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    1. Unfortunately, there are few investment options today, which can guarantee both

    2. There is really no proper way of teaching and how you LEER at your students is up to you, but I guarantee that opening up communications with students will make your class a better place, free of profanity and with everyone wearing their trousers on their bottoms

    3. guarantee that shopping will never be the same again

    4. He gives us a guarantee that He will always answer our prayers

    5. a guarantee that it is made in adherence to the highest world standards

    6. Alfred would command this station til then, there was no guarantee about after

    7. That way there will be a guarantee of weeping and mourning at my death

    8. To be able to rule and reign in humility will guarantee us a place of governing with Christ at His return

    9. Although it will not guarantee an

    10. This was my statement for the world: it was a vocal prayer to guarantee my survival on my journey home

    11. "I can't guarantee it," Alan said, "but I'll try and get her back

    12. I guarantee it

    13. Three days later Prime Minister Gordon came up with a solution to Duncan’s dilemma that would guarantee no one would mess with the device

    14. No matter what you do, there is really no guarantee that any of the security

    15. “I can not only guarantee it, I can prove that our record for intact deliveries exceeds all others by two to one, at least of those of my competitors who are willing to even share their results,” boasted Mr

    16. 'In this matter I will guarantee his behaviour

    17. innocent, I guarantee you’ll be out of here before the sun

    18. That’s no guarantee that their method would work

    19. “He wouldn’t leave you Johnny, and I can guarantee you you’re not on his

    20. ‘I don’t recognise the smell, but I guarantee it was

    21. Now I guarantee my wife and I love our granddaughter but that love grows even stronger when she's not around us 24 hours a day, seven days a week

    22. and stand together, I guarantee that when you fall

    23. streams didn’t necessarily guarantee that it was safe to

    24. I can guarantee that you'll be better off out there than staying here with me

    25. ‘In exchange for a guarantee that the tithes will be

    26. I won’t guarantee you a victory, but I promise you one thing; I will make sure that when the Plague comes, the price to take this world will be high indeed


    28. Without a proper burial, there was no guarantee he’d even have a place inside the realm of Hades

    29. You will lose sales if you don’t give your customers a guarantee that they can

    30. “We’re not alone in here…I can all but guarantee you that

    31. In order to remedy these inconveniencies, a bank was established in 1609, under the guarantee of the city

    32. The city is guarantee that it should be so

    33. In order to guarantee the deadli-ness of his blitz, Mercer had poured most of the stamina he had left into that power attack

    34. This is a way for each party to guarantee that talks will continue

    35. We apologize that the celebration will have to wait until the new year, but we guarantee that it will be worth the wait

    36. I won’t pretend it’s not going to be difficult, we’ve a great distance to cover over harsh, mostly unknown terrain and there’s no guarantee that anyone will survive it, but it’s our best, if not only, chance for survival

    37. ‘This suit will intensify the counter field but cannot guarantee your safety if you continue on this course

    38. The one type of magazine he could guarantee she

    39. Whichever way it happened, he could guarantee that she would

    40. If you don"t think coherently, I guarantee that you won"t write coherently A Clash of Civilizations, n

    41. Ben Franklin reminds us that those who would sacrifice a bit of liberty for the guarantee of safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety

    42. ‘There’s no guarantee, however,’ Elekka noted, ‘that its presence has any effect on its environment, or vice versa

    43. guarantee that the Shenandoah was invisible to the world either

    44. Even then there was no guarantee

    45. There was no guarantee when you came out of that transit point that

    46. Theoretically, because there was no guarantee the radiation released by the

    47. ‘I cannot guarantee this will be an easy or entirely safe journey,’ the instructor told the nervously waiting crowd in the departure lounge

    48. I can guarantee you they won’t be satisfied with a few pieces of a

    49. was no guarantee all the crew would have immediate access to crash couches

    50. “Sure, but tell Mother not to wait supper on me, I can’t guarantee I’ll be there

    1. There is a local saying “If you can see Carn Brea it’s going to rain, if you can’t, it already is” a nd, if you stand still for long enough, you wil be guaranteed to turn mouldy

    2. It was hot already, she wouldn't want anything more than this and the energy resources available on this planet guaranteed that even in lavish quarters like these, air conditioning would be nothing more than a laboratory curiosity for all time

