredited such assumptions oftentimes are, may further promote muddled-headed thinking by ultimately winning the battle of ideas, however questionable their premises, by perpetuating falsehoods that, on the surface, oftentimes appear plausible to variable, ―discerning‖ young minds armed with partial knowledge, but sufficient enough to receive distorted impressions at their face value, rendering many vulnerable to questionable or unlikely propositions that bear little or no resemblance to the truth; advanced by (political and social) deconstructionists alienated from their (hated) customs, offering in exchange, contemporary standards predicated on historical fallacies, deception, inflicted reasoning and ignominious viewpoints

    47. Unlike the Beast, however, Humankind enjoys the singular advantages of native reasoning to promote its survival

    48. ‖Truth,‖ in this manner, is understood by a society‘s perception of Truth based on its intuitive reasoning of ―eternal truths‖ or

    49. It is only an eight hour trip so I could not quite understand his reasoning and I did not want to really find out either so I let him carry on with his next bout of rambling, this time about the transfer he had taken to the office in Durban

    50. I was exhausted from all the endless thinking and reasoning that I eventually passed out on the couch

    1. reasons for the different outcomes

    2. Are you becoming confused about all those bottles in the medicine cabinet? If you're taking multiple medications, it's very important to keep track because you may be seeing more than one doctor for different reasons

    3. How long can we ignore the chaos? It is for these reasons that natural non-chemical life-styles are very important in developing a sustainable life-style

    4. I believe that, this is one of the reasons Jesus spend most

    5. That should give you more reasons to

    6. Neither Ava nor Jorma was going to, but for different reasons

    7. Questioning and even rebelling to an extent is healthy and should not be opposed without solid reasons

    8. One of the main reasons was to have a real lover and not just a cherub

    9. To understand the reasons why this culture flourished completely intertwined with the ocean and the earth around them, we must look at their relations with those around them

    10. He was very eager to believe it had legitimate reasons to be secret and not simply that it was stolen

    11. "If I take the job, it is confidential," doostEr said, "and since I think it there may be legitimate reasons for confidentiality, I would like to take the job

    12. It was one of the reasons she liked him

    13. By the time they decided these girls might really have reasons for being hermits out here and taken their leave, Tahlmute noticed that Estwig was out of their sight and he was nervous

    14. She wanted this, but it terrified her, for reasons she didn't want to share with Theo Petrakis

    15. Are there any other reasons why prayers can go unanswered?

    16. She was becoming more of a mystery to me and she still refused to disclose the reasons why our bank account was so short of money

    17. I lay down and tried to focus on reasons for starving myself

    18. ‘When was the battery changed last?’ I asked, scouring my mind for possible reasons for this

    19. Men have been appointed who are not qualified to lead but have been put into the eldership because of political, social, or monetary reasons

    20. There are perhaps many reasons why someone would have

    21. After welcoming me, he began to complain about “a woman who left Janus three years ago, without even explaining the reasons for leaving; she left because she couldn't find a boyfriend, but neither away from Janus did she find a boyfriend; maybe it's her karma, maybe its her idiosyncrasy

    22. Paul gives two reasons for this: (1) God made Adam first, and the woman

    23. the reasons for this

    24. the leadership role for two reasons: (1) Man was created first and woman was created out of him and for him; (2) Woman was deceived in the transgression

    25. I hesitate for many reasons, most of which has something to do with cowardice

    26. They might have their reasons of course, but I, for one, feel that such a decision based largely on looks is more suitable for a casual

    27. "Sir I don't think it's in our best interests, for many reasons, the reasons I have made perfectly public

    28. He then takes that whip and starts flipping tables, screaming at people, releasing the animals that are there for sacrificial reasons, and driving out all of the moneychangers

    29. meaning of the terms used for specific reasons

    30. She chuckled, the realisation that she’d be grateful for his company – for a variety of reasons - coming as something of a surprise

    31. There are two reasons

    32. Through streets busy with lives and kids and reasons to pay bills

    33. This man Philemon was called a brother and Paul expresses the reasons that he knows this man to be true to the faith

    34. the reasons why she can’t and he won’t

    35. "This was one of the reasons I needed you to make love to me," she said, still buried in his arms

    36. healthy skin complexion, here are some reasons that they should be aware of

    37. a thousand years, listing a thousand reasons

    38. I know it isn’t always easy especially if you go out to business as the mornings are filled with rushing about, and breakfasts and bath water, and if something has to be left out—well that’s Yoga isn’t it? This is one of the main reasons, I find, why would-be devotees of Yoga do not pursue the subject

    39. And I am not asking you at this stage to become a vegetarian but merely making various practical suggestions as to how it can be done in the event of your gradually turning against the eating of flesh foods for the reasons I have already outlined

    40. and reminds me of the reasons

    41. Alan taking the responsibility for his own tasks and also being considerate of others, Nuran shirking her own tasks, taking others for granted and pleading with others to shirk theirs for her own selfish reasons

    42. My parents were terrified for many reasons but for right now they just wanted me to sleep

    43. ‘Could be any number of reasons

    44. offers the world of bliss and beauty to those who can be creative, inventive and innovative about making this date a memorable one for the right reasons – of their partner – so that the next level of their relationship can be established at this point

    45. Men are fearful of this situation for several reasons and many times choose to avoid it

    46. One of the first reasons is down to simple

    47. I have to concede that the couple of times he has lost his rag with me (and invariably for valid reasons) he has always apologised … and he has been remarkably patient with me

    48. Given that he has what appears to be a satisfactory and fulfilling life, I cannot come up with any sensible reason other than that he was bitten by the urge to help with the survival of his society and, although that would sit with the man and his general helpfulness, it’s a bit extreme as reasons go

    49. "I'm sorry but that information is classified for security reasons

    50. He sees me off to work with a kiss which reminds me of one of the reasons I love him so much …

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    intellect reason understanding cause grounds ground rationality reasonableness conclude reason out argue explanation justification rationalisation rationalization excuse rationale ratiocination objective incentive intention motive purpose impetus design rationalism common sense logic intelligence judgement discernment sanity mind acumen dispute debate contend convince persuade influence discuss think contemplate infer deliberate reflect analyse examine rationalise rationalize