    3. has always guaranteed the healing to His people

    4. That was guaranteed in the most basic wiring

    5. The current chip installed was sold under the tag 'Seventh Level Black Sorcerer' and was guaranteed not just to work, but to retain its competitive position for a decade

    6. A week here would be all right, any longer and their safety could not be guaranteed

    7. "Elarika purified rord, guaranteed to call any starship within seven light-years," he looked at Alan, "and wake all hostile carnivores in a twenty-mile radius," he looked at all of them

    8. He was prepared to give evidence in any trial bringing the traffickers to justice, as long as it guaranteed financial independence for Sophia

    9. is a guaranteed holiday in the first month of the year

    10. But our days on Earth are not guaranteed to last and there were some generations who lacked fulfillment of training, it has not been so with your father's ancestors

    11. The note wasn’t signed, but the seal guaranteed its

    12. way guaranteed to bring her back

    13. But even this was far from guaranteed

    14. Might only be perfected in time; yet, even this Is not guaranteed

    15. You can’t always be guaranteed with the quality of work

    16. subsequently in the form of ingots, guaranteed

    17. She in turn hoped that the same sort of guaranteed surprises of her army life would make staggered if not even far rarer appearances

    18. Keerava and Talen-Jei always loved and thanked such weather for the guaranteed business it pro-347

    19. If Mr Snickerty was known to all as 'The Adjudicator', then Mr Pinscher enjoyed equal notoriety as 'The Collector' and his appearance at the door in pursuit of arrears invariably guaranteed a satisfying quantum of deference

    20. In his mind he could see the man leap from one of the approaching mountains: that final act of madness guaranteed to ensure death

    21. ‘If you call a third of my salary guaranteed for only a year compensation, then yes

    22. It seemed that at the next global election they were now guaranteed to win their first seats

    23. Raiya’s death, however, was not guaranteed to be a swift one

    24. “The only rest you are guaranteed Pte Woods is when your toes have curled up and you are thrown with the rest of the corpses until then you will get on with the fatigues you are given and carry them out quite cheerfully”, and with this parting remark he proceeded to hand out the working parties and assignments

    25. With the threat of the Elusivers ever-present, no firewall was guaranteed to be effective against their infiltration

    26. It comes to our attention that, in a recent attempt to stem taxpayer losses for bad loans guaranteed by Fanny Mae and Freddie Mack, Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn

    27. The man had basically guaranteed he would follow his orders if Adem was able to prove he was the Blue Water Dragon

    28. There are things that you can “say” (and/or “do”) to her that are guaranteed to make her feel good (or get her to realize that you have the potential to make her feel good (when she's with you)

    29. Before then – before what was still laughingly referred to as the war – Milo longed for the heat of summer to end; now he wasn't so sure if he actually preferred the post-GW climate to the once guaranteed autumn mildness

    30. It is guaranteed to ruin your day and make you want to shoot the next lawyer you see, (joke)

    31. He’d been told that the can’s contents were guaranteed to kill any insect within ten seconds and hoped that was true, because he knew that if any fleas got near his skin, he may as well stick his head up his ass and kiss the world goodbye

    32. This traditional blend is guaranteed to please

    33. Such isolation, combined with French demands to be bribed not to invade again, almost guaranteed Haiti would remain as poor as it is today

    34. The US-Mexico War made the Civil War far more likely since it created new states and guaranteed more bitter conflict over slavery

    35. Polk's war, begun to take territory to expand slavery, almost guaranteed its end

    36. But where Buchanan almost guaranteed a long destructive civil war, Johnson guaranteed a destructive peace, one that acquiesced to terrorism

    37. Under his proposed Share the Wealth program every family was to have a guaranteed minimum income of $5000

    38. But doing that would not have guaranteed Iraqi rebels winning

    39. Republicans, not wanting Obama to succeed anyway, concentrated on tax cuts and sabotaging unions, both guaranteed to worsen the economy

    40. In short order, an agreement was negotiated and (as he insisted) signed by a judge that guaranteed an airtight seal on her identity until one week before trial

    41. I’d get through this alive and that was guaranteed, but there was no guarantee I’d really want to in the end

    42. That was guaranteed by its height of twenty feet, its bifurcated barbed tail, the red-hot flaming hoofs instead of feet, claws as large as jet engine fan blades, and a devilish smile that said that this one knew he had a natural capacity to instill gaping awe, mind-numbing fear, and send men early to their graves

    43. She worked behind a stony-face that guaranteed her anonymity, which was a shame because she was an attractive woman

    44. His quarters at the kaserne did not have guaranteed privacy, and getting Elizabeth in and out of the post without being seen would be impossible

    45. “How did you find out about that? That was a protected secret guaranteed by a federal judge!”

    46. It’s a guaranteed percentage, maybe fifteen or twenty percent, plus all that power

    47. How can we ask children to do something that we are not prepared to do ourselves? It is almost guaranteed that if children are displaying an over fondness for sweet things one or both of the parents have that same behaviour or habit

    48. That guaranteed that North Korea would remain a country and not

    49. Every deposited amount in Bank3Sector will be transformed in public certificate or certificate of bank deposit without nominal endorsement, in other words, in guaranteed certificates for the Central Bank of the country in that the Project is implanted

    50. PART that generates guaranteed income to the

    1. One could not fail to notice the wagons that daily arrived at headquarters with forage for the horses of the general and staff and his cavalry escort, when vast paddocks of Parana grass in the valley guaranteeing food for the animals remained untouched

    2. This is guaranteeing

    3. though the understanding between us was that I wasn't guaranteeing any continuity of work

    4. afar, in hopes of guaranteeing that our precious bloodlines would

    5. therefore guaranteeing that we would thrive and prosper

    6. “You’ve known him a long time?” Though it seemed an overly simplistic question given that both her family and his were prominent and established business figures almost guaranteeing their previous social association, he thought it might assist in eliciting a more comprehensive explanation

    7. guaranteeing Israel’s safety for 7 years

    8. pretty much guaranteeing Cousin Mike the seat that he

    9. This problem is alleviated if one purchases from only reputable sources or by manufacturing the colloidal silver at home, thereby guaranteeing the quality of the ingredients used, and by remembering to use moderately

    10. ‘recommendation guaranteeing that Aum Shinrikyo was a sect that

    11. Every stock you purchase and every premium you pay is guaranteeing immortality to the beast

    12. When a state operates a brute educational system as a feeder system into a smart techno-labor system, it is guaranteeing workers with obsolete skills and high unemployment due to robotic labor

    13. ‘But is there no way of guaranteeing he turns up?’

    14. ‘And would you like your next single to be released in association with the BBC, one of the world’s biggest and most respected broadcasters, who will promote the single relentlessly through their radio and TV channels, essentially guaranteeing you a hit, and introducing significant collateral benefits too, such as massively increased album sales and essentially cementing your reputation as one of the foremost British rock groups of the 21st century?’

    15. are guaranteeing that your articles will be read as they are addressing the

    16. c) The guaranteeing banks shall assume a funded exposure of at least 10% of the

    17. from a bank guaranteeing that a buyer's payment to a seller will be received on

    18. and a lack of evidence for the prosecution, he was practically guaranteeing a victory

    19. That’s when Jeremiah hired a couple of regulars of the bar, guaranteeing them an open bar tab as long as they paid it in full by the end of the week in return for their trying to see what kind of trouble they could get into with a man dressed as an Old West cowboy

    20. Bits of ideas… Talk about guaranteeing the death of creativity

    21. They do not tell their students that the religious belief in education and hard work, and ability, and excellence, and competence, guaranteeing them some kind of upward social mobility; is total crap

    22. Ever since the end of the 2nd World War: the entire foreign policy of the United States has been based upon guaranteeing a cheap resource they could steal from other countries… oil: to be sold to them cheaper than to any other nation on earth

    23. Guaranteeing endless generations of alcoholics raising more alcoholics

    24. Yet it is the corruption and blindness of this completely unquestioned freedom which is destroying the planet, as well as guaranteeing the suffering and poverty of all the billions of dispossessed and oppressed

    25. Trying to spread the words of Jesus without first creating these exclusive necessary conditions: was guaranteeing that each experiment in Christianity would fail miserably

    26. try to find poor Afghani’s that have a passport guaranteeing the right and ability to emigrate out of that destroyed land

    27. They do not understand that by industrialization, by a form of duplication so crude, it ends up destroying everything else in the process: they are guaranteeing their own extinction

    28. world civilization, thereby guaranteeing the opposite of what people have been deluded into

    29. of others, intimately and unceasingly guaranteeing that you are safe, sound, healthy, well fed,

    30. “We aren't guaranteeing it'll work against a real attacker, but Travis said it's quite painful and would

    31. After that, I"m not guaranteeing anything

    32. "Unsecured" basically means that there are no assets guaranteeing your credit card

    33. 1 Today our mounting debt is essentially guaranteeing that our children will be servants to the powers that our nation owes

    34. Let them come up within striking distance—my eye may well be trusted in such a matter—and I will trail the varlets the length of the Horican, guaranteeing that not a shot of theirs shall, at the worst, more than break the skin, while 'killdeer' shall touch the life twice in three times

    35. “The bridge tolls are just a way of guaranteeing that the loan is repaid

    36. The advantage for the producer is that it now has a customer who’s willing to purchase the product for a fixed time at a fixed price, thus guaranteeing a steady stream of cash flow

    37. I am not guaranteeing that a good coach and mentor could have saved this trader’s career

    38. In the first place a striking contrast may be drawn between the way in which the business of guaranteeing mortgages had been conducted prior to about 1924 and the lax methods which developed thereafter, during the very time that this part of the financial field was attaining its greatest importance

    39. It is true also that the general practice of guaranteeing mortgages due only three to five years after their issuance contained the possibility, later realized, of a flood of maturing obligations at a most inconvenient time

    40. The building boom which developed during the “new era” was marked by an enormous growth of the real estate mortgage business and of the practice of guaranteeing obligations of this kind

    41. During the 1924–1930 period several of the independent surety and fidelity companies extended their operations to include the guaranteeing of real-estate mortgages for a fee or premium

    42. But this theoretical advantage was offset to a great extent by the fact that the surety companies began the practice of guaranteeing real estate mortgage bonds only a short time prior to their debacle, and they were led by the general overoptimism then current to commit serious errors in judgment

    43. 3 In addition to their safety factor, which at present must clearly be set higher than that of any corporate issue, the United States Savings Bonds have the minor advantage of exemption from normal income tax and the major advantage of being redeemable at the option of the holder at any time, thus guaranteeing him against intermediate loss in market value

    44. Yet one might argue, perversely, that precisely because the old-time investor did not concentrate on future capital appreciation he was virtually guaranteeing to himself that he would have it, at least in the field of industrial stocks

    45. Unnumbered information frames are quite simple and signify either that the packet contains a noncritical message or that a higher-layer protocol is somehow guaranteeing delivery and providing other high-level services

    46. This can be done by placing a market-on-close order, guaranteeing that the last trade price for each stock, which determines the final index value, will be the liquidation price for the trader’s stock holdings

    47. Others emphasize the importance of guaranteeing some minimum level of inflation-protected pension income by purchasing real lifetime annuities

    48. The case is not within the province of the law, it must be referred to the tribunal of public opinion; this is what we now do, guaranteeing the truth of all the details which we have related

    49. Of course there is no guaranteeing (this is my comment) that it will not be, for instance, frightfully dull then (for what will one have to do when everything will be calculated and tabulated?), but on the other hand everything will be extraordinarily rational

    50. " He then proceeds to invite the United States to take "with the whole continent the part of guaranteeing itself from her injustice, and in forcing her to a peace

    1. something that He trusts and guarantees to work

    2. word which guarantees the salvation of my children (when I pray for the

    3. Him! He guarantees that He will answers us

    4. While there are no guarantees in life, these three questions will help ensure the

    5. No guarantees of income are made by the author

    6. I was recently asked whether the Constitution guarantees the right to be a socialist

    7. The real guarantees of political freedom come to us in the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments, without the promise of which it is doubtful that the Constitution would have been ratified

    8. But there are few situations in life in which there are guarantees

    9. But there’re no guarantees; and there remains the possibility that

    10. It virtually guarantees better relations and makes a war very unlikely

    11. Before this, there were no guarantees one's food or medicine was safe

    12. In fact, since government bonds are considered so low-risk, the asset you sell might be expected, though there are no guarantees, to earn more than the interest charges on the debt

    13. It guarantees the free course of the wealth, without there is owner as it happens with the use of open software

    14. It generates innovative operational process that guarantees the obtaining of proposed results by the agreed organizations through its goals or accomplishment compromises with the investors and its beneficiaries, without there is finality deviation or inadequate utilization of the collected resources

    15. The Project with its actuation form avoids that 80% of the resources get lost in the means (processes) and it guarantees that these resources are utilized fully in its ends (result)

    16. This constitution guarantees

    17. This income guarantees the end of the misery and of the social abandonment

    18. Besides, the new systematics guarantees that every population really is benefited, inclusive the First, Second and Third sector

    19. Generation of Income for Totality of the People, Organizations and Countries The new systematics guarantees that 100% of the investment in our Project will never be swindled, withdrawn in cash, wasted or deviated of the proposed ends, either it will let the resources to be totally consumed in infrastructure or in personal definitive possessions

    20. The paid amount guarantees the XUSING Project for obtainment of effective results with completeness

    21. How can anybody guarantee that the forgiven amount is invested at the own country, without emission of money or new loan? Only our Project guarantees, therefore it has the mechanism of incorporating that forgiven amount of 240 billion dollars in effective investment, without using the physical money, without generating inflation and without the transfer process to occur among people

    22. It provides tribute for the State, it supplies immense potential resources for generation of the wealth and it guarantees the entrepreneurial profit and organizational resources for maintenance of the economic cycle

    23. that the new system guarantees the payment in the

    24. new systematics guarantees that this money will

    25. VI - to provide guarantees in that all the goods and products

    26. Also, it guarantees the execution of any task in an updated way with the properly trained people

    27. The first actuation happens when the value is objective, that is, the system valorizes, it measures and it guarantees the power of the real and potential wealth, without letting that loses its value with the oscillation of prices in the market

    28. The second actuation happens when the value is subjective, that is, the system generates income that guarantees the usufruct of the total wealth of a country for any citizen or person, without generating inflation independently that the prices oscillate according to law of the supply and demand

    29. This economic cycle guarantees the efficacy of the methodology with replacement of income for continuous feedback of the productive process of the corporations and maintenance of the well-being to the individuals

    30. We have senses, feelings and hopefully logic, but regardless of what the latter directs us to do, even if we vividly realise what we are doing is wrong, we acquire a false sense of “everything will be okay”, as long as I am part of the group which guarantees that I will fit in, socially, politically and yes, spiritually as well

    31. Acnezine is the answer to all these acne lesions for it is a natural product with no side effects and guarantees positive result if treated for a

    32. The Constitution guarantees against interference in religion only by Congress, yet much of the actual battle is fought over state and local government acts

    33. receive guarantees that the company uses high

    34. They are the ones who show how the Bible guarantees their salvation, and that they will go to Heaven just for accepting Jesus as their savior

    35. He sobered up “Life is without guarantees little one, but I don’t see why we can’t make this last forever

    36. I can’t give guarantees here,

    37. the Energy Policy Act of 2005 authorized loan guarantees for up to six new reactors, and authorized the Department of Energy to build a reactor based on the Generation IV Very-High-Temperature Reactor concept to produce both electricity and hydrogen

    38. I can’t give guarantees here, but if I was a betting man I would expect your boss to

    39. Obama has announced that the government was extending loan guarantees to build nuclear plants

    40. However, the same regulatory hurdles are still there and loan guarantees are only a way to sound like something good is happening

    41. The state, as well as the Jews, was searching for a new formula and new guarantees of safety…

    42. Knowing the value beforehand and setting a maximum price to be paid, makes the transaction a simple process and guarantees success

    43. 14) provided sufficient guarantees in respect of the keeping of wild animals taken from

    44. now? Why should I buy it from you? If I do buy it from you, what are my guarantees that it’s

    45. Guarantees are interesting things

    46. This is the holy grail of social media because a front-page story guarantees a large number of visits and visibility amondst the web top influencers

    47. I will try to keep my hands off you during our meal, but no guarantees, my Monique

    48. knew what to expect, but then again, when did they ever? There were no guarantees in life, not

    49. inquisitive enough to find out more, after all it is a new teaching method, and it guarantees to improve their game

    50. that he gave no time guarantees on patient recovery (in fact he gave no guaran-

